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Part 1 & 2 : Anjaan Rishtey

A new day began in Sumurpur with the sun rising over the hills and the wind blowing through the trees with birds singing melodiously giving the new morning a fresh atmosphere. Two little boys aged seven ran through the fields with lunch boxes in their hands and rucksacks over their shoulders. Both their mothers walked behind them laughing at the two best friends and their usual sprint to school. They got close to the school and one of the boys who was behind stopped and bent over clutching his side as the other one ran faster and reached the gates first, he then looked back over his shoulder to see his friend almost crawling towards him. He stood up and laughed at him'

Armaan: Again'Sohan!!

Sohan: Why'are'you'so'fast? ' still trying to catch his breath

Armaan: I am the best! ' tugging at his collar

Sohan: I know'I know! But one day I'll beat you'just watch'

Armaan: I'm watching'

Their mothers had caught up with the two boys by the gate of the school and they all walked in together. They were taken into their class by teachers after saying bye to their mothers and they settled down in their usual places. Sohan and Armaan sat around a table and Armaan had noticed a little girl who had just walked into the class with her mother. She looked very cute in her blue and white uniform and pigtails dropped at the side of her ears. She looked around the class nervously while her mother spoke to the teacher; when they had finished their conversation the little girl said bye to her mother and waited patiently as the teacher introduced her to the rest of the class.

Teacher: Good Morning everyone, this is Riddhima'she's new to the school and I hope that you all make her feel welcome' - she pointed to the chair next to Armaan and asked Riddhima to go and sit there.

She walked towards Armaan and Sohan's table and sat down cautiously.

Armaan: Hello

Riddhima: smiles

Armaan: I'm Armaan ' holds his hand out towards her

She is very scared and looks down into her lap. Armaan is left confused but before he is able to say anything the teacher disrupts him by starting the lesson. The teacher pairs Armaan and Riddhima together as a team for the work while Sohan was paired with another classmate who had just walked in late. While the rest of the class worked noisily Armaan and Riddhima worked silently on their own, now and then sending a smile in each others direction without any words. At the end of the lesson all the children were told to feedback to the class what they had learned today.

Teacher: Armaan?

Armaan: I learnt how to spell friendship

Teacher: Well done Armaan'Riddhima?

Riddhima: (scared as she whispers) - Pata nahi'

All of the children in the class are shocked as they hear her speaking Hindi and they all turn to look at her.

Teacher: Koi baat nahi'seekh jaogi' - looks at the rest of the class ' Riddhima does not know English'so I hope that you all make her feel as welcomed as possible

Boy: But this is an English school'how can she not know English? ' astonish and teasing at the same time

Teacher: It's ok Roshi she will learn how to speak English while she is here'now you may all go out for your lunch

All the children go for their lunch while Riddhima stays seated in her chair feeling sad; Armaan notices this as he is walking out of the room.

Armaan: Wait Sohan' - he turns back and goes to Riddhima

She looks up at Armaan who is standing next to her and quickly wipes a tear away from her cheek.

Armaan: Chale? ' holds out his hand

Riddhima smiles at him and takes his hand. They both walk out of the classroom together.

Armaan and Riddhima went outside for lunch with Sohan slouching after them sulking to himself. They sat on a bench outside, took out their sandwiches and began to eat quietly. When they had finished eating the boys were called by their other friends to play football, Armaan wanted to stay back with Riddhima but Sohan pulled him away to play. Riddhima sat on her watching the boys play; a little smile played on her lips as she watched Armaan run around after he scored a goal. She hadn't noticed the two girls standing next to her until one of the girls grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her up. She was shocked and scared as they began to taunt her in English.

Girl: Ohh'poor little new girl'she's all alone

2nd Girl: I don't understand why she's here'she doesn't even know English'

Girl: She only speaks Hindi'she's so stupid

The 2nd girl picks up Riddhima's bag and starts to go through it taking out her pencil case and new crayons. By this time Riddhima had tears running down her cheeks and tried to grab her stuff back but the girl pushed her away and she fell to the ground. Armaan had noticed a little crowd gathered around the bench where he was sitting a while ago and rushed over. As he got closer he noticed Riddhima on the ground crying, he rushed to her making her stand up and then looking at the two girls'

Armaan: What's going on here?

Girl: What's wrong Armaan? Is she your girlfriend?

Armaan: Shut up Ria'and stay away from Riddhima

Ria: Ooohh Armaan's got a girlfriend

The rest of the crowd had also started to taunt him in a sing song voice. He began to get annoyed and finally screamed out loud.


They all quietened down by the look on Armaan's face.

Armaan: She is my friend'and I don't like anyone teasing my friends! ' he shot a hard look at Ria who looked down quickly ' All of you have to be nice to her'and if you don't want to be nice then stay away from her'do you get it?

They all mumbled yes and started to move away but Armaan had stopped Ria from going and asked her to say sorry to Riddhima.

Ria: No Way!

Armaan: Fine'if you can't say sorry to her then our friendship is over from today'

He holds onto Riddhima's arm and they both walk away from there leaving Ria shocked at her friend's behaviour. They settled on the grass together with Sohan standing over them.

Riddhima: Danyavad Armaan...

Sohan: Huh?

Armaan: hits him on the leg ' 'She means thank you dumbo'

Sohan: Oh' - smiling a bit

Armaan: Koi baat nahi...

Riddhima: Armaan?

Armaan: Haan Riddhima?

Riddhima: Kya tum mujhe English sikhaoge (teach)?

Armaan: Of course'I mean'haan'ek shart par'

Riddhima: Shart?

Armaan: I promise main tumhe English sikhaoge (teach) if you promise to'

Riddhima: Huh?...Promise?

Armaan: Sorry'main wada karta hoon ke main tumhe English sikhaogi agar tum wada karti ho ke tum mere dost banogi'I promise to teach you English if you promise to be my friend' ' holding out his hand to her

Riddhima: Wada' ' shaking his hand the looks at Sohan who was feeling left out ' Dost?

Sohan brightened up a little when he noticed that she wanted to be his friend too and shook her hand

Sohan: Dost ' with a bright smile

This is the beginning of three close friends'let's see how their relationship progress'

Part 2

In the cold and misty season in the heart of Shimla there is a small town with friendly neighbours and a group of three friends. A small girl, aged nine, sat on a wooden swing waiting for her two best friends.

Sonia: NIKKITA!!

The little girl turned around at the sound of her name being called from her house.

Nikki: Yes mamma'

Sonia comes outside to see her little girl sitting on the swing in her pretty pink dress. She walks towards her daughter and sits next to her.

Sonia: Why are you sitting here alone?

Nikki: I'm waiting for Anji and Abhi'

Sonia: Oh ok'why don't you go over to Anji's to see if she's going to come out today'

Nikki: Ok mamma' ' she stands up, hugs her mum and runs across the path to Anjali's house.

At Anji's house

The sound of "I'm a Barbie Girl" blasts out of the stereo

Puneet: ANJALI!! TURN IT DOWN!!!!!!!

The doorbell rang and Puneet went to open the door

Puneet: hello Nikkita'how are you?

Nikki: I'm ok Puneet uncle im just here to see if Anji can come out to play

They both look up the stairs where the music was coming from and they started laughing.

Puneet: you better go and check - closes the door as she came in

Nikki ran upstairs to Anji's room

Nikki open the door and saw Anji jumping around to the music, she was a very good dancer, Nikki ran to the stereo and switch off the music

Anji: turns around - Hey!

Nikki: hi are you not coming out today - she went to Anji and gave her a big friendly hug

Anji: looks at the clock - oh my gosh im soo sorry come on lets go is Abhi angry that im late?

Nikki: No have no idea where he is

They laugh and ran all the way downstairs and went to Abhi's house. Abhi's mum opened the door for the two girls.

Lela: Hi girls are you here for Abhi? - looking sad and tearful

Nikki/Anji: Yes aunty

Nikki: Where is Abhi?

Lela: He went to have a look at his dad's new car

Anji: Wow uncles got a new car'come on Nikki lets go and see it

Nikki: Ok bye aunty!! - Anji pulls her away

They ran down to Abhi's dad's garage and they saw the new car and a little boy's head from the back

Nikki: Who is that Anji? Over there behind the car

Anji: - barely listening to her - huh?

Nikki: Over there?

Abhi's dad came over to meet the girls.

Reshab: Hi girls what do you think?

Anji: Wow uncle this is the best car ever

Nikki: still looking at the back of the car where the person head moved - yes it's a good car uncle

The little head moved towards Nikki when she looked at Reshab and went behind her.

Abhi: BOO!!!

Nikki: AAHH!

Everyone started laughing except Nikki, who looked scared and angry at Abhi.

Nikki: started chasing Abhi - That was not funny Abhi!

They stopped running.

Abhi: ok I'm sorry - pulling his ears

Nikki: ok you're forgiven - hitting him on the head and then hugged him

Reshab: ok kids come on get going I have to go inside now come on

Anji: Yeh come on let's go and play our game

Nikki: Yeh come on let's play Hospital

Abhi: yeh and I am head doctor

They walked over to the shed where they normally play.

Nikki: ok I'll be a nurse and Anji will be the patient ok

Anji: ok I will pretend to have a car accident ok

Abhi: yeh and your going to be close to dying ok let's go

They prepared everything for there game and are about to start.

Abhi: ok everything is ready let's play

Anji: ok

They all took there places quickly.


Nikki: goes to Abhi Doctor there is an injured patient please come quickly

Abhi: ok come on

They put Anji on the bench and started to operate on her.

Abhi: Nurse Nikki we will need more tissue

Nikki: yes doctor - Gives him tissue

Abhi: oh no were losing her quickly

He pretends to give her an electric shock and Anji burst in to giggles

Anji: oww that tickles

Abhi: oh Anji you spoiled it

Anji: sorry' but that was funny

Nikki: trying not to laugh because Abhi was angry

Abhi: ok are you finished laughing? Let's start again

Anji: wait Abhi remember you brought that new toy from that shop? Go and get it and we can use that to play

Abhi: face lit up - oh yeh! I'll just go and get it wait!

Nikki watches Abhi run all the way to his house. After a while she notices that Abhi was taking a long time to come back and he didn't usually that that long. The two girls waited and waited for him to come.

Anji: started to look worried after some time - Where is Abhi why is he taking long should we start without him?

Nikki: No! He's the head doctor'we can't start without him - she got the feeling that something was wrong

A while later they saw Abhi come out of his house. He walked very slowly and his head was down as he reached them and looked at Nikki and Anji. Before he started to say anything tears came out of his eyes.

Nikki went to him closely followed by Anji.

Nikki: What's wrong Abhi?

Abhi: he looked at her - I have to leave right now'I'm going to leave this place forever'my dad, mum and I have to go Australia'dad got a new job there'and we are leaving now

Anji and Nikki couldn't say anything they looked at each other and then at him.

Reshab: come on Abhi

Abhi hugged Nikki and Anji and ran to his dad's new car, he didn't really want to say bye to his best friends, the quicker the better.

Nikki ran after him.

Nikki: ABHI... ABHI...

The whole family got into the car and drove off. Nikki running behind the car trying to stop it at the same time she could see Abhi looking at her. Anji was behind her, she stopped when the car had started to go much faster and when Anji had finally caught up with her they both stood there looking into the distance of where the car had disappeared. They walked back slowly in silence as sat on the swing. Nikki looked at her side and saw her mum, she started to cry and she hugged her. Then she looked at Anji and saw her hugging Puneet Uncle. Anji looked at Nikki and they hugged each other letting their tears flow freely down their cheeks. Sonia and Puneet both stroked their hair and allowed them to have some time to themselves. Both the girls promised each other that they will never part and they will be best friends forever...

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