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Part 17& 18 : Anjaan Rishtey

Part 17

It's the first day at Sanjeevani. Armaan, Rahul, Abhi, Muskaan and Nikki left their apartment together bright and early ready for their first day at Sanjeevani. They were all chatting excitedly on the way to the hospital except for Abhi and Muskaan who had argued all the way from the minute they stepped out of their rooms.

They had just reached the hospital and the rest of the gang was so fed up of hearing Abhi and Muskaan's bickering. They walked towards the entrance and they had started off once again. They stood by the door glaring at each other with deadly looks.

Muskaan: I was here first - to Abhi - Move out of the way

Abhi: No I was here first - pushing her away from the door

Muskaan: No me!

Abhi: Me!!!

Muskaan: Abhi!!

Abhi: Muskaan!!

Rahul: Oh will you to stop fighting and by the way that's the door to come out and this is the door to go in - pointing at the one he was holding open for the others to go through

Muskaan: I knew that! I was just testing Abhi

Abhi makes a face at Muskaan, they glared at each other then both of them ran to the other door together pushing Rahul out of the way. Muskaan got through first and Abhi came staggering after her.

Abhi: - to Rahul - is larki ko to mein…!!

Rahul: Just chill man! Anyways why do you two keep arguing?

Abhi: Long story man...But one thing is for sure…I'm so happy I didn't go through with it…and I'm very, very happy that I ran away just in time…now I'm sure my destiny was getting me away from this witch!!

They entered the locker room to see the other interns waiting for the announcement and putting away their belongings. Anji came in after Abhi and Rahul looking all excited. It was the beginning of her dream…her dream of following in her father's footsteps.

Anji: Everyone ready for the big day? – walking towards her two best friends Abhi and Nikki

Abhi: Definitely!!! – smiling his cute smile – so excited!!

Ridz had just walked in looking smashing in a pair of white jeans, a baby blue halter neck top and a white belt. She was swinging her little white handbag while she walked in.

Ridz: Hi everyone!! – smiling sweetly at the interns

All: Hey!!!

Armaan who was leaning against his locker quickly turned around and opened his locker not wanting to make eye contact with her.

Anji: Ridzi…yahan ao…I'd like to introduce you to my two best friends – Ridz walks over to her sister who was standing with Nikki and Abhi – this is Abhi and this is Nikki…and guys…this is my little sister Riddhima…

Abhi and Nikki: Hi Riddhima – Nikki hugs her

Ridz: Hi…but please…call me Ridz…this Riddhima makes me sound like some old lady – laughs

Armaan who was still looking into his locker was listening to their conversation; he shut his eyes tight after hearing that last sentence and clenched his fist.

Abhi: Ok then Ridz… - shaking hands

Ridz: I've heard so much about you guys…it's so nice to have finally met you…and I'm soo happy that the three of you are together again…

Nikki: We're really happy too – smiling at Abhi and then Anji

Ridz: Ok…I'll just go and put away my stuff…we have to go soon… - she went to her locker which was a few spaces from Armaan he quickly moved and went to stand by Rahul

Ridz looked at Armaan suspiciously and then turned back to her locker just as Sapna entered.

Sapna: Good Morning everyone!!

Everyone: Hi…good morning!!

Ridz: Hey what do you guys think we will do today?

Nikki: I don't know but I hope we get to see a surgery or at least do something…

Everyone agreed and conversations started up between small groups but were quickly disturbed by the announcement on the speaker.

Speaker: All interns report to the nurse station please

Everyone made their way out chatting excitedly.

Sapna: - to Rahul – Where is that monkey?

Rahul: Monkey?

Sapna: Remember that guy from last week? What's his name?...Atul?

Rahul: - looked around – no idea!!

Sapna: - looking happy – Aaj to woh gaya! Remember what Keerti maam said…No lateness - they laughed quietly

Walking slowly behind was Anji and Abhi.

Anji: So…when are you going to speak to her?

Abhi: Sorry? – confused at this sudden question – What are you talking about?

Anji: Nikki! – smiling at him

Abhi: What about her?

Anji: C'mon Abhi…it's so obvious you like her…

Abhi: Is it really that obvious? – whispering

Anji: Yess! – smiling – so when are you going to speak to her?

Abhi: I don't know…

Anji: What? You boys…if you don't tell her I will…

Abhi: No no no…I'll tell her

Anji: That's better… - smiling at her success!

*Nurse station*

Keerti: Ok interns firstly I will…

Atul came running in

Atul: Sor…sorry... maam I over slept! – out of breath

Keerti: - looking angrily at him - DR ATUL!! What did I say about lateness? Mujhe lateness bilkul pasand nahi hain. Agar yeh phirse hua…you will have to do rectal exams for a month!

Sapna was giggling a lot until Atul looked at her and she stopped immediately.

Atul: Sorry maam it won't happen again – shooting daggers at Sapna

Keerti: It better not!! Ok everyone is here – looking at Atul – I will tell you what's going to happen today…

Just then two other senior doctors made their way to the group a little flustered. Keerti looked up once again annoyed.

Shubankar: Emergency!!

Keerti: Its ok – smiling at her colleagues

Atul look angrily at Keerti and then whispered to Anji.

Atul: This sucks…if we're late its rectal exams and if they're late it's a smile! Huh!!!

Anji: - hardly listening to Atul – yeah…

Keerti: Ok doctors you have been split into two groups in which you will work with. This is because this is the first time that we have such a big group of interns…you will also have your own cases but at times you will work in groups as this is the first time we have a very big group of interns at Sanjeevani…The first group who will be working with Dr sharma is Dr Anjali, Dr Abhimanu and Dr Nikita… - all three of the smiled at each other, very happy to be together - Dr Shubankar's group will be Dr. Atul, Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Armaan… - Ridz smiled at Atul and then turned to Armaan but he looked away – Dr. Rahul, Dr. Sapna and Dr. Muskaan you will be working with me…ok let's get going

They all moved away into their little groups and headed off in different directions making rounds of the hospital.

After a full three hours of looking around and doing work all the interns made their way into the canteen for lunch.

Atul, Armaan and Ridz were the first to enter the canteen. Ridz was talking to Atul and Armaan was walking quietly behind them looking at Ridz. Armaan and Ridz found a table as Atul went to get the coffee. Ridz turned to Armaan finally happy that she found some time to speak to him. She had noticed how his behaviour towards her was a little off, and this bothered her to a certain extent.

Ridz: So how are you finding it here? – smiling sweetly at him

Armaan: - looked away and thought silently - even her voice is the same as my Riddhima…oh this is crazy…how can this be possible? – then out loud – It's...ok…

Ridz: What's wrong? You look annoyed?

Armaan: What's it to you? Just leave me alone! – a little harsh, not that he meant it but he really didn't want to be alone with her, soo many painful memories rushed back to him in this short amount of time

Ridz: What's your problem? Why are you so mean to me? - looking hurt

Armaan: Just…just get lo… - he cuts off when he sees the others entering the canteen

Muskaan, Rahul and Sapna came and sat down on the same table as them. Armaan let out a small sigh and looked away from Ridz.

Rahul: Hey guys!

Armaan: Hi - a little upset

Muskaan: What's wrong Ridz?

Ridz: - looking at Armaan and answering – Nothing - turning to Muskaan - How was YOUR day?

Muskaan: It was great!

Sapna: - sat down with a small Tiffin in her hand – Umm…I'm very hungry…what about you guys?

Everyone looked at her surprisingly

Rahul: - looking into her Tiffin – That looks good!! – sniffing – and smells nice!

Sapna: My mum made it…you want some?

Just the Atul came with the coffees and sandwiches

Atul: Hey what's that? - disgustingly

Sapna: It's food…have you never seen it before?

Atul: Yeh but not this rubbish! – pointing to her opened Tiffin

Just then Abhi, Nikki and Anji came in and sat down with the rest of the group.

Anji: Are you two still arguing?

Atul: Like I have time to argue with her…just look at what she's eating…

Anji ignored him; instead she looked over at her little sister who seemed to be upset about something. She was sitting opposite her; while the others were busy in their talks she stretched her hand over the table and touched Ridz hand and she slightly jumped out of her thoughts and looked around.

Anji: What's wrong Ridz?

Ridz: Nothing Di - looking at Armaan who pretended to be talking to Abhi

Anji: Are you sure? Is it to much work for you?

Ridz: No Di I'm fine…seriously! – smiled at her

Anji: If you say so…now eat up… - pointing to the food infront of her

Ridz began to eat and Anji looked at the other end of the table where the noise was building up.

Rahul: Hey Atul just chill ok!

Atul: Who are you to tell me what to do?

Rahul: I'm just saying...

Atul: Don't say anything…no one wants to hear your boring voice! I'm not even talking to you…so mind your own business!

Rahul: Why don't you just leave Sapna alone?

Atul: No I won't what are you going to do…call your daddy? Where is your dadd...

Rahul suddenly jumped up and pinned Atul to the wall holding him from his neck.

Armaan and Abhi got up and rushed to Rahul and Atul trying to separate them from each other.

Armaan: Leave it Rahul – pulling him away from Atul

Abhi: Let it go man…calm down…Rahul

Atul was finding it hard to breathe as he tried to hit back at Rahul as well as save himself.

Rahul: Next time you say anything about my dad I will kill you! – Still managing to hit Atul on his face while Armaan tried to get hold of him

Armaan: - finally pulls Rahul away from Atul – Rahul calm down

Rahul pushed himself away from Armaan and the others and left the canteen in full anger.

Atul was on the floor trying to catch his breath also very angry.

Armaan: You deserved it Atul!! – walking away from him

Just then Sapna got a page and left giving Atul a dirty look. Abhi, Nikki, Muskaan, Anji and Ridz stood there in utter shock at the event that just took place…

Atul's nose was bleeding; he stood up and swore loudly before walking out of the canteen…

part 18

Lunch time was now over and all the interns were back to work taking the incident which occurred earlier off of their minds. Dr. Keerti and Rahul were pushing a stretcher with an emergency patient on it to the operation theatre, they were joined a second later by Sapna.

Keerti: Name Rajat Tokas, injured while shooting, his leg is badly injured and maybe broken ribs…this case will be handled by the two of you…report to me after the operation…

Rahul and Sapna: Yes maam

They carried him into the operation theatre.


Anjali was walking through the corridor reading through a file when she walked right into someone. She closed her eyes as she fell waiting to hit the floor but it never came…instead she opened her eyes to find the most beautiful sight infront of her. He held her from her waist close to the ground. They looked into each others eyes in the same position but quickly noticed that they were attracting attention from people passing by and they quickly stood up looking embarrassed.

Anji: Sorry...Dr...Sharma...I... didn't – blushing madly

Dr Sharma: Umm…it's ok…it's not your fault… - smiling at her

Anji: I…I should go…I'm getting late…

Dr. Sharma: Be careful… - smiling

They were both going in the opposite directions but as they made a move they almost bumped into each other again. Dr Sharma stepped aside so that Anjali could past making her feel more embarrassed.

Rajat Tokas


Rajat's operation went smoothly. He was now in ICU being watched by Rahul and Sapna. As he slept soundly they were engaged in general talk.

Sapna: Why did you switch like that at Atul in the canteen?

Rahul: Just...I hate him! He doesn't know anything about my family and talks like he knows everything about everyone!...he's the one who needs to shut up and mind his own business - getting angry once again

Sapna: I agree...he's always so rude to us…have you noticed how he's always mean to the two of us…no one else…

Rahul: Don't worry...if he says anything again I'll show him…I'm not scared of him…he's just a bully…a spoilt brat…

Sapna: These rich kids…are all like that…money is the only thing that matters to them…they don't care if they're hurting any one…

Rahul was quiet for a while. He thought about what Sapna had just said.

Rahul: Not all of them...

Sapna: Name me one person that's not…I just hate rich people they think that they can boss about poor people just because they have a higher status…

Rahul: - looked away – Don't you like the way you live?

Sapna: It's not that…I just hate these rich kids…

Rajat twitched and they got back to their work.

*Locker room*

Armaan walked into the empty locker room stretching his arms out. It was one long day and he was very tired. He walked straight to his locker to put away his things and collect his bag ready to go home when Ridz walked out from the washroom area and looked at him. She noticed the shocked expression on his face when he saw her. He quickly looked away from her and back to his locker taking out his things hastily.

Ridz: Armaan…can I talk to you? – calmly

Armaan ignored her; he slammed his locker door shut and turned around ready to walk out but she quickly walked infront of him making him stop and look at her.

Ridz: I said I want to talk to you.

Armaan: But I don't…ok?

Trying to get around her without touching her but she blocked him once more.

Ridz: What's your problem Armaan? Why do you hate me so much? – she looked and sounded really upset

Armaan finally stopped and for the first time looked at her.

Armaan: I'm not...I mean…I don't…hate you!

Ridz: You do…I can see it in your eyes…what's the matter…is it something I said? Have I done something wrong?

Armaan: I just want to be alone…ok?

Ridz: But you get along with everyone else? Why not me? What's wrong with me?

Armaan: - to himself – how can I explain to you…why I hate to see you like this – out loud - just leave me alone…please!

Ridz: but...

Armaan: I said leave me alone…OK!!! – he was really angry now

Ridz: I...

Armaan: - bangs his fist onto the locker next to him – You wouldn't understand…so please do me a favour and don't ever talk to me again! You got it? Because…you're not like my Ri…

Armaan stood in shock by what he was about to say. He left the room finally getting around Riddhima and slamming the door behind him. Ridz just stared after him wondering what on earth just happened to him.

Ridz: How can someone hate me so much…he doesn't even know me? – close to tears

*Sapna's house*

Sapna and her mum were sitting at the dining table eating dinner and talking about Sapna's first day at Sanjeevani.

S mum: How was your first day? Did you make any friends?

Sapna: Yes mum! I made loads of friends…they're all really nice…specially Rahul…but that monkey…huh

S mum: Hey that's not nice!

Sapna: Mum you don't know him...he is so mean to everyone…spoilt brat

S mum: Ok, ok!

*Girl's Apartment*

Nikki and Muskaan sat around the table in the kitchen area having their dinner and going over the events of the day.

Muskaan: Dr Shubankar is very nice and funny he showed us everywhere and he told us stories about his internship days…it was so funny

Nikki: Yeh…Dr Sharma is also ok…I think Anji is falling for him you should see the way she looks at him it's so funny…

They laughed both very tired.

Muskaan: I wonder what happened to Rahul today…I mean he completely went mad when Atul mentioned his parents…

Nikki: I know...imagine Dr Shashank or worse…Dr Keerti came in and saw them fighting like that…they would have been kicked out right there and then…it's a good thing that Armaan and Abhi stopped them in time…

Muskaan: This is all Atul's fault I'd just like to throw him in the bin!!! He's always causing trouble for everyone…especially bechara Rahul…

Nikki: Bechara! – mockingly

Muskaan: I mean…

Nikki: I know what you mean…its ok…but I agree…he needs to sort himself out…

*Gupta House*

Anji and Ridz are in their bedroom, both getting ready to go to bed after a long day! Ridz was sitting up against the headrest of her bed with a book over her tummy staring into mid air thinking about what Armaan had said to her at the end of the day.

Armaan: You wouldn't understand…so please do me a favour and don't ever talk to me again! You got it? Because…you're not like m…

Ridz: - silently – What does Armaan mean by that…I'm not like who? – questions herself

Anji turned around to look at Ridz. She was still staring into mid air deeply lost in her own world.

Anji: Ridz what should I wear tomorrow?

Ridz didn't answer; she didn't hear her sister until she finally screamed out loud and threw a teddy bear at her.

Anji: Ridz?

Ridz: Ouch…Huh? Dii!! Why did you throw this at me?

Anji: Ha-ha…I wouldn't have to if you were still in this world… - she comes and sits down next to her - What's wrong Ridz? I've been noticing that something is not right with you all day…why are you so quiet?...You're never quiet!

Ridz: Nothing di! – picks up the book

Anji: Don't tell me nothing…come on speak up…

Ridz: I was just wondering…this Armaan...where is he from?

Anji: I don't know…I mean no one knows much about him do they?

They both looked thoughtful at each other.

Ridz: Anyways why is my sister getting all dressed up for tomorrow? – grinning mischievously and happy to change the subject

Anji: - blushing – no reason…just…I feel like it…

Ridz: Really you can't fool me…anyway…chal let's go to sleep…it's another long day tomorrow…

Anji: You're right…goodnight – kissing her sister's cheek

Ridz: Goodnight Di… - sliding down onto her bed closing her eyes

*Boys' Apartment*

Armaan, Rahul and Abhi were slumped all over the sofa and floor infront of the TV busy eating pizza. As they came back from the hospital they were warned by the girls not to bother them tonight as they were going straight to bed. They were hungry and helpless so they decided to order three boxes of pizza. Armaan and Rahul almost forced themselves to eat 3 slices while Abhi had finished his whole box and Armaan's now making his way through to Rahul's box.

Armaan: This is not good man…

Rahul: I know…

Abhi: I know this girl is such a cheat! can she date two guys at the same time?

Armaan and Rahul looked at each other, then at Abhi and smashed him with pillows.

Rahul: We were talking about the food…not the programme

Armaan: Yeh we need a cook…

Abhi: Oh yeh!! - rubbing his head - we'll see to that later…let's watch this…it's so interesting!

Rahul: You're such a girl!...why are you watching these serials…change it to some sport…were men after all!

Armaan: Yeh man…this love stuff is all fake…they only look good in stories not in real life…

Abhi: Wow sound like you know a lot about love…go on?

Rahul: - looked at Armaan - yeh come on tell us…we might need some tips in the future! – grinning at him

Armaan: Come on guys…its nothing like that…

Abhi: Yeh still tell us…

Rahul: Yeh he wants to trap poor Nikki!!

Armaan and Rahul laughed.

Abhi: Ha ha and you will trap Sapna right?

That stopped Rahul's laughter immediately.

Rahul: What are you talking about?

Abhi: Come on Rahul - mimicking Rahul in the canteen - Leave Sapna alone ok!

Armaan and Abhi looked at each other and laughed at the same time they slapped high fives as Rahul tried to remember exactly what happened.

Rahul: It was nothing like that…he was being mean that's why…

Armaan and Abhi: Yeah sure…

Abhi: If you say so…

*Atul's house*

Atul was in his bedroom, lying on his bed flicking through a magazine when his dad knocked on the door.

Atul: Who is it? – not at all bothered

Omi: It's me – popping his head around the door, then walking in - Sorry I wasn't here when you got back…something came up…

Atul: When are you ever here anyway? – sitting up

Omi: I'm not here to talk about that – sitting on the edge of his bed looking closely at his son - Anyway how was your first day?

Atul: It was ok

Omi: Good…now keep working hard and you will become a great doctor!

Atul: What if I don't want to be a doctor? What if I want to be something else…be able to live my own li…

Omi: - his phone rings - I have to go... so just keep... up the good work... ok...

He left Atul sitting there staring after him in utter shock and disbelief.

Atul: - shaking his head - This is my life…Atul Joshi's life…the son of the famous Omi Jhoshi… - hatred and anger filled him - on one side there is my father…who hardly has time for me and on the other side everyone at "so called work" hates me…no one understands me…no one! – he threw the magazine which was still in his hand across the room with full energy

For the first time in a very long time Atul actually felt like crying but he stopped himself.

Atul: That's it…I'm not going to let anyone get to me…not Mr. Omi Joshi… and definitely not that Rahul Garewal…I'm going to teach him a lesson for messing with me…a lesson he will never forget…and that's a promise!...

Precap: Abhi and Nikki spend some time alone...

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