Tuesday, 2 February 2021

OS : Love just need a pure Heart

A girl around 22 years was,crying sitting near the window of her room. Her eyes became red nd swollen due to constant crying..

Another girl was entered in the room nd found everything scattered around the room, she rushed to the girl already present in the room nd hugged her tight tried to pacify her...

"ssshhh ridzi khamosh hoja bus" anjali spoke...

(she is ridhima's elder sister nd is happily married to atul)

"kyun di kyun humesha chachi is tarha se mera sabke samne tamasha bandeti hain wo janti hain main aik apahij hun main nahi chal sakti to kyun wo,mere sath aesa,karti hain " ridz cried her heart out while hugging her sister..

"ridz tu ro mat dekh jo kuch hoa us mei ksi ki galti nahi thi aur tu bhot jald thek hojaegi janti hun main humare pas chacha chachi k pas itne pese nahi hain k wo tera ilaj kara sake but na umeed mat ho bhagwan ji ne koi na koi,rasta,nikala hoga.." anjali explained..

"patani di main har gayi pehle ma pa chalegaye accident mei aur usi mei meri tangey (legs) b khtam hogayi main aphij hogyi aur yahn chachi sab jante hoe b meri shadi k peche pari rehti hain main unke liye sab karti to hun.." Ridhima spoke Anjali could not do anything rather to sheds tears on their miserable life..

Flash back..

Anjali nd Ridhima was belong.to a middle class family they were the daughters of Shubhankar nd Kirti Gupta nd his father owns a small transportation business along with his brother but one day when ridhima was 12 years old Shubhankar n Kirti took her to the pune to attend the wedding of their close family friends.
On way back to Panchgani they meet with an accident in which Riddhima not only lost her parents but her legs too nd doctors declared that she cant able to walk till a surgery which was really expensive nd for sure they couldnt afford it.. Anjali was only 14 years old at that time...

Later Riddhima accepted the fact that she never ever able to walk again so she gain all,the strength nd completed.her studies nd join a music school as she loves singing nd dancing very much nd her dream its to open a institute of it ,she has.a beautiful voice which seems like a sweet melody ringing in ears...

After bowing down to her fate nd lossing all the hopes of her well being she start searching her happiness in her passion n start teaching singing to the students.. Through which she afford her all expenses like clothing, medicines nd all her father's buisness was under the control of Shashank gupta (her uncle) nd he didnt give their shares to them as most of the shares were on the name of Ridhima so he thought to transfer all this on his name but anjali was a big hurdle for Shashank nd Padma on their way so they get her married to one of their client's son "Atul joshi "

Now Riddhima can easily targeted as she is soo innocent n naive. But according to her father's will all his savings n a little bit property he owns would only be transfered to riddhima's name only when she get married nd became a mother...
Due to this they were really exaperate to tied her in a knot..

But everytime when alliance came they insulted her as she is a handicapped nd passed discusting comments due to which everytime she end up crying...

This time same happens..

As ridhima came in front of them on her wheel chair..

"padma bhen ji apne to kaha tha larki bari sundar hai aur ye to apahij hai" lady said

"ji wo ye thek hosakti wo ye baqi sab kam karti hai" padma replied..

"maaf kijyega behn ji lekn humare itne ache bete ko kisi chez ki kami ni hai larkiyo ki line lag jae is apahij se hum shadi kyun kare behn ji.
Ap isko na apne ghar hi rakhe q k iski shadi kahn hogi aj kal sab ko har tarha se perfect larki chahye hai aur ye to chal b nahi sakti 😏 is se koi shadi ni karega hum b chalte hai, namaste."

Lady folded her hand in front of padma n went away with others..

After they gone padma abused ridhima that she is a burden on them nd no one would ever accept her , her parents left their burden on them nd blah blah.. Tears welled up in riddhima's eyes.. She went in her room nd start threwing everything..

Flashback ends

Ridhima was crying hugging her sister nd she is trying to console her..

"bas kar ridz dekhna ak din teri life mei koi aesa zaror aega jisko tere sharir aur tere sharir ki perfection se nahi tujhse pyar hga aur dekhna ridzi tu aik din apne pero p zaror khari hogi... " she explained her nd wiped her tears.

Soon her phone start ringing she picked it up..

"hello anjali kahan ho yaar tum tumhe pata hai na aj mera aik dost arha hai humare ghar tum jaldi ao na aur han ridzi ko b leke ajana " atul spoke from the other hand.
(atul owns a company of his father he is rich enough nd knows many of buisnes tycoons nd famous personalities , he is madly in love with anjali n fulfils all her wishes , he took ridhima as hiz little sister nd treat her like his own child.. Anjali have a son arnav who is a year old )

"chal ridz tere jiju ka phone agaya hai ab tu b chal aj na chota sa get together h ghar p to tu chal tera b dil lag jaega. Atul k sab dost arhe hain..."

Ridhima met with atul's friends so many time nd she liked all of them they all became her friends too.. So she nodd Anjali gave her dresss nd she changed it nd get ready both left to "Joshi house"

........ ...........

At airport,

A man wearing a black shade came to out of the airport.. All the girls around were drool over his well built body nd fantastic personality...

He took out his shades , all were just lost in her blue sexy orbs πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.. He was looking devastatingly handsome in grey blazzer nd white shirt with blue Denim jeans 😊😊

He scanned the place nd found his friend... He marched towards him.nd both shared.a hug..

"oye kahan rehgya tha pore do sal bad arha hai whan k sab projects compelte krke company ko wahn ache settle krke wo b itna intezr karwane k bad kesa hai tu to pehle se b ziada handsome hogya hai ab to meri wali aur tujhe p maregi"
His friend spoke where else the man just passed a smiled..
He is the famous buisness tycoon of India who is just 26 years old nd achieved lots of succes in such a young age, he get many awards Nationally nd Internationally nd before leaving India two years ago he received the "Most Eligible Bachelors Of India Award ".
The girls were dying to catch his one glimpse, they were mad about him nd wished to b his g.f atleast but he shows no intrest in any of them or their proposals as he is waiting for the perfect girl nd perfect timing or may be its a God's will nd has His reasons behind it lets see...

He is the owner of Malik Group of Companies.. Work holic (work is everything for him no time for other stuff) ,Arrogant nd Handsome nd stunning.

"THE GREAT ARMAAN MALIK" A filthy rich business tycoon own private jets nd etc who has many enemies then friends...

" aby o Rahoooooolll tu na har waqt meri personality se jala mat kar samjha na Tonnndduu". Armaan said while hitting his belly.

" ziada na mujhe tujhe complex dene ki.zarort ni hai me b banalonga tere jesi body chal ab Atul hum sab ka wait kar rha hai tu to uski shadi p b nahi tha aur uska bacha hgaya tab b ni tha ab aa chal aur wo muskan wo b apne hero ka wait kar rhi h.." Rahul said taking his luggage.

"han thek hai but main pehle ma n kido se milna chahta hun itne time se ni mila pehle ghar chal phir Atul k ghar chalte hain. " Armaan said to him..

Rahul nobbed nd both drove to
"Malik Villa ".

The car halted in front of big mansion... Guard salute to armaan nd open the door rahul parked a car n servants open the door for armaan.. He came out n move inside...

Niki run to him nd hugged him tight.

"ohhhhj i m soooo happy after so long finally u r back bhai congratulations for ur another success but main na mujhe kuch na kuch chaye thek h na ap sunlo" she told him..

"han han kidoo tere liye bhot kuch laya hun ma se mil lun phir Atul k ghar se ake dunga" he said to her while caressing her hairs..

Ananya emerged along with his dadi from the room nd both got happy nd shocked too found armaan back as he only informed his friends nd niki about his return nd didnt inform any one as wants to surprise them.

He marched to his dadi took her blessing hugged her nd then he hugged ananya.
Tears welled up in both ananya's nd dadi's eyes but both were happy on his returned..

"arey yar aplog to aese ro rahe ho jese patani kya hogya ho I know main bhot time k bad aya hun but darlings aese welcome nahi karte mujhe" he took both of them in a side hug n then spoke..

"chal badmash aja beth main tere liye nashta lagwati hn" ananya said.

"arey nahi ma abi nahi wo atul k ghar pe jarha hn wahi p hum nashta nd dinner krlegy " he informed them..

"ammy tune bataya q nahi k tu arha hai" dadi asked..

"wo kya hai na sweety agar main batadeta to apke chehre pe ye khushi aur shock ka expression ak sath kese dekhta" armaan winked at her..

"chal hat bhot hi shararti hogya hai tu london mei rehke" dadi said nd twisted his ears..

"ouch ouch ! Dadi aese to mat karo yar," he winced.

"dadi abi k liye,chor do kyun k atul humara wait kar rha hai to jana hai abi phir bad mei ap iski khabr lena" rahul interupted...

"acha bacho chalo tum log jao" dadi said..

Armaan got freshen up quickly nd moved out with rahul.


After few hours they reached to atul's place..

"oyee hero agaya na tu" muskan hugged armaan..

"dekha mene kaha tha na ye aese hi karegi " rahul said..

"oye kankahjure tu na chup kar ziada na jala kar koyla hojaega" muskan said glaring at rahul..

Armaan move inside to meet atul nd anjali...

"anjali ye hai Armaan mera bhai ye humari shadi p ni a paya tha ye apna buisnes setlle kr rha tha jabi aj aya buisnes tycoon h sab larliya marti hain is p " atul introduce him to anjali..

"hey armaan wese tumhe kon nahi janta most eligble bachelor jo ho tum Atul se b t umhare bare mei bhot suna tha aj mill b li " both shook hand nd then settle down...

All were busy in chatting nd doing masti where else ridhima was sitting in a room near a window isolated to everybody.

Armaan.needs.to use washroom so he went inside the room where ridhima was sitting nd was.engrosed in deep thoughts she didnt.even know that armaan entered after coming.back to washrom he found her remain in a same position like before...

He found it weird nd still dont know who is.she but he knows that may be some guest.. But then why she is sitting all alone here when everybody having a gala time outside.
He thought to check on her nd came.in front of her nd snapped his finger but still ridhma was.busy in her thoughts..

"lagta hai apko logo se allergy hai." armaan said..
Sudden voice of some one shoot her mind she looked in her eyes nd both lost.in each other's orbs, he was blown away by her beauty.. He was so,lost in her eyes nd can easily sensed the pain in her eyes..
Both averted their gaze...

"ji wo ap kon " she asked with utter confusion..

" ji main,armaan malik shayd apne b sun rakha ho mere bare mei kher ap yahn akele kya kar rhi h sab bhar kitna enjy kar rhe hain aur ap.." he asked

" jinki life mei dard bharey hon wo kya enjy kregy" she said.

" ji ap aesi bate q kar rhi hai dard ki b koi waja hoti hai aur dard hume agaye barhna sikhate hain" armaan said..

"but kuch dard apko,zindagi bhar k lye jete ji mar dalte hain aur un dard ki waja se ye dunya apki roh ko b zinda ni rhne deti" she said with tears in her eyes while her face clearly evident the trumoil she is going through..

"is tarha mayos hojane walo ko dunya kabi jene degi b nahi ap jena sikhe aur apni life enjy kare " he said to her..

" nahi jesakti meri sari himat khatam hogae ap nahi,jante"

"aesa kya hogya apki life.mei jisne apko is tarh tanha rehne p majbor kardya " he asked with curiosity.

" meri life mein hone ko ab kuch reh hi kab gaya hai" she said.

" ap itni senti bate q karti hain" as he complete his sentenced atul entered in the room.

"oyee armaan tu yahn hai main sab jga.. " his eyes falls on riddhima..

He introduce her to armaan..

"armaan ye meri sali hai aur choti behn b ridhima aur ridz ye mera bhot acha dost mera bhai.." atul spoke..

"champ mene to apna batadya inko thanks tune mujhe inka bataya.. " armaan looked at her lovingly.

All had dinner while having fun.
Armaan liked ridz alot he found her too cute naive nd innocent. And beautiful tooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰..

One week later,

Armaan cant able to forget riddhima her descriptive eyes told him many unknown things.. They both became very gud friends nd came to know about things about each other in all this an unknown feeling popped in his heart .
He was confused about his feelings.. Ananya entered in his room with photos in her hands...

"armaan ab bhot hogya hai tujhe ab shadi karni hi hogi tu ye le pics dekh main teri shadi karwarhi hn ab bus" anaya declared nd showed the pics to him.

"uffhhh oo mom not again mujhe abi shadi nahi karni hai " he said..

"armaan bus me aur teri dadi kya pota poti ko dekhe bager marjaye kya bhae." ananya said..

"but mom " he winced..

"armaan dekh agr tujhe koi pasand h to btade hum usi ae teri shadi karwadegy but tu shadi krega agle ak month mei bs" she said with finality in her voice..

" Riddhima " the name escaped from his mouth..

Ananya croocked her eye brow

"kya,kaha tune Riddhima kon hai ye kesi hai kahan mili tujhe tu usy pasand karta hai" ananya bombarded him with ao many question excitedly..

"mom relax wo, Atul ki sali hai wapes ane p main mila us se mujhe wo bhot achi lagi aur yes ab tak me confused tha but ye achnak uska nam mere mun se nikla hai shyad bhagwan b ye hi chahte hain k me us se shadi karun aur shyad wohi mera pyar hai."

" hayeee mera beta to main kal hi anjali se bat karleti hun uske bare mei" ananya got excited 😊😊

Armaan blushed nd.niki who is just entered teased him.

"arey mera workholic arrogant bhai sharma raha hai wse bhai kesi hain bhabi" she winked nd teased him..

" acha bachon tum log bate karo main to jake ma ko ye bat batao aur subha jane ki tayri karun.. " ananya said n move out of the room..

Niki nd.armaan were still there...

" bhai mujhe batao na,ridhima hai kesi ap to us se bas 3 bar hu mile.na phir " she asked curiosly..

" ridhima wo bhot hasen hai bhot pyari , itni innocent h k ji b uski ankhon mei dekhe khojae uski ankhein bhot kuch bolti hain.. Mujhe pehli mulaqat se hi wo bhot achi lagi thi bus bad.mei mila do bar aur nd uske bad hum whats app n skyp p aksar bate karte wo pass hi college mei music sikhati hai usko books n music nd dancing ka bhot shok hai dil ki bhot saf aur humesha sab khyal rkhne wali h MERI RIDDHIMA..." Armaan tell her about riddhima dreamingly nd called her as his with full authority...

" ohooo bhai ap to gaye chale ap aram kare main b soti hun.. Gud nite"

Niki.went out n armaan drift to sleep...

Next day,

Ananya nd dadi both went to Atul's place.they chatted with anjali had.a.lunch with her nd then both thought its time to spill the beans..

"Anjali beta mujhe tumse aik kam tha " ananya said..

" han anty bole na kya hoa" she asked..

"beta wo.. Armaan h na usko tumhari behn ridhima bhot pasand hai to hum ridhima ka hath mangna chahte hain armaan k lye agar tum apne chacha chachi se bat karlo to hum whan ake.milegy n shagun b dedgy" ananya compelted her sentence.

" wo to thek hai but... Mmm anty wo kya armaan janta hai.. *she gulped * wo ridzi apahij hai wo chal ni sakti..." Anjali revealed the truth...

The fact was like a blast for both of them they were looking towards each other nd then towards Anjali with shock nd wide eyes...

" its ok anty har larke wale ale meri behn ko reject krten bate suna jate hain uski koi galti nahi h ismei but shyadwo n armaan bhot kam mile hain aur ziada tar sirf social sites nd apps p hi bat ki to shyad usy na pata ho but main apko batrhi hun ap apne itne handsome bete k lye perfect match dhundle me ridzi ko tote hoye ni dkhpati jabi abi apko batdya." anjali said.

Ananay nd dadi went back nd then they told armaan about it ananya tried to understand him that they cant get them married as they were not perfect for each other but armaan has fallen madly in love with her ,he was admant to marry her, he went to Atul to inquired about everything.

"atul bata mujhe kya hoa h ridhima k sath mujhe to usne ye bat kabi nahi batae phir" armaan barked on him.

"armaan mere bhai tu shant hoja main bata hn tujhe" atul make her sit nd then he told him..

"armaan ridhima jab 12 saal ki thi to ail accident mei uske ma bap chalegy aur usi mei us ki legs ki sab vessels aur tissues ,nevers damage hogae ab usko leg amputation k zariye thek kia jaskta hai artificially mene n anjali ne usko bhot bar bola k hum karade but wo khud ko bojh smjhne lagi aur in do sal mei usne ye bat ni mani uski chachi uski shadi karana chahti h magr har koi uski is mazoori ki waja se usy reject krdeta hai isne us sab k bad qo aur mentally disturb higae shayd tumse dosti ne usko aik nayi waja di aur wo khona nahi chahti islye na bataya ho." atul explained everything to him.

Armaan didnt wait a second nd drove as fast as he can to reached to riddhima's house.

He huriedly knocked on the door , Padma opened nd shocked to see him again here.

"tum beta tum yahn" she asked suspiciously.

" ji wo mujhe ridhima se abi milna hai kahn hai wo" he asked..

"wo wahan apne room mei" she informed.. Before she asked another question he run to her room nd entered she was lying on bed reading book nd was looking at him with confusion..

"armaan tum is waqt yahn " she asked astonishingly..

" ridhima me tum se shadi krna chahta hun i love u riddhima kya tum mujhse shadi karogi " he confessed directly looking in to her eyes..

Ridhima averted her gaze nd bite her lower lip. She too love him from inside but she cant confessed due to her state, she dont want to ruined his life.. Today his confession gives her a ray of hope but then reality dawn to her nd she looked back to him then towards her legs..

" armaan wo main..." She cant able to speak. But then after gaining some courage she again tried to speak.

" armaa..nn main... " she stammared.

"kya main ridhima yehi k tum handicaped ho tum chal nahi sakti han yehi na ridhima main sab janta hun magar phir b main ye faisla kar rha hun q k i really love u ridhima tumhre bina je nahi sakta main" he took her hand in his hands nd said with tears in his eyes .

"kyun armaan kyun mere liye apni life kharab kar rhe ho main aik apahij hun aur tum jo k aik bhot bare buisnessman ho uski bv mujh jesi ho ye dunya kabi b accept nahi karegi " ridhima said nd a lone tear escape from her eyes..

" main tumse mohbat karta hun ridhima mujhe is zamane ki koi parwa nahi hai mujhe tumse matlb hai mujhe tum batao u love me??? will u marry me ?? Riddhima tumhari kasam main is dunya ko tum p ungli uthne ka kabi moqa ni dunya"

........... She didnt said a word just shedding tears..

" Ridhima,meri taraf dekho " he cupped her face nd make her look in his eyes..

"tum mujhse pyar karti ho ya nahi ridhima shakal surat aur ye sharir ki perfection sirf logo k zehno ki gandagi hai asal to insan ko dil ka saf aur pyar karne wale dil ka hona chahye.. Aur ridhima tum bhot achi ho dil ki aur bhot masum b ho tumhare sath bitya har lamha mere liye bhot aiham hota hai meri zindagi mei wo pal wo hote hain jin mei main dil se hansta hun ridhima tum ne meri life badal di hai tumne mere chehre p muskurahat bikheri hain meri workholic life mei pyar aur enjoyment k bht rang bikhere hain main nahi janta bhagwan ne tumhare sath ye sab kyun kia lekin ab agar tumhe wapes pero p khara karne k lye mujhe is dunya kya bhagwan se b larna para to larunga ridhima bhul jao sab ki bate main sab janta hun mujhe sirf tumhara sath chaye hai plz ridhima mera sath dogi meri zindagi k is safar mei" he said each nd every word with tears flowing from his eyes..

Hearing his heart touching words ridhima could not able to control her emotions n hugged him tight nd say yes to him nd confessed her love to him..
Armaan wipes his tears nd give a peck on her forhead nd went away.. Where else padma over heard their convo n was happy finally she is going to get married n another step towards the fulfilment of their evil greed nd plan soon been accomplished...

They just want to settle her no matter to whom she get married..


Armaan told ananya everything but she didnt agree to tied them in a knot..

" armaan society ka socha karo main kabhi b tumhari shadi us se nahi karungi koi jor nahi hai tum dunu ka" she clearly stated.

" mom plz ap educated hoke asi low class bate kar rhi hn" he responded.

" armaan educated hun jabhi ye bat bolrhi hun main ye society us ko tumhari bv kabhi kabol nahi karegi beta aur hume ye sab dekhna parta hai" she tried to give some piece of mind to him..

" mom what rubbish life mujhe guzarni hai society ko nahi main q society k liye apni life k decision badlun sorry mom but ARMAAN MALIK na ksi k liye koi faisla leta hai na hi badlta hai jo mujhe thek lgta hai wohi karta hun ridhima meri jan hai aur main usi se shadi karunga chahe mujhe ye society chorni pare ya ap sab ko wse b jahn p log asi mentality rakhte hn wahn rehke main kya krunga" he yelled n declared her decision.

" thek hai armaan ye yad rakhna k main kabhi b us larki ko is ghar ki baho ni banaogi wo chal nahi sakti jo chal nahi sakti wo is ghar aur khandn ki zemedari b nahi chala sakti" she too raised her voice..

" to thek hai mom apko apki baho apne pero p chahye hai na to aesa hi hoga mom ab main is ghar mein apki baho k sath hi aoga wo b uske pero p " he announced then packed his luggage nd moved out..

Where else all were just staring at his retreated back no one tried to stop him as everybody knows his anger nd what he said he did...


Armaan asked anjali that he wants to take ridhima to london for treatment , as they both also going out of town for Atul's project so she asked his chachi that she wants ridhima to accompany her.. Anjali agreed nd took her chacha n chachi's consent nd submit riddhima's leave to her school..

Armaan did all the formalities as atul nd anjali also want to take her london for holidays so she had visa of UK but due to some issue their plan got cancelled so armaan booked ticked nd they both went to London..

In flight,

"armaan kya tumhe b " she didnt able to complete her sentence but armaan understands

" Ridhima mujhe tumhari is halat se koi prob nahi mene pehle b kaha hai tumhe lekin agar kuch log tumhe is hal mei dekh k tumhari har khubsurti ko bhul jate hain to unke liye main chahta hun ridhima tum chalo mere liye humare pyar k liye aur is dunya ko dekhao k bhagwan ki marzi thi tumhare sath aesa hona magr tum litni khubsurat ho ye logo ko btao aur main humsha sath hun agar tum thek na b hoe ridhima tab b main kabhi tumhara sath ni churnga." he said n interwined his fingers with her..

" thank u armaan mere liye itna sab karne k liye ma papa k bad main jena bhul gae thi phir logo ki bato ne mazed mayos kardya bhot akeli thi thanks mera akela pan dur karne k liye aur thanks mera sahara bane k lye " she shared her feelings with him..


Both landed at London airport nd drove to their appartment.

Armaan asked driver to bring their luggage and ridz wheel chair

"aye madam ab se aik month tak hum apke gulam banke rhegy.. " he said cheekily

Ridhima chuckled at his comment.. He took her in his arms nd marched to lift soon they were on 5th floor at the entrance of their appartment.. Armaan needs to open it nd the key was on his pocket, he make a cute pout face.. Ridhima look at him nd smiled.

" ruko mujhe batao kon c pocket mei hai main nikalke lock khuldeti hn" ridz spoke his unsaid words..

" yahn pant ki right pocket mein hai" he said.

She took keys from his pocket nd twisted it in the lock..
They both went inside armaan place her on bed nd kissed her forhead said..

" tum betho main humare liye kuch khane ka arrange karta hun phir mera aik surgeon dost arha hai tumhe dekhne wo hume kuch na kuch zaror btaega " he said.

" armaan main thek hojaogi na" she asked

" han riddhima bus tum himat mat harna main tumhare sath hun tum bilkul thek hojaogi" he took her hand in his nd pressed it..

Ridhima nodded ,armaan got freshen up nd after sometime armaan entered in her room with a food tray in his hand...

" chalo princess khana khalo tum " he caressed her hair.

" hmmmm wooww chineeessee" her eyes twinkles seeing her fav food in front..

" yes my baby main apne hath se khilaoga, he gave her the morsel..

He took her on his lap..

"arey armaan ye kya tum" she said blushingly.

" ssshhh dekho main na ye din b jee lena chahta hun jab tum mere karib raho aur tum na meri bahoon se bhag b na sako" he nuzzled in her neck..

Her heart raced nd breaths got out of control.. She was turned crimson red nd " armaaan " his name escaped from her mouth..

"ssshhhh ridhima" he put her hairs aside nd start leaving wet kisses on her nape nd crook of neck...

This creating havoc in her body nd a sensation of woman hood erupted inside her..

She shifted uncomfortable on his lap.. Her breath were sharp nd breast heaved due to the close proximity they were sharing..

" u r so beautiful riddhima, I love u alot " with this he turned her face towards him nd start caressing her back nd both were lost in each other eyes. Both were feeling each others breath across their faces.. Armaan came near to her closing the distance between them.. Ridhima shut her eyes her heart is throbbing.. He caressed her lips with his thum nd came close...... But to his bad luck their moment was broken by the ring of his cell phone.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

He broke the moment make her sit properly on the bed nd picked his cell phone.. And cursed the caller.

" patanhai kon hai kamina isi time phone karna tha usko huh"

Ridhima chuckled at his kiddish behaviour..

It was anjali's phone armaan gave her the update she talked to ridhima nd felt relieve that both were reached safely nd happy that finally ridhima got the right person who love her alot from the bottom of his heart nd can do anything for her.. He is gem.


Armaan' s friend came to check ridhima. After seeing her reports nd ridhima's condition
He said to armaan " armaan itna ziada kuch damage ni hai hum surgery kar skte hain uske bad ridhima chal sakti hai tum do din k bad isko surgery k lye leao tab tak ye dawaeya do main tayari karwata hun "

Armaan's nd riddhima' s face were glow when they heard it and a lips curved into wide smile.. Armaan dropped him to the door nd then came to ridhima...

He hugged her tight.. " ridhima dekhna ab tum bilkul thek hjaogi aur phir mere chintu ,mintu , papu k peche khub bhag dur karogi.. "

Ridhima didnt understands nd looked at him in confusion nd asked.." ye kon hai "

Armaan smiled nd thought to tease her.. " ye mere bache tumhe nahi pata mere 3 bache hain" .

Ridhima looked at him with wide eyes.. " what armaan tumne mujhe pehle ye bat q nahi batae.."

" kya karun ridhima mujhe laga tum samjhogi nahi islye " he supressed his smile nd continue teasing her...

" armaan tumne itni bari bat mujhse chupae tum pehle se married ho " ridhima yelled angrily..

" nahi nahi shadi shuda nahi wo to bus mere aur uske bech " he said..

" tumhare uske bech bina shadi k hawwwwπŸ˜±πŸ™Š armaan how dare u " she barked..

Armaan could not control his laughter anymore nd burst out in laughter..
Ridhima looked at him with " isy kya hoa aese pagal q wala expression"

" ohhh God ridhima.... Haha...hahah...hahaha tumhari shakal dekhne wali thi.

Haha... Hahah.. Ridhma tu..m b na..
He said in between his laugh while holding his tummy..

" armaan kya hogya hai kya tum pagal hogae ho " she asked annoyingly as not getting whats going on.

" ary yar mere koi bache nahi hain main to bas mazak kar rha tha " he said still lauging like maniac..

"what 😑 tum ne mujhse aesa ghatiya mazak kia armaan tum na .." She pointed a finger towards him.. Nd threw a pillow to him.

" Dafa hojao armaan nahi bat karo mujhse" she move her face towards other side with cute pout face.

He stopped laughing nd held her hand.. She tired to free it from his hold but he held it firmly nd came in front of her

" Riddhima abi to nahi hain mere bache but dekho hoskate hain agar tum mera sath do to." He winked at her hearing his comment Ridhima blushed...

"oyee hoyeee is sharam k to hum dewane hogae hain " Armaan said in a full sugar coated tone..

She blushed more after some other sweet naughty chat armaan covered her in a quilt nd move to his room nd both driff to sleep

Two days later,

Its time for Ridhima's surgery both were really nervous nd sitting hands in hands postion , soon nurse came nd took her to OT armaan asked his friend to join them in OT as he wants to be Riddhima, the love he carries for Riddhima is visible in his eyes due to which Dr. KARTIK didnt dare to refuse his plea nd allow him..

Armaan sit on the stool near by bed nd held her hand nd caressing her head to sooth her pain.. When the needles were piercing in her body armaan felt like some body stabbing a knife in his heart nd a pool of tears start flowing from his eyes.

The surgery was successful nd Dr said that she can able to walk now but in sometime needs a therapy armaan agreed nd was smiling..

After ridhima gain concious, he told her what Dr said she too became happy nd both hugged..

Armaan gave her medicine nd she slept armaan to slept on the couch of hospital.. He is guy lives in luxuries this is the first time he was sleeping on the couch..

One week later,

Ridhima's therapy was started nd armaan help her in it..

He became her support nd help her to walk.

" Riddhima rakh pao zamen p mene tumhe thama hoa h tumhe kuch nahi hoga" he said

"mujhe dar lagrha hai armaan" she spoke nervously..

" baby main hun na tumhare sath dont u trust me" he asked.

" tum pe to mujhe khud se ziada bharosa hai armaan " she responded..

" to phir rakho " he spoke..

She did he helped her to walk putting her hand on his shoulder.. Give a little massage nd therapy by medical professionist to her..

With each passing day her condition got better.. He is now walking only holding his hand..

After some more weeks armaan left her to walk at her own.. She was affraid of losing balance , her legs were shivering..

" come on riddhima u can do it baby come to me " he motivate her..

" armaan nahi main.." she spoke in a petrified tone..

" Riddhima I trust u sweetheart tum karsakti ho just do it come to me baby take a slow steps towards me baby come on " he again motivated her..

Riddhima start walking taking slow steps towards him nd soon she reached to him.. The tears were briming in his eyes he took her in a rib crushing hug both shed tears of happiness..

The month passed in the blink of eyes with love, romance, emotions nd happiness.. Ridhima was now properly stand on her feet.. Both thought to keep it a secret nd give surprise to every one.

Both packed their luggages to go back to India..

Armaan entered in her room nd hugged her from behind start nuzzling in the crook of her neck.. She gasped at sudden touch but soon relieved when she sensed it..

" Aj sab wahn kitna khush hongy na Armaan main apne pero pe wapes jarhi hun " she spoke..

" hmmm" he said not intrested in all these talk just want to make their last moment cherishble..

" armaan main kuch kehrhi hn aur tumhe badmashi sujhi hai" she,said.

" ohoo janeman sunli humne apki bat sab khush hjaegy ab zara humara b kuch haq h.." he said with a smirk on his face..

Ridhima was looking to his face with horror.. He pressed her to the wall nd block her way putting his hand on either sides..
Ridhima lower her gaze nd bite her lower lip...

" Aese karogi to main control ni karpaoga Riddhima tumhe pata hai tumhare lips kitne tempting hain" he said while placing his finger under her chin..

Ridhima turned deep red n didnt dare to meet her eyes with his..

" tum ase sharmate hoe bhot achi lagti ho " he said caressing her cheeks.

Riddhima breaths were really sharp he caressed his lucious lips with his thumb n come near her..
She was feeling his hot breath across her lips...
Armaan smiled seeing her flush face. Nd kissed her forhead.. Riddhima open her eyes nd smile at her both hugged each other nd move out..


They reached to Bhopal airport..

Armaan asked riddhima to come later, he went n hugged atul anjali rahul muskan nd they all were really desperate to see riddhima nd curious to know about her surgery...

They all looked here nd there..

" armaan ridzi kahn hai ab bata b na..

" han han arhi hai riiddhhima" he called her nd she emerged behind the pillar and smiling to all of them.
Its a moment of sheer exahiliration for all of them , they sheds tears hugged her nd then move to MALIK VILLA .

Armaan asked his mother that he bring her perfect daughter in law now she have to accept her as she is perfectly alright nd can cope nd match with society..
Ananya was feeling guilty she beg everyone's pardon nf felt proud of her son who didnt take any decision against her but proved his love a right choice for their family.... She hugged riddhima nd gifted her their pushtani kangan nd accepted her as the daughter in law of maliks.. The joys nd happiness captured the villa..


The wedding took place with so much masti nd fun at Maliks farm house in Lonavla..
Armaan ridhima room was set to guest house which is at the back side of main house as the gang decorated it for them... After all the ritual girls dropped ridhima at her room.. Nd move out after giving her some instruction that required....

Armaan entered nd both spent a blissful night in each other's arms making love.. Then driffted to sleep at early morning...


One year later..

Armaan nd riddhima blessed with a baby girl named as ARIMA. During her pregnancy period Shashanks nd Padma's evil intentions revealed to everybody as armaan sensed their weird behaviour towards ridhima nd then a sudden change in it after marriage , he heired detective nd invetigates everything came to know that they were after her shares which her father owns but before his death she transfered it at ridhima's name as he loved her alot nd also learned that padma nd shashank planned a conspiracy of that accident to killed all of them as Shashank got the information of share transfered but luckily riddhima got safe by mercy of God..

Initially they tortured her but later they start behaving normal to get her wealth as they knew about the clause.. So as per the clause she got married nd then get pregnant they thought their Golden days just going to begin but forget that Armaan is always there beside Riddhima to support her nd her rights..

He filed a case nd both were punished ridhima shed tears but then controlled her nd now their relationship moved to another level that is parent hood.. Both were happy to carry their bundle of joy..

" thanks riddhima meri life mei ane k liye aur mujhe mukamal karne k lye aur ye pyara sa tohfa mujhe dene k lye" he said nd kissed on ridhima's forhead nd hugged both the speciall persons of his life..

" thanks armaan mere liye itna karne k lye,agar ap mera sahara na bante to na jane kya hota main kahn hoti thank u so much har qadam meri dhaal bane k lye aur mujhe support krne k lye I LOVE U " Riddhima spoke nd sheds tears.

Armaan wiped it away.

" Aj nahi ridhima aj tum rogi nahi " he said both hugged nd cherish their moment..


Ye thi meri kahani main kon main ap sab ki piyari riddhima humari life mei bhot sare gham hote hain shayd zindagi nam b isi ka hai kabhi sukh dukh ki roller coaster ko hi to zindagi kehte hain lekin mayosi iska hal nahi hai hum sab ko himat se kam lena chaye hai.. Meri jesi kitni larkiyan hngi jo kisi na kisi waja se pareshan hungi jinki shadi kale rang mazori ya phir obessity ki waja se nahi horhi hngi aur meri tarha wo b is samajh k tane sun rahi hngi aur aik unknown c depression mein jarhi hungi un sabke liye meri ye kahani aik sabaq chorti hai jis chez mein apka koi kasor nahi uske liye khud ko doshi na mane sab khuda ka kia hota hai humara imtehan hota hai aur kabi log humare sath bura,karte hain humare apne jese mere sath kiya lekin kabhi b khud ko kamtar na samjho kabhi b khud ko mayos na hone do khud ko society k hatho ki katputli na samjho laro himat karo aur jiyo apni zindagi apni tarha se yehi mujhe mere pyar mere armaan ne sikhaya aur bataya wo mera sahara bana aur mujhe bataya k main apne ap mein bhot khubsurat hun meri har problem ko samjha mujhe yaken hai ap sab ki life mein b aik din ak armaan zror aega magar tab tak apni raksha b karo aur apni life ksi aur k hatho chalne p na choro...
Kyun k armaan kehta hai "LOVE JUST NEED A PURE HEART"
Chalti hun dosto ap sabke liye ye pyar ko dastan chore..


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