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Part 27& 28 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 27

Anjali: Hey, Ridzi, Rahul...come in...

Sohan who heard the name stopped laughing, he turned around quickly and was shocked to see who was standing in front of him. It had taken him a few seconds to grab hold of himself and he slowly turned back to face Armaan who did not meet his eyes but instead looked down at the floor'

Rahul and Ridz walk into the locker room and sit down on the benches with the other interns. As Armaan stayed mum Abhi decided to introduce them to Sohan.

Abhi: Guys'this is Sohan'Armaan's best friend'

Rahul: Yeh'I met him last night' - clapping his hand onto Sohan's shoulder ' how are you doing?

Sohan: I'm good' - still a bit shaky from seeing Ridz

Abhi: Sohan'this is Riddhima'.I mean'Ridz' - smiling at her ' Anjali's sister!

Sohan: - with a shaky voice ' Umm'hey'

Ridz: - with a bright smile ' Hi' - holding her hand out

Sohan takes it slowly and smiles a little warily.

Ridz: - thoughts ' At least he's much nicer than Mr. Saru!

The chatter had started up again, this time Sohan a bit quieter. After some time Armaan stood up and walked over to his locker and grabbed his bag.

Armaan: Sohan'let's go'

Everyone starts to get up and move around now noticing the time.

Sohan: Nice to meet you guys'hope to see you soon'

Atul: Yeh'good to see you too'take care man ' shaking hands

Sohan: Bye everyone' - looking at Ridz who was standing facing her locker

They said bye and Armaan and Sohan walked out together, they had lots of catching up to do, especially after that meeting. When they had left the room the others had decided to leave for their respected homes. Anjali and Ridz left straight after them, while Muskaan went back to her duty and Abhi went in search of Nikki once again, they had made arrangements to go home together. Only two people were left in the locker room. Atul stayed seated on the benches for a while longer as he was completely tired and needed to rest before going home to face his dad again while Rahul had just walked out of the changing room.

Atul looked up as Rahul came back into the locker room. When he saw that it was Rahul he became a little stiff and looked down. Rahul walked towards him and sat down on the bench opposite him. Now they were both facing each other'

Rahul: Umm'Atul?

Atul: Yeh? ' looking up

Rahul: Look Atul'I know we started off on a bad note but'why don't we forget everything and start over?

Atul: - looking at Atul with shock written all over his face as he was thinking the same thing ' I think'you're right' - he smiled and after some silence he started to speak again - I guess'I mean'I normally get my own way but this is the first time someone noticed me and stood up to me'

Rahul: So it's all over? - a little confused by what Atul just said

Atul: Yeh I guess'anyways you saved my life didn't you'

Rahul: Umm'you can look at it like that'

Atul: Forgive and forget?

Rahul held out his hand for a hand shake Atul waited a few seconds and shook Rahul hands and they both smiled at each.

Rahul: Yep'forgiven'and forgotten'! ' he got up and walked towards his locker

Atul: But' - he stopped

Rahul: - turned around ' But? ' confused

Atul: I am still the best right? - laughing

Rahul: Yeh whatever you say sir - shaking his head and smiling


Abhi walked down the corridor mumbling to himself when he heard someone calling his name and stopped. He turned around to see Muskaan rushing towards him.

Muskaan: Abhi wait up!...I wanted to talk to you'you're not busy are you?

Abhi: Wow! Muskaan Chadda'and being nice? It must be my lucky day! ' whining her up

Muskaan: Very funny'if your silly joke is over'can I have a word?

Abhi: Yeah sure go on' - in his mind ' well I would have been having a gala time with my girlfriend right now but she's too busy with her patients to even notice me! ' back to Muskaan ' What's up?

Muskaan: If your not busy'I was thinking'why don't we use this time to put our plan into action?

Abhi: Plan? Action? What are you on about? ' confused

Muskaan: Abhi'one slap and you'll understand everything ' raising her hand ' I'm talking about our case!

Abhi: - catching up with her ' Oh! I'm with you'let's go ' his mind working straight now they both head to their patient

They walked into general ward together and moved towards Charu's bed. She sat there with her head and hands resting on her knees and lost in deep thought.

Abhi: Uh'hey Charu!

Charu didn't look up and Abhi glanced at Muskaan for her to do something.

Muskaan: - shakes her head at Abhi and looks back at Charu and then spots the red roses on the table - Wow those are lovely flowers - reaching out for the flowers but before she could touch them Charu grabbed them and gave Muskaan a dirty look

Muskaan: Oh'ok!

Abhi: Who are they from Charu?

Charu looks away from them and faces the other direction still holding the flowers.

Muskaan: Are they from Akshat? - smiling

Charu looked up at her and shakes her head as to say yes, a little smile playing on her lips at the sound of his name.

Muskaan: So'you're best friends flowers mean a lot to you'do they?

Charu: - looking confused - What'do you'mean'?

Muskaan: Kuch nahi but Akshat toh bara handsome hain haina Abhi?

Charu is now angry at her comment.

Muskaan: And his eyes are so dreamy'and his face is sooo cute! ' dazing away dreamily

Abhi: - looked confused - Huh? - Muskaan winked at him and he shakes his head - Girls!!

Muskaan: And his body' - cut off

Charu: Shut up!!! ' now fully looking at Muskaan and very angry - You can't talk about Akshat like that he's only mine'stay away from him' - points a finger at her ' do you get it?

Muskaan: So you love Akshat? - knowingly - I thought he was just a friend

Charu: No stay away from him'I love him love him'I love Akshat and if you go near him I swear'I'll'!! Akshat!! ' she stops when she sees Akshat walking into the ward

Akshat: Hey jaan what's wrong? - hugging her

Charu: I don't like this doctor tell her to leave you... you're only mine Akshat!

Akshat: - looks at Muskaan who smiles at him - Charu what happened - looking into her eyes

Charu: Akshat I love you! ' hugging him

Akshat: What? ' surprised at her behavior but he lets her stay like that for a while then moves her away still looking in her eyes - I love you too!!

Abhi and Muskaan looked at each other and smiled then Abhi gives a little heart shaped box to Akshat, who takes it with a big smile on his face. He opens it and takes out a diamond ring, he stands up and kneels down on one leg, holding the ring up to her

Akshat: Charu'will you marry me?

Charu: Yes'I will' - tears forming in her eyes

Muskaan: Oye - to some people outside

In came some nurses and ward boys with rose petals in small baskets and they threw them at Akshat and Charu as Akshat put the ring on Charu's finger and hugged her.

Abhi: Well done Muskaan'everything went to plan I think we should get the discharged papers' - looking at the sweet couple

Muskaan: Yeh well done Modhi!! ' clapping him on his back they walk out together

Abhi: Anytime Chadda... - grinning at her

part 28


Sohan and Armaan sat on bench near the playing area in the park. Armaan had recited the whole story from the time he entered the hospital till the time Ridz had fainted to Sohan and had finally become silent. After a long time he had spoken so much, he did not even think it over, what ever was told had appeared on his lips just like that. He stared out at the children playing on the swings while Sohan sat unbelievably silent after hearing how Armaan had lived for the past few months.

Sohan: How is this possible? I just don't understand' - he ran his fingers through his hair as he repeated the same sentence for the fifth time ' This is not right'Armaan'I don't believe so much has happened and you didn't even tell me'not once did you even call me!

Armaan: Sohan'how could I pick up the phone and just say'Sohan Riddhima is in front of my eyes? Would you have believed me? ' he chuckled ' you would have called the mental hospital right away

Sohan: Armaan'this is not funny! I don't believe your laughing at this!

Armaan: What else should I do? Cry?...I've been through the stage you're going through now and trust me'I know how hard it is to even think that she is someone else'there's soo many similarities in their features'it drove me crazy'but in personality wise...huh...anyways...I was on the verge of leaving'I wanted to go back home but every time I decided to pack my bags her words would float into my mind'telling me to fulfill my dreams'for her sake'how could I leave after that? ' looking at Sohan who was so pale ' then I thought enough was enough'I had to go back'then you turned up and' - he cut off and gulped ' it's a sign'I need to stay here'

Sohan: - after a long silence ' You're right'

They sat in silence, both of their minds working like crazy thinking it all over logically and trying to come to some sort of conclusion.

*Outside Sanjeevani*

Abhi and Muskaan stood just outside of Sanjeevani waiting for Nikki to finish her duty.

Muskaan: Abhi? Can I ask you something?

Abhi: You just did' - smirking at her

Muskaan: I'm being serious! ' looking at him angrily

Abhi: Sorry ' laughing ' I'm just joking'go on'Shoot!

Abhi looks at her seriously now waiting for her to carry on speaking. There was a moment of stillness while Muskaan thought over the question in her head for the millionth time. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath then started to speak.

Muskaan: You'you ran away on the wedding night'because you love someone else didn't you?... - silence ' You're in love with Nikki'aren't you?

Abhi was completely taken back by this sudden discussion and even more shock at Nikki's name. How did she know? Abhi stood facing her in utter shock! His mouth was slightly hanging open and his eyes were wide with shock!

Muskaan: Close your mouth'you'll swallow a fly ' putting her hand under his chin to close his mouth

She laughed, this was not the way she thought this conversation was going to take place, she thought he would have a go at her but looking at his expression she felt a little ease and decided to play along with him.

Muskaan: - clicked her fingers in front of his eyes ' Abhi!

Abhi: How'how do you'know? ' stuttering

Muskaan: Ha ha'come on Abhi'I've been noticing the little awkwardness between you two since we got here'and now it's gone and you two are always so nice to each other, sneaking glances, winking, eye locks and all' - punching him on his arm ' You are very lucky!

Abhi: I know' - blushing a little

Muskaan: Aww'sharmana bhi ata hain' - teasing

Abhi: Shut up Muskaan' - fixing his expression

Muskaan: I wish' - silently ' I wish I was that lucky

The atmosphere had turned a little cold as they both stared down at their feet. Ever since their wedding had broken off Muskaan never thought of another marriage proposal, she had started thinking that she was just very unlucky in this field and would never try again, she would only stick to her career and dedicate herself to it. This was the first time Abhi had really felt bad for what he had done that night; he never thought about Muskaan, the only thing that ran through his mind was Nikki, that was all that mattered.

Abhi: I'm sorry Muskaan' - he finally looked up and saw a tear trickle down from her eyes onto her red cheeks

He turned around and looked at her, he was shocked to see her crying, his female wrestler was crying and it was all because of him. He felt terrible as he put his hand on her shoulder and turned her body to face him. She looked down at her feet and let the tears roll down her cheeks not bothering to wipe them away.

Abhi: Muskaan'please don't cry' - wiping her tears away with his thumb ' Hit me, shout at me, pull my hair, slap me, kick me'do whatever you want'but please don't cry'

She looked up at him surprised at his concern.

Abhi: Please Muskaan'I'm sorry'punish me if you want'I'll accept but I can't see you crying' - looking at her with full concern ' you know'you look even worst when you cry'

Muskaan looked up in shock and saw him smiling then she punched him on chest and he held her hand to stop her. She stopped and he pulled his ears with his hands as if to say sorry making her smile.

Abhi: That's a good girl' - wiping away the rest of tears from her cheeks ' I'm really sorry Muskaan'but I love Nikki'and I can't live without her'please forgive me for what I did'you were not at fault'so don't blame yourself and don't ever say that you are unlucky!...I'll find someone for you'some one much better than me

Muskaan: It's ok Abhi'it's not your fault either'and in one way I should be thanking you'if you didn't run away I would be stuck with you forever ' smiling ' no seriously'if you didn't run away I would never get the chance to come here' - looking up at Sanjeevani ' thank you'

Abhi: It's ok' - giving her a side hug ' but you're right'it's a good thing I ran away'if not I would be stuck with you forever'and I don't know about anything else but one thing I know for sure'my body would suffer from your punches...

Her mouth opened in shock and she punched his arm; he tried to protect himself with a big grin on his face, making her smile.

Muskaan: Abhi!

Abhi: Ok'ok meri ma! ' stopping her then giving her a side hug ' my female wrestler

Just then Nikki walked out of the building and almost ran to them fixing her bag on her shoulder.

Nikki: Sorry'sorry guys'sorry I took so long' - looking at both of them who were smiling ' what did I miss? ' eyeing them suspiciously

Abhi: Nothing much ' hugging her making her feel embarrass

Nikki: Abhi! ' moving away from him and blushing

Muskaan: Aww'even she blushes a lot'

Nikki looked at her in shock and then back at Abhi.

Abhi: Chale?

They walk away together both Abhi and Muskaan giving a long explanation to Nikki who could not believe that Muskaan knew about them all along.


Sohan: So you're going to stay?

Armaan: I don't think I have a choice'right now I would have been back home if you didn't turn up'so I think'this is really where I need to be'

Sohan: Maybe'but you think you'll be able to put up with it?

Armaan: I'm going to have to! There's no choice'

There was a long silence between them. They both looked across at the children playing in the park and smiled silently to themselves; their minds taking them back to the past, full of happiness and love.

Sohan: How easy would it be if we could just go back to the time when we were 10!... ' chuckling to himself

Armaan: Haha'if only' - half smiling, half sighing ' you know'sometimes, I just wish I could go back'there would be so many things I could change for the better'but life just isn't that easy'

Sohan: I know'but'just look at them' - nodding his head at the children ' their life is soo carefree'not a tension in the world'just sleep, eat, study and play'what could be easier than that?

Armaan: Not possible mate'we just have to move on'

Sohan: Easier said than done'

Armaan: You're telling me'it's like living a night mare'there's no alarm that will go off and make me wake up to a bright day'

Sohan, for the first time turns away from the children to face Armaan, he places his hand on Armaan's shoulder and speaks clearly and with feeling.

Sohan: Armaan'you've been through a lot'but I know it will pay off'sooner or later'and one more thing'Riddhima would be very proud of you'very proud'

There was a silent understanding between the two. They felt a sudden rush of happiness, like Riddhima was there with them, they both smiled at each other and finally decided to take life as it came, step by step for the better.

A moment later Armaan's phone rang and he took the call. Sohan watched as his expression changed from a smile to a frown and then a long sigh.


Muskaan: Hey not that much salt'pressure barna hein kya?

Abhi: Man ok'how about that much? ' frustrated he shows her the spoon

Muskaan: A little more'

Abhi fills up the whole spoon and puts it in the pot making Muskaan smack him on his arm.

On the other side of the island stood Rahul and Nikki who were working quietly cutting vegetables. Rahul turned around and'

Rahul: AHHH!!!!!!!

Nikki: Kya hua Rahul? ' in shock

Rahul turned around and in his hand he held a pot with black things stuck to the bottom. He was too busy cutting the vegetables that he forgot about the pot he had put on the cooker. The pot with all the contents was burnt to charcoal. Nikki and Muskaan burst out with laughter as they saw the expression on his face and the burnt pot in his hand.

Rahul: Hey! This is not funny ok! ' annoyed ' I tried my best but' - looking at the pot - Now what do I do with this?

Abhi: He's right man'I'm finished'we can't cook - throwing his apron away

Muskaan: But you have to try!

Abhi: We came here to become doctors not "cooks"

Nikki: Really' - giving him a sly look - then you can live through your internship starving ok?

He busted again, now she was upset. He walked towards her'

Abhi: Come on Nikki'

Nikki looked away going back to her work.

Muskaan: Ok guys'let's chill'ok you guys go and relax we will make the food because if you guys "try" to make food then we'll ALL be stuck at home with food poisoning' - laughing

Nikki stifled a laugh which did not go unnoticed by Abhi and he knew she would be fine.

Rahul: Thank you Muskaan'I love you!

Muskaan looked at Rahul and smiled.

Abhi and Nikki: Ahem!

Muskaan: Uh yeh' - looking away and changing the subject - by the way where is Armaan'why isn't he back yet?

Nikki: Yeh where is he?

Abhi: He must have met a hot girl at the supermarket - dreamily

Nikki slapped him with a kitchen towel on his arm making him fall out of his day dream and looked at her.

Abhi: Oops sorry! ' pulling his ears making her smile

Rahul and Muskaan were laughing as Armaan and Sohan came through the door dragging bags full of groceries.

Armaan: Hey guy's'mission completed!

Nikki: Mission? - confused

Armaan: Yeh I am not use to shopping'so I had to go on a mission to find all of these weird things you guys put on the shopping list'

Sohan: Yeh'we looked like fools walking here and there with the list on his mobile and asking people were we would find them'

They all laughed their hearts out the rest of the evening enjoying their dinner and cracking loads of jokes late into the night.

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