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Part 23& 24 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 23

The lift doors opened and there stood Dr Keerti in shock to see her two interns lying on the floor unconscious. She shouted for a ward boy who ran there with a stretcher, he placed Ridz onto it and wheeled it away. She walked over to where Armaan was and shook him a few times, then shouted for a nurse.

Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan? - slaps him slightly on the face - Nurse! Nurse! Please get a stretcher quickly'Dr Armaan ' he stirred a little - Are you ok? What happened?

Armaan: Huh? ' his eyes focused on Dr. Keerti in front of him, and then he looked around ' Riddhima! Riddhima? Is she ok? - in a rush

Dr Keerti: It's ok Dr. Armaan'she's fine, she's being taken care of'but what happened to you?? Are you ok?

Armaan: I don't know I just' she fainted... I didn't know what to do'.Riddhima'Riddhima' - holding his head

Keerti: Dr Armaan please come with me I think you are in shock'

Armaan looked at the floor where Riddhima fell and he heard her head hitting the floor again, he got up and ran out of the lift leaving Dr. Keerti standing there looking at him in shock.

*Next Day*

Sapna enters the locker room and sees Rahul standing by his locker she looks away from him and went to her locker to get her things.

Abhi: Hey Anji is Ridz ok? ' when he walks in

Anjali: Yeh she's fine she was tired yesterday'that's why she fainted

Nikki: Poor thing

Atul: I heard Armaan was with her

Everyone looked at Armaan who stood silently by his locker.

Muskaan: Armaan? Are you ok? look ill

Armaan: I am fine - he grabbed his lab coat and left the room

There was a little silence until he had left then Anjali spoke up.

Anjali: Where did you hear that Atul?...I mean if Armaan was there he could have helped her'Dr Keerti said she was lying on the floor

Atul: I know but I think that Dr Keerti forgot to tell you that'DR ARMAAN ' emphasising on his name - went into shock when he saw her faint

Abhi: But Armaan should be use to it I mean he's a doctor'

Atul: I know man

Nikki: Guys'just forget it'there's probably something we don't know'and it's none of our business'anyways come on let's go before Dr. Keerti comes then we'll be in for it'

Muskaan: Yeh umm'you guys carry on'I just need to get something - she went to the changing room while the others made their way out

Nikki and Anji walked out together; Nikki whispering excitedly to Anji about something very interesting.

Rahul waited until everyone left then stopped Sapna as she was leaving.

Rahul: Hey Sapna

Sapna pretend she didn't hear him and carried on walking but he held her hand and she stopped suddenly.

Rahul: Sapna'please listen to me

Sapna: I don't want to hear it Rahul'just leave me

Rahul: Sapna please'I don't want this to come in the way of our friendship'.please'I mean we're still friends right?...

She was silent for a long time trying to fight back her tears as he held onto her hand.

Rahul: Sapna?

Sapna: I don't know

Just then Muskaan walked out of the toilets and saw Rahul holding Sapna's hand. She stared at them thinking that there is definitely something between them.

Muskaan: Umm'guys' - not sure how to leave the room without disturbing them

Rahul lets go of Sapna's hand and Sapna almost ran away without looking back leaving Rahul and Muskaan behind.

*Path lab*

No matter what Armaan did today he was sure he saw Riddhima everywhere he went. She appeared all over the hospital and this was freaking him out. As he poured a liquid solution into a bottle as he let his thoughts out into the open.

Armaan: Why are you doing this to yourself'.stop thinking about her'she is not your Riddhima'she is the complete opposite of your Ridz'WHAT?...Ridz? Not Ridz!...It's Riddhima! Much better!! ' smacking his forehead - Armaan you're talking to yourself'you have definitely gone mad!! Now shut up and do your work!...


part 24


Rahul, Anjali, Abhi and Armaan sat around a table together drinking coffee and talking generally.

Armaan: Rahul what's going on with you and Sapna'you're not talking? ' diverting the conversation from himself to someone else

Rahul: Yeh we are'just you know different duties and things'we don't get the time to' - he's cut off by Abhi

Abhi: Nahi yaar kuch toh hai tum dono keh beech mein - smiling

Rahul: We're just friends' - not liking where this conversation was going

Anjali: Sure'good friends! ' smirking at him

Rahul: Come on guys'can we drop this subject

Abhi: Ok ok ' smiling and sipping his coffee

Just then Muskaan and Ridz walked into the cafeteria and were moving towards their table.

Abhi: Hey Ridz how are you feeling? ' as she approached the table

Ridz: Cool man'seriously don't know what happened yesterday ' pulling up a chair next to Anji and slouched into it - I think I was just too tired

Anjali: You need to eat that's all' - passing her a plate of sandwiches

Ridz: Yes Doc! - saluting Anjali

Everyone around the table laughs and Armaan rolled his eyes. He got up suddenly and walked away without saying anything, he couldn't stand it any more. Ever since she had fainted yesterday all the memories had flooded back into his mind. It had taken some time to forget everything and get use to his surroundings, his friends, the hospital and Ridz'but after that incident it was like he had fallen back onto square one.

Ridz: - looked at him with full annoyance building up - Does he always have to be so rude? ' she said silently

Rahul: Huh? Did you say something?

Ridz: No'umm'nothing ' looking away and biting her sandwich

The conversations started to build up around the table as Atul walked in with Dr. Sharma.

Atul: Yeah'have you heard of that new movie Aa Dekhe Zara'it has hot Bipasha Basu in it...

Sharma: Yeh heard of it'looks good doesn't it'but I'm looking forward to 8x10 Tasveer'I was thinking of going to see it this weekend

Anjali: Hi sir, come join us - pointing to a seat next to her

Sharma: Thank you Dr Anjali

Anjali blushed as he sat down. Rahul stood up seeing that there was now a crowd.

Abhi: Where are you going Rahul'you haven't finished eating?

Rahul: Not hungry you can have it'

Atul stared at Rahul and he stared back then Rahul walked away and Atul sat down quietly.

Anjali: So Dr Sharma how is your work going?

Abhi looked suspiciously at them and smiled.

Muskaan: Oye! - to Abhi who was too busy watching Anjali flirting with Sharma

Muskaan shouts at him again but he is deeply observing the two love birds that are lost in their own world but he doesn't hear her until she slapped him hard on his head.

Abhi: Ouch! What are you doing? ' rubbing the back of his head

Muskaan: I've been calling you for the past five minutes'

Abhi: Well you can be nice you know'you hit as hard as a female wrestler'you know that ' still rubbing his head

Muskaan: Whatever'I have to talk to you about Charu's case'

Now interested Abhi turned his head towards Muskaan and listened carefully.

*General Ward*

Later on that day while all the interns were busy working Abhi sneaked around the hospital trying to find Nikki. It had been a whole day and he had not seen her once. During lunch she was busy discussing a case with Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhankar and he had really missed her. He knew her duty was in the general ward and he walked around the hospital in searching for her and at the same time he tried to conceal himself from senior doctors. He stood behind a curtain scanning the room to find her. He searched every bit of the room but could not find her, instead he felt someone grab hold of the back of his collar. He stood frozen for a second before turning around to face a beautiful lady.

Anji: What are you doing here?

Abhi: Tum!...Thank God its you' - holding his chest

Anji: Who else can it be' - smiling ' and why are you hiding like this?

Abhi: Oh'umm' - moving away from the curtain ' I'm not hiding!

Anji: Really! ' teasing ' Chal'let's go'by the way'I need to talk to you about something

They start to walk down the corridor together.

Abhi: Shoot'

Anji: What's going on with you and Nikki!

Abhi stumbled over his two feet and almost fell to the floor but Anji pulled him back by his lab coat and he stood up looking embarrassed.

Abhi: Wh..WHAT?

Anji: Don't worry'I know everything' - smiling at the shock on his face ' What did you think'if you didn't tell me I wouldn't have found out?

Abhi: Nikki?

Anji: Yes Nikki'at least she lived up to her friendship and told me everything'unlike you'

Abhi: Anji' I was going to tell you'

Anji: Don't even start'I know what you were going to do very well' - then smiling ' but don't worry'I'm just soo happy for you both! Finally you told her about your feelings'

Abhi blushed madly and turned away then he remembered why he was sneaking around.

Abhi: Wait a minute'we can speak about this later'have you seen Nikki? I've been searching for her all over the hospital!...I haven't seen her all day!

Anji: - laughed ' Calm down! ' putting a hand on his shoulder ' she just left General Ward and went to the locker room'her duty is over, she was going to go home'

Abhi: Great! I can walk her home! ' punching his arm in the air

Anjali just looked at him and started laughing!

*Boys Apartment*

Armaan is walking up and down his room, wrinkle lines appearing on his forehead now as he thought of something. His shift was over early and he headed straight for home, he wanted to be alone for some time and heaved a sigh of relief when he walked into the empty apartment.

As he paced his room one more time flashes of Riddhima and Ridz clouded his mind. He stood near his bed side table and suddenly threw his hand across the table knocking down everything that was on it onto the floor. He stood there not knowing what to do next. He allowed his body to collapse onto the floor; he had truly given up now. This was not how he wanted to live'if he wanted to live at all.

Armaan's head lay on the floor, his eyes blood shot and his hair matted onto his forehead; he slowly got up and sat on the bed. He didn't know how long he laid there, he had fell asleep and when he woke his room was covered in darkness, only a beam of light entered the room from outside shining on his cupboard. He let his eyes follow the light then he got up and walked towards it. He didn't know whether this was a sign or not but he decided this was the best'

He got his bag from the cupboard and threw all his belongings into it. He did not bother looking around the room for anything else but he walked towards his bed and picked up a photo from under his pillow, put it carefully into the bag before zipping it up and walking out of the room. He walked out of the boys' apartment not even turning back once he carried on to the front door. The bag in his left hand, he put his right hand on the door handle, turned it and pulled the door opened and in front of him stood'

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