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Part 1 : Similar Attracts (TS)

Similar Attracts ?

About this story..well it's a light hearted rom-com..hope you all will enjoy...

"you'''." She screamed as she got up and sat on the bed'. seeing him sleeping next to her she wrapped the sheet around herself as she saw him turning around''

"get up you'.scoundrel'I'll kill you'.."she yelled but not getting any response..she poked her nails on his chest as he screamed rubbing his chest'.. "AAAHHH'.." then looking at her angered face he got up and sat in front of her' "Good morning'" he said yawning'.

"Good morning?'.you call this a good morning'.you dirty could you do this to me?'" She  was surprised seeing him behave so coolly as if it's not a big deal'

"you'you'.you''"she said pointing her finger at him''

"V'W..X..Y..Z'." he completed her sentence as she frowned'

"hey don't look at me like' hawww ''.." he said keeping his hand on his mouth' "you don't even know ABCD' tch'tch' bechari'school dropout ..Oh no'.I lost my virginity to an illiterate who can't even speak ABCD ..shame on you Ms.malik  kitna money diya tha to get fake certificate'tell me riddhima' " he questioned her'..

"just shut up'you psycho'" she said coming closer to him'.

"take your words back'." He commanded coming closer to her'.

"no'I won't "'

"take it back'.."


"I said take it'."

They were just inches apart and as he opened his mouth to speak..she sniffed near his mouth and looked at him with her eyes wide opened'.he quickly closed his mouth but it was too late as he was caught red handed'.

"you'you weren't even drunk last night..and filthy rich'.."

"hey 'listen before you start blaming me just look at yourself'you started this'remember the last time'it was you who took advantage of me when I was drunk'.and I was just repaying you back'you know tit for tat'." He said and laid on the bed with his hands behind his head'

"I was half drunk'and I did that coz before that you did the same thing to me when I was drunk'"

"oh really..what about before that 'it was you'and before that too it was you and before that 'you want me to open my mouth' main to apna face kisi ko dikha bhi nahin sakta all coz of you" he said covering his face with his hands shedding off his crocodile tears'

"just cut the crap armaan'you know what'I am so fed up with up I am gonna finish this today right here right now'." Saying this she moved closer to him and grabbed his neck' "and today I am gonna finish this once and for all'."

As riddhima grabbed his neck how can armaan stay behind so even he grabbed her neck as they stood on the bed looking at each other '.30 minutes had passed and they were still in the same position'.

"armaan..take your hands off me'" she looked at him as armaan narrowed his eyes'

"first you riddhima'"

"no way first'."

"fine then 'let's just stay like this'"

They had just wrapped their hands around each other and weren't doing nothing except gazing at each other'they looked at the clock and saw that they have only half an hour left' narrowing their eyes they signaled at each other to let go' but their egos were stopping them to do so'Knowing very well that he won't back off and neither she '. "armaan let's do one thing'.i'll count till 3 and we'll let go of each other at 3'okay'" seeing him nodding his head riddhima started'.1'2'.3'.and looked at him'.

"armaan leave my neck'.you said you'll leave on 3'"

"oh really then why are you still holding my neck even you said you'll leave at 3'"..

"listen armaan I am already late so please leave'don't you have any manners'"

"nope I don't have and especially when it's something related to you'." Armaan said looking at her red faced which was slowly turning into a dark red'.

"okay fine let's do the counting one more time'.and this time no cheating okay'riddhima again started and feeling her hands slowly losing on his neck even he started losing his grip'and finally on 3 they left each other's neck'.

"I hate you armaan'." she said rubbing her neck'

"I hate you twice'"

"I hate you thrice'"

"really'I hate you 4 times'"

"and I hate you infinity time'now beat that'" riddhima said proudly'.

"I hate you'infinity plus this whole world plus whole universe plus the size of black hole'now you beat that.." he chuckled as riddhima fumed in anger'.

"I'll kill you armaan'" she said coming closer to him'

"not before I kill you first'" he said coming closer to her'.

"I'll kill you before before that'"

"and I'll kill you before before before that'." He said as riddhima opened her mouth to speak when their phones started ringing'looking at the callers they looked at each other and without uttering any more they picked up their clothes as riddhima went inside the bathroom to freshen herself'coming out of the bathroom she saw armaan sitting on the bedroom reading some magazine'.picking up her purse she opened the door but before leaving she turned and looked at him'

 "I'll see you in the boardroom Mr. Malik'."'.

"me too'Ms. Malik''" he said as riddhima left the room'.

She entered the bedroom and saw everyone eyes staring at her'it wasn't her first time but every time she felt the same goose bumps in her stomach as if it is her first time'  but then she saw him sitting in the boardroom and all her nervousness was overshadowed by anger'sitting in front of him she looked at him as he showed his tongue to her'.she turned her face the other way as she didn't wanted to create any scene there as she was already late and looking at her dad she knew today she is dead'all coz of him'

The meeting started and everyone was listening attentively except for two people'armaan and riddhima'they were busy in their own world'fighting with each other'riddhima looked at him.. "dad is looking so mad at me all coz of him'why can't he just leave me alone'just look at him ..he is looking sooo HOT'and his cologne I can smell it till here'I just want to grab him and' OMG I just called him hot'and oh no'I am blushing too'what am I thinking?'me and him..and control riddhima hate him and he is not your type and 'think something bad about him'.i can't ..i am trying my best 'okay I am thinking'yes he parties a lot'but even I party a lot but that's not a bad thing'he is not a virgin and he lost his virginity to me but that night even I lost mine to him'bad option riddhima'think of something else'I can't do this'he likes what I likes and hates what I hates'why is he like me'oh god help me'.save me..please.. and  for heaven sake why isn't he blinking his eyes' just blink your eyes damn it.. I am not gonna lose this time.. last time you won coz dad interrupted me but this time no way'"

Armaan looked at her changing facial expression " why is she looking at me like that'OMG she just checked me out 'now even I'll check her out'hmmm 'she is looking hot like always and her legs 'why is this table here'someone throw this table out '.and ..i just want to taste her lips and'grab her and ' and' oh god what am I thinking'me and her'no way'I hate her and she hates me' think something bad about her'.i can't 'about her friends'let me think..anjali is going out with atul so can't make fun of her..nahin to atul mujhe nahin chodega'and muskaan 'oh no she is going out with rahul'I can't make fun of her either rahul mujhe nahin chodega'and I can't even make fun of her name 'ever our surname are same'.why am I malik'.no why should I change my surname'oh god why is she a malik' why are our dad's best friends?' why is she like me?.. and why am I so thinking about her?'oh god help me'save me please' and why isn't she blinking her eyes.. she thinks she can beat me in this game' no way' Ms. Riddhima malik..i'll win this time too'"

Narrowing her eyes but still not blinking "Armaan I know what you are thinking.. 'thinking about my bad qualities'.i can bet you haven't succedded..right?.. btw shame on you.. copying my thought.. you copy cat'".

Armaan narrowed his eyes looking at her facial expression'. "you called me a copy cat and who are you the queen of copycat'"

"and you are the king of copy cat'you Xerox machine always thinking what I am thinking'"

"Mr. Malik.." he heard while they were still fighting with each other..they knew each other so well that they used to fight in their thoughts and were expert too'

"Armaan'." he turned to the source of sound and saw his father eyes on him.. he blinked coz of the sudden disturbance as riddhima screamed jumping out of her seat' "YES'." She grinned as she saw his sulked face ' "riddhima are you okay?'" her dad asked as she looked around and saw everyone eyes on her' "Ye'Yes  dad I am alright..i am just too excited'" she said looking down at the floor and sat silently'

"so armaan what do you think of the proposal.. I think it's a good deal'what do you think.?...even shashank is in favor'.it all depends on you now.."..his dad  looked at him waiting for his answer..

"yes'yes ..yes dad..i totally agree with you'" he stammered as he had no idea what his dad was talking about as he was busy fighting with riddhima'

"so done?.." armaan nodded..and hugged his dad'

"it's time for party shashank.." they congratulated each other and left the room'riddhima looked up and laughed at his nervousness'. "yes''" she mimicked and laughed looking at his face'armaan came closer to him and held her hand' she stopped laughing as she saw him standing just inches apart from her..and the way he was looking at her was something she hasn't seen before' she tried speaking but words were not coming out from her mouth'she looked around but stopped when he cupped her face in his hand ..He bought his face closer to her and was about to kiss her but stopped himself when he saw the fear in her eyes'she pushed him away from him and ran out of the room as armaan looked at her running from there... he felt bad inside him but was still digesting the fact that he wanted to kiss her coz his heart wanted him to'


 Standing in front of the mirror he looked at himself for the umpteenth time.. "what is wrong with me..and why am I feeling's not like I haven't kissed her before'then why?'and why was she crying?... and when she cried..but why did she cried?..after all I have touched her before and why am I checking himself in front of the mirror'oh god ye riddhima to mujhe pagal kar degi..and why am I still thinking about her I have to do something and that too quickly'aaj ki party mein I won't even look at her.. I won't even talk to her and I won't even say sorry to her..yes I can do this'I can do this and I will'"

"I am sorry riddhima'.talk to me.. I promise it won't happen next time..please riddhima..i swear'" he pleaded looking at her as she sipped her drink'

"it's okay..but this was your last time..if you ever do that again that too in the office..i swear'I'll kill you'got it'" armaan nodded and smiled looking at her cute face'

From the time he left house for the party he tried very hard not to talk to her'he even ignored her for the first 5 minutes but when he couldn't control himself he went to the bar and sat at the opposite end leaving few seats vacant between them.. she was talking to someone and by the time she was alone she turned and saw him sitting next to her'

"riddhima I was thinking now that everyone is sorted out may be you could'"'

"nayonika khanna '.age 23..daughter of vijay khanna of the khanna enterprise..studied in U.S. came to india last week'had a boyfriend but broke up with him as he didn't looked like Salman khan.."'

"Salman Khan..?..."

"yes salman khan'she is totally mad about him and wants her dream man to be just like him'but you don't worry even you have a slight chance'"'


"why not after all you are not less than him' right?" armaan stood up from his seat and hugged her.. "thank you riddhima'thank you'"

"my pleasure armaan'now go'" she said and pushed him..armaan checked himself and clearing his throat started moving towards her.. he turned and looked at riddhima who gave him a thumbs up and signaled him to go'turning around she asked for a drink as an evil smile played on her lips..

hope you enjoyed the part...

loads of love...


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