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"hey bhagwanji, why me? Why only this mental?" frustrated at the turn of events that happened today, she looked up at the heaven looking for answers to her question as he stood beside her, imitating her actions.

"Hey bhagwanji,  why me? Why only this senti?" he imitated her voice, looking up at the sky as she slowly turned and looked at him in anger.

"Don't you dare?" she said, fuming in anger.

"Don't you dare..too?" he replied turning around, looking at her.

Just two days before and she would have not hesitated in killing him but now how could she. He was her lawfully wedded husband with whom she got married in front of 100's of people, including their parents. She never thought that she'll be married before 23, so when she crossed 23, her parents didn't wait for a single day and started looking for grooms. After going through 100's of profiles, they found a perfect match for their one and only daughter. And who was the groom- none other than her parents very close family friend son's best friend-Armaan Malik.  She never thought that she'll be having an arrange marriage, so Bhagwanji ne yeh baat bhi sun li. The engagement was an arranged one and by the time the wedding date arrived- they were madly in love or that's what they thought it was.

It was their first night as husband and wife when both found one of the darkest secret of other- one was too senti for other and the other was too mental to be with.  If Riddhima had the habit of crying at the snap of fingers then for her- Armaan was one heck of a mental to be with.  Though she never told him on his face, it was only when Armaan called her SENTI, * the word she hated the most* her patience dam broke and the words that came out of her mouth- "if I am senti then you are mental M.E.N.T.A.L", got it"..that was the day and today is the day. No it's not too long that they got married.  They got married just two weeks ago but that was the last day they talked nicely with the other.

Feeling tired, she sat on the rock as he settled beside her. No one was interested in talking with other, nor they were interested in the fight and how could they? After all that's what they were doing from the last 3 hours. Her crying stopped just one hour ago, when Armaan finally gave her the ultimatum- "Riddhima stop crying or I'll throw you in the water".  When you don't know how to swim, it's better to do as the other say, especially when the other is much stronger and powerful than you.

"It's your entire fault.." Riddhima murmured as she needed to take this out from her system, looking down making figures with her finger as he slowly turned and looked at her.

"come again?" he asked. Although he had heard her, he still wanted to confirm it.

"nothing.." she whispered making a face,  turning her face the other side.

"kyun ..Darr gayi?" he mocked her.

"yes, I am scared. ..Happy.." Armaan was too shocked to react. For the first time, Riddhima replied differently than her usual answer which is "darr and from you..please..apna face dekha hai..."

" seriously you are scared.." he asked not believing his ears. He had to confirm this for sure.

"Stop making fun of me okay?" she glared at him pointing her finger at him as he tried his best to hide his smile.

" can never be serious..always read to make fun of me aur ..aur aaj just coz of you we are in this situation.."  the dam of water broke and he sighed in frustration at her never ending tears that after one hour rolled down her eyes.  Wiping the tears with the back of her hand she continued staring at him as he moved closer to her.

"Awww...I am sorry baby that I made you cry... " he said taking holding her from the side, sounding serious.. "But please tell me that you are scared..I want to hear it one more time.." he said in a serious tone as she continued looking at him.

Getting the meaning of his words, she pushed his hand away and stood up.. " See this is what I was talking can never be serious..never ever..and that's why... .ARGHHHHH....." she said walking away from him.

"bol de...phir Darr gayi..." he shouted looking at her retreating figure.

 Lying on the sand with his hands behind his head, he looked up at the sun and the clear sky.  Never dreamed of something of this sort to happen, he turned and looked at his wife who was standing few distance away frustrated, her hair blowing coz of wind that she was putting behind her ears, her feet touching the sea water, looking not less than an angel for him.

"My Angel.." he whispered as a smile played on his lips.

Few hours ago

Having sent by his parents on a honeymoon trip, both were excited for their individual reason's, something they were hiding from the other not knowing that it was same ' both had never been on a cruise before. Packing everything that was needed, they said their good 'byes and boarded the cruise, looking forward to two weeks of fun and enjoyment. But.....Who would have thought that the trip they wanted to enjoy would turn into a nightmare when they will get stranded on an island alone.
"Finally, two weeks of freedom, bhagwanji love you for this.." getting out of the car, she stretched her hands with a big smile on her face. Standing at the seaport, she looked at families around her, equally excited to board the cruise. Who wouldn't, on a cruise with no one to bother, the 'no one to bother' in her case was her annoying husband who never leaves a single chance of pulling her leg.

Armaan got out from the other side of the car and looked at her dreamy face. "AAH...I am so looking forward to this trip.." he thought, showing his dimpled smile that vanished as soon as Riddhima turned and looked at him. Narrowing their eyes they looked at the other angrily and turned their backs towards the other, crossing the arms. Paying the cab driver, he took out the luggage from the car and moved towards their destination, more precisely his destination. Not seeing him as she came out of her dream world and turned around, she looked around and saw him going towards the cruise, without waiting for her.

"Why am I not surprised" she muttered under her breath and ran after him.

"you could have called me...mujhe akela chod diya..kucch ho jaata to.." she said, catching her breath walking speedily to catch up with him.

"YOU...and  tumhe kucch ho jaaye...are you seriously okay.." he acted surprisingly, not believing her words.

" I not beautiful" she asked, hands on her waist as she stood in front of him blowing the hair out of her face, putting a break to his walk.

"maine kab bola ki you are not beautiful, for me you are the prettiest women in the whole world, after my mom off course.." he replied with a straight face, putting the strand of hair behind her ear as she smiled at her comment.

"So, if by chance seeing me alone, agar koi Gunda mujhe tease kar deta to..or what if main ghum ho jaati.." he laughed at her cute, serious face.

"Riddhima tumhe koi normal person tease karne ki soch bhi nahin sakta. Usko pagal hone hai kya..Handling you is okay but your Senti Nature..Naaaa...I don't think so..and about getting lost, are you a small kid? He asked as she shook her head negatively "tumhe pata hai na ki yaha se apne ghar wapis kaise jaata hai?" she nodded.  "Phir...there is no chance of you getting lost..Stop being melo-dramatic all the time.." he replied and shaking his head moved forward as she stood at the same spot with open mouth.

Whatever the case maybe, whether they fight or not, only he knew how he fell in love with her. She wasn't the first girl in his life. He had numerous affairs but none of them were serious, not only from his side but from the other side too.  When his parents brought this marriage proposal, he was ready with excuses to avoid it for some more time.

"I am just 27, too young to get married..." typical line used to avoid this topic. But this time, his parents had made their own mind. "Okay beta..but at least meet her. We won't force you.." they had told him, more like emotional blackmailing, especially his mom, something he was totally aware off.
He had totally made up his mind of saying "NO", but destiny had some other plan. He saw her and the next thing he knew, he was getting engaged to the same girl. It wasn't the love at first sight for him, in fact not even an attraction. He doesn't know himself what made him say "yes" in the first place.  The only thing he knew- "she was too special to be with someone else".

They got engaged and this was followed by the typical meetings and dates- the courtship period. It was during this period his attraction turned into love, but in his case there was more. It started when for the first time they had gone to see a movie in the theater. Like every other guy, he asked for a corner waali seat and even got it. Like every other guy, in between the movie his hand slowly moved towards her side from the back as she was too engrossed in the movie. Like every other guy, he was about to keep it on her shoulder and was even successful to an extent with just millimeters distance left between his hand and her shoulder. ...but like other guys he wasn't successful when he looked at her.  Although she was too engrossed in the movie, he saw something wet on her face. Looking more closely he saw her crying. Not able to believe what he was actually looking at-

"Riddhima..what happen? Why are you crying?" he asked, confused at her sudden outburst.

"Armaan..they are beating him so badly..aise koi marta hai kya..just look at his state..poor guy." she replied. It wouldn't have had surprised him if it was a sad scene. But when every person in the theatre is laughing looking at that scene and you're-soon-to-be- wife is behaving completely opposite-'s definitely something you can't ignore.

That was the first time he saw this side of her- the SENTI side. The next two meetings were more than enough for him to know ' till what level her senti nature actually exists.  Latest being their wedding night. Like every other guy he was looking forward to this night and the night arrived. Like every other guy, he saw her sitting like a typical Indian bride. Like every other guy, he moved towards the bed and sat in front of her. Like every other guy, he removed the veil ...but then came the full stop when he looked at her face- blood shot red swollen eyes as if beaten by someone. For a moment he was a bit shock looking at her but knowing her SENTI Nature, he was back to normal in  few seconds but all his beautiful dreams got crushed as the whole night got over in stopping her from crying.

It's not like he only had not so good memories of that night, it was the same night when he found the perfect solution to his wife crying. Just one heavy serious dialogue from his mouth and her crying stops. Even he was quite amazed discovering the new side to her personality. Some of the, According to him "big solid ones" used by him- "Riddhima stop crying or I'll lock you in the bathroom without switching on the lights, stop crying else I'll stop eating the food made by you, Riddhima bas karo nahin to main..I'll go and have an affair.." he said the last one more like a joke  when the previous ones were not working on her but her expressions were entirely different. She did stopped crying but what happened after that- she made him run around the whole house, followed by no food and no sleeping on the bed.  At least this incident taught him one thing "never joke on the topic of affair or pay the consequences."
Reaching their room, she dumped her bags on the floor and without waiting for him ran out. He lay on the bed too tired to even think of going behind her and closed his eyes for a small nap. Opening his eyes, he looked around but didn't saw her. He called her name .. "Riddhima..." but no response.

Knowing his wife's habit of getting into troubles, he got out of the room.  Looking around he found the crowd gathered at the dock and knew his search has finally come to an end. His wife was a crowd puller for sure. Making his way, he found her sitting, crying as usual with the officers surrounding her.

"Riddihma..." he called her. She looked up and pushing the officers aside, moved towards him and hugged him.

"Hey...kya hua.." he asked, holding her tightly, clueless about the whole incident.

"you are..." one of the officer asked coming towards them.

"Armaan Malik, She is my wife..." he introduced himself as the officer nodded.

"Do you know what your wife was doing..." the other officer asked as he shook his head. "She was standing on the railings, stretching her hands, making a titanic pose.." officer said and Armaan couldn't control but grin hearing his words. "We told her to come down and she just started crying. She wasn't even coming down. We had to call the lady officer and she pulled her down."

"Really Riddhima...." he asked pulling her out of the hug and looked at her. "I thought they'll put me behind the bars. Aur tum bhi mujh par gussa ho jaoge...isliye..." she whispered looking down, embarrassed at her actions seeing the crowd she had gathered around.

Realizing that this is not the perfect moment to laugh, though he was dying to laugh badly, he apologized to the officers and holding her from the shoulder moved towards their room. The moment he locked the door, he jumped on the bed and started laughing badly.

"You ran out of the room just to make a titanic pose...Sh**, Damn this sleep..I missed such a sight..." he said rolling on the bed with laughter.  "Seriously Riddihma..mujhe batana tha na, I would have accompanied you..kya yaar..." disappointed for missing such an golden opportunity, he got up from the bed as she stood at the same spot fuming in anger. Picking up the cushion she threw it towards him as he moved aside to save himself.

"Dekh liya maine, you can never be serious. Main..mujhe itna darr lag raha tha aur tum, you are laughing at me.."

" to kisna bola tha ki jao aur pose maro... voh bhi Titanic wala pose..aise.." he stretched his hands, imitating her action. She saw him laughing and now feeling bad, stomped her foot and entered the bathroom before he could see fresh tears rolling down her eyes. But too bad coz he did noticed her.

Loads of love...


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