Tuesday, 11 May 2021


Ridzi was in the guest room of Mallik house along with Adi and Nikki lying on a bed. Muski and Anjy are fast asleep.
Adi: chachi aap bhi mujhe good night kiss do na.
Ridzi blushes remembering the terrace moments with Armaan. Nikki sees her and gets confused then understands and smiles.
Nikki: kyun chachi ne kisi aur ko bhi kiss di thi? (Ridzi looks at Adi, wishing he won’t say the truth)
Adi: nahi. Vo mujhe Armaan chachu dete hai na isiliye keh raha hun.
Nikki: aww so sweet!
Ridzi: (Moves forward and kisses Adi’s lips) happy now?
Adi: thnx. (Smiles cutely) aap mujhse pyaar karte ho na chachi?
Ridzi: (Caresses his cheeks) yeah baby! Bohot zyaada.
Nikki: Armaan jeeju se zyaada?
Ridzi: (Blushing) Nikki please! Adi baby aap so jao bohot der ho gayyi hai.

Adi smiles and kisses her cheeks to which Ridzi smiles then Adi sleeps hugging her. Nikki too turns and goes to sleep.
It was 3:45 now still Riddhima was awakened. Thinking she will be ‘Riddhima Armaan Mallik’ after some days. And she loved her name like that but she is sad coz she has to leave her family and friends. She was thinking of Armaan and his naughty actions which he did on terrace and a blush crept on her face. Suddenly her phone started to vibrate. She saw that it was Armaan. She smiled, went near the window and answered the call.
Ridzi: hello?
Armaan: hi jaan!
Ridzi: (Blushing) aap soye kyun nahi?
Armaan: (Smiles) I was missing someone
Ridzi: who?
Armaan: you!
Ridzi can’t help but blush at his talks!
Armaan: achcha kuch puchun?
Ridzi: hmm.
Armaan: tumhe koi problem nahi hai na if anything I do like I did?
Ridzi: (Confused) kya bol rahe hain aap? Kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai.
Armaan: arre jo terrace par hua tha usse koi problem nahi hai na?
Riddhima didn’t replied just smiled thinking kitne cute hai. Par main inhe jawaab kaise dun ki mujhe koi problem nahi hai?
Armaan: (Sadly) problem hai? I am sorry for it.
Ridzi: (As an instant) nahi koi problem nahi hai.
Then she thinks shit! Yeh kya bol diya maine.
Armaan: (Smiles) ok
Ridzi: main rakhti hun aap so jaaiye.
Armaan: main aaun?
Ridzi: kahaan?
Armaan: tumhaare room mein.
Ridzi: (Surprised) kyun?
Armaan: tumse milne.
Ridzi: nahi sab log hai yahaan.
Armaan: toh kya?
Ridzi: kisine dekh liya toh?
Armaan: so what? Hamaari shaadi hone waali hai. Aur koi nahi dekhega sab so rahe hai.
Ridzi: nahi Armaan. (Scared)
Armaan: ok. Tum aaram se so jao. Good night.
Ridzi: Armaan
Armaan: hmmm?
Ridzi: jaldi aaiye please!
Armaan: (Smiles) ok.
After some time both were on terrace. Armaan was standing taking the support of the wall holding Riddhima in his arms from her waist.
Armaan: oh! To madam ko basketball pasand hai?
Ridzi: hmm. Aap champion ho na?
Armaan: haan. Shaadi ke baad ek game ho jaaye kya kehti ho?
Ridzi: ok.
Armaan: (Kissing her cheeks) aur kya pasand hai?
Ridzi: (Shivering, holds his vest) Karan Singh Grover.
Armaan: (Leaves her) yeh kaun hai?
Ridzi: (Confused then smiles thinking he is jealous) vo mera hero hai.
Armaan: (Angrily) kya?
Ridzi: (Laughs) Armaan! Aap kitne cute hai. (And ruffles his hairs)
Armaan: yahaan mujhe tension ho rahi hai aur tum hans rahi ho?
Ridzi: arre baba KSG toh ek actor hai. And vo mujhe as a actor pasand hai. (Mujhe to usse zyaada aur aap sab ko bhi, hai na guys? :p)
Armaan: (Again pulls her towards him and she gets bang on his chest) aur as a lover kaun pasand hai?
Ridzi: (Blushing) nahi pata.
Armaan: (Going near her face, he kisses her eyes) sachchi nahi pata?
She closed her eyes and holds his arm tightly, her breathing gets faster. Still she shakes her head in a NO.
Armaan: (Smiles and kisses the tip of her nose) ab?

Ridzi shakes her head negatively. He goes near her lips and was about to kiss when she said.
Ridzi: Armaan….
Armaan: pakka yehi wo naam hai?
She nods her head and hugs him tightly. She was very nervous and felt sooooo shy.
Armaan separates from her and kisses her forehead. They stood their talking for long time. It was morning now 7:30 am now.
Ridzi: main jaun?
Armaan: (Sad) kyun?
Ridzi: vo morning ho gayyi hai sab jaag jaayenge aur phir mujhe ghar bhi jaana hai.
Armaan: ok.
Riddhima smiles and moves down. After some time all are up and are sitting in the hall chatting, pulling each other’s legs.
Prerana: bas bohot hua abhi inhe ghar chod aao Aryan jao.
Ash: nahi na please thodi der aur mummy.
Nandini: beta unhe jaane do phir kuch din baad tumhaari bhabhi yahin toh rahegi na.
Adi: mujhe chachi chahiye.
Ahaana: zidd nahi karte baby. Chachi se roz phone par baat karna aur phir kuch din baad chachi yahaan aa jaayengi.
Adi: pakka na chachi?
Ridzi: (Smiles n hugs him) pakka sweetheart
Armaan looks at her and Ridzi too sees him, they share a small eye lock.
Karan: Armaan jaa tu bhi saath mein.
Armaan: main?
Anuraag: haan. In ko chod kar tum dono flowers waale paas jaakar order de aana.
Prerana: haan aur sweets waalon ko bhi.
Ash: aur bro decorators ko bhi bula lena.
Aryan: ok sab kar denge.
Ahaana: wow! Armaan ki shaadi kitna maza aayega na!
Aryan: haan yaar bohot maze karenge. Kyun guys?
Nandini: kyun nahi after all mere pyaare bete ki shaadi hai. (Pulls his cheeks n hugs him)
Muski nudges Ridzi who was standing smilingly looking at the family’s love.
Ridzi: kya hai?
Muski: teri family bohot pyaari hai na?
Ridzi: (Smiles) hmmm.
They reach the Gupta house.
Aryan: Armaan chod kar aa main car mein baithta hun.
Armaan nods.
They came near the door.
Armaan: ok then bye saalis.
Muski,Anjy and Nikki: bye jeeju!
Armaan looked at Riddhima who was looking at him, as she saw him looking her she lowers her eyes.
Muski: ahem ahem Ridzi…
Ridzi: haan?
Anjy: hum andar jaate hai tu jeeju ko bye bol kar aa. (And the 3 leave giggling)
Armaan: bye! And he turned to leave.
Ridzi: Armaan?
Armaan: haan. Kya hua?
Ridzi: vo aapse kuch kehna tha.
Armaan: (Confused) kya?
Riddhima was feeling very very shy. She lowered her eyes and went close to him. Armaan was confused.
Armaan: Riddhima kya hua? Kuch galti ki maine.
Riddhima shakes her head negatively.
Armaan: phir?
Ridzi: (Closes her eyes and takes a deep breathe) Armaan I love you.
Hearing this Armaan’s smile wasn’t leaving his face. His heart was dancing. He wanted to hear these words from her. It was love at first sight for him. He loved her when he saw her pic. Riddhima opens her eyes to see Armaan staring her. She turns to go but Armaan pulls her towards him. Her back touched his chest. He mumbles in her ears.
Armaan: mera answer sune bina hi jaa rahi ho?
Riddhima was very nervous and shivers were running down her spines feeling him so close to her.
Ridzi: Armaan plz let me go.
Armaan: (Turns her towards himself) apne would be husband urf lover ke saath date par chalogi? (Riddhima looks at him and blushes when he winks at her) I love u too jaan!
Saying this he pulled her in a warm and embracing hug. Tears came out of her eyes.
Armaan: yaar tumhaari bhi tanki behti hai kya?
Ridzi: (Smiles) Armaan!
Armaan: bolo chalogi na mere saath date par?
Ridzi: aaj?
Armaan: nahi kal 8:30 pm sharp.
Ridzi: ok! Jaaiye abhi.
Armaan: kyun?
Ridzi: arre Aryan bhaiyya car mein wait kar rahe hain aur mujhe bhi andar jaana hai.
Armaan: ok pehle ek kiss do
Ridzi: (Blushing) aap na bohot badmaash ho!
Armaan: abhi badmaashi ki nahi hai. Shaadi hone do phir bataata hun.
Ridzi blushes.
Ridzi: jaaiye. (And pulls him towards car)
Armaan came forward quickly and gave a peck on her cheek and ran.
Riddhima blushes and touched her cheek where he kissed and says badmaash!

The next day:
Armaan was waiting for Riddhima to come down. His saalis were teasing him he couldn’t help but smile at their comments.
Nikki: jeeju peeche nahi palatna
Armaan: kyun?
Anjy: bas ek minute eyes close kijiye. (He did so)
Anjy brought Riddhima who was blushing like hell and made her stand in front of Armaan.
Muski: ok jeeju open ur eyes!
As Armaan opened his eyes he saw the most beautiful sight in front of her.

She wasn’t smiling; she was looking down and blushing badly. Armaan couldn’t take his eyes off her. He felt an urge to kiss her. He was brought back by Muskaan’s pinch on his arm.
Armaan: ouch!
Ridzi: Muskaan!
Muski: sorry Ridzi! Yeh tujhe dekhne mein itne kho gayye the ki awaaz sunai hi nahi de rahi inhe.
Ridz: mujhse nahi un se sorry kaho.
Nikki: par pain toh tujhe bhi hua na?
Riddhima looks at Armaan who smiles.
Muski: sorry jeeju!
Armaan: it’s all right saali saahiba! Chale Riddhima?
Riddhima: hmmm
Anjy, Muski and Nikki: Bye Ridzi! Enjoy karna! (And the three winks at her making her go red)
Armaan: surely enjoy karenge. (Winks back)

Ridzi: Armaan?
Armaan: hmm
Ridzi: main theek lag rahi hun na? (Looking at him from the mirror)
Armaan: sach bolun toh gorgeous n bohot beautiful lag rahi ho…. (Ridzi smiles) and saath mein sexy bhi.. (Winks at her through mirror as she was seeing him; Ridzi blushes and hits his back)

They reach their destination! A beach! Not more people but few other couples busy in their own world. It was a beautiful place with the sounds of water! It was the moon and stars adding more beauty to the sea! The place was simply perfect, peaceful, cool and calm. Rocks were there to sit. Some sellers were there too.

Ridzi: it’s a very beautiful place!
Armaan: tumhe sea-sides pasand hai na?
Ridzi: (Smiles) hmmm. Let’s walk here.
Armaan smiles and held Ridzi’s hand tightly. She returned the smile and both started to walk past the sea. Whenever the water touches their feet Ridzi chuckles like a kid and Armaan couldn’t help but smile at her childish behavior. After that they both have dinner with lots of fun n togetherness. Both were sitting on the rock now. Riddhima was sitting in between Armaan’s legs. Her head was on his chest and her hands on his hands which were around her waist. Both sitting in silence and enjoying each others company. After a while
Ridzi: Armaan paani mein chaliye na.
Armaan: lekin Riddhima phir bheeg jaayenge hum log.
Ridzi: (Pouts) please!
Armaan: (Kisses her cheek) chalo my cute would be wifey.
Ridzi was enjoying in water. Splashing it and running in it. They didn’t go too far as they will get wet. Armaan wasn’t playing in water; he was standing and looking at her cute acts. He thinks she is adorable. Her smile is so breath-taking. Her big brownish eyes in which he sees love and care for himself.
Her small and cute nose. Her perfect shaped and pinkish lips which he wants to kiss
She is gorgeous!

Armaan: kab banogi tum Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik! (Sighs)
Ridzi splashes some water on him n laughs.
Armaan: Riddhima! Mujhe kyun bheega diya tumne?
Ridzi: itna toh haq banta hai na aap par? Waise aap itna darr rahe the paani mein aane ki mujhe yeh karna pada...(Laughs)
Armaan: main darr nahi raha tha...main toh (Stops)
Ridzi: kya kar rahe the aap? Mujhe pata hai aapko darr lagta hai isiliye aap nahi aa rahe the. (Shows her tongue to him) mr. darpock! (Laughs n runs from there)
Armaan: (Runs after her) abhi bataata hun.
After running for some time Ridzi stopped as she didn’t find Armaan behind her. They were out from the water. She looked around but didn’t find him. She got worried. 5 minutes passed still she couldn’t find Armaan. All started looking at her. She again searched and called out his name but he was nowhere in sight. Tears came in her eyes.
Ridzi: (Whispers) Armaan…
Armaan comes from behind and picked her up in hisstrong muscular arms and started to twirl her around. Ridzi didn’t know who it was and started shouting.
Armaan: (Puts her down) it’s me sweetheart!
Hearing his voice she opens her eyes and hugs him tightly. He got confused still he hugged her back and tried to calm her down.
Armaan: (Politely) kya hua jaan?
Ridzi didn’t reply just kept on hugging him. He held her in his arms protectively. He was shocked when he felt something wet on his chest. That means Riddhima was crying. He separated from the hug and looked at her.
Armaan: (Worried) kya hua Riddhima? Tum ro kyun rahi ho?
Ridzi: (Sobs) aap mujhe chodkar kahaan gayye the?
Armaan: main toh yahin tha just chup gaya tha.
Ridzi: kyun? Aapko pata hai main kitna darr gayyi thi?
Armaan: tumhe pakadna tha na isiliye. I am sorry
Ridzi: (Turns back) nahi chahiye aapki sorry
Armaan: arre mujhe kya pata tha tum darr jaogi. Kaan pakad ke sorry bas.
Ridzi didn’t reply. She kept on looking at the sea. Armaan went from there and soon he returned with ice-cream in his hand. He brought the ice-cream in front of her eyes. First she looked at ice-cream and then at him. He pouted his lips and mumbled sorry jaan! She couldn’t resist that cute face of his. She kept on looking at his face
Armaan: ice-cream melt ho rahi hai!
Ridzi: (Takes the ice-cream from his hand n starts licking it) next time sirf ice-cream se kaam nahi chalega Mr. Mallik!
Armaan: main tumhe ab kabhi bhi chodke jaaunga hi nahi
Riddhima looks in his eyes and he too looks in her eyes. Their eye-lock started. Riddhima came back to reality when felt something cold on her hand. Her ice-cream was melting. She again started to eat it. After some time both were sitting on sand. Her head on his shoulder n hands clasped together. Riddhima’s eyes were closed. Armaan saw a little boy selling beautiful red roses! He got up and started going towards him. Riddhima was surprised as to where he was going? She stood up and looked what he was up to. Armaan went to the boy and took a rose from him. He gave the money and smiled at him. Armaan came back to where Ridz was standing; he bent down on his knees. All looked at him. Riddhima too was surprised by this act of his! He gazed at her intently and then with all the love in his eyes he forwarded the rose to her. She was confused n it could be seen from her facial expressions. He smiled at her and said:
Armaan: I LOVE YOU!
Riddhima smiled after listening to him and took the rose from his hand and kissed it softly. He stood up and went close to her. She looks down blushingly.
Armaan: (Cutely) can I also get one please?
Riddhima blushed and started feeling nervous. Armaan came close and kissed her forehead lightly. She looks at him. He smiled at her.
Armaan: chalein?
Riddhima noded and Armaan turned.back. As he turned she held his hand and came forward. She moved close to his face and kissed his cheeks lovingly. All smiled including Armaan. Some of the guys over there whistled. Riddhima got all the very shy and hugged Armaan hiding her face in his neck. Armaan smiled and held her more close to him. Riddhima placed a soft kiss on his neck which made currents run in his whole body! He tightened his grip on her waist and nuzzled in her hair taking in her sweet fragrance. Riddhima shivered and hugged him more tightly. Armaan’s cell buzzed! Both came back to reality and separated from each other. Riddhima turned scarlet.Armaan smiled seeing her all red.
His cell buzzed again. He got irritated an answered the call with a frown.
Armaan: kaun hai bay?
Karan: (From other side) oyye Armaan ke bachche! Teri language ko kya ho gaya?
Armaan: (Shocked hearing Karan’s voice) bade papa aap?
Riddhima looks at him and feels nervous.
Karan: haan yaar main! Tu darr kyun raha hai?
Armaan: kuch nahi bade-papa! Vo toh bas aise hi.
Karan: (Smiles) achcha theek hai yaar mujhe pata hai tu date par gaya hai aur tujhe disturb nahi karna chahiye but teri badi-mom Riddhima se kuch baat karni thi.
Armaan: kya baat karni hai?
Karan: tu Riddhima hai kya?
Armaan: toh aap bhi badi-mom ho kya?
Karan: arre tu Riddhima ko phone de aur main Nandini ko deta hun.
Armaan: ok.. (Gives the cell to her)
Ridzi: (Whispers) mujhe kyun de rahein hai?
Armaan: (In the same tone) badi-mom ko tumse baat karni hai.
Riddhima got nervous as why Nandini wants to talk to her? She held the phone near her ear. Other side Nandini was there.
Nandini: Riddhima bachcha
Ridzi: jee
Nandini: (Smiles) beta koi tension waali baat nahi hai.
Ridzi: jee
Nandini: kya jee-jee laga rakha hai?
Ridzi: kuch nahi.
Nandini: (Laughs) achcha beta itna puchna tha ki kal tumhe Armaan, Ahaana aur baaki bachchon ke saath shopping par jaane mein koi problem toh nahi hai na? maine tumhaare mom-dad se pucha toh unhone haan keh diya just tumse puch lene ko kaha… tumhaare ghar se Nikita, Muskaan aur Anjali aa jaayenge.
Ridzi: mujhe koi problem nahi hai.
Nandini: theek hai phir. Enjoy kar rahi ho na date par Armaan ke saath?
Ridzi: (Blushes) jee (Bites her lower lip thinking what she said)
Nandini: oho! Matlab Armaan bohot badmaashi kar raha hai kya?
Ridzi blushed deep red and handed the cell to Armaan.
Armaan: kya hua badi-mom?
Nandini: (Smiles) kuch nahi beta main rakhti hun bye
Armaan: bye… (The call ends)
Armaan: kya baat karni thi bad-mom ko?
Ridzi: vo kal hum sab saath mein shopping par jaa rahe hain na yehi bolna tha.
Armaan: sab matlab? Dono families?
Ridzi: nahi matlab sirf hum bachche.
Armaan: oh! Ok...ghar chale?
Ridzi: hmm… (And they both leave)

After some time Armaan stopped the car outside Gupta house. He came out and opened the door for Riddhima. She smiled and came out.
Ridzi: bye!
Armaan: ek minute
Ridzi: kya hua?
Armaan goes to the other side of the car and got a gift which was wrapped and in other hand he was holding chocolates.
Armaan smiles and gives her chocolates. She accepted it gladly and whispered thanks smilingly. Then he gave her the gift. She smiled and took it.
Ridzi: ismein kya hai?
Armaan: khud dekh lena baad mein.
Ridzi: (Smiles) ok! Thanks!
Armaan: sirf thanks se kaam nahi chalega?
Ridzi: phir?
Armaan: (Came close to her) bataana padega?
Riddhima now got what was he saying and blushed and shakes her head negatively.
Armaan: (Turns back) not fair! Maine tumhe kitne saare gifts diye! (Pouts)
Ridzi kisses his cheeks and ran inside the gate. Armaan turned and saw her running.
Armaan: (Shouts) bye sweetheart! (Smiles)
Ridzi: (Blushes n then turns back) bye sweetu! (And runs in the house)
Armaan smiles at her words. Puts his hand in his hairs and mumbles ‘sweetu’!



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