Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Part 2: Vaade

Next day

Everything was ready.arrangements were done and now the time to leave for dehli.rahul,armaan and anjali were going by flites with their parents and some more relatives.
"rahul sare kapde rakh liye na,aur jo b jruri saman ?"rahul's mum asked coming in room where armaan was sitting helping rahul.
"ap tension mat lo aunty,ye to already 3 bar sab check kar chuka hai"armaan laughed with rahul's mom.

After some hours they all were in plane.armaan anjali and rahul were sitting together talking.
"sale bhabhi se bat tak nai karwai,na hi nam btaya"armaan complained
"ha rahul,atleast mujhse to bat karwata"anjali to joined armaan
They talk about all the random stuff that happened in their life and how much they missed their time spend together.
After an hour or so they reached dehli.
At dehli airport shashank,padma and atul were waiting for the groom's family to recieve them.
"are bhai,humare jawaisaa kaha hai???"shashank asked to rahul's father as they all wished each other.
"wo uske dosto ke sath hai,un logo ko kuch arrangement karwani hai isliye wo log alag ja rh hai"he answered and they all went to gupta house.
Armaan was standing with anjali and rahul waiting for a taxi when a girl in white salwar suit came and hugged armaan tightly.
A smile form on armaan's lips looking the girl whereas rahul and anjali were standing with their jaw touching the ground and eyes popped out.
"nikki...good to see u after so many days yar"armaan said to the girl.
"yaa yaa...mumbai jaa ke bhul gaye panchgani ke dosto ko tum aur ab keh rahe ho ki good to see you"she replied coming out from the hug and then she looked at rahul and anjali who were still in shock.
She asked armaan through her eyes"ye mujhe aise q dekh rh hai??"
Armaan snapped his finger infront of them.
"care to introduce with the beautiful lady,ammy"rahul said to easy the situation.
"oohh ya,she is nikita malhotra,my very good friend from my masters colg,and they are my best friend anjali and rahul."armaan introduced them and they shake hands smiling friendly.
"btw armaan,tum bhul gaye ho ki mai ab nikita malhotra nahi,nikita modi hu...as i am married to abhimanyu 2 months back"nikita told them.
Then they all moved out and went to the hotel where they have arranged all the functions.rahul has asked nikita to join them for the function and marriage with them.

On the other side,when all the garewals came to gupta house,riddhima has done the arrangements for their stay.she got to know that groom and his friends are staying in hotel where the functions and marriage is going to take place.
She was feeling restless,she was feeling like something is going to happen,good or bad,she too don't know.

The function was arranged as next day will be haldi in afternoon and mehndi and sangeet together in evening and then marriage day after the next day.
As riddhima was a wedding planner so she was busy with arrangements.
On the other side,armaan got a call from his office that he got a deal in delhi and it is very important to attain so he was busy with the meeting.

Haldi function

All were applying haldi to RM on either sides.anjali was with rahul whole time and riddhima with muskaan so their was no chance for them to meet or see each other.haldi function went with all masti.

After resting for sometime,muskaan was taken to the hall where other functions was held.

It was the first meeting for RM after their engagement which was done in a business party where riddhima didn't went.
Rahul introduced anjali and nikki to muskaan.and she introduced them to atul.atul in first look was attracted to anjali but she was not at all interested in him.
The function started and all were dancing and singing.
Anjali and nikki performed some dance followed by atul and some of muskaan's relatives.

"ye ridzi kaha reh gai,use to perform karna tha"muskaan said and she heard a voice from the stage
A figure was on stage facing her back towards them and she said
"muski,this one is for u my sweetheart"

The music starts and she turns,it is none other then our riddhima.she starts dancing on song "chitiyaan kalaaiyaan ve"

Anjali and rahul are shock to see riddhima infront them after 5 years.they smile looking each other.
After the dance finishes,riddhima runs to muskaan and hugs her.rahul and anjali are still looking at anjali.
As they come out of the hug,riddhima's eyes fall on rahul and she looks at him in a shock.
"ridzi,ye hai..."muskaan was cut by riddhima,"rahulllll..."she comes out of the shock,
"ha rahul,shona,tera bunny..."rahul said giving riddhima a side hug.
She smiles and tears are there in her eyes.
"ridzi"anjali calls her and she again gets a shock.
"anjy"she shouts and takes anjy in a rib crushing hug.
"gals mai bhi"saying rahul to join and they share a group hug.
Muskaan,nikita and atul are still shock as they don't know what is happening and how they know each other.
"ridzi,rahul ye sab kya ho raha hai,how come u guys know each other"muskaan ask as she is getting impatience seeing them like this.
"muski,ye mere best frnds hai,mai jb graduation me thi tb se janti hu inhe,btaya tha na tujhe..."riddhima answered.
"wow matlab tum log ek dusre ko phle se jante ho"atul said
"ha hum best frnds hai,hum 4o ko kabhi koi alag nh kar paya tha colg time me,hum khate sath me,padte sath me,masti b sath me hoti thi aur pyar...wo to bhot tha humare bich,aur aj bhi hai"anjali said.
By now riddhima was having tears listening to anjali and remembering the old time they have spend together.
"4o?? 4o kaise hue,tum to bas 3 hi ho"nikita said.
"ek aur kaun hai,aur wo kaha hai???"atul asked
Anjali and rahul look at each other and then at riddhima who was by now on pull of tears.
"wo..."before he could complete riddhima ran from there crying.
She came down crying and was running out of the hall when she bump to someone and lost her balance.she closed her eyes with the fear of falling,the next second they were on ground with riddhima on top of that person.the other person was still lost as he didn't understand what is happening and why was he got a welcome falling down.
Riddhima came back to sence and she moved her hair which was on her face.
As she moved her hair,her eyes led on the person who was looking at him and soon she was lost in his blue oceanic eyes.they both were lost in each other as if they are the only people in this earth...as if they got their lives back...as if they wants to be in each others arm forever and ever...


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