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Part 1: My Bride (os)

1 -- The Prince and Riddimaa.

"Riddimaa!! Did you Heard that a Prince of Rajasthan had come all the way from London for a short trip in Shimla." A girl with curls, wearing a knee length jeans and a black top, twirled in excitement. And other two girls grinned at her.

"Muskaannn! Not again! Urgghhh! Why don't you ever think of anything else then Boys?" A girl named Riddimaa got off bed, tying her hair. She arranged her bed.

"Oh Shut Up Riddimaa, I wonder why are you never interested in boys!" another girl gave Riddimaa a suspicious look

"Shut up! Anjali" Riddimaa grinning threw a pillow at another petite figure girl. "Heyy watch out!" Anjali scowled, and threw a pillow back at her.

"Hey me too me too" Muskan jumped in and they laughed while blowing the pillow fur all around the room.

"Hey Riddimaa, Anjali!! Prince Arman Malik is going to come here to meet our principal!" Muskan scowled in happiness, and jumped while the other two were busy studying under a tree in garden.

"Why?" Riddimaa frowned, still looking down at her book with her back pressed on tree, and knees pulled up holding up the book..."I guess, he is giving some charity to our hostel." Muskan rolled one of her curls in her finger, sitting beside them. "Hmm." Anjali licked the rubbed of her pencil. "Shall we go and meet him?" Muskan asked, getting up excitedly.
"IS he COMING NOW?" Anjali jumped throwing her books on Riddimaa, who groaned and straightened her legs with two books on her lap. Looking up at her friends jumping and giggling among themselves, surely they looked as teen girls… "Yes in 15 minutes. Mind you they are really strict when it comes to time."Muskan joined her arms with Anjali as they giggled.

"Come on Riddimaa. Get up! Once in life prove us that we didn't do any mistake by picking you as our best friend." Anjali taunted to see Riddimaa getting up with books, in her arms, rolling her eyes."I look messy!" Riddimaa looks down at her clothing – tore from places, pulling her black T. Shirt Down, to make herself look too shabby and totally un-presentable for a Prince.
"Yaa you do look messy for a Prince but at the same time you look yummy and a good catch too!" Muskan laughed, as Riddimaa smacks her."What this Prince…. Prince Haan? Princes don't exist in today's world! Okay! You have lost it Muskan! He might be a tycoon or something!" Riddimaa spoke stand with her friends.

"Oh come on Riddimaa! I heard the P.A! Ok! He said Prince Arman of Rajasthan! I wasted 100 bucks to know about this to that stupid moron P.A! So it has to be True!" Muskan busted.

"Okay fine hell with the P.A and Hell with the Prince!" Riddimaa rolled her eyes and began to get her books and pass it over to Anjali who was stuffing it her bag. "Still I don't feel like going and seeing him, I am dressing totally messy!" Riddimaa said "Give me the bag I shall go back in room, you guys can go and enjoy." Riddimaa said, trying to get Anjali's bag, who frowned and kept it on her shoulder.

"You are such a pain yar Riddimaa!"Anjali said, frowning. Muskan butted and said "Seriously, seeing you in jeans that have few rips here and there, the Prince Arman will fall over stones when he led his eyes on!"Muskan runs as she saw Riddimaa's eyes almost popping out – and reaching out strangle Muskan's neck, and Muskan was laughing uncontrollably and running at the same time which annoyed Riddimaa to zeal.

Passing by the centre foyer of the institute and Hostel; they ran across a pile of 5 guys! 'Wait Guys in girls Hostel' Riddimaa thought while she was about to cross, when her eyes fall on a man dressed in a tuxedo with guys in Black T. shirt around their muscular body.

Hearing Muskan passing a witty Comment she concentrated on her, "Muskan ki Bachi, I don't care about that Prince, hell with him. And wait you are so dead!" Riddimaa shouted on the peak, the 'tuxedo guy' grinned; shaking his head he took another step to walk a head. But stopped again the curly hair girl, Muskan took a round back from foyer and cross him again, making Riddimaa follow her again – her brain was conscious about the tuxedo guy, but she made up her mind and ran after her prey. While crossing him again Muskan as usual babbled again, "HAHAHA babes you look so desperate to see Prince Arman" Muskan commented, rushing for her life towards Anjali.....


Riddimaa feet twisted and cried in pain as she was about to fall in his direction, approximately right over him, when the he himself took a charge and held her petite waist to stop her from following.

She felt his hand hold her waist firm and tight. A frown that was still caressing her forehead turned a stronger frown as she looks up in a pair of oceanic color of eyes; a bit of blue and green shade. She shook her head as she check out his descriptive face, His pointed nose did quite of honor to make her gasp, and as his nostrils left heavy breathes on her neck.

It her first time, to be in such an awesome encounter, His arms were still holding on to her. She could feel the little movement of his finger tips on her waist. She gasped with her eyes locked in his - she felt flames of heat raising up in her neck and her cheeks getting rosy, she was lost – unconscious, her eyes were locked up in hers and till she heard a pile of girls passing by them - giggling, she took a deep breath and said "C..Ch…Chodo..." she realized she had fist his suit in her palm, almost making their few wrinkles… he grinned down at her, 'hmmm she is quite short… in height!' he smirk in his thought, still supporting her waist.

Leaving his suit – she pushed him from his suit. At the same moment one of the guards saw the Headmistress walking up to them, He at one hold her from behind, from elbow and entangled her from his boss. "Ouch" she winced at the harsh grip "Chodoo Mujha" she turned and cried as her feet had already got heart and with the harsh push – she felt the pain rising up again.

"Leave her…" he spoke, with authority. The guard left once bring her to a tile of foyer; she stumbled as she set on the title of foyer, her eyes never left the tuxedo guy, though she couldn't even see the back of him as he was surrounded by Guards, She kept on staring as her headmistress took him in.

Feeling someone on her sides, she paid attention to them and pulled her feet up to examine it. "OH MY GOD! Did he just touch you?" Muskan spoke shockingly, as she sat on one side of Riddimaa – "Yea… he did, I guess" Riddimaa whispered, shuddering as she felt a shiver pass through her body, rubbing her ankle... Anjali giggled and pulled out ointment which she always kept in her bag due to an over excited Muskan, who always got a wound once a day.

"You know what?" Muskan whispered, in a daze.

"What?" Riddimaa whispered, feeling Anjali's hand working over her ankle.

"He Was THE ARMAN MALIK! THE PRINCE OF RAJISTHAN!" Muskan Whispered, thickly – each and every word.

"WHAT!" Riddimaa turned her face and shouted at her face.
"Raj! Go and ask the girls full name" the prince, Arman sent one of his body guard "and ask her will she go on a date with me?" he added, pulling his palm in his formal pants pocket. He was looking as handsome as he possibly could – with an evident grin placed on his face – as he saw Riddimaa walking around the garden lecturing her two friends who were settled on garden, with their backs on tree.
Guard smiled, as it was usual for his boss to him for such work! He walks up to the three girls, "heyy" Raj spoke gravely making the three startled.

"What's your Name?" he questioned, standing and looking at her...

"Mine?" Riddimaa stood up, sacredly. She turned her face to Look at the Prince, through the guards shoulders – Seeing him staring in her direction with a smirk on his face and shiny eyes, sprinkling like sun shine.

"YES!" guard replied.

"R..Riddimaa." she replied "I am Riddimaa." She added, removing her stammering away.

"Your Full name?" guard probed her again.

"Riddimaa Gupta" she replied, with a glint of confidence and frown as usual on forehead.

"Will you go on a date with The Prince?" the guard asked "don't worry about your headmistress, she shall be handled, but will you come?" He asked in hurry.
"What? Huh…" she replied with a frown and a mouth opened up. Anjali and Muskan stood there with mouth open

"NOO!" Riddimaa picked her books, pushed the heavy guy off her way and walks in the building after passing an angry – scary look to that prince, who was looking at her… but started to walk out of hostel as he saw her in that manner. He really didn't need more explanation her Reply was obvious 'Dude she hates you' he thought and saw her two friends looking at him.

He smiled and waved at them – before going out of the premises….

"Riddimaa have you lost it? He is THE PRINCE!" Muskan scolded her when they close lights of their room as it was bed time and the lady in charger and just told them to go back to sleep at once.

"Muskan just shut up! I don't give a damn about his being prince! I am not a toy whom he can play! Look at his guts, he sent his bodyguard!" Riddimaa stood over her bed after putting her lamp on. "I MEAN he asked me out by sending his Guard!" Riddimaa huffed at her friends.

"He is the Prince!" Anjali pointed, pulling her blanket over her face.

"Hell with it!" Riddimaa pulled her duvet and looks up at ceiling. "Hell with him! You two look quite despo. Go for it!" pause "I am not interested." Riddimaa shouted at her friends.

"Acha tell me, if he had come and asked you! Have you gone then?" Muskan tested

"No…!" Riddimaa firmly replied, pulling her blanket over her chest as she laid on her pillow, looking up the ceiling.

"HUH! I knew it! I think of this think that are you lesbian by any chance." Anjali commented, still laid on bed.

"NO…! I am straight and I shall date the guy whom my parents choose!" Riddimaa whispered to her friends, which was audible in dark room

"Huh! Your Parent!"Muskan Got off her bed, "Who don't even call you – Who don't even allow you to come home, in summer or winter? Who have not wished you on your birthdays; THEY have not done a single thing that a parent should do! You will marry whom they desire! Whom they choose! What are you a Sheep? That your parents shall tie you up with anyone they wish!" Muskan blasted as she walks near her bed.

"It's only thing that might bring my parents back to me! I think, if I walk in the path they choose for me then I can get their love… back." Riddimaa muttered, what she herself knew was lie.

"You know what! Hell with you and your philosophy!" Muskan and Anjali ended this conversation on a bad note, but they heard Riddimaa sob till late night.

Finally after hours, both girls walk up to Riddimaa to console her and said sorry to each other. The fight that started ended peacefully. And from that day, no one talk about the unexpected encounter of Prince.

A week had passed away after she had collided with the prince. Poor Riddimaa had started to have Dreams related to him, which she announces to be nothing but night mares. She felt that he was haunting her in – Her dreams, his tight clutch over her waist still lingered around her – she at time would just shiver with the thought of it and end up with a shudder making her friends stare at her weirdly.
She didn't have the courage to tell her friends about the Prince, who was still occupied in her depth of her heart and mine, now. He had started to bring an unknown and UN describable feeling in her heard which were making her restless.

Dark Circle had started to show up, and her irritation was at peak, on Sunday evening she decided to tell her friend about her problem so they can help her out, so that her heart could settle up in peace at least. Reaching at their Place, under a tree; where they usually sat. "Hey Guys…" Riddimaa greeted, falling in Muskan's lap.
"ow… Hey." Muskan greeted, hugging her waist from behind as Riddimaa settled herself in her lap "you look weak – sad! What is being cooked up in your empty Brain?" Muskan asked. Anjali nodded in agreement, encouraging her to speak up.

Riddimaa took a sigh and landed of her lap to ground, "You are right! It's about…. I have started feeling weird after the Pr…."

"Excuse Me Miss. Riddimaa… You have received a post from your house." One of hostel in charger interrupted.
Riddimaa pulled it from her hand, "whom it's from?" Riddimaa question, but the answer was not need as it has the address of her home, where her parents live, only. "Thanks…" Riddimaa said to the women, who went away.

"Why have they sent a letter now? I feel something fishy! Burn it!" Muskan said, pulling her one knee up. "Don't open it!" Muskan added, frowning at the white letter.
"Shut up Muskan!" Anjali rolled her eyes, and told Riddimaa to open it and kill the suspense. She did, but fumbled a bit as it had never happened in 19 years.

"Dear Riddimaa Beta,
We Miss you a lot. I hope you miss us too. Your father and I had decided that you should come back…" Riddimaa stopped and looked up at her friends, who frowned but told her to go on.
"Come back home. As we think you have studied enough. We miss you and wish to see you as soon as possible. I have talk to your Headmistress; she has even arranged all the necessary things for your departure. Make a farewell to your friends and come back to your mama papa.
An..d" Riddimaa's voice broke down.
Muskan snatched it "And please do and meet your Headmistress for more information.
You're Mom.
Padma Gupta" pause, friend sat in a circle form holding each other day. "I HATE YOUR PARENTS!" Muskan shouted.

"HOW CAN THEY BE SO CRUEL" Anjali shouted at Riddimaa.

"…. My studies…" Riddimaa whispered, falling on Anjali's shoulder, crying while Anjali embraced her in her arms.

"Riddimaa don't go… call them and talk to them… first…" Muskan got up and helped her to the phone booth. Somehow Anjali handled her friends and told Riddimaa to at least make a call first…

Walking to Phone area booth, Riddimaa dialed the home number, while her friends with faint tears stood beside her, holding her hand. "Hello…. Mam.a…" Riddimaa heard her mom on phone. "Mama… my studies? Mama I have graduated a month back, I want to hold master in my degree." Riddimaa holds up her breathe, and spoke as fast as she could before her mama could interrupt.
"Par Mama……………...OK Mama…" tears stroking down her cheek, shaking her head in No to her friends "Yes Mama…………..… hmmm Bye…" she kept the phone and ran in her room, making her friends run after her.

"Everything is over……. My life is over………… Mama said, it's my birthday – 20th birthday next month and they expect me to be there! Anyhow! I guess it's a bye now guys." Pause "It's a final bye guys" Riddimaa whispered, seeing her friends sobbing as they pounced on her for a hug.

Going through walls with her both friends beside her, she imagined her childhood – her dream of being an educated with higher degree shall remain a dream. She had just graduated but her wish was to master too. But her luck, she collected her tickets and other certificates and went with her friends for few last moments at their favorite place, before leaving to gather few more memories.

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