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Part 25& 26 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 25

Sohan: And where do you think you're going? ' smiling at him

Armaan dropped his bag from his shoulder and just stood there staring at him in shock and surprise. They stood there in silence for some time then Armaan just walked forward and pulled him into a tight embrace, tears rolling down his cheeks but he did not bother to wipe them away, after a very long time he actually needed to see his friend and just by looking at him once all his tensions vanished. He pulled back after sometime, Sohan understanding his state allowed him to pull himself together and finally smiled as he saw Armaan turn to a side and wiped his face then turned back to him with a smile on his face.

Sohan: You came to Mumbai and forgot all your manners? ' angrily

Armaan: What? ' confused

Sohan: Won't you let me?...Or are you planning on keeping me on the door step all night? ' laughed

Armaan: Sorry yaar'come in'

Sohan walks in and Armaan closes the door behind him. He takes Sohan into the boys' apartment and they settle on the sofa.

Armaan: So umm'what are you doing here?

Sohan: Kaisa dost hain tu yaar? No hi, hello, how are you? What you been up to all these days'just straight up'What are you doing here?

Armaan: Sorry yaar'just lots on my mind' - rubbing his head with his thumb and fore finger ' How you been?

Sohan: I'm good'busy with work and stuff, the usual'pressure from mom dad to get married now'but I've said it clear enough'I'm not interested'apart from that'was missing you so I thought I'd come and pay you a visit'then uncle told me he spoke to you the other day and you sounded a bit low'so I thought I'd come and see you'

Armaan: Gosh you speak so much! ' smiling at him friend who had finally stopped

Sohan: And you don't say a word'

Silence took over for a while, Armaan felt good to be someone familiar after a long time. Sohan looked around the apartment while Armaan argued with himself silently about what to do next. Armaan was brought to his senses when Sohan jerked his arm.

Sohan: What's up?

Armaan: No'Nothing' - shaking his head

Sohan: So'how's work?

Armaan: Work? Huh! What work? From the minute I walked into that hospital my world's been turned upside down for the second time! I don't even know how I've been living' - he was cut off by Sohan who was completely confused

Sohan: Matlab?

Armaan: I don't know where to start yaar'she's been on my mind 24/7 everyday, if I'm not looking her I'm thinking about her, if I'm not crying for her I'm dreaming about her'it's doing my head in!

Sohan: But I thought you came here to forget about all of that'then what's this about'?

Armaan: I did come here to at least forget about all of that but'I think coming here was the worst decision I have ever made in my life!

Sohan: What are you on about? She's gone'and there's nothing here which will remind you about her'is there? ' uncertainly

Armaan: That's what you think'

But before he could carry on they were disturbed by someone who had just entered the apartment laughing together. Armaan and Sohan turned around to see who it was, Abhi and Nikki stood by the door looking at the two guys sitting on the sofa. Nikki quickly let go of Abhi's hand looking shy while Abhi walked in casually trying to hide the fact that they were a couple. He walked towards Armaan and his friend as they both stood up.

Armaan: Abhi, Nikki'this is Sohan'my best friend and Sohan'this is Abhi, my colleague, room mate and friend and my other colleague and friend Nikki...

Nikki waved hi from the door while Abhi walked over to the boys and shook Sohan's hand and settled down on the sofa, Nikki stood by the door feeling uncomfortable and was about to walk out when Armaan called her name'

Armaan: Nikki? Where are you going? Won't you stay?

Nikki: Umm'actually'I'm a bit tired'I'm going to go and rest'

Armaan: Ok then'see you later'

Nikki looked at Abhi who looked back at her feeling guilty for leaving her alone but they weren't ready to let everyone know about them as yet.

Nikki: Bye' - walking out and shutting the door slowly behind her

Abhi sighed lightly then got into a deep conversation with Armaan and Sohan which lasted half the night, ending up in tummy aching laughter after Rahul had joined the three boys.


The next day Abhimanu had been called in early for an emergency. After some time he headed for the locker room thinking of taking a rest before the other interns come. He walked down the corridor looking into the cafeteria, as he did he saw a male figure sitting there all on his own, his head resting on his hands and as he approached him he could see that the man had been crying all night.

Abhi: Hey are you ok?

Akshat: - looked up and wiped his face - Yeh I'm ok'

Abhi: Why don't you go home and take a rest you look tired'

Akshat: - shaking his head ' I'm ok'I'm just going to stay here with her

Abhi: You care about her a lot'don't you?

Akshat shook his head meaning yes and looked down at the table as tears swelled up in his eyes again.

Abhi: I hope you don't mind me saying this'but I think she worrying too much about everything that's going wrong in her life that she hasn't really noticed how much you care for her'

Akshat: I know'but I'm staying right here with her'she's my best friend

Abhi: Just your best friend or'

Akshat looked up at Abhi suddenly, his gaze fixed on Abhi trying to take in what he had just said, he looked away as Abhi's pager beeped and he got up.

Abhi: - put his hand on Akshat's shoulder ' I'll talk to you later'take care

Abhi walked out of the cafeteria and carried on down the corridor when he bumped right into someone. They both fell on the floor and looked up in anger at each other.

Muskaan: Hey watch it!

Abhi: - just about to say something rude when he saw it was Muskaan ' Oh'sorry!

Muskaan: Huh?...What's wrong with you? - half laughing

Abhi: Nothing'just a bit tired'I got an early call'my sleep was ruined'

Muskaan: Oh'anyways'how is Charu doing?

Abhi: I didn't going in to see her'but I met Akshat'but guess what'I've got an idea of how to cheer her up'

Muskaan: Kaise? ' excited

Abhi motioned her to come closer and whispered the plan in her ears; a smile appeared on her lips as he moved away from her.

Muskaan: Hey! So'you do have brains! ' hitting him on his shoulder

Abhi: Haha'very funny! ' sarcastically ' So what do you think?

Muskaan: It's very good but are you sure it will work?

Abhi: If I get 100% of your support then I'm positive it'll work

Muskaan: Done!

They both exchange a high five with big smiles and made their way to the locker room.

Things were changing...for the better... Big smile
part 26


After a long morning of busy work some of the interns had their lunch while the others were caught up in some work. Abhi, Nikki, Armaan, Ridz and Atul sat together having their lunch and chatted away as usual. The boys were discussing the IPL Cricket Tournament while the girls were in their own conversation about the latest shopping they had done. After some time Ridz had to leave as she remembered that she had to make an important phone call and Nikki sat there silently eating her lunch and listening to the boys' conversation. Abhi leaned over to her and whispered something so that only she could hear. They hadn't spoken at all today as they're duties were set in different wards.

Abhi: I'm sorry' - whispering

Nikki: Kis liye? ' confused

Abhi: For leaving you like that last night'

Nikki: It's ok'I understand' - smiling at him

Abhi: So'how are you today? Apart from looking beautiful! ' winking at her

Nikki: - blushes ' Abhi'

Atul: What's up with you two? ' eyeing them suspiciously

Nikki: No'nothing! ' looking up quickly ' Umm'I've got to go now'I'll see you guys later

All: Bye'

She gets up and walks towards the door; Armaan and Atul go back to their conversation while Abhi watched her leave, she stopped at the door and turned back.

Abhi: - smiled and mouthed: Walk you home!

Nikki nods and smiled before walking away with a big grin on her face.

Some time later the other interns were given a break. Rahul had just finished his work and as he entered the cafeteria he looked around and spotted Muskaan sitting on her own having her lunch. He walked towards her'

Rahul: Hey Muskaan! Have you seen Sapna?

Muskaan: - a little upset - No I don't think she came in today'why?

Rahul: - sat down looking upset and tired - I just need to talk to her'

Muskaan: Is everything ok?

Rahul: I don't know' - looking down at the table

Muskaan: Why'did you two have a fight? - a little hopeful

Rahul: Kind of'I can't stand this I'm going to see if she's ok' - standing up and walking out of the cafeteria

Muskaan: - shakes her head, close to tears - Why does he care so much for her?

As Rahul walked out of the cafeteria Anjali and Dr. Sharma came in. They walk towards Muskaan's table and as they got closer Anjali spoke up when she saw Muskaan looking upset.

Anjali: Hi Muskaan'what happened are you ok? ' putting a hand on her shoulder

Without saying anything Muskaan got up and ran out of the cafeteria.

Sachin: What happened to her? ' sitting down looking concerned

Anjali: No idea ' looking from the door back to Sachin

They sat down and ordered lunch engaging in general chat. A few times Anjali would look up and blush; glad to be finally alone with him. When they had finished their lunch they sat back still in conversation with each other. Silence took over for some time and was broken by Sachin.

Sachin: - a little uncomfortable - Umm'so Anjali'what are you doing this weekend?

Anjali: - trying to cover up her surprised look she answered casually - Umm'I don't know'nothing planned as yet

Sachin: Umm...why don't we go for a movie?

Anjali: Yeh'ok and then dinner?

Sachin: Sounds good'I'll pick you up at seven then - winked as he got up and grabbed his jacket

He walked to the door then turned around giving her a big smile before walking out. Anjali could not help but scream out in happiness.

Anjali: - smiling to her self - AHHH!!

Everyone turned around and looked at her, she shut up instantly looking embarrassed, she got up and ran out of the cafeteria happily.

Nurse: - to another nurse - What's wrong with these interns? One ran out crying and the other just ran out laughing'

Other Nurse: But why is everyone running? ' making a face


After a long day of working Atul walked down the silent corridor feeling very tired and so bored with this work!! When suddenly he bumped into someone'

Atul: Hey watch it! ' he looked up - Oh! Rahul!

Rahul: - rubbing his stomach where Atul had just bumped into and where he had hurt himself because of the accident - Excuse me! - not wanting to argue with Atul he moved to a side and started walking away

Atul: Hey wait! ' calling after him

Rahul stopped and walked back to where Atul was standing.

Rahul: What? I'm not in the mood for arguing Atul'

Atul: I just wanted to say'thanks ok - expressionless

Then he walked away without waiting for an answer.

Rahul: I don't understand this guy'I guess there is a good side to everyone - smiling to himself and walking in the opposite direction

*Locker Room*

Most of the intern gang was sitting around in the locker room as their duties had just come to an end and they were ready to make their way home. Armaan and Abhi sat on the bench leaning their backs against each other, tiredness shown clearly on their faces. Anjali and Muskaan stood by their lockers and Atul walked out of the changing rooms and towards his locker. No conversations took place but silence washed the room for a long time until someone walked into the locker room and leaned his body against the door frame.

Sohan: Is this what you guys call work? ' smiling

Everyone turned around to see who had said that; Armaan and Abhi stood up as Sohan made his way in. Atul, Muskaan and Anjali wondered who this person was and looked at Armaan for an answer.

Sohan: You really have forgotten your manners Mr. Malik! ' looking around at the others ' Won't you introduce your friends?

Armaan: Sorry' - looking from Sohan to the others ' Guys'this is Sohan'my best mate, and Sohan these are my colleagues Muskaan, Atul and Anjali'

They all exchange their hi's and the silent room was now filled with chatter and laughter as Sohan told stories about their friendship. After some time they were joined by the other interns. Ridz and Rahul walked in together and were met by a fun loving scene as they walked in. They could see their friends sitting on the benches facing this guy; they could not see his face as he was backing the door. They wondered who it was as they stood there. At the same time Anjali called out'

Anjali: Hey, Ridzi, Rahul'come in'

Sohan who heard the name stopped laughing, he turned around quickly and was shocked to see who was standing in front of him. It had taken him a few seconds to grab hold of himself and he slowly turned back to face Armaan who did not meet his eyes but instead looked down at the floor'

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