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Part 13& 14 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 13

(repeat of last scene)

Armaan felt a little left out because everyone knew each other but before his thoughts could form any more someone else had just walked into the conference room…she wore a short skirt and a low cut top with lots of jewellery and makeup.

Girl: Dii Tum aise kaise kar sakte ho?

Anjali: Oh no!!! – turns around to look at her little sister… - I'm sorry…

Armaan looks at her and felt like he's just been slapped in the face...

…The girl walks into the room full of staring eyes. She gives a sweet but fleeting smile to all the interns before walking over to Anji…

Girl: Dii how can you leave me behind?

Anjali: Ridz…I'm sorry…I thought you had left already…

Ridz: It's ok dii…whatever! – she walks away without looking at her sister

Armaan is now on his feet staring at her. He is so shocked at this girl's behavior. There was soo many different thoughts flying around in his head, he just didn't understand anything.

Armaan's thoughts: Yeh kaise ho sakta hai? Woh…woh Rid…Riddhima? She looks just like my Riddhima! The same features, the same hair, same height, same smile…everything about her is like my Riddhima…but how is this possible? Her dressing? Her attitude? This isn't my Riddhima? What's going on? – he feels slightly dizzy and sits down

Ridz had walked over to Atul who was standing on his own. No one had notice Armaan. They were all in their own worlds; actually it was like Armaan was in his own world, he felt left out.

Anji, Niki and Abhi were standing in a small huddle also getting over a small shock of their own. Armaan looked over at the three best friends, noticing that they had a lot of catching up to do…

Nikki: Wow!! I…I can't believe it… - she looks from Abhi to Anji – I can't believe that I've found you two…I thought that we would never meet again…

Anji: We had to meet again…after all…best friends can never stay apart…inside we will always be together…right?

Abhi: Right! – hugging both of them– we'll always be together…forever!

Niki: This is just perfect! – smiling after a very long time

Abhi: Yeh - looking at Nikki – totally!!

They looked at each other, almost drifting into their own worlds..

Anji: Ahem...guys! - smiling

Abhi: Sorry! Umm...so what's up with your sis?

Anji: Oh don't mind her…Ridzi is a bit bold but…woh dil ki bohot achi hain…

After some time Armaan looked over at Muskaan, Rahul and Sapna still feeling out of place.

Rahul: - to Muskaan – What's going on between you and Abhi?

Sapna: Inke beech mein kya horaha hain tume ise kya? - a little irritated at Muskaan

Muskaan: - confused - Um…woh...actually...

Sapna: - trying to change the subject – Rahul…umm…suna hain ke hamari leader kafi strict hain

Rahul: Really – not really interested - I didn't know

Muskaan: Neither did I

Armaan looked across at Ridz and Atul feeling a little strike of pain in his chest as he looked at her.

Atul: You're beautiful…you know that?

Ridz: Tell me something I don't know – smiling at him

Atul: Can you believe we have to work with down class people like these – looking around at the rest of the group, pointing out at Rahul and Sapna

Ridz: I don't really care…I'm just here to pass my Internship…

Ridz looked at over at Armaan sitting in the corner away from everyone and caught him looking at her. Armaan didn't look away but kept staring at her still in shock at the sight in front of him. He knew deep down inside that he would never be able to forget his Riddhima…no matter how hard he tried, but he moved away from Sumurpur so that he would not feel so hurt but seeing her duplicate infront of him once more had almost blown him away. He wouldn't be able to stay here…not with her around.

Ridz gave him a loser look and went back to talking to Atul.

Just then four people walked into the conference room...

Lady: Settle down interns…

They walked up to the table infront and sat down while the interns took their places and calmed down.

Dr Shashank: - stood up - Welcome to Sanjeevani. I will make my speech short but clear. I would like you all to work to your best abilities and I hope you will not be a cause for concern! – pause, so to make his point crystal clear - Your leader will be Dr. Keerti Mehra and your mentors will be Dr. Sharma and Dr. Shubankar… - his pager beeps – I'm sorry, there's and emergency…I will have to leave now but good luck to all of you…

All: Thanks Sir!

Dr Shashank – Dr. Keerti…all yours… - he leaves the room

Keerti: Good morning doctors…first off all I would like to warn you…
I Do Not Like Late Comers…and my rules, Rule Number 1: Mujhe flatter mat karna, Rule Number 2: If you are late you will have to do rectal exams…I'm sure you will all be constant and always on time…Ok let's check if everyone is here…Muskaan Chadda

Muskaan: Here

Keerti: Rahul Garewal

Rahul: Present

Keerti: Anjali Gupta

Anjali: Yes maam

Keerti: Riddhima Gupta

Ridz: Yes maam

Keerti: Atul Jhoshi

Atul: Yes Doc – gives a small salute

Keerti: Nikita Malhotra

Niki: Yes maam

Before she could continue a phone rings and everyone looks around. They all turn towards the sound coming form Riddhima's bag.

Ridz: Sorry Maam

Keerti: Dr Riddhima I don't like the sound of a cell phone so they better stay in the lockers or the dustbin…the decision is yours or choice is mine. Is that clear?

Ridz: Yes maam… - puts her phone back into her bag and makes a face

Keerti: Let's carry on…Armaan Malik

Armaan: Yeh…yes maam

Keerti: Abhimanu Modhi

Abhi: Here

Keerti: Sapna Shah

Sapna: Present maam

Keerti: Ok let's move on…you have to keep checking you pagers and no mobile phones while on duty…

Sapna: - whispers to Rahul – I told you she's strict

Rahul: hmm – agreeing

Keerti: Ok…that's all from me…Dr. Sharma will carry on

Sharma: Hello interns nice to see you all…now there is a main part of this internship where each of you will be judge individually and with that you will be given points…if you do major surgeries successfully you will earn more points…on the other hand if their is any rule breaking your points will be cut…ok good luck everyone im sure you will all go very far…now I'll hand over to Dr. Shubankar to finish off…

Shubankar: - sending a huge smile to all of the interns – First of all Welcome to Sanjeevani…I hope that you will gain a lot of knowledge and have a wonderful experience as part of our team…now for those interns who has come from abroad or from another city will be given accommodation from Sanjeevani so if those of you will come over to me we will be able to sort that out…thank you and good luck!

Everyone stood up and a few interns approached Shubankar.

Shubankar: Ok...you will be given an apartment to stay in…it's just around the corner from Sanjeevani…so you have no reason to be late – smiles cheekily – ok so…boys… - looking down at the paper – Armaan Malik, Abhimanu Modhi and Rahul Garewal will stay together in one apartment and right opposite you will be our two ladies, Muskaan Chadda and Nikita Malhotra…here's the address and the keys…any problems just let me know…all the best

Armaan: Thanks sir – taking the keys

Rahul: – silently to Armaan – Thank God we're not living with that Atul guy…

Armaan: - smiles – yep!

Muskaan and Nikita smile at each other.

Muskaan: - silently to herself - chal theek hain kam se kam mein Sapna ki saath nahi hoon…

Abhi: Let's go then! – cheerfully...
part 14

Everyone had left Sanjeevani excitedly that day. They had one week to relax and prepare themselves before their internship started.

On the way home the two sisters chatted excitedly about starting their internship. The reached home and ran up to their room still involved deeply in their conversation.

Ridz: I can't believe this is finally happening…Internship!!! I've been waiting soo long!!

Anji: I know… - walking towards her cupboard

She opened the door in haste and something fell out. She bent down and picked it up. She felt the soft material in her fingers and was drawn back to a fond memory.


ALL: happy birthday to you
You come from the zoo
With a monkey and a donkey
And you look like one too!!
-They teased-

Nikki: Here you go Anji …this is for you – giving her best friend a present

Anji: Thank you Nikki!!! – she hugs her and then opens the present

A pink scarf flows out of the present paper and onto her hands. She lets it flow over her fingers and looks at it fondly.

Nikki: Do you like it?

Anji: Yess…oh it's soo beautiful I love it…thank you – hugs her again

Nikki: - smiling – my mom helped me make it for you

Flashback end

Ridz: DDIII!

Anji: - jumped - kya Ridz why do you always do that?

Ridz: Look at me rambling off on my own when you are again lost in your thoughts… - smiles at her sister – now tell me…how did this end?

Anji always told Ridz her stories of her friends, how she grew up with Nikki and Abhi, their games, their fights, everything. But she never told Ridz what happened, why they were separated…

Ridz: Dii…c'mon please tell me… - giving her a puppy dog look – I've heard all your stories…you and Nikki and Abhi…but what happened? Why did you have to come back? Please tell me…

Anji: ok…


Shashank: Anjali…we have to go back…it's the best for you…you've spent all your childhood here, now you need to study…and the best place for you to study is in Mumbai…you will be with your family…your mama and I really miss you…you have to…

Anji: ok let me go and say bye to Nikki – trying her best to understand the situation

She walks slowly through the living room lots of thoughts racing through her mind.

Anji: I don't want to go back…I don't want to…I'm happy here…Nikki is here with me…but…mama and dad also need me…now I'm a big girl…I need to do what my parents say… - she wipes a tear away from her cheeks, more pouring out of her eyes but she didn't care

She ran through the door and towards Nikki sitting on the swing.

Nikki: Anji you took so...

But she was cut off before saying anything else as Anji was crying and as soon as she reached her best friend she hugged her, leaving Nikki shocked.

Nikki: Anji what's wrong?

Anji: Nikki...I have...to go... – she tried to talk through her sobs – I'm leaving...papa wants...wants me...to go...back...with him...

Nikki stares at Anji in utter shock and then starts to cry.

Nikki: No you can not leave - hugging her even tighter - …you can't

Anji: I have to and I have to leave today!

Nikki: no Anji I don't want you to go

Anji: I don't want to but I have to

They both stop talking and just look at each other, completely speechless the try to understand the situation silently. They let their tears flow from their eyes without drying them. At the same time Shashank and Puneet walk out of the house, both carrying bags. Puneet put the bags in the car and Shashank called out for Anjali.

Shashank: ANJALI!!

Anji: Ok papa! – but doesn't get up

The two girls carry on looking at each other and Shashank comes, takes Anji by the hand…

Anji: Bye Nikki – whispers

Nikki: Bye – is not able to say it out loud

Still holding hands they finally let go and Anji is taken away. She hugs her Puneet Uncle tightly and then sits in the car. She looks out of the car window to see her best friend standing there by the swing all on her own crying to herself.

Anji: I'm sorry Nikki…I hope we meet again…very soon – wipes her tears

Flashback ends

Anji is quiet while she feels the scarf in her hand and remembers the worst day in her life.

Ridz: Then what happened Dii?

Anji: - looks up - Huh? Umm…yeh after papa brought me back here and then I met you and we became sisters and you became my best friend!

Ridz: oh di... – they hug - ok stop crying now let's start preparing for next week…come on cheer up...

Anji: - wipes her eyes – yeh…I'll just go and get changed – she takes some clothes form her cupboard and goes into the washroom

Ridz: - looks at the door that Anji just closed and said her thoughts out loud - I know how much your life has changed since you've come here dii…and I know it was my fault that papa brought you back here…he thought that I needed someone to be with me after he adopted me…I'm sorry dii…but…I'm happy…now that you have found your friends again…I hope and pray that the three of you are never separated again…

*In a small part of Mumbai*

In the crowded streets of Mumbai a young gujrati kuri was out shopping with her mum in the market place.

Sapna: There you go mama we've bought everything…now can we go? I need to prepare for next week.

Sapna Mum: What is happening next week beti?

Sapna: Mama…Internship!!! I went this morning for the introduction…next week internship is starting…

Sapna Mum: Oh haan haan…bhol gayi thi

Sapna: Yes I can't wait!!! – very excited smile on her face

Sapna Mum: I am still not sure Beti…everyone that will be there will be higher than you…how will you fit in? – worried

Sapna: Oh Gosh! Mamma how many times do I have to tell you I'll fit in I always do don't I? After all I am you daughter hain na?? I can make friends with anyone even the doodwalla right mamma? And I met everyone yesterday…they all seem really nice – to herself – except that gaon wali…kya naam tha? Muskaan…aur that bigra raies Atul…

Sapna Mum: Kya?

Sapna: Kuch nahi…nothing

Sapna Mum: Ok if you say so but remember if anything happens you come straight home and don't argue with anyone and just concentrate on your work ok?

Sapna: Ok mamma now can I go?

Sapna Mum: Theek hain…

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