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Part 2: My Bride (os)

2 - OH No - NOT so Fast, Prince.
Reaching home after a journey of 2 hours, she threw her bags at door mat and ran bell, only to her parents already standing in front of her with frown. She bit her lower lips, and spoke "Mum…." It was mere whisper. It was nineteen years! It's a lot. A doubt passed by Riddimaa's tiny brain that do they even remember her? Did they recognize her? 
Hearing the word 'Mum' from Riddimaa, the lady took few steps and hugged her lightly. "Oh Riddimaa! You look so big Beta…" she apart herself from hug "beta, please hurry up; guest would be at doors any minute." Padma, the mother pulled her in through her arm, while calling one of her faith full servant 'Maria'. "Mom what Guest?" Riddimaa hold up the courage to ask question.
"A family is coming to see you, Riddimaa. Would you rush up?" A threatening voice came out. Riddimaa shivered up in her place – and turned to look up at her dad. "Dad??" she said, with pain visible as tears had already started to shed.
"Padma, they are always on time! Get going!!" Her Father, Shahank turned his eyes to her wife. "Jee…" she pushed Riddimaa on stairs and told Maria to help her wear the dress kept on bed.
Riddimaa, who was still shock – kept a hand in Maria's palm to control her urge of breaking down, as Maria took her to the room. Gulping, Riddimaa shed numerous tears. "Ma'am, you have to stop crying." Maria pleaded; she was a 40+ lady and understood what nineteen year old girl might be going through.
"How can they do this to me?" Riddimaa, hardly whispered – when they both heard the voice of horns outside the home, Riddimaa gulped again and again – just to sallow the pain that was increasing after every minute and now it has started to make her chin ache.
"Ma'am lets go… We are late." Maria took her in and shut the door softly. Riddimaa looked down plainly at carpet floor. "Ma'am please withdrew your shoe and accessories" Maria took up the speed seeing a shock teen girl. "Here, hurry up…" Maria gave the two relevant piece of the dress "Ma'amm!!" Maria breaking the rule of respect and shook Riddimaa to bring her to the senses...
"Huh…" Riddimaa's eyes fell on the eyes of old lady. "Everything will be ok… beta, please change fast your father is a very strict person – he won't tolerate this behavior." Maria softened at the moment when Riddimaa fell in her arms, and hugged her while crying. "Please…" Maria caressed her hair, which were very long and jet black.
"You have very pretty hair; will try to tie a French beard. What say?" Maria changed topic – pulling her out, Riddimaa giggled and nodded in yes "You HAVE to change now!" Maria grinned. "Oh yes! Can't I black my face to scare them" Riddimaa pulled her 3 inch heel show out of her feet and along with it she pulled out all her long beads necklaces too. Maria giggled, "If you did that Sir will kill both of us!" Maria picked her things while she threw
"What is this?" Riddimaa changed with a door left ajar. "Sari?" Riddimaa shouted "shhhh!"Maria said, loudly. "Yes… come out quickly I will drape the sari over you!" Maria stood smiling straighten things of room.
"Uhmm Maria…" Riddimaa tried to tell her that she was out. Seeing Maria turned around, Riddimaa folded her hands around her body, as she felt uncomfortable with the midriff open – visible. "It's Okay; I am like your mom." Maria gave her a genuine smile and started to drape it around her – when there was an urgent knocks on door – and door open after Maria said to come in."Padma Ma'am Calling down stairs…" a nervous teenage servant told Maria."We are coming!" Maria placed the sari on her shoulder, "I need to put up something on her. You leave, we will come Sara!" Maria ordered her junior servant.
"What are you? Head of servants here huh?" Riddimaa giggled and Maria did a little touch on her face and gave her the selected light accessory chose by Padma. "Yes… kind off! I get all the scolding on behalf of them. So I am" Maria giggled along with Riddimaa, Basically it was a childish act played Maria – just to divert her mind and she had accomplished in diverting her mind.
Walking down the stairs, Riddimaa asked Maria to hold on to her, as she felt she was going to miss up one or two steps – so just to be on safe side Maria holds her from behind by her waist – though not making it obvious. Reaching at the sliding door of drawing room; from where she could hear people speak. 
Gulping she looks at Maria, "You have to make your way from here, alone." Maria caressed her cheek and gave her an encouraging smile. Riddimaa couldn't help but notice the beautiful bond that had developed in matter of half an hour with Maria – she felt she could rely on her at good and bad times. Riddimaa gave her a smile back and turned to the opened sliding door, taking a step she could possibly see few people, another step would make them all see her.
Looking down, she made a silent pray and took another step. Seeing Her Mom shriek "Oh see my pretty daughter is here!" Padma got up, and walks up to her. "Naina, she is Riddimaa…" Padma made a separate introduction of her to a lady. Naina possibly grooms mother got up and caressed her face, which made Riddimaa look up at her.
"You really are pretty; I won't be shock at the description my son gave me." Naina laughed along with Padma. "MOM!" here was that grooving voice. It was from her back. She could feel the voice, as if she has heard it before. Feeling connected she wanted to turn and look at him, but couldn't due to a soft clutch on her shoulder by her mom. Riddimaa could hardly turn and see.
"Shahank… You really have a diamond piece – to claim it yours." A guy of her father's age spoke, getting up he walks up to Riddimaa and gave her an envelope. "This is a small amount of cash – a gift from my family to you." Riddimaa looks at her mother, who nodded in yes. He kept a hand over her head to give her blessings.
"Aree aren't you going to meet the person for whom all this is happening." Her mom, giggled to tease Riddimaa. Riddimaa bit her lower lips, when she felt her moms hold off her and Naina turning her around. The first thing she thought was OH MY GOD! IS HE THE PRINCE ARMAN MAILK!!!
"Hey…" HE grinned and forward his hand "I am Arman Malik." He introduced, "Riddimaa beta…" Padma shook her lightly, from back "Uhmm … Hi…" Riddimaa placed her hand in his, looking up in his oceanic eyes – she felt she was going to drown in his oceanic eyes like last time, his clutch was still on her soft small hand. She was always confused why his eyes would empower her, looking in it, she would feel herself to be his, by all means. That would leave her startled at her own thoughts! How could anyone's eyes hold such magic?
Till there was a fake cough by Arman's parents, Riddimaa pulls her hand out with a frown. She turned her back at him and settled with her mom. Arman frowned and sat back to his place. Padma saw this and scowled at her daughter's stupidity.
"Shahank I would like to say this that we are willing to have her as a bride for our son." Billy sat straight in his seat; Riddimaa dropped her gaze down and closed her eyes, to stop tears. Hearing Shahank laugh on the other end, he called one of the servant to bring sweets, all the elders got up to seal the relation while they both were settled, Arman who was continuously staring at her and Riddimaa who was breathing heavily with her face casted downwards. She knew his eyes were on him, she could feel his piercing gaze on her – she had started to feel an unknown hatred for him. This morning, she was about to tell her friends that he was haunting her in her dreams but by night she came to know that he was going to haunt her the entire life. She felt suffocated, she wanted to go away, get out of this mess.
Again using her brain, when His mother came and made her eat a small piece of sweet, she gave a faint smile. She thought and thought, and after it she came to the point that it was him and only him, who had sent this proposal. It was all his deed. She concluded and cursed him again and again. And after it Riddimaa, began to think how to get herself out of this mess, when only one name rang in her mind, MUSKAN.
On the other hand, Arman had an urge to stand up and cuddle her in his arms. The moment Riddimaa had walked in his heart beat had begun to miss few throbs. He couldn't help but think of the day when she turns his princess, his sweetheart, only. Smirking at her, he could conclude that she was cursing him to no heed. 
Don't worry, I know you might have bowled away by seeing me here – but I guess, I couldn't get enough of you that day, believe me my princess, I will keep you happy, he thought. His brain had started to work fast as he traced her every move. He just couldn't pull away his gaze. Oh I love her! He concluded taking a long sigh as he saw her excusing herself once the Champaign was opened by Arman.
Everyone frowned at her sudden excuse, "Padma I hope she doesn't have any objection."Naina asked, with a worried frown and passed a look to her son who was sipping his Champaign. Padma choked slightly, "Aree Nahi….. Nahi… Naina… It's just you know, she is nineteen. Hardly went anywhere, all her life she was in hostel. She might be feeling suffocated." Padma made up the idea, which convinced everyone but not Arman, who knew the right reason. "I will call her, Why not she shows the house to Arman, they could talk and all." Padma was about to go when Arman did the honor and said, "Aunty Can I go?" His voice stopped her, Padma flattered, "Yes, Beta. Why not! you can go after you get over with the Champaign." Padma smiled and settled back at her place.
Riddimaa Stood pressing her back – on the kitchen counter, dialing a number on her mobile phone. Maria who tried to ease but Riddimaa said, "I am ok… I need my friend only." Riddimaa looks at Maria with a pleading look.
Maria nodded and began to work her chorus. "H.hello… Muskan…" she sobbed hearing her friend on other line, "Listen to me, they are getting me married Muskan. They didn't call me because they missed me. Mom and dad called me because that moron Prince Malik had sent the proposal for marriage" she pat his name in anger, not caring about servants too "Help me Muskan please.… help…" hearing her mom call.
She cuts the phone abruptly and rubs her tear, grabbing a tissue box from which she pulled few tissue papers, "Aree Arman beta – Riddimaa is here in kitchen, why are you standing at door." Padma, who had walked in to check if Arman found her but frowned seeing him standing at door with arms crossed over his chest and drooling smile. Seeing her daughter standing at corner, she smiled thinking the boy had fell for her daughter badly enough. Shaking him from behind, he looks at Padma with embarrassment. 
To avoid any more embarrassment for Arman, Padma walks in the kitchen and told Riddimaa, "Take Arman along with you and show him our house." Padma smiled at her daughter, who nodded softly. Clutching her mobile in her palm she walks ahead.
 "Riddimaa, take Arman on a tour of our home. Arman our home isn't big but it shall give you both sometime to talk ok?" Padma kept a loving hand on his shoulder. "Yes Aunty, thank you" he smiled, showing his deep dimples. She walks ahead of him while he caught up with her steps as soon Padma left. "So?" he started…pulling his hands in his pockets, grinning at her uncomfortable walk.
"Nothing…" she replied, annoyingly stepping over stairs, "You don't look happy. Is it?" He asked, matching her footsteps, "Oh so is it that obvious…" she taunted, amused at herself for being so bold. "You are not a very welcoming person, but it's okay… I will adjust." He chuckled as he saw her scowl to herself. "Thank you very much, for adjusting…" she tried to match his wittiness, but terribly failed. Hearing her phone ring she panicked and was about to close when he snatched and picked it up.
Riddimaa who look around the place trying to think what could she do to get her Phone back, It was Muskan on like and hearing him not speak at all, she concluded that the talkative Muskan was blabbering nonsense and that to the opposite team. She's going to lose the game badly. Riddimaa concluded to snatch her phone, walking up to him, she heard him reply in calm voice "Shut up!" said to the person – Muskan, who was on phone "she is Busy – call her later for telling that stupid plan of yours" he cut the phone and passed it to her, with a grin.
"That is wrong!" she pointed out. "You have No Right to do that!" she holds up the courage to tell him."No I don't felt it wrong… at all. I felt it right by every aspect." he smiled at her, as he opened one door "Whose room is it?" he asked peeping his head in. "Mine…" she mumbled, looking down at her phone. 
"Oh great – that was I looking for." He walked, turned to see her outside the room, trying to text Muskan "come on in! It's your room, only." pause "And you surely won't like it if I broke that phone!"  He chuckled seeing her nervous face. "So please keep it on a side and talk to me." He smiled at her genuinely. 
"Ma'am Tea…" Maria, the servant announced, who stood behind Riddimaa. Riddimaa turned "Maria – we be coming down! Take it down." Riddimaa answered, frowning at Maria, before Maria could justify her act, Arman stepped in the conversation and said, "Bring it in, Maria." Passing a smile to elderly women, who smiled and walked in with the tray. "Don't be nervous. Nothing is going to happen just go and have tea." Maria tried to calm a 19 year old girl, who nodded and walked in – leaving the door ajar. "Finally, I will pour tea for you." He filled cups with tea.
"So Riddimaa tell me about you?" He asked, seeing her sitting on bed at an edge with him on an arm chair – that rocked. "I study, "she fidgeted in her place with a cup in her hand. "Still studying?" He asked, smiling at her 'she is so innocent – so not like other type of girls, who are nothing but s**t' he thought. "No, did my graduation…" she whispered. "Louder please…" he got up and walks to sit beside her.
"You look good when you sit there" she spoke out, without thinking. "I would love to sit here. I hope you don't mind." He settled beside her before she could tell hell how much she minded it, seeing him grin, she pushed herself away from him and cursed him
"So have you planned about doing further studies?" He asked, grinning at her little soon-to-be-bride – who was all shy and innocent. "Mama and Dad called me back, cancelling my next degree registration." She replied, sipping her tea, looking straight not even looking at is side, it was his entire fault that what her mind kept on chanting. He frowned and was about to ask details; when a servant knocked and said that elders were calling them down.
Taking a Leave Billy invited all of them for a dinner tomorrow.  "Of course we will come" Shahank replied, shaking hands. "Riddimaa beta, do come ok!" Naina spoke, after bidding bye to Padma. And in response Riddimaa just smiled fakely, that made Arman chuckle. Naina hugged her and walked away to car lead by Arman.
Walking inside the home after they left, Riddimaa badly ignored her parents and began to go up to her room. She was tired – exhausted, depressed – in one day her life was up and down. She couldn't help but think that it's just a bad dream.
Walking upstairs she could hearing her Mom, "He is really rich and only 24 year old. He will keep her happy, Shahank." Padma kept on blabber as she walked inside the kitchen. 
Shahank who was going upstairs couldn't help but notice his daughters lifeless face, after all he was her father, his blood. No matter how much he tries to ignore this fact – she was His daughter, His blood. He knew the reason but wasn't going to accept it. After all he was making his daughters future, Thinking how stupid her daughter is, she is getting what every girl desire for and here she is acting as if she is going to lose her life. "I want to study…dad" she didn't care anymore, what they felt; she wanted to pour her heart to her father, feeling that he would understand.
"What for Riddimaa? I have created this huge business – to fulfill ours and your needs, why do you want to study? For what? And besides, I wouldn't have object on your studying if we hadn't got a proposal from a Rajasthan Prince. You know they have huge empire here in Mumbai. You won't have to go away from your family too." Shahank tried to make her think over the other side of coin.
"But Dad, that's the only dream – I dreamt. To study and stand on my feet's." Riddimaa spoke, again – with tears.
Seeing her father exhale a deep sigh, she looks up at him to hear, "its not possible Riddimaa. They have huge background, with huge norms and values of their own family. I don't think they would ever agree that their daughter-in-law work in one of the 9-5 place." Shahank started to walk up to his room, which was on the other end to Riddimaa's room.
"Then say no. I don't want to marry!" Riddimaa mumbled with lowered head, closing her eyes –scared of what may come next.
"Here I make the decision – you follow. I guess, it's late and you need rest! Good night!" Shahank walked away. Riddimaa ran to her room, with tears.
After reaching in her room, she fell on bed and cried till she heard her phone ringing and flashing the name – Muskan. She spoke to Muskan, crying along with her friend at her destiny, which was determined by her ruthless parents. Whole day's event had worn her out – she felt all her systems to stop working – her body giving up to tiredness and she hit to a slumber sleep, after getting consoled by her friend 
Dinner at Malik Residence,
Seeing the beautiful home of Malik and bowled away Riddimaa's parent. Padma, who couldn't help but blabber that how lucky they were to get a daughter at first place and then getting their family getting engaged in such a bond, that to a royal family. 
Shahank, who felt a throb of proud in his chest as he walked into the lounge area by one of the servant all the time he kept chanting that how beautiful the house was.
"Mom Please!" Riddimaa distance herself, rubbing a faint tear – feeling herself locked behind these long walls, soon, seeing her Mom sequel at the home's decoration.
"Good Evening Uncle Aunty. Hello Riddimaa. Come on in." Arman smiled and took them in. "Mom dad; they are here!" Arman announced, as he caught up with them and took them to main lounge area…
Soon enough everyone got indulge in talking about the marriage when a personality similar to Arman walked down in a proper formal shirt and formal pants. "Hello Everyone, I am Rahul, small brother of Arman." Rahul introduce himself. Going for the elders first – he took their blessing and then walks to the pretty lady – in pink sari.
"Hello…." Pause "Bhabhi…" Rahul dropped his hand forward to shake it with her. "Rahul sallae …. She is my wife, don't even think of flirting!" Arman pointed out, hitting his forward hand away.
"Your are so Jealous at times bhai, that she might fall for my grace as I am more handsome than you!" Rahul concluded, tucking one of his in his pocket. Chuckling at Arman's growling face.
"Heck with you Rahul! She is mine and only mine right Riddimaa?" he rolled an arm around her waist, which made her jolt up and made her stare at him and his brother. Her heart beat began to rise up – and was about to touch the peak when she heard His mom speak. 
"You two, stop bugging my Daughter in law. And Rahul leave your brother in peace today." Naina spoke, strictly. "Arman take Riddimaa for a short trip of our house naa!" Naina added.
"Yes mom why not!" he was still holding her from her waist; his hand was on waist, how he felt disappointed to hold her from this side, which was covered with sari. Sighing at his uncontrollable nature he heard Rahul whilst – making Riddimaa go more red.
"Please leave me…" Riddimaa hold up the courage in her throat and blurt it out once they had crossed the stair case, he was telling her about the scenery. 
"Is everything okay?" he asked, still holding on to her, feeling her struggling to pull his hand away – he frowned.
"Could just take your hand off me…" Riddimaa again said when he at once left her. She looks down at her sari – which did looks scattered a bit from places. "I want to go to washroom…" she said, as she holds her dress where the furs were tucked in neatly, and now it were coming out from places. 
"uhmm I am sorry… yes please this way." He felt ashamed at his act, and walk ahead leaving her back to follow him - he didn't wanted her to get more embarrassed...
Walking in His room – he point at the washroom, she took pace and rushed to the washroom, leaving a disappointing Arman behind looking at her rushing figure. "Dude she hates you!" Arman told himself, pouting he settled on his bed with thud...
He saw her coming out in an organized manner after 15 minutes and a bit serious more than a few minutes before. "I wanted to talk to you…!" Riddimaa started off, seeing him make a nod. He knew what was going to come, he was kind off ready.  "I don't want to get married." She boldly said, not at all fidgeting this time. 
"And I want to get married to you, only to you!" he replied, walking closer to her and standing right in front of her. His Response had charged her all more, she began to speak a bit louder but her quivering voice told how nervous she was, "Just because – I said No for going on date with you in Shimla?" she asked, taking a step backwards to create an appropriate space between the two.
"Well, I am not ashamed to say that I fell in love when I first led my eyes on you – and I want you to be my wife." He smiled down at her, taking another step, he reduced the distance between them, "Believe me I am best for you" he replied, proudly.
"But that's what you want! I don't!" she fought, in lower volume, taking yet another step backwards, "You Love someone…" he questioned looking in her eyes, blankly. Only he knew how his own words has pierced his heart, staring at her face he surely took a relief because he could read her quietness. Waiting for her response he took another step, eliminating the small space too.
Riddimaa stayed mum for a second, and then replied "What if I say yes!" she whispered looking up in his oceanic color eyes, her back felt the cold wall behind her feeling her back on wall completely.
"Lair!" he grinned, he placed his palms on both sides of her, empowering her – locking her in between wall and his own body, She groaned at his reply and scowled as he blocked the her, cornered her. His stares began to get stronger, the bubbles had started to start up in the pit of their stomach… the closeness was driving Arman to no heed. He couldn't help but stare at her eyes and then at her luscious lips covered with a pink gloss. The eye contact broke the very second his eyes left her, and stopped at her lips, his abs slightly brushed her sari front furs, making her shudder and at that moment she felt what was happening, lowering her eyes and she mentally hit her head to lose herself in his magnificent eyes.
Arman closed his eyes too to hold up his desire, parting himself from her - he made space, and turned his back at her, moving a hand over his hair, he calmed his inner soul. On the other hand, she bit her lips and calm herself and tried her best Not to blush. She started to walk to doors, when he shook his head and thought to clear the awkwardness before it is pulled to high, "Hey, You wanted to study Right?" he asked, walking up to her, making her stop at doors which was left ajar now,
 "Yes…" her smiled grew as she turned back towards him to face him. "Alright, you shall study. Name the best institute here – and you shall study their!" he asked, he couldn't help but notice how red face she had turned – and now the excitement and happiness of studying brought more prettiness to her beautiful face.
She couldn't help but mention, "Really? Dad last night was saying that your parents will object!" she squealed at him happily. "My Parents will object if you don't study and work for our Empire!" he spoke, smiling at her enthusiasm. 
"OMG REALLY?" she tried to digest it, the words were making her feel that she was dreaming. She wanted to pinch herself, seeing him nod at her, she took a deep breath in and exhales it out, to calm herself "Thank you…"she added, "Thanks a lot." She smiled genuinely at him.
"I wish to be thanked in a different manner." He looks side way trying to hide his grin – knowing very well what had happened a minute ago – he couldn't help but be naughty as he was, as he saw her looking at him shock, and the next second her gaze fell down as she understood his intention though she studied in a girl's hostel but she knew how boys were, and the encounter she faced few minutes had proved how fast he was But 'listen Mr. Prince... not so fast -- can't you just hold your horse, and let me be comfortable for a while! How empowering person he was! She cursed him
"What? Can't I expect that much? I worked hard for convincing my parents for your studies, you know" he frowned, dramatically – knowing that she had understood what he really wants. "But… you said, your parent might get disappoint, if I don't study, you haven't done anything in particular for me…" she blushed, feeling hotness around her neck – as she tried to negotiate. "Whatever… I am asking for a kiss." He adamantly said, pouring out his feeling aloud, taking few steps he closed the distance and circled his one arm around her waist, she crushed up over his chest with her both palms over his chest and her eyes popping out at his sudden wave of reaction.



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