Saturday, 8 May 2021


"lagta hai maine zyada hi bol diya.." Armaan told himself as he looked at the bathroom door that was close from the past 2 hours.  "5 minutes more and she'll beat the previous record of locking herself in the bathroom. Aakhir yeh itna ro kaise lati hai voh bhi without Glycerine. Koi normal person itna roye to usko dehydration ho jayega..." shaking his head he got up from the bed and moved towards the door to manofy his wife.

"Riddhima..I am sorry, I shouldn't have laughed at you..please bahar aa jao.." finally when the previous record of hers was broken and she had created another record, he knocked on the door.

"Riddhima...I am sorry na..." he said knocking on the door one more time. Now this was different coz every time she used to say something back but till now no response from the other side.

"Riddhima..please..." he knocked harder this time. "Dekho open the door nahin to main ...I'll ...I'll.." he looked around for something to break open the lock but couldn't

"accha baat nahin karna to mat kar but atleast give me some response  yaar so I know that you are okay.." Still no response.. "fine, you don't want to answer to thik hai you can spend the whole day in the bathroom crying and I'll go out to enjoy the beautiful...." he used his last weapon knowing very well- this weapon his immune to getting fail and wasn't he right. The door flung opened before he could complete his sentence.

"beautiful.."? she asked as he sighed looking at her, finding her in her normal state "mujhe pata tha, tum...tumhe bas yehi sab karna hai..that's why you were so excited for this trip. Mere se bhi zyaada... let this trip ends and then I'll show you the real beauty .." she said furiously, her tied up in a bun with a green face pack on her face.

"thank you sooo much for opening the door. Now that you are okay, you can continue your crying + make up session for another 2 hours . waise this face pack of yours won't hide the tears. So it's better if you go and face it. In the meantime, I'll go and enjoy.."

"Just wait for 5 minutes..Main bhi chalungi. Even I want to see what is more beautiful than your wife.."  she said slamming the door on his face. "Typical wife..." he whispered rolling his eyes at her reaction.

It's not like she is the tougher one to handle, she is the senti one but handling the mental in their senti-mental love story is no less. She got a glimpse of it on the first day of their outing. It was like any normal day which didn't remained normal by the time it ended- their first ever shopping day. Before engagement they didn't get the chance to meet much. Otherwise their story would have come to the end before even getting started.

Armaan and Riddhima went together for shopping and like an ardent shopper; she selected many dresses, majority for herself and just one or two for him. Armaan like a perfect fianc was giving her his inputs of what kind of clothes to buy. Everything was going fine- just fine till the time of payment. Armaan took out his card and very politely told the cashier

"I am paying for the shirt and the trouser, rest she'll pay.." she couldn't believe at first.  Before this statement of his everything was going just like what usually happens in any normal story. Like any other normal story, the guy selects the dresses and pays the bill, in fact in some cases he forces her to buy more but this was not going normal. Isn't it the duty of the guy to pay the bill- especially in the case when the guy is none other than your fianc- your future husband?

"Armaan you are not serious.." she whispered, making sure no one was watching them.

"serious about what?" he asked clueless.

"about this payment stuff.."

"I am paying for my clothes and you'll pay for yours, isme maine galat kya bola..." he shrugged his shoulder.

"but main..shouldn't you be paying. We are about to get married to 'mera' aur 'tumhare' kya hota's not about 'you' or 'me' but  WE." She said trying to make him understand the importance of their relationship.

"Riddhima, I know what you are talking about but we are not married so 'we' and 'us' after the marriage, for now limit this to 'you' and 'me'..okay..." he replied showing his traditional dimpled smile. 

"but...main...I don't have that much of money..." she whispered  "and the clothes are also packed. Ab wapis karenge to accha nahin lagega. Dekho na kitna log hai yaha..." she said making him look around.

"arey itni se baat, don't worry I'll tell them to take it back..." he simple told her and this was followed by the returning of the clothes that she brought with so much love as people standing around them passed them weird looks.

This wasn't the only instance which gave some kind of hint to her about the mental level of her husband. In her case too- the latest one was their wedding night. She was crying as she was missing her parents badly and her husband, her pillar of support who should be supporting her, simply told her directly on her face "Riddhima, my friend is a very good divorce lawyer. I am sure he won't mind making papers at this hour.."  he told her. Maybe it was a joke for him but cracking such joke at that hour- any normal person in his senses won't even think about.

That was also the first time when they both told the other their true feelings, those feelings that were waiting to erupt but they were suppressing from a very long time just coz they didn't want to hurt the other.  Par uss raat, all their "didn't want to hurt the other feelings" went down the drain and the volcano finally erupted.

"Riddhima you are too Senti to handle..." Getting frustrated he told her on her face. Riddhima, on listening the 'most- hated- word' of her dictionary, finally told him on his face

" and you know what Armaan,  you are too mental to handle..."

That was the day and today is the day- now they don't think twice before telling the other how senti she is or how mental he is.


Half day had already passed so nothing much happened except exploring the cruise. Next day she got to know the exact meaning of the word "beautiful" ' Riddhima, with the camera in her neck jumped out of the cruise in excitement. She was followed by the other families. They were on an island for sight- seeing and were told to come back in 1 hour. Riddhima had never been to an island before so the excitement was pretty much visible on her face. It's not like Armaan wasn't excited but when it comes to expressing, he wasn't that expressible. He looked at her face and smiled.

"Riddhima ek baat bolu.." he said after looking around, a devilish smile on his face as she was busy looking around. She nodded, capturing the photos telling him to go on.

"You are not a coward...hai na.." he asked putting a straight face.

"kyun usme bhi tumhe doubt hai..." she said looking around as he followed her.

"nahin..main to bas yeh keh raha tum only if you want, how about a bet- if you win I promise I won't laugh at you throughout the whole journey but if I won, you won't cry during this whole trip." She turned and looked at him, especially at his face. After hearing the bet she knew something was going on in his mind. It's not very normal of him to come up with bet sort of thing.

"and may I know the reason behind this sudden bet.." she asked, not able to come up with any solution. He had prepared the answer before hand, knowing his wife's nature of not believing everything just like that as he replied "It's very simple Riddhima, you don't like me laughing at you all the time and I don't like you crying all the time, after this bet at least ek ka to bhala ho are you in?" he brought his hand in front of hers, waiting for her response. She thought for a moment and very reluctantly kept it on his.

"Cool!, okay so the bet is very simple...voh forest dikh raha hai na.." he said pointing to the dense  forest as she nodded.. "you just have to go and stand in there for the next 30 minutes, agar tumne yeh kar liya you won, otherwise I'll be the winner..Simple isn't..." he said. She looked at the forest for a moment and slowly turned to look at her husband. Now she knew why in the first place he thought of this stupid bet.  It was pretty much clear that he didn't want her to win. She couldn't sit alone in the cinema hall coz of darkness and here he was telling her to stand in the dense forest. Though it was daylight, still it was a bit dark in the out there coz of big trees. "so what...Armaan ko kya lagta hai I can't do this..main bhi aaj unko bata dungi who is the better among us." She told herself.

"you are on Armaan and get ready to lose.. bet to main hi jeetungi..." she said in a confident tone and turning around went inside.

After one hour

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." she screamed and covered her face with her hands in shock as Armaan stood besides her covering his ears with the fingers.

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