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Part 11& 12 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 11

**Somewhere in Patiala**

A day after her marriage was cancelled Muskaan had decided that enough was enough. She could not go through with another broken proposal. She tiptoed around her room like a thief gathering all her necessary belongings and threw them into a bag on her bed. When she had made sure that she had everything that she would need she took one last look around her room before.

Muskaan: Chal Muskaan…run away before anyone wakes… - looks up at the ceiling - oh God help me!

She climbs out of the window and down the pipe with her bag on her back. When she had reached the bottom of the pipe safely she sneaked around the garden and made it for the front gate, taking one last look at her house…

Muskaan: Yeeeh Bye Everyone!! See you all later - whispering

Guard: Who is there? – looking around in the dark

Muskaan quickly jumps in to a nearby bush as the guard came around the corner.

Muskaan: Come one - she had it all planned she got through the hole and was on the main roads before the guard caught her – yes…I made it…!

She walks as far away as possible from her house and when she was finally satisfied and very tired she sat down by a tree and decided to take a little nap…

Muskaan's little nap had become a very long one and by the time she had woken up it was very bright. She stayed hidden by the tree until she had thought of a plan to get away. She heard the noise of a car up a head and decided to risk it…

She laid down in the middle of the road hoping and praying her plan will work….

Rahul was driving along the road when he saw a girl lying in the middle of the road. He suddenly stops the car so he wouldn't drive over her. He didn't know what feeling took over him but he got out of the car and rushes to see if the girl was ok.

Rahul: Hello…are you ok? – puts his hands on her shoulder and shakes her

To his surprise the girl jumps up and smiles at him. Rahul jumps back startled at her action as he almost had a heart attack. He clutched his chest and looks at her.

Muskaan: My prince… - full of melodrama - oh wow you saved me from this place…please take me away with you…I have no where to go!

She stands up, dusts herself off and walks towards his car after looking at his silent reaction.

Rahul: Hey what are you doing?...get away from my car…hey! – surprised and frustrated at her actions

He runs over to his car and looks at her in disbelief.

Rahul: What do you think you are doing? What do you want from me?

Muskaan: Hey are you going to leave me here all by myself? A poor girl…stranded in this big wide world… - melodramatically she gives Rahul a sad but sly look

Rahul: - looks at her, she pretended to be crying loudly – ok…ok stop crying please!

Before he could comfort her she jumps up again and is ready to go in a flash. She gets in the car quickly and is waiting for Rahul to get in and drive.

Rahul: Help me!!! – looking up at the sky

Along the way Muskaan keeps fidgeting, looking around the car, switching the radio channels and putting on the AC so high. Rahul highly regretted that he had stopped the car.

Rahul: So…who are you? – shouting over the music

Muskaan: Muskaan…Muskaan Chadda…and you are?

Rahul: Rahul…Rahul Garewal…where are you fr…

Muskaan: ssshhh I love this song – shutting him up and then start to sing

Rahul gives up and carries on driving quietly. After a few hours of driving they decided to stop off somewhere to rest. They ordered their food and begin to have a conversation in which Muskaan tries to change the topic every time. The food arrives and they start eating.

Rahul looks at Muskaan in shock as she stuffs down her food like she hadn't seen any in ages. Muskaan notices Rahul staring at her and she fixes up and tries to be sensible.

Rahul: ok…so… what were you doing on the road like that? Were you planning on going somewhere?

Muskaan looks down at her food and becomes a little sad.

Rahul: Umm…if you don't want to say its ok…you don't have to…

Muskaan: Actually my dad wanted to get me married to his friend's son…but I did not want to…I want to become a doctor…as I studied medicine…and I wanted to complete my internship…

Muskaan looked at Rahul and was surprised to see that he was actually interested to hear what she had to say. She didn't know what it was but she felt comfortable in telling him the truth, if it was someone else she might not have said a word, but there was something about this guy that made her speak up.

Muskaan: My dad told me to get married to this guy…he was going to be a doctor as well…so I thought we could both work together but…he ran away from the wedding on the wedding night…my dad wanted me to get married to someone else so I thought that I had to go because he won't let it go so I decided to run away and go to Mumbai for my internship…

Rahul was listening to Muskaan intently. He could see she was really upset about the wedding but he also saw how much she wanted to fulfill her dreams.

Rahul: So where in Mumbai are you going to complete your internship?

Muskaan: In Sanjeevani it's the best hospital in the whole of India…

Rahul: So am I…

Muskaan: Really…that's good – they smiled at each understandingly - So tell me about you? How did you make this choice?

Rahul: - started fidgeting - it's getting dark maybe we should get going if not we won't reach till tomorrow and it's the first day of internship…we can't be late…

The rest of the journey to Mumbai was quiet. Muskaan and Rahul both lost in their own thoughts….

Muskaan thoughts: I don't know if I should trust him…even though I told him about myself…that was okay but…he seems like a nice guy but a bit too secretive…

Rahul thoughts: I almost let it slip…but not again…what I've left behind is going to stay behind…I haven't let a anyone know about this…and I can't let anyone know about this…I just want to be normal now… - looks at Muskaan – she's a good girl…a bit of a drama queen…but very kind hearted…

They carried on driving in silence until they reached Mumbai.

Rahul: Where should I drop you off?

Muskaan: Umm… - searches her bag then takes out a piece of paper and reads out the address to Rahul

They reach her destination; she looks at him before getting out…

Muskaan: Thank you for the lift…

Rahul: It's ok…so…I'll see you at the hospital…

Muskaan: Yeh bye…

Rahul: Bye

Rahul drives away and Muskaan is left staring at the car until it disappears around the corner…
part 12

Mumbai; the most developed place in the whole of India. The crowded streets of Mumbai are where everyone's wishes and dreams come true. Where you find true love and friendship, where ambitions are fulfilled and where you don't know who you will bump into next. This is the beginning for our nine interns…their first meeting in this wonderful city Mumbai…who knows what will happen!


A young man entered the hospital looking around to find someone that can give him some directions. He walked down the long silent corridor looking at signs which he didn't understand until he saw a carefree doctor who had just turned the corner and walking away from him. He whistled as he walked towards the reception area. The young man stood behind the doctor a little hesitant…

Man: Excuse me…

The doctor turned around; he wore blue jeans and white shirt with a tie and had his hair was done up nicely.

Doctor: Yes? – looking at the man - Are you here for your internship?

Man: Umm…sort of…actually I'm Abhimanu Modhi…

Doctor: Dr Sachin Sharma. Nice to meet you – they shake hands

Abhi: You to sir…I was wondering…where will I find Dr Shashank Gupta?

Dr Sharma: Right this way

Dr. Sharma leads him to Shashank's room

Abhi: Thank you sir…

Dr Sharma: No problem…I wish you all the best for your internship

Abhimanu knocked on the door and walks in.

Dr Sharma: Umar bhai can you please put up a sign to show the new interns where to go

Umar bhai: Ok sir

*In Shashank's room*

Abhi: Hello sir…I'm Abhimanu Modhi…I'm here to ask for a placement as an intern…

Shashank: I'm sorry but we have already chosen our interns maybe next year…

Abhi: Please sir…

Armaan made his way to Sanjeevani. When he reached the hospital he got out of his car and stared up to the sign saying Sanjeevani. He looked up at it proudly…

Armaan: I'm here Riddhima...I'm following my dream just like you wanted me to…

He went inside and read a sign saying where all new interns are supposed to go and he followed it. He went into a big conference room with red curtains and a big desk in front with a few chairs facing it. He went and sat down in the front row. He was the first intern to arrive; he walked into the empty room and took advantage of it to just let his mind think freely. But it wasn't long before he got time to open his mind when someone entered the room, after looking around the man walked towards Armaan.

Rahul: Hi…

Armaan: Hey – looks up at him

Rahul: Dr Rahul…Rahul Garewal – holding his hand out

Armaan: Dr Armaan…Armaan Malik – shaking Rahul's hand

Rahul sits down next to Armaan.

Rahul: So where you from? You don't look like you're from Mumbai?

Armaan: Summerpur and you?

Rahul: Um…America

Armaan stared at him widely and was about to say something when he was distracted by someone singing. They both looked around and saw a guy who looked like he had just stepped out of some mansion or a palace…

Rahul: I know that guy... – thinking bout their first meeting at the airport - oh no...not him!...

Armaan looks confused and turns back to the guy who was still singing.

Atul: Bachna ae hasseno lo mein agaya – he stops and looks at them

Atul: - evil smile - hey!! - calls back to no one in particular - who let the dogs out who? – he laughs to himself

He walks towards the two men sitting down.

Armaan: Where did they get this clown from? - to Rahul

Rahul: No idea but beware of him…he picks fights for no reason and I have a feeling I'm a target…

Atul: - still laughing - What are you guys doing here?...I'm sure no beggars are allowed in this hospital!

They both ignored him. Atul looked at Rahul and became serious remembering the little incident which occurred at the airport.

Atul: Loser!...What are you doing here? I never thought you had the brains…

Rahul become a little frustrated by Atul's comments and was about to say something until he notices a girl who had just walked into the room looking lost and confused. The girl looked like she came from a lower class family and she looked very nervous; he went over to help her.

Armaan ignored Atul who was standing infront of him looking around the room and looked towards Rahul and the girl. Atul had now noticed her…

Atul: Uggh…where did she come from? - looking disgusted

Armaan: Shut up…and leave her all right – hating Atul more and more by the second

Atul: Ok she's just a girl…

Girl: Hi everyone im Sapna…Sapna Shah

Rahul: Hey…I'm Rahul

Armaan: Hey Armaan

Atul: Where did you get your clothes from? - looking her up and down

Rahul: Forget him – whispering in her ears

Sapna: Actually my mamma bought it for me…it's nice isn't it?

Atul: - stared at her in disbelief - Am I the only one here with a sense of style? – looking at himself and then back at Sapna – yep…only me

Sapna feels a little uncomfortable and upset.

Sapna: What's his problem? – to Rahul

Rahul: Yeh torah pagal hain… - they both giggle silently

*In Shashank's Office*

Shashank: Ok…can I have a look at your grades?

Abhi: Yes sir here… - hands over his folder with all of his documents

Shashank: - studies the papers - Wow you topped all of your papers…well done – still going through his papers - ok lets see I'll give you a chance but if I don't think you are working up to the standards you will have to go ok?

Abhi: Ok thank you sir I'll try my best…

Abhimanu collects all of his documents, thanking Shashank one last time he leaves the office and finds his way to the conference room.

*Conference Room*

Atul: Why are you two laughing?

Sapna: Tumne kabhi apna chehra aiine main dekha hain? Bilkul bandar jaisa lagta hai…

Armaan and Rahul burst out laughing and Sapna joined in.

Atul: What? – a little confused as Hindi is not very well – What did you say?

Armaan: She said... – cut off by someone who had entered the room

Abhi: Hi Everyone!!

They all looked at him thinking he was a senior doctor.

All: Morning Sir!!

Abhi: Huh? No im an intern…it's my first day here…

The four interns looked a little embarrassed…

Rahul: Sorry we thought...

Abhi: It's ok man. Anyways…Abhimanu Modhi…but you can call me Abhi…

Everyone introduced themselves once again.

Atul: Now this is a guy with style! – looking at him and then back at Sapna

Abhi: Thanks man

Just then a girl walked into the room with a loud "Hi".

Everyone in the room turned to look at them, Abhi's smile was washed off and a scared expression took over as he saw Muskaan enter the room.

Abhi: Oh my gosh...I thought that was going to be the last I saw of her... – to himself

Muskaan walked right up to him. They stood facing each other; Muskaan full of anger and Abhi a little sorry…

Abhi: Sor... - she cut him off

Muskaan: You...Abhimanu Modhi!...Ulo Ka patha! - screaming now - How dare you!

Abhi: Musk... - again cutting him off

Muskaan: Stay out of my way...get it! Warna acha nahi hoga... - looks over her shoulder and walks away towards Rahul and Armaan

Abhi is left dumbstruck but his expression completely flips over as he sees the beauty standing two steps infront of him. Someone else had walked in while Abhi and Muskaan's little face off occurred. Abhi is in utter shock and looking at her face he can tell that she is in the same state as he is. She walks towards him and they stand face to face.

Niki: AB...Abhi??

Abhi: Nik...Niki... - there was nothing left to be said as they stood there facing each other

Just then another girl came in she looked around at everyone staring at her. She wore a pair of blue jeans, a pink shirt and black jacket and was looking very beautiful.

Anji: Ok…Hi everyone… - very sweetly

Abhi: Anjali… Anjali Gupta?

Anji: Yes... – a little taken back - Oh my gosh... Abhi... Abhi... What are you doing here?

Abhi didn't answer but turned back to looking at Niki with a big smile playing on his lips. Anji recognise Nikki and walked towards them. The three of them stood in a huddle just staring at each other…all shocked at the sight infront of them…silently they knew they would meet again…and were very happy that day had arrived.

Everyone else was confused at the sudden event and even Atul was quiet. Armaan felt a little left out because everyone knew each other but before his thoughts could form any more someone else had just walked into the conference room…she wore a short skirt and a low cut top with lots of jewellery and makeup.

Girl: Dii Tum aise kaise kar sakte ho?

Anjali: Oh no!!! – turns around to look at her little siste - I'm sorry…

Armaan looks at her and felt like he's just been slapped in the face...

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