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Part 21& 22 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 21

Armaan had found some time alone to clear his mind. After leaving the hospital he went home and relaxed after a long time. He hadn't had any time since Riddhima had left him, the tension built up, the pressure of beginning internship, leaving home, coming to Mumbai, and seeing Riddhima's look alike in front of him...was all too much for him. This was the first day he was all on his own and had time to sleep. After resting and taking all negative thoughts out of his mind he decided to leave to go back to Sanjeevani for his night duty. He grabbed his bag which he had thrown onto the sofa when he entered and left the apartment. He had just walked down the street which was unusually quiet thinking to himself when he saw a massive gathering up ahead.

Armaan: What's happening there? - he thought out loud - Maybe an accident...I better go and check it out

After pushing through the crowd he found himself looking at a lot of familiar faces, some injured, some trying to help the injured and two girls looking petrified.

Armaan: Guys!!!! - looking around at everyone and then the two bodies on the floor - what happened? Has anyone called for an ambulance?

Muskaan nods her head slowly still looking very scared. When he realised he wasn't going to get an answer from anyone he decided to check Atul along with Anji while Abhi and Ridz had a look at Rahul. Soon they heard the sounds of ambulance siren and they moved to the side while the paramedics did their job. Atul and Rahul were taken to the hospital in the ambulance while Armaan, Muskaan, Ridz and Anji made their way back to the hospital by foot. Abhi had decided to take Nikki home as she was badly shaken up.


Rahul and Atul were brought to the hospital and were wheeled straight into the operation theater. Rahul's case was taken by Dr. Sharma and assisted by Anjali. Atul's case was being handled by Dr. Shubankar and assisted by Ridz. Armaan was called for his duty by Dr. Keerti and he had gone on his rounds. After a while he walked towards the O.T to see what was happening when he saw Muskaan sitting on her own, on the verge of tears, looking up at the red O.T light every few minutes while biting her nails. He walked towards her and sat down on the bench next to her. She turned around to look at him...

Muskaan: I hope he's ok...

Armaan: I'm sure he'll be fine Muskaan...don't worry - putting a hand on her shoulder

Muskaan: But what if...

Nikki: Nothing is going to happen...he's a strong guy ok

Muskaan: - wiping her tears - yeh he is...this is all Atul's fault

Armaan: What happened?

Muskaan: Woh...woh Atul ne... - begins to stammer and burst out in tears

Armaan:'s ok…don't worry... - giving her a side hug - just forget it, let's just pray that they both are safe

Muskaan nods while she wipes her tears.

Armaan: Ok...i have to get back to work...I'll come and check on them later...

She nods again and looks at him as he walks away.

Muskaan: - silently to herself - Please save him...

*Girls Apartment*

Abhi had brought a sobbing Nikki home and made her relax on the sofa while he made her a cup of coffee. He stood in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil and looked over at Nikki; she had her feet up on the sofa, her knees pulled up to her chin, her eyes closed and she was slightly trembling. Abhi poured the water into the mugs and stirred the coffee well before taking the cups and walking back to Nikki. He approached her slowly and put the cups down onto the coffee table. She felt his presence and opened her eyes slowly. He sat there looking at her in this condition; he didn't understand what had happened to her; why she was behaving like this but he felt really shocked to see her like this.

Abhi: Nik…

He was unable to finish his sentence; Nikki quickly flung her arms around his neck and started to cry on his shoulders. He was taken back by her action but instead of moving away he comforted her by caressing her hair slowly and whispered soothing words into her ears.

Abhi: Nikki…it's ok…everything's ok now…you'll be fine…I'm here with you…

After sometime Nikki controlled herself and slowly pulled back wiping the tears from her eyes.

Nikki: I'm…I'm sorry…


Both operations were successful and were handled really well by the senior doctors and assistant interns. The patients; Atul and Rahul were shifted into separate rooms in the special ward. Dr. Sharma and Anjali stood outside of Rahul's room talking over the operation and other formalities.

Sharma: Dr. Anjali have you tried to contact his parents?

Anjali: Yes sir I have tried but we are not able to get through to anyone…

Sharma: Oh no…we will have to inform his family members somehow…it was a major accident and serious operation

Anjali: I will keep trying…but I don't think I'll get very far…maybe we should ask him when he wakes up…

Sharma: Ok…that was a close call, at least we got both of them to the hospital in time…

Anjali: Yes…I thought something like this was going to happen…they're always arguing…

Sharma: Hmm - looking at Anjali who looked scared and stressed out - Are you ok Dr. Anjali?

Anjali: Yeh I'm…I'm ok… - blinking her eyes a few times to get focused

Sharma: Are you sure? You look very shaken up…

Anjali: Yeh im ok…it's just so sudden…so much happened at once…

Sharma: I understand…let's go to the canteen…once you have something to drink you'll feel better

Anjali: Yeh I think so… - smiles warily at him before following him to the canteen

*Girls apartment*

Nikki: I'm…I'm sorry Abhi…I know I freaked out for no reason…

Abhi: Nikki…it's ok…it happens

Nikki: No Abhi… - cutting him off – I over reacted…but I couldn't help's just…back home, in Shimla…I never came across anything like that before…

Abhi: I know… - understanding her situation a little

Nikki was brought up away from all the violence and cruelty. Her family always kept her in a safe umbrella which made life so much easier. The only difficult situation she had ever faced was being separated from her friends which wasn't so hard as she had found them again. But she had never seen any violence before; her friends and family were always around her and the town she lived in was very simple; she never had to look outside the box for any reason. This was the first time she had witnessed a fight and it scared the life out of her…

Nikki: Abhi…I don't understand…why would anyone want to hurt someone so badly? Why do people fight for pointless reasons? I just don't understand…why do they hate each other so much?

Abhi: Nikki…it's not a simple thing to understand…to be honest even I don't understand…but I don't think they really hate each other…

Nikki: Abhi? How could you say that? If they didn't hate each other why would they fight? Why would they try to take each other's life?

Abhi: I know what they did today was wrong…but I don't think they hate each other…they probably had other things on their mind, some things which aren't in their control, things which made them really angry and all they wanted to do is take their anger out on something…

Nikki: Or someone… - looking away in disgust – It's just crazy…

Abhi: - held her hand which made her look around in surprise – Nikki…if they really hated each other and wanted to kill each other…would Rahul really had pushed Atul out of the way before the car hit him?

Nikki had gone silent at his last sentence. They sat there looking at each other for a long time then Abhi picked up the coffee and gave it to her. She smiled a little and took a sip then she began to speak again…

Nikki: I…I guess so… - looking down – let's just hope that they sort out their problems quickly…I don't want to see any more fights

Abhi: Don't worry…no matter what happens…I won't let anything happen to you…

*Sanjeevani. Reception*

Omi: Where is my son? I want to know where he is…NOW!! – screaming loudly attracting lots of attention from nurses and ward boys

Lovely: You...will...have to...wait...sir – scared at the angry face in front of her

Omi: Wait! I haven't got the time to wait all day!!

Lovely: Ok...sir…I'll try to do something

Omi: Quickly! – demanding and angry

He looked around the reception while Sister Lovely made a phone call. After some time Dr. Shashank walked quickly down the corridor towards Omi looking strict.

Dr Shashank: Mr Jhoshi…please calm down…you cannot speak to my staff like this

Omi: I want to see my son…

Dr. Shashank: You need to be patient…he has just left the operation theater and is being moved into Special Ward…when the nurses are ready they will inform you and you will be able to see your son…

Omi: Ok…

Dr. Shashank: You do know that this was both Dr Rahul and Dr Atul's fault…not only Dr Rahul's fault

Omi: I know it is Atul's fault…he's always getting himself into trouble… - to himself - useless thing

Shashank: That is your son you are talking about…

Omi: I know…that is why I'm saying it…because I know him too well…

They stood their in silence for a few minutes until Dr. Shubankar arrived.

Shubankar: Dr Shashank…Dr Atul has regained conscious

Shashank: Ok, thank you…shall we Mr. Jhoshi?

Shubankar led the way to Atul's room with Shashank and Omi following him.

Back at the reception Sister Lovely had paged Armaan who had just arrived to the desk.

Armaan: Yes Sister Lovely? You paged me?

Lovely: Dr. Armaan there's a phone call for you – handing him the phone

Armaan: Thank you – takes the phone and turns to a side – Hello?

Billy (Armaan's dad): Hello beta

Armaan: Dad?...Hi…how are you? - surprised

Billy: I'm good…so is everyone else over here…and you?

Armaan: Yeh...I'm good…you know work and...things

Billy: So…lots of work keeping you busy all the time - more comfortable after hearing his son's voice

Armaan: Yeh lots of work… - to himself – and other things


Armaan: How is Sohan? Still busy with his work? – changing the subject

Billy: Yeh Sohan is doing well…really into his work

Armaan: Not planning on getting married?

Billy: - laughs - No not yet…his parents are forcing him to look at girls but he wants to get married when you're ready…haha

Armaan: He hasn't changed…has he?

Billy: Not at all…

Armaan: But he knows I'm not getting married…not now, never

Billy: Yeh... umm I thought you would say so…but can you not think about it once more…you have your whole life in front of you…

Armaan: Dad…I have to go…I'll speak to you later

Billy: Theek hain...bye beta

Armaan: Bye dad

Armaan hung the phone down as well as his head. Then he picked himself up, turned around and bumped right into Ridz.

*Girls Apartment*

Nikki: Abhi…

Abhi: Yes Nikki?

Nikki: You'll always be there for me…won't you?

Abhi: Always… - squeezing her hand a little

Once again she hugged him round the waist and leaned her head against his chest, closing her eyes. Abhi felt happy inside, he was so close to her, and he wanted to stay like this forever. He put his arm around her to comfort her once more which made her aware of her actions. She opened her eyes quickly but did not move away…she questioned herself silently…

Nikki: What are you doing Nikki? Why are you doing this?...Abhi is just a friend…you need to control yourself… - she closes her eyes once more – but…after soo many years…you're so close to him…all these years you've only thought about him…this isn't just friendship…and you know that… - her thoughts were disturbed by Abhi who moved a little

Abhi: Nikki?...

Nikki sits up and looks a bit embarrassed…

Nikki: Hmm?

Abhi: Umm…Nikki…I…Love You…

part 22

Nikki: What? – shocked as well as surprised

Abhi: Umm…I love you Nikki… - trying to look past her expression to find an answer

Nikki: - laughs, not able to understand her feelings and completely shocked – Umm… - laughs

Abhi: - looking away upset – it's not a joke…I'm serious

Nikki: Abhi…look at me – puts her hand up to his face and makes him look at her – I'm not laughing at you…it's just…I…I don't know what to say…this was the last thing I was expecting to hear from you…

Abhi: Nikki…you want to know the real reason of the fights between me and Muskaan?... – not waiting for an answer he rushed on – it's you…

Nikki: What? I'm baffled…saaf saaf bato na…maine kya kiya?

Abhi: - laughs – You haven't done anything…I's about you... - looks at her face which is now fully confused – Muskaan and my wedding was going to take place a few months ago but…I ran away on the wedding day…because I realised that I loved you…not her, not anyone else…but you…I wanted to spend my life with you…so I ran away from the wedding…to come and find you…to tell you that I love you…

Nikki: Ab…Abhi…I didn't know…I didn't know that it was because of me that you ran away…Muskaan had told me…but I…I never thought that you would do that for me…

She drops the rest of the sentence and carries on staring at him in complete amazement. Abhi on the other hand sat their waiting patiently for her to speak her heart out. But she didn't carry on; she didn't know what to say or where to start but Abhi's patience was running out.

Abhi: Umm…so? What's your answer?

Nikki: I…umm - slowly - I think…you should go now…

Abhi: What? – not expecting this at all

Nikki: - smiled sweetly – Yes… - standing up – it's very late now…I think you should go…mujhe sona hain…we've got to go to the hospital tomorrow

Abhi stood up in disbelief. He wanted to know her answer but before he could say anything else he was being pushed out of the room by Nikki.

Abhi: Nik…Nikki…wait up…just tell me…what's your answer – stopping in his tracks making her bump into his chest – tell me

Nikki: NO… - but she smiled, giving him a small hint – it's too late…go!

Abhi: Ok…ok…I'm going, I'm going…just tell me…

Nikki: Abhi…give me some time to think about it…

Abhi: Ok…tomorrow morning…

Nikki: Nahi…too early…I'll tell you…but not now…now go… - smiling

Abhi: Ok…ok I'm going…bye – blows a kiss at her as she pushes him out of the door

She closes the door behind him and leans against it smiling from ear to ear….


The next day the work load had built up more than ever as they were two interns down. The seven interns had single duties for the first time, Ridz was in special ward handling Atul's case while Anjali took care of Rahul's case and the others taking rounds through the other wards. They had all got to work quickly at their work stations with lots going on in their minds. Muskaan and Sapna still worried about Rahul, Ridz…as usual thinking of Armaan, Nikki thinking of what happened between her and Abhi last night and Abhi waiting for Nikki's answer.

No one knew how they completed their work staring at the clock every five minutes waiting for lunch time. Just as the clock ticked 12 they all rushed away from their workstations. Sapna was the first one to rush off and head straight for Rahul's room. She rushed in to find him sitting up on the bed, his arm in a sling and bandages around his abs and head.

Sapna: Hey Rahul…I found out this morning about what happened between you and Atul...I was soo shocked! are you feeling? – sitting down next to his bed

Rahul: Hi Sapna… - smiling – I'm ok…could be better – adjusting himself a little

Sapna: Be careful – standing up and putting a pillow behind his back and fixing his arm onto a pillow - We tried to contact your family but we can't seem to get through…but I'll try ag… - cut off

Rahul: Please Sapna…if you are my friend you will never mention my family again…please - staring into her eyes

Sapna: But…

Rahul: Please Sapna – almost begging

Sapna nods her head not completely understanding why he said that but she didn't want to ruin the bonding between them so she agreed.

Rahul: So…umm…how's Atul doing? – changing the subject

Sapna: Oh please… - rolling her eyes - he should have been hurt more!

Rahul: What?

Sapna: Yeh...the others told me about his dad should of seen how his dad came into the hospital like he owns it…I was surprised that Atul had a lot of attitude but now I see where he gets it from…like father like son...

Rahul: Sapna tum bhi na - laughing

Sapna smiled then started to laugh as she saw Rahul laughing. Muskaan was just about to walk into Rahul's room but stops herself at the door as she saw both of them laughing and joking around. She feels crushed, not understanding why, a tear drops from her eyes and she runs away from there.


Nikki walked slowly down the corridor towards the canteen. She had had a busy morning in the path lab working on reports and blood samples along with many questions floating around in her mind. She had finally made up her mind but was in no rush to speak to him. After all, he had made her wait all these years he could wait a few more days, she smiled as this thought entered her mind. She walked past the lift smiling to herself but a second later it was washed off as she felt a strong hand grab hold on her upper arm and she was being pulled down some stairs. She closed her eyes as she felt another hand on her right arm and her back pushed onto the wall. She didn't dare open her eyes in fear of finding someone she didn't want to but after a long moment of silence, the person let go of her making her open her eyes slowly. He stood back leaning against the rails of the stair case staring at her innocence.

Nikki: TUM????? – shock and surprised

Abhi: Were you expecting someone else? – smiled sweetly

Nikki: How dare you – throwing herself onto him and cuffing his chest – Do you know how scared I was?

Abhi: Ok, Ok – holding her hands and smiling – I'm sorry!...I'm sorry!

She stopped hitting him and looked down. He smiled again and let go of her hands. She moved back away from him so that her back was touching the wall and moved towards her.

Abhi: So…are you ready yet?

Nikki: For what? – teasing

Abhi: Nikki? What I asked you last night…

Nikki: Last night? – smiling – what did you ask me last night?

Abhi: Should I remind you? – coming closer, his smile widening as she blushed

Nikki: Koi zaroorat nahi – putting her hand onto his chest to stop him while blushing

Abhi: So…

Nikki: - silent – yes… - whisper

Abhi: KYA!!!!!!!!! – screamed out in surprise

Nikki: - put her hands up to her ears – Why are you screaming?

Abhi: Sorry…sorry! – pulling his ears

There was a moment of silence while they both looked into each other's eyes.

Nikki: Shall we go? We need to have lunch before our duties begin

Abhi: A few more minutes…please

Nikki: No…let's go… - walking away

Abhi grabs hold of her hand making her stop and look around. He bends his head down and kisses her hand, she blushes and runs out of the fire escape. He leans back on the wall and smiles to himself.

Two weeks later, Rahul and Atul were discharged from hospital and were back to their normal lives, ignoring each other. Nikki and Abhi enjoyed each other's company secretly, they had informed Anji of their secret relationship which made her really happy for the two of them. Armaan had started getting use to having Ridz around him. Muskaan and Sapna were envying each other to the core. But their personal lives did not bother their professional lives and they carried on normally.

All the interns were standing around the Nurse Station talking to each other while waiting for Dr. Keerti who came after a while and they all quieted down.

Keerti: Right everyone...Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Abhimanu, we have just had an emergency case...its yours, in special ward...
Abhi and Muskaan look at each other horrified.

Nikki: - to Anji - This is going to be world war three!!!

And they both started giggling at the sight on Abhi's face.

Keerti: Any problem Doctors?

Muskaan: maam

Abhi: - shakes his head, silently - Yeh kaha phas gaye... control Abhi control...

Keerti gave out everyone's cases, Rahul and Anji were in General Ward, Armaan and Sapna Children's Ward, Nikki and Atul in Cancer Ward and Ridz in Path Lab, then sent them off to work.

Muskaan and Abhi went to see their patient in Special Ward. As they walked in they were met by a cute sight. There was a young girl lying on the bed looking very angry and having a go at man sitting on the stool next to the bed. Muskaan and Abhi walked in and they became silent.

Abhi: Hello I'm Dr Abhimanu

Man: Hi I'm Akshat and this is...Charu - pointing at the girl laying on the bed

Muskaan: Hello are you feeling?

Charu turned her head and looked in the other direction away from the doctors and Akshat. Akshat got up and walked to the end of the bed while the doctors got to work.

Muskaan: Ok so umm what's the problem? - speaking to Akshat

Akshat: Umm actually Charu...she umm...tried to commit suicide...her wrist...if I didn't get their on time... - he cuts of himself from going any further, turns around and wipes a tear from his eyes then turns around again - the nurse did her dressing but they said that the doctors would come and do a general check up...

Abhi: Ok...let's have a look at it... - she held her arm out but didn't turn her face towards them

Muskaan: - turns to Akshat - Can I just have a word with you while Dr. Abhimanu has a look at Charu

Akshat: Sure

They walked to the side of the room together.

Muskaan: We will need to know what the whole story...this might be a police case

Akshat: Umm yeh ok... - looks at Charu who had a shocked expression on her face but it quickly change when she felt his gaze on her - Well Charu's parents are going through a divorce...and she cannot take stress...At college she is not doing well in her classes and her boyfriend has left her...that's why...she - stops

Muskaan: Ok so…mostly stress and you are? - looking from the reports to Akshat

Akshat: I'm her friend...her best friend

Muskaan: It's times like this it's really important to have close friends around...

Akshat: Yeh...she's going to be ok right?

Muskaan: We will see...

Abhi: coming towards them - She is ok...but I think someone should stay with her all the time

Akshat: Yeh I'll be here...

Abhi: Ok

Muskaan: Ok Akshat we will come back later to check on her ok

Akshat: Ok

Abhi and Muskaan say bye to Charu and Akshat then left the room in conversation about the case.

Muskaan: Poor girl

Abhi: What's wrong with her - she showed him the notes and he is surprised - wow

Muskaan: I know...but at least her best friend is with her

Abhi: Yeh

Abhi and Muskaan looked at each other and they could see a little understanding growing between them. They smiled at each other and carried on walking.

*Locker Room*

Armaan enters the empty locker room and goes straight to his locker. Just as he opens his locker his eyes fall onto a picture of his Riddhima. He looks around the room and then back at the photo and as no one was in the room he let his tears fall from his eyes. Next to the photo was his bag, he picked it up, searched inside the bag and found the envelope he wanted. He picked it up and took out the letter of the envelope. It was one of the letters which Riddhima had left for him. He sat down on the bench and began reading the letter for the 20th time…

My dearest jaanu...

You are reading it time's up...

I know how shocked you must be, even I was shocked after my first appointment at the doctors...but it was too late for me to recover...

I know you told me to go to the doctors many times after the incident at the graduation ceremony but to be very honest Armaan...I did go...I never let you know...and I told you many times that I'm fine but inside I was dying...literally and mentally...not telling you was killing me...knowing that I was going to leave you was killing me...and if you knew about it...seeing your condition would have a killed me sooner...
Armaan...I have lots to tell you...but I don't know where to start...isliye maine kuch aur letters likein hain...main jaanti hoon that you are really angry at me right now...but...

Armaan...I love you...and i want you to be happy...always happy...with me or without me...because I live in your heart...I can never go away from you...


Armaan folded the letter in half and put it back into the envelope. He had read the letter many times and every time he would end it he had a new feeling in him, the first few times he read it he would end up in tears, but now he had moved on a little and it had finally struck him...she would never come back...there was no point in crying any more...his love would increase for her but he would not be angry at her anymore.

He put the letter away in his locker, picked up the photo, kissed it and smiled, after a very long time.

Armaan: I love you Riddhima...

*Locker Room*

A few hours later Rahul and Sapna had finished their work and had just walked into the locker room. Sapna looked around the locker room, making sure they were alone before speaking up to Rahul.

Sapna: Rahul umm…mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain

Rahul: yeh shoot - opening his locker while looking at her

Sapna: Don't you think that...that there's something between us??

Rahul stopped smiling and looked at Sapna confused.

Rahul: What do you

Sapna: I mean we're so different from everyone...they're all rich and the two of us are just middle class...

Rahul: I don't think... - he's cut of by Sapna

Sapna: Rahul I love you - quickly

Rahul: Kya? - shocked

Sapna: And I know it will work between...

Rahul: - cutting her off - One minute Sapna...I know that were different Sapna sorry I don't see anything like that between're just my friend Sapna... - didn't mean it harshly

Sapna: Oh... - upset but does not want to show it

Rahul: Sapna...I'm sorry but... - moving towards her

Sapna: it's ok I guess... - moving back slowly - I know you like Muskaan... she's rich right - not able to control her tears she starts to cry…turns and runs out of the locker room

Rahul: Sapna...I don't... - shouting after her

He stops when he realises what had just happened between them.

Rahul: How could she think...that me and ... - shakes his head and sits down on the bench


Ridz had had a long day of working from one ward to the next. She had even missed lunch because she needed to work on some blood test reports which were needed urgently by a senior doctor. She collected all her files and was walking down the corridor feeling very tired.

Ridz: - to herself - Now all I have to do is give this file to Dr Keerti and then I can go home and rest...Im soo tired!! - she rubs her head using her thumb and forefinger

She walks further down the corridor, too tired to walk down the stairs she decided to wait for the lift. After several seconds the lift doors slid open and she saw only Armaan standing inside at the far corner. He looks at her as she stepped inside, then looked away, she saw his expression and decided not to talk to him as she press the ground floor button standing far away from him as possible. The door of the lift closes.

Ridz: - her thoughts - Who does he think he is MR SARU! Hmm that seems like a good name for him - smirking to herself

Armaan: - his thoughts - At least she's not bothering me today...

Ridz tries to steal a glance of him from the corner of her eyes but suddenly she feels a buzz in her head and closes her eyes. She had felt a little dizzy and tried to grab hold of the railing but her hand misses and she falls to the floor hitting her head quite hard.

Armaan turned just in time to see Ridz trying to reach for the rail but was too late as she fell to ground with a bang. She was lying on the floor, files scattered all over and her eyes were closed. He didn't know what to do...unknowingly he found himself against the wall of the lift in utter shock, he crouched down slowly in fear, tears falling from his eyes...he remembered his Riddhima almost falling to the ground but he was there in time to catch her. The vision played back in his head...

Ridz' attack played over in his mind in slow motion...his head was spinning and he felt sick...his hands automatically covering his ears as the sound of her head hitting the floor echoed through his head...

Armaan: RIIIDDDHHHIIIMMMAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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