Monday, 25 January 2021

part 1 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

There was a beautiful town called jashnagiri it was situated in b/w the hills . it looks so beautiful and pure when sun light touches it coz it shines like diamond in the morning.

It was mostly covered with the snow, ppls of this town were so lovable and simple, and have mostly wooden house.

A very beautiful wooden house covered with a layer of snow was spreading its warmth all over by its chimney and have a sudden noise lets see what it is.

A lady around 50ties was shouting.

La- beta subha ho gayi ab toh utha ja college nahi jana hai kya.

Hye bhagwan ye larki bhi na pata nahi apne sapno ki duniya se bahar ayegi.

A cute angelic face coming out of the duvet have eyes closed still and a dizzy smile on her face, she was trying to open her eyes and when she opened a pair of almond green eyes which were glittering like small stars and seeing the lady in a pleading way.

Girl- mama kabhi toh yaad rakha karo ajj Sunday hai aur Sunday

Ko college nahi jatye hai.

La- oh sorry riddhima beta but tujhye nahi lagta ki Sunday kuch jaldi hi aagya kyoki jaha tak mujhye yaad hai do din pahle bhi Sunday tha.

(and she snatched the duvet from her)

Ri- oh ho mamaa aap toh joke bhi nahi samjhti hai mai toh bas ready hone hi ja rahi thi.

(and she smiled naughtily)

La- thik hai jaldi ready ho ja mai breakfast ready karti hu.

She stud up and opened the window a cold breeze touched her face and she admired the beauty of the nature.

Ri- oh wow its sucha pleasant morning mausam kitna suhana hai aaj, she stud there for some time and then turned towards

The table next to her.

Ri- ohhh wow such a beautiful and fresh flowers.

She nuzzled her face in those flowers and smelt its sweet fragrance. I just love flower coz they show how much beauty god had spread all over.

A very big and lavish castle situated near the forest of hill.

It was a piece of art of beautiful having a lake outside and a huge garden in which so many kinds of beautiful flowers were grown which add extra beauty in that castle.
A guy standing near the window of the castle seeing the colorful garden his face was not clearly visible coz the darkness in the room, but the sun light reaching his blue oceanic glittering it like blue diamonds.

A servant (around 75)enter the king size room.

Sr- sir kya aap sach mai aaj se college jayegy.

Guy- haa( a firm but husky voice)

Sr- lekin sir itne salo mai aaj tak aap kabhi iss mahal se bahar nahi gaye hai.

Guy- pata hai lekin kab tak mai inn chaar diwaro mai band rahuga dam ghuta hai mera yaha.

Sr- lekin sir kya apka bahr jana sahi hoga.

Guy- aaj tak sahi kya hua hai mere sath, jo hua kya wo sahi tha.

Abb jab itna sab galat ho hi chukka hai hai toh thora aur galat ho jane do.

Sr- sir waha sab ke beach kya aap apne guse par kabu rakh payege.

Guy- pata nahi lekin kosish karuga.

Sr- sir bas ek request hai sham hone se pahle ghar aa jaiyega.

Guy- mai janta hu baar baar yaad dilane ki jarurat nahi hai.

Guy- (screamed in full force) ye flowers yaha mere room me kisne rakhye.(as he saw a bunch of flowers on the table he took them and stair them with so much anger in his blue eyes)

He throw the flowers out of the window.

Guy- tumhe pata hai I don't like flowers. Phir bhi'.

Sr- maaf kijiye ga, galti se ye yaha rah gaye, mai aapke jane ki taiyari karta hu..

Again on the road in front of that castle.

Ri- oh wow ye kitna beautiful ghar hai, stupid ghar nahi mahal hai and those flowers its just wow.

She was trying to peak inside when the guards glared at her and she ran from there.

Ri- don't worry ridzi tu ek din iske under jarur jayegi.

She every day pass from here and stop for a while to see that castle and to wish that she can enter in it some day.

And she moved to her college.

She called her frnd.

Ri- hye muski tu college pahuch rahi hai na.

Mu- ya sweety am on my way and by the way wo khankhjura wapas aa gaya kya.

Ri- kyo some buddy is missing some one hemm.

Mu- no yaar just thinking agar wo agya hai toh mai apna chaku churi ready kar ke lau.

Ri- ya ya ready kar le, and anji di toh college pahuch gayi hogi na.

Mu- oye anji se yaad aya who bata rahi thi koi hooot

Dude aya ahi college mai toh mai to chali use dekhne.

Ri- oye mai bhi ati hu waise bhi aisa najara yaha kam milta hai.

She reached to the college and saw a big car in the parking area.

Ri- wooo toh handsome rich bhi hai hemmm.

She entered in the college.

Ri- hye gays tum log yaha kuo khare ho.

Anjali- yaar hum sab log uss hunk ko dekh kar thori der ke liye mar gaye hai.

Mu- yaa he was so handsome ridzi just smoking hot.

And the way he came out of his car and put off his glasses was toh ufff.

Ri- oh who lagta hai  maine apna id card bahar gira diya. Mai abhi use dundh kar lati hu.

She came out and was searching for it.

Ri- oh toh ye yaha pada hai.

She got it near the entrance and started coming back inside the college.

When entered she found every girl staring at her and taking long breaths and guys stairing at her with anger she found it really wearied.

Ri- ye sab log mujhye aise kyo dhekh rahe hai, and why the hell girls are falling seeing me and more on guys are angry kahi achank se mss. Se mr. toh nahi ban gayi.

And she checked her self and got relived.

Ri- okk I am normal so r they got any hormonal change.

She was so confused when she realized they are not staring her.

She had some one behind her she turned to see but got her foot twisted and due to the fear of falling see closed her eyes.

After some time she realized that she was not on floor but in b/w sky and earth holded by two strong pair of arms.

She felt the wind getting colder and some ones intense gaze providing the warmth which was needed.

She slowly opened her eyes to see where she is.

And she found herself in the arms of a tall muscular guy who was holding her from her waist; her rupata was covering his face as the wind was getting stronger.

She tried to see his face but that was not clearly visible coz of her rupatta.

Due to wind rupatta slipped a little from his face and she was able to see his crystal blue eyes and her almond green eyes were caught by them.

They both were in each other's spell, the world was not mattering for them.

Riddhima felt Goosebumps due to his touch and his eyes they were having something in them, magical or wired can't say but

Kuch toh hai unn ankho mai.

She got distracted due to some sounds of hooting and applauses.

She realized her situation and hastily came out of his aberrance.

She moved her hand and slowly started snatching her rupatta from his face'''''''''''..

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