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Part 19& 20 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 19

A few days later and the interns were deeply involved in their work along with some messing around and getting to know each other better. It was their third day in Sanjeevani; all nine interns were standing silently by the nurse station waiting to hear their duties for the day.

Keerti: Good Morning interns…good to see that you are all here on time – looking mainly at Atul – please make this a habit…now duties… - looks down at her clipboard – Dr. Rahul and Dr. Sapna ICU with patient Rajat, he will be moved into special ward today

Rahul & Sapna: Yes maam

Keerti: Dr. Anjali, Dr. Abhimanu and Dr. Nikkita you will work with Dr. Sharma in Path Lab, Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima General Ward and finally Dr. Atul Aids Ward with Dr. Muskaan…you will all report back to me before lunch…now get to work…

Anjali, Abhi and Nikki were the first to leave the group, very keen and ready to work as they walked quickly towards the path lab. Rahul and Sapna also went off to visit Rajat, Armaan walked away completely ignoring the fact that he was meant to be working as a pair with Ridz. She stood there confused for a moment until Atul put a hand on her shoulder.

Atul: Wassup?

Ridz: Huh…oh…umm nothing… - looking from Armaan's back to Atul

Atul: Are you sure? You look…

Ridz: No…I'm ok… - cutting him off

Atul: Don't worry…I know what you're thinking…I don't understand how Dr. Keerti can even think that we can work with people like that – pointing to Armaan and Muskaan who were walking down the corridor away from them

Ridz: It's not that…I don't mind work…

Atul: - cuts her off – I understand…you don't need to say anything…I can't stand it either…

Keerti: Doctors! Agar aap dono ko koi problem hain meri decision se to please bata dijiye...main aap dono ko special jobs dungi...

Atul: Huh?

Keerti: Dr. Atul! I think instead of being in this hospital you need to join some hindi classes! Now Get To Work! I Do Not Want To Repeat Myself Again!

Ridz: Sorry Doctor Keerti

Atul: Sorry maam

Keerti: I said get to work!

They both rush off down the corridor. When they were sure that Dr. Keerti was out of sight and was not around to hear them Atul started to complain once again. They were standing outside of the General Ward talking to each other, Atul in no rush to work.

Atul: Hindi Hindi Hindi...Aaarrrghh! She's such a...

Ridz: C'mon what does she think we are...are we living in 1800's...we're youth in modern times...if we don't speak English what are we going to speak Japanese? - fuming - Hindi Stinks!

Armaan who was standing by the nurse's desk in General Ward listening to the conversation taking place just outside slammed down the file he was holding onto the desk pushing over the pen holder and messing up the table. The last sentence echoing through him...

Ridz: Hindi stinks!

Before their conversation could move on any further they were disrupted by a Senior Doctor who had asked them to get to work. Atul walks away and Ridz enters the General Ward, on seeing Armaan at the front desk she walks up to him.

Ridz: Armaan...can I...

He walks away completely blanking her and carries on walking until he reaches the locker room. He enters, stomps his feet all the way to his locker and slams his fists against it. He leans against it sliding down very slowly until he reaches the floor. Pulling his knees up to his chin and putting his hands up to his head, his mind starts to wonder...


They settle down on the grass.

Riddhima: Danyavad Armaan.

Sohan: Huh?

Armaan: hits him on the leg – she means thank you dumbo

Sohan: Oh… - smiling a bit

Armaan: Koi baat nahi

Riddhima: Armaan?

Armaan: Haan Riddhima?

Riddhima: Kya tum mujhe English sikhaoge (teach)?

Armaan: Of course…I mean…haan…ek shart par

Riddhima: Shart?

Armaan: I promise main tumhe English sikhaoge (teach) if you promise to…

Riddhima: Huh?...Promise?

Armaan: Sorry…main wada karta hoon ke main tumhe English sikhaogi agar tum wada karti ho ke tum mere dost banogi…I promise to teach you English if you promise to be my friend – holding out his hand to her

Riddhima: Wada – shaking his hand...

End Flashback

Armaan: - Tears well up in his eyes - Why? Why is this happening to me? - sobs silently - Riddhima...I miss you...

There was a noise in the corridor which made him look up. He quickly pulled himself together and almost ran into the changing room.

*Special ward*

Rahul and Sapna enter the Special Ward right behind the nurses pushing Rajat's stretcher into the room. They moved him over onto his bed making him comfortable while Sapna and Rahul waited patiently until they settled him down. The nurses left after a while and Rahul and Sapna started doing the regular check ups on their patient.

Rahul: Hey…how are you feeling?

Rajat: Not too bad except my head feels like it weighs a ton – trying to smile

Rahul: Yeh well you did do a serious injury to your head

Rajat: Hmm… - laying back and closing his eyes

Sapna: Ok right let's check your head

Sapna begins to take the bandage off of his head, slowly redoing the stitches and dressing.

Sapna: Ok…all done...just a few more days…you'll get better quickly – taping down the bandage around his head

Rahul: We'll come and check on you later…take care ok

Rajat: Sure…thanks

Rahul and Sapna walk out of the room closing the door quietly behind them as Rajat is left to rest. They walk along the corridor talking about their first case and how they had handled it when they turned the corner almost walking into a nurse pushing an empty stretcher. In shock Sapna tries to stand back so she would not be hit by the stretcher but her foot twists and she is about to fall onto the floor but Rahul seeing the situation very quickly holds her from her waist. They stare into each other's eyes for what seemed like ages completely unaware of the people walking around in the corridor.

Just then Muskaan walked out of the Aids Ward just in time to see Sapna in Rahul's arms and feels a little uneasy.

Rahul stands up straight pulling Sapna into a standing position. They both fix themselves and look around.

Rahul: Umm…are you ok?

Sapna: Yeh…umm…I'm fine…thanks

Rahul: No pro… - cut off by Muskaan

Muskaan: Hey Rahul come lets go to the cafeteria…

Sapna: Actually Muskaan…Rahul and I have to go to Dr Keerti… - grabbing his arm and dragging him in the other direction away from Muskaan

Rahul: Mus...Muskaan I'll see you in the caf… - looking back at her

Muskaan looks at the pair walking away from her and made an angry face. She turned around and walked straight into Abhi who was carrying several files.

Abhi: Hey…can't you watch where you're going?

Muskaan: Why don't you watch it? Move out of my way! – very angry

Abhi: I was here first so why don't you move

Muskaan: Because I don't want to…now move - pushes Abhi into Nikki who had just walked up to them and stomps away

Abhi: Sorry yaar! Woh Muskaan ki bachi – feeling embarrassed

Nikki: It's ok…why are you always fighting with Muskaan?

Abhi: Me? Come on Nikki you know I don't fight with anyone

Nikki: Yeah, yeah if you say so… - smiling at him

Abhi: Chal…let's go to the cafeteria

Nikki: Ok


Abhi and Nikki walk into the cafeteria, Abhi who wanted to spend some time alone with Nikki was upset when Nikki had decided to join Muskaan who was sitting alone deep in thought.

Nikki: Hi Muskaan

Nikki nudges Abhi to say hi but he shakes his head as to say no. Muskaan doesn't answer she is still in deep thought.

Nikki: Muskaan??? – sitting down

Muskaan: Huh? Oh hi Nikki and Bandhar - looking at Abhi

Abhi: Hahaha very funny…bandhar hoga tera baap

Muskaan: Baap pe mat ja…samjhe? – shooting an evil look at him

Anjali comes in and walks over to the Muskaan, Abhi and Nikki

Anjali: Hey guys…are you two still arguing

Abhi: She's here so obviously there will be some noise! – nodding his head in Muskaan's direction

Muskaan: Don't even... - spotting Rahul and Sapna coming in she stops her sentence mid way – hey Rahul

Rahul: Hey! Hey everyone – looking around the table before sitting down

Sapna: - roles her eyes at Muskaan - Hi everyone!

Everyone: Hey

Anjali: Boy I'm hungry aren't you guys?

Nikki: Yup I'll go and get some sandwiches… - gets up and walks away to the counter

Abhi: Ok… - looking at her walk away with a smile on his face

Anjali: - silently to Abhi – So…when are you gonna tell her?

Abhi: - through gritted teeth but not angrily - Not now!

Rahul: What are you guys whispering about?

Abhi: Nothing… - quickly looking towards the door as the other interns enter

Anjali: Hi Ridzi, hey Armaan

Ridz: Hi di – sitting down next to her sister

Atul comes in after them

Atul: Hey everyone… - sitting down with a slump - Muskaan you left me with that patient why didn't you come back?

Muskaan: Umm…I forgot – to herself – I had to leave from there…I didn't want to spend another second with you

Atul: That's the problem with you people…just so forgetful! - scornfully

Rahul: Hey watch it ok…leave her alone

Atul: I wasn't talking to you! What's it to you…just mind your own business

Sapna: Chill Atul…what is wrong with you?

Atul: What's wrong with you low class people? I talk to one of them and the other one answers…don't you have your own mouths?

Abhi: Cool it Atul…we want to have lunch in peace…not be in the middle of a debating program…so please…chill

Atul: Cool…

Everyone got their lunch; they sat together but talked among their small groups. Anji, Abhi and Nikki together, Muskaan, Rahul and Sapna, Ridz and Atul and as usual Armaan sat back and looked around at the others.

After sometime Rahul and Sapna got a pager to go to Special ward and they left.

Atul: Hey Ridz both of us are working together…that's good right

Ridz: Yeh its better than working with that saru Armaan - quietly

Atul: Yeh and that forgetful Muskaan…C'mon let's go…

Ridz: Ok come on - looking at Armaan who was looking at his food not eating anything

They both stood up and walked away together. Then Muskaan and Armaan got a pager.

Muskaan: Chal Armaan

Armaan: Yeh I'm not hungry anyways… - pushing his plate away

Abhi: I'll take that – pulling the plate close to him

Armaan: - smiled slightly – Go ahead…I didn't touch it

Abhi: Thanks – putting a spoonful of rice in his mouth – See you guys later

Armaan & Muskaan: Yeah bye…

Anji: Abhi you don't stop eating…do you?

Abhi: That's right...I live to eat! – putting another spoon of rice into his mouth

Anji: Oh really?...I thought you lived for Nikki... – smirking at him

Abhi almost chokes on the bite he had just taken and quickly covers up by sipping some water.

Nikki: Huh...what do you mean Anji?

Abhi: No...nothing...umm kuch nahi ... - shooting a deadly look at Anji who smirked knowingly

Nikki: Hmm…ok…so Abhi, tell us…how was Australia? Did you like it? Did you forget about us?

Abhi: - to himself – I've only come back for you… - then out loud – it's awesome there, I just loved it, the whole atmosphere, lifestyle and the beaches! Wow…you guys have got to go there

Anji: Sounds interesting!

Abhi: It's more than interesting…you've got to be there to believe it…trust me…

Anji: I'd love to go…but anyways…I bet you was just a paraku…stuck in your books…

Abhi: Hmm…that's what you think! Books and me? Never, I lived on the beach; surfing is my life and girls… - grinning

Nikki: And you never remembered us…not once? – a little sad

Anji and Abhi quickly looked at her in shock. She had sat there silently the whole time they almost forgot she was sitting there. But after hearing Abhi's last sentence she had become sad. She thought Abhi had come back for her but it looked like he really missed Australia.

Anji: Like he had any time to think about us… - punching him on the arm – surrounded by girls and beaches…he probably didn't even dream about India

Abhi: If I didn't remember you guys then why would I come back?

Nikki: To get married… - silently but Abhi and Anji heard her

Anji: What? – in shock – You came back to get married? To who? Why didn't you tell us?

Abhi: Nikki? Tumhe kaise pata chala? – thought for a second – Hold up…that churel

Nikki: Abhi…that's not nice…she's not that bad…why did you run away like that?

Anji: Ok…wait a minute…will someone tell me what's going on? – looking from Abhi to Nikki and back

Nikki: Abhi came back to get married to Muskaan…

Anji: WHAT??? – shouted so loud disturbing other people around them

Abhi: Anji! Will you inform the whole hospital? You're soo loud!

Anji: Sorry!! – quieting down a bit – but how did this happen…You and Muskaan? Now that's definitely not match made in heaven

Anji and Nikki laughed and Abhi sat there watching the two of them make fun of him as usual. He sat back and smiled at the two of them.

Anji: What? Why are you smiling like that?

Abhi: Just…

Anji: Ok…to batao…what happened?

Abhi: Ok ok…you won't leave me alone will you… - she nods her head and smiles – fine, dad wanted to get married to his friend's daughter; Muskaan, but you know what she's like, and I didn't want to get married now so with help from my friend I got away in time. Then I went back to Shimla and found out that you two had left…so I decided to follow you guys here… - waving his hand around as he talked

Anji: You went back to Shimla? – surprised

Abhi: Yeah…and I met Puneet Uncle, he was the one that told me that you left a year after me and Nikki left to come to Mumbai for her internship…and I was so pleased that we had all stuck to our dream of becoming doctors…and we are all together again…

Nikki: Me too… - smiled at him

He looked at her, she looked so sweet, she still had her baby face and her eyes twinkled every time she smiled.

It had become very quiet around the table now with each of them in silent thought about their friendship, their past and now their present. Then Abhi perked up his courage and asked a question which shocked both girls at the same time;

Abhi: Nikki…will you go out with me?...
part 20

Anjali had dropped the sandwich which she was just about to put into her mouth on the plate in front of her and stared open mouthed at Abhi. Nikki who was just as shocked stared wide eyed at Abhi. He had just realized what he had said and silently cursed himself.

Nikki: K…kya? – slowly

Abhi: Umm…I mean…that…umm…we should… - stuttering – we should…go out together…the three of us… you know – finally back to his senses – the three of us should go out together for dinner or to a club…for old times sake… - grinning

Nikki: Oh…umm…yeah why not? – looking over at Anji who smiled knowingly again – what do you say Anji?

Anji: Yeah…definitely – picking up her sandwich again – great idea Abhi – smirking at him

Abhi: So where do you guys want to go? Clubbing or Dinner?

Nikki: Umm…movies?

Abhi: Sure… - before Anji could even open her mouth

Someone's pager beeped making them all look around searching for their pagers. Anji stands up and says bye to the two of them before walking away. They waved to her as she walked out of the canteen. Abhi was silently doing a small jig in his mind as he had finally got some time alone with Nikki. He smiled into mid air and Nikki had noticed, she giggled.

Abhi: What's wrong?

Nikki: Umm…kuch nahi – smiling at him – so how are you finding it here?

Abhi: It's ok…but can we talk about something else…I hate talking about work…

Nikki: Theek hain…what do you want to talk about…

Abhi: About you… - staring at her

Nikki: Huh?

Abhi: Umm I mean…about your past…tell me what happened after I left, you and Anji…when Anji left, did you make any friends? How was school? Did you have any male friends…you know…that stuff…

Nikki: Umm…uh…what can I say… - very slowly, don't know where to start – umm

*Beep Beep*

Before she could say anything else both of their pagers beeped and they searched around for it. They both stood up, Nikki smiled at Abhi as he let out a loud groan. His wish didn't last long.

Nikki: Let's go – to herself – Saved by the bell – smiled silently

Abhi: Chalo… - groaning – Let's go

They walk out of the canteen together to go back to their work.

*A few days later*

The interns were now well into their work. There were many new cases which kept the interns busy also giving them the chance to gain new knowledge and experience. They really enjoyed their work as well as meeting each other. Abhi and Nikki were spending more time together which made them both happy as well as Anji. Sapna and Rahul had also become very close which Muskaan did not like. Armaan had tried his level best to stay away from Ridz but no matter what he did he always found himself face to face with his worst nightmare. Apart from Armaan and Ridz two other people were finding it very difficult to work together. Forget working together, they could not stand the sight of each other. Rahul and Atul's fights had become worst as time went on. It was now noticed by the senior doctors who were giving the two guys a hard time.

The nine interns were standing at the nurse station after lunch waiting to be given their duties for the afternoon. Atul shot a deadly look at Rahul as Dr. Keerti started to read out the names.

Keerti: Dr. Rahul and Dr. Sapna your duty today will be to have the discharge papers ready for patient Rajat then you do your rounds

Rahul & Sapna: Yes maam

Keerti: Dr. Atul and Dr. Anjali Cancer Ward, Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Riddhima Path Lab and Dr. Abhimanu and Dr. Nikkita General Ward.

All: Yes maam

Keerti: Dr. Armaan you are on night duty…so you may go home and rest, your duty starts at 7pm.

Armaan: Thank you maam

Keerti: Now you may go

They all walk away to their duties and Armaan walk towards the Locker Room. As he entered he was shocked to see Ridz already in there. She stood in front of her locker on the phone to someone. He thought he was dreaming once again as he stood there staring at her beauty. He quickly shook his head to get rid of that thought,

Armaan: She's not your Riddhima…don't even think about her in that way – to himself

Ridz looks around as she heard a noise coming from the corridor and she quickly whispers into the phone before putting it away. Armaan ignores her and walks towards his locker.

Ridz: You're so lucky…you get to go home

Again he ignores her as he takes his lab coat off and puts it in he locker.

Ridz: Are you ok? You seem a little upset…

He turns towards her but doesn't say anything. He begins to walk in her direction slowly. She looks at him then looks around confused. Strange thoughts ran through her mind as he came closer and closer; she closed her eyes when he was at least two inches away from her but he, once again, completely ignores her and walks into the changing room. She opens her eyes just as Armaan walks out of the changing room putting on his jacket and putting his bag over his shoulder. He begins to walk out of the locker room but Ridz calls out to him,

Ridz: Armaan! – confused

He stops and walks back to her.

Armaan: I think you are getting late for your duty…you should go

He turns around and walks out of the room leaving her utterly speechless.

*General Ward*

Nikita and Abhimanu were moving around the general ward doing their usual rounds of checking patients, talking to them and making sure that they are fine just before their family and friends came in to visit. But for some strange reason they both could not concentrate on their work.

Abhi sat down next to a middle aged man who had just moved from special ward to the general ward. He was meant to be checking the patient's pressure, he tied the blue strap over the man's upper arm and started to pump but slowly his gaze shifted across the ward to where Nikki was sitting. She stood there smiling at her patient who had started to eat some food after lots of convincing. Slowly her gaze also turned towards Abhi. The shared an eye lock which seemed to last forever until…

Man: She's really pretty is isn't she?

Abhi: - still looking at her – Not really…she's really, really…reeaallyyy pretty

Man: Those big cute eyes

Abhi: Big sparkling eyes…I can stare into them forever

Man: But what if you forget everything around you?

Abhi: That's what I want to do... – still staring at her

Man: Why don't you do that now? Because you're not in no mood to be a doctor at the moment… - a little irritated

Abhi: - finally looking away – Huh…?

Man: Yes…please concentrate on your work…you've been pumping that thing for over five minutes! And I'm paining more than I did during the operation

Abhi: Oh sh… - looking at the pump in his hand – I'm sooo soo sorry! – taking the thing off the man's hand – I'm really sorry

Man: It's ok…pyar main aisa hi hota hain

Abhi: Sorry?

Man: Just go for it…tell her how you feel – looking over at Nikki, making Abhi look in the same direction – She really is very pretty

Abhi looks down shyly putting away the equipment and getting up.

Abhi: Ok then…umm…take some rest…I'll…umm…I'll see you later

The patient smiles at him as he walks away with the biggest grin on his face. As he was about to walk out of the ward when he bumped right into Nikki who had just walked away form her patient.

Abhi: I'm sorry – looking up to see Nikki – Oh Nikki…umm…sorry

Nikki: It's ok…chal let's go…duties over…I can't wait to get home…I'm soo tired today…

They engage in a conversation as they walked out of the ward.

*Path Lab*

Ridz had arrived in the Path Lab late and Muskaan had completed most of the test by the time she arrived. They had a little tiff as Muskaan was angry at Ridz for being late and they were working in silence. Ridz had tried to apologies a few times to Muskaan who ignored her. Their duty was almost over when Ridz spoke up once more…

Ridz: Muskaan…listen – she turns towards her but Muskaan carries on working – I'm sorry…I'm not going to give any explanation…simply because I have none…but I can say that…it won't happen again…I'm sorry

Muskaan: - looks up – It's ok yaar…forget it…I just over reacted a bit…

Ridz: - smiles at her – Thanks…shall we go?

Muskaan: - looks around then back at her – Yeah…I'm finished let's go

They smile and give each other a side hug before walking out together.

*Special Ward*

As Sapna and Rahul enter the ward they see Rajat sitting up on his bed talking to another patient while going through some more fan mail. They walk over to him with big smiles on their faces, happy to see that he has recovered.

Rahul: Hey Rajat how are you feeling?

Rajat: Hi…I'm feeling much better thank you

Sapna: - going through his files and checking his records - Yep everything looks fine

Rahul: - signing some papers - You are free to go back and entertain your audience…especially your female fans – grinning at him and they all laugh

Rajat: Thank you so much for all of your help…

Sapna: No problem we should thank you for being our first real patient and making it a great first time experience

Rajat: I just want to say…you two make a great team – smiling at the two of them

Sapna looks at Rahul and smiles shyly.

Rahul: Thanks but you better take care of yourself…we don't want to see you back here again…well not in this state anyway…

Rajat: - laughs – Yeh I'll take care…

Rahul: The nurses will help you with your belongings and show you out…bye

*Locker Room*

At the end of the day all the girls were in the locker room putting away their lab coats and gathering their belongings ready to go home.

Nikki: Hey guys I have an idea…why don't you three come over to our place? We can have like a girl's night in…what say? – turning away from her locker and speaking to the girls

Muskaan: Hey yaar…that's a great idea…

Anjali: I don't mind…Ridz?

Ridz: Yeh sounds great…we have nothing else to do now anyway

Sapna: Sorry guys…but I have work to do at home

Nikki: Oh ok…maybe next time

Muskaan: - turning back to her locker and speaking to her self - Acha hain…I won't have to spend the night with her

Ridz: Ok then…shall we go?

Nikki: Yep…

They all got their things and were about to walk out of the locker room when the boys entered.

Nikki: Hey guys!

Abhi: Hey - smiles and winks at her

She smiled shyly and looked away as the other boys said hi to everyone.

Anjali: We were just going to Nikki and Muskaan's place…

Abhi: Hey…that's a great idea…

Atul: Kool…I'll come along too…

Rahul rolls his eyes at Abhi who made a face.

Rahul: - to Abhi – Who invited him?

Abhi: Chill…just ignore him…

Ridz: Ok let's go then…

All seven of them were walking to the apartment after Sapna went her own way. Abhi, Nikki and Atul walked ahead, Muskaan and Rahul walked in between and Ridz and Anji followed behind all in their own conversations.

Anjali: Ridz what's wrong…you seem really upset.

Ridz: Nothing Di…

Anjali: Yeh sure I can see how well you are from your face…go on…tell me…

Ridz: Di yeh Armaan...

Anjali: I thought so…tell me what did he do now?

Ridz: What is his problem? He's fine with everyone else…I just don't get it…why does he have a problem with me?

Anjali: I think your just misunderstanding him…it's not like that…

Ridz: Me? I'm misunderstanding him? Don't you see how he behaves with me?

Anjali: I don't think there is anything wrong with him…he's very quiet and sweet…

Ridz: Quiet maybe! But sweet? No way…he's as bitter as a karela!

Anjali: - laughs - Come on Ridz…just forget it…anyways why are you always thinking about him?

Ridz: I just... I don't know…he's just always here and there…everywhere! What can I do?

Anjali: If it helps…just ignore him

Ridz: Easier said than done… - looks into the distance imagining Armaan walking towards them

Up ahead a strong conversation is taking place between Abhi and Atul with Nikki in the middle looking confused.

Atul: - to abhi – how can you live with that guy...I mean…it must be such a pain…

Abhi: Nah man Rahul's alright

Atul: Yeh sure…I wonder were he comes from…he never talks about his family or anything…

Abhi: Leave it man…let's not start anything ok

Atul: What do you mean start anything…look he's a big mystery…I mean his dad could be a terrorist or something for all we know…

Rahul: Hey - pushing him from the back after over hearing his last sentence - If you have anything to say about me then say it to my face…you get it?

Atul: How dare you push me? – shoving him hard in the chest

Rahul pushes Atul into a nearby wall which made Atul really angry. He grabbed hold of Rahul by his collar and punched him three times in his stomach then in his face. All the others stood there in shock as Abhi tried his best to pull them apart. Atul pushed him out of the way and again pushed Rahul up against the wall, punching him in the face just as Rahul punched back right in Atul's nose.

Atul's nose started bleeding. He was about to launch himself onto Rahul once again but Rahul who had just got hold of himself pushed Atul onto the wall and kicked him in the stomach. Atul fell to the ground and he pulled Rahul down and they where both punching each other.

Then they both got up still punching each other and then Rahul pushed Atul onto the road and Atul looked around and saw a car coming towards him, he was really weary and everything around him became blurry, he couldn't see where the car was.

Rahul looked around quickly and saw the car coming straight towards Atul. Before he had time to think about anything he ran towards Atul and pushed him out of the way before the car hit him. Atul fell onto the floor hitting his head hard onto the floor and seconds later he was unconscious. The driver of the car was shocked at the sight in front of him and completely blanked out unable to stop the car which drove right into Rahul who flew a few feet away and fell onto the road and passed out…

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