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Part 15& 16 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 15

The five interns walked down the road together to their new home. All chatting excitedly, some trying to get to know each other and some arguing like cats and dogs.

Muskaan: I can't believe I'm stuck here with you!!

Abhi: And I'm jumping for joy!! - sarcastically - Crazy girl!!

Muskaan: You... - stopping in her tracks and grabbed his collar

Abhi: Hey watch it!

Before each of them could say something they were stopped by the others.

Rahul: Guys that's enough!!! We're here...

They stopped and looked up to the place there were going to be living in from now on. It was a big bungalow, from the outside it looked just like a normal house, cute and made with lots of love.

Abhi:'s a big place!!!

Niki: Yeh... - she looked over at him and smiled

Rahul: Let's go in then...why are we standing around?

Armaan walks forward to open the door and everyone else followed. As they walked in they were met with a long corridor separating the house in two. At the end of the corridor was a single door leading out to the garden and in the middle of the corridor there were two doors facing each other, Armaan handed a set of keys to Nikki and took the other set and opened the door on the right and the girls went to the one on the left.

Abhi: Let me know if you need anything - to Nikki very sweetly

Muskaan: Koi zaroorat nahi hain...we'll manage - making a face at him

Abhi: Arrghh...why do I bother...- silently

Armaan and Rahul grin to themselves and walk into their apartment while Abhi stood in the corridor watching the girls go into their apartment. He wasn't sure of what to do, he didn't want to spend any more time with Muskaan but he really wanted to have some time alone with Nikki. He sighed to himself and decided to follow the boys.

He was about to walk into the room when he was blocked by Armaan and Rahul who hadn't moved form the door. They stood there admiring the place in silence.

Abhi: What's up guys?

Armaan: This place is Nice – looking around the room

Abhi: Wow...this is a big place! – scanning the room quickly

To their left was a small kitchen; right in the middle was a one setter, a double sofa and one massive sofa bed and to the right was a small glass door leading out into the garden at the back of the house. Next to the door leading outside was another door; the bathroom. Behind the living room area was a massive wall with two doors leading off to two rooms. In between the two doors there was a wide screen TV placed on the wall, the chairs and sofa facing it. It was a nice cozy room painted in a fady cream colour making the atmosphere more cozy and relaxing.

Rahul: Are we gonna stand here all day?

Abhi: Excuse me - he pushed his way past the boys, went straight to the sofa bed and instantly fell in love with it - oh yeh this is mine...I'm sleeping here!

Rahul and Armaan laugh and go to check out the rest of the house. After they had had a look around the kitchen and had been through the patio doors leading out to the garden Armaan and Rahul chose their rooms and began to settle in.

*Girls' room*

Their apartment was an exact copy to the boys one but painted in a nice warm milk chocolate colour. The girls had chosen their rooms and were unpacking their belongings, making themselves feel at home and comfortable.

Muskaan empties her bag on her bed, the last thing which dropped out and was laying on the top of the pile was her family photo. She picked it up and looked down at everyone, There was her mum and dad standing on each side of her grandparents, her uncle and aunt standing behind them and her and her brother Teji sitting on the floor smiling away at the camera. She looks at it over and over feeling guiltier for running away. Before her thoughts could form anymore Nikki knocks on her bedroom door before walking in.

Nikki: Muskaan what do you feel like... - she stops her sentence after looking at the sight of Muskaan's face - What's wrong Muskaan? - sitting down next to her

Muskaan: - wiping her eyes - No...nothing...I'm just unpacking... - looking away

Nikki: - touches her shoulder - Are you missing everyone at home?

Muskaan: - shakes her head - Nikkita...I...ran away...from...home...

Nikki: - looks shock - But why?

Muskaan: My parents wanted me to get married but i wanted to finish my internship...

Nikki: Um...How do you know Abhi?

*Boys' room*

Abhi had stayed in the living room more interested in the television than anything else. Rahul and Armaan were in their rooms unpacking. Armaan once he had unpacked tried to make himself feel comfortable but he was unsuccessful. He lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. There was something nagging him at the back of his head, even though he walked around normal, talked to others and seemed a little happy, that one face kept appearing before his eyes.

Armaan's thoughts kept repeating themselves over and over in his head. He held onto his head with both hands and let his thoughts play over once more.

Armaan's thoughts: Woh…woh Rid…Riddhima? She looks just like my Riddhima! The same features, the same hair, same height, same smile…this is too much…even her name? There's so much similarity between her and my Riddhima…but this "Ridz"…is this some coincidence? Aarrghh…how is this possible? Her dressing? Her attitude? This isn't my Riddhima? What's going on? How can this be possible?...

He becomes frustrated and roughly moves his hands from his head and closes his eyes…he has a sudden flash of HIS Riddhima…


Riddhima: You look like my Shah Rukh Khan today… - messing his hair up a bit

Armaan: - moved away a bit so her hand won't reach his hair – I know, I know…

Sohan: You wish!

Riddhima: Well…like they say…there's seven look a likes in the world…so you can be my Shah Rukh look a like

Sohan: haha… - held on to his tummy while he was laughing

End of Flashback…

That last few sentences repeated themselves and he opened his eyes:

Riddhima: Well…like they say…there's seven look a likes in the world

Armaan: You were so right Riddhima…just a look a like…she's not my Riddhima…just a look a like – out loud

Before he could think or say anything else there was a knock on the door and Rahul popped his head around it…

Rahul: What's up dude?

Armaan: Umm… - sitting up – nothing…

Rahul: - walks in – sure? You look worried…

Armaan: No…no problem…just a bit tired… - wipes his face with his hands – so…what do we do now?

Rahul: First of all…we've got to find some food…I'm starving…

Armaan: Yeh I agree…I'm starving too…

They get up and walk into the kitchen to make some food…I mean…umm "search" for some ready made food…hehe

After searching for some time Armaan looks up…

Armaan: Found anything yet?

Rahul: No man looks like we have to go shopping…. – making a face

Abhi: Yup…nice TV you know…flat screen and all… - perks up from the sofa, still staring at the TV

Rahul and Armaan turn around to see Abhi fully comfortable on his sofa flicking through the channels, not at all interested in helping them. They look at each other and Rahul shakes his head. They both made their way to the sofa, as they reached it they looked at each other and smiled then they tipped the sofa over making Abhi fall on the floor in utter shock and puzzled look took over his face.

Abhi: Hey…what the… - looks up - guys what are you doing?

Armaan: I would like a Chicken biryani...

Rahul: Aur mere liye noodles jaise Ma banathi thi…

Abhi: What! Are you two out of your minds? Me? And making food haha!! You gotta be joking right? – getting up and looking at them – actually I'm hungry too…

Armaan: To ab kya kare?

All three looked at each other and they all smiled at once.

All three: Yes!!!

*Girls' room*

Muskaan and Nikki are still in the same room and Muskaan had just finished telling Nikki her full history about Abhi and all the other boys…

Muskaan: Then I was tired of one marriage after another…I had to leave… - wiping a tear away from her cheeks looking very frustrated

Nikki: Don't worry Muskaan I'm sure there is someone out there for you…and that one person will be very special…but for now…you just concentrate on the reason why you're here…and forget about everything else…

Muskaan: You're right…Nikita

Nikki: Please…call me Nikki… - smiling at her – umm can I say something…please don't misunderstand me but…I think…I think you should phone home and just let you're parents know that you are fine…they must be really worried…

Muskaan: I think you're right…thanks again…Nikki – she smiles at her

They give each other a quick hug and at the same time the door bell rings…

Nikki: Ill check…you call home….

Muskaan: Ok…and Nikki…Thanks…

Nikki: No problem…

Nikki goes out of the room and walks through the living room towards the main door. When she opens the door she is surprised to see all three boys there with their heads bowed and sullen expressions plastered on their faces.

Nikki: What…what happened to you three? – a little bemused at the sight of them

Rahul and Armaan pushed Abhi forward and he almost fell onto Nikki. She quickly steps back and he looks up embarrassed.

Abhi: A…actually…Nik...Nikki…umm - stuttering

Nikki: Kya hua?

Abhi: Can we have some food please!! - he fell down on his knees and looked up at her begging – please please please

Nikki: Ab…Abhi…what are you doing?

Armaan and Rahul couldn't help but burst out laughing at the sight infront of them.

Muskaan: Nikki kaun... – coming out from her room and walking towards the front door

Abhi saw her coming and quickly got up so that she wouldn't make another scene.

Muskaan: Oh you guys…what do you want?

Nikki: - smiling – They want some food Muskaan…

Muskaan: - laughing – Why? Don't you guys know how to make food? - she said mockingly – Boys…huh…kuch bhi karne nahi ata...typical

Abhi: Very funny - sarcastically

Muskaan: I wasn't talking to you…ok?

Abhi: t... - but the two boys shook their heads

Armaan: Please yaar…that's enough…we're friends right…no more fighting….

Rahul: Yeh…and friends help other friends - pleadingly

Nikki and Muskaan looked at each other.

Nikki: Ok but...

Muskaan: But you have to clean up after ok

All boys: Ok – all smile widely and walk in

Muskaan and Nikki went to the kitchen and started making sandwiches while the boys sat down in the middle area, similar to their place, and Abhi as usual sat with the TV remote switching through the channels.

The girls looked over at the boys who just became excited over a cricket match that Abhi had just put on and mouthed to each other: BOYS!

They made the sandwiches and put it infront of the boys who gobbled it down like they hadn't seen food in years and the girls watched horrifically. The boys looked up and saw them looking at them and tried to look disciplined.

Rahul: ahem...umm…would you like to um…join us?

Armaan: Um yeh please…

Abhi: - his mouth full of food – comfe…

Muskaan: thank you - finding a place far away from Abhi as possible

They finished eating and all they all sit back relaxed.

Rahul: Right I'm tired…

Abhi: Yeah…me too…better get back to my couch

Armaan: Let's go…

They stood up and was about to go when the girls raced infront of them stopping them from going.

Nikki: I don't think so!!

Abhi: What do you mean?

Muskaan: Don't even think about it…are you forgetting the deal? - she pointed to the kitchen – You're tidying up

The three boys looked around and saw the mess all over the place, the kitchen, living room area…

All Three: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
part 16

You've seen their past…their friendship, their love, their problems, their decisions and their destiny….

Now it's time to see…how those small little issues change their life forever…

Will they be able to cope with their new surroundings, new people and new life?

Let's see where their fate leads them… 

Armaan Mallik, a quiet person who has lost the love of his life.
He is shocked when he sees the very familiar face
of his love who he has tried to move on from 
infront of him once more. 
All he wants to do is forget his past 
and move on in the future
but would he be able to?
Will this new "Ridz" let him live in peace?

Atul Jhoshi, lives off of his father's money, 
knows he always has back up when he messes up…
but did he really know he was going to be sent back to Mumbai…
away from all his mauj masti…
Will he be able to make some new friends or only enemies?
Will this new start make any difference to him
or would he finally give up and make his own way of living?

Nikita Malhotra AKA Nikki has left her childhood memories
and her hometown behind to complete her studies.
But with a sudden surprise at Sanjeevani will her life take a
turn for the best or worst? 
Will she quickly feel homesick and leave?
Or would she feel more at home with her 
childhood friends at Sanjeevani?

Abhimanu Modhi AKA Abhi, grew up with Nikki and Anji
but he was separated from his friends at a young age 
to move to abroad with his parents. 
Later he was forced into marriage…which he narrowly escaped
But this was it…no more listening to his parents…
This is his life…and he will live it the way he wanted…
Finding his best friends…his love…will all be smooth?

Anjali Gupta AKA Anji grew up with Abhi and Nikki 
but at the age of 11 her dad took her back to Mumbai.
She's moved on now…
ready to become a doctor and better still
Destiny has met her with her two best friends…
Could life get any better for her?

Muskaan Chadda ran away from home, 
Away from all the badgering 
From her parents about marriage... 
Enough was enough…
Now its time for her to live her dream!
While living her dream will she find her Mr. Right?
Or will she be searching all her life?

Rahul Garewal, a New Yorker…
very secretive young man…
With lots on his mind…
will he be able to hold it all in?
Or will he spill his heart out to a very dear one?
Will Rahul's life be harder 
with Atul on his back all the time?
Or much calmer and relaxing 
with friends like Muskaan and Sapna?

Riddhima Gupta aka Ridz
was adopted by Shashank Gupta at the age of 10 
she went to live with him and his daughter Anjali. 
Ridz loves Anji, they're best of friends
And are always looking out for each other.
Riddhima feels sorry for her sister because she thinks it's 
Her fault Anji had to leave her friends. 
Anji normally tells Ridz stories about them 
She loves listening to her stories and is very happy
that Anji has been reunited with her friends.
She's been living a very carefree life ever since 
She has moved in with the Gupta's
But will her life always be so simple?

Sapna Shah is a girl from a small area in Mumbai 
Where she dreams about becoming a big doctor 
And work in Sanjeevani.
But will Sapna find real friends among people 
Who have a bigger status than her?
Or will she be singled out?

Now that you have met our nine interns…let's see how their lives unfold under one roof…Sanjeevani…

Like they say…

Where ever your destiny lies there you'll be…

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