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Part 29 & 30 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 29

*Outside Gupta house*

Sachin (Dr Sharma) had pulled up his car in front of the Gupta House. He blew the horn of the car and then got out. He looked very handsome in smart black jeans and a black jacket; very different from his usual suit and tie. He leaned against his car waiting for Anjali and was almost bowled over when he saw her walking out of the house is a baby pink knee-height dress, her hair was open and fell over her shoulders neatly and there were silver ear rings dangling from her ears. She walked over to him carrying a small silver coloured handbag and a big smile on her face.

Sachin: Hi'you're looking very beautiful'

Anjali: Thanks' - blushing madly

He opened the car door and waited until she had settled down before closing the door behind her then walked around to the driver's seat. The drive to the cinema was very silent and awkward but as they arrived and began to watch the film they had both felt a little comfortable.

During the interval Sachin and Anjali walked out of the hall to get some popcorn and drinks. The queue was quite long and they stood silently waiting for their turn, both their minds working over time.

Anjali: - thoughts- Am I dreaming? ' she crossed her arms over her chest and slightly pinched her upper arm, then she winced and bit her bottom lip smiling to herself ' No way'this is reality! Oh my gosh! I don't believe this'why am I behaving like a teenager? Get a grip Anji'! But'he's soo adorable! ' she looked over at him from the corner of her eye and smiled

Sachin looked at her and smiled. His mind was also full of questions as they reached the front of the queue but he held them back while ordering the popcorn. When they had got what they wanted they made their way back to the hall ready to watch the next half of the film. They settled down quickly and began to share the popcorn.

After the film they got back into the car; now feeling much more comfortable with each other they discussed the film while they made their way to the restaurant. Sachin had booked a table at a five star hotel completely surprising Anjali who was left with her mouth hanging open as they got out of the car and the valet had offered to park their car. She stood waiting patiently as Sachin had tipped the valet and then they walked into the restaurant together.

As they entered they were shown to their table by a waiter and were given menus. After some time of looking through the menu Anjali had finally found her voice.

Anjali: Sachin?

Sachin: - smiled on hearing his name being called by her ' Yes Anjali?

Anjali: Umm'why have you brought me here? I wouldn't have mind just going to a take away shop'this place is really expensive! ' looking around and then back at him feeling embarrassed

Sachin: If you don't like it'we can go somewhere else'

Anjali: It's not that I don't like it'umm'it's just'really beautiful'I'm touched

Sachin: You deserve more than this...

She was shocked on hearing such lovely comments from him and still thought she was living a dream. They ordered their food and while waiting they got to know each other well. They took turns in telling each other about their past, their families, likes, dislikes, ambitions, their hobbies and interest. They enjoyed their dinner while laughing and talking all the way through. After an hour and a half they decided to leave as it was getting late, Sachin paid the bill, leaving a tip then they both left the restaurant.

Back in the car, all the awkwardness had disappeared and they felt like they knew each other for years. When they had neared the Gupta House Sachin had stopped the car. Anjali turned around to look at him in surprise.

Anjali: Is everything ok? ' confused

Sachin: Actually Anjali'I'I just wanted to let you know'I've had a wonderful time tonight'not just the film and the dinner'but spending time with you was really nice'

Anjali: I've had a great time too'Thanks to you'

Sachin: It would be nice if we could spend some more time together'

Anjali: I agree' - her cheeks almost as red as her lips

Sachin: Maybe next week?

Anjali: Of course'

A long silence followed as they both sat there staring into each other's eyes for which seemed liked a million years. The eye lock was broken as a light flashed from a car which passed by. They both looked away embarrassed then Anjali broke the silence'

Anjali: Umm'it's getting late'we've got to report to our duties tomorrow morning'I think we should get going' - stammering as she blushed

Sachin: Sure' - he turned away and smiled as he started up the car again

They arrived at the Gupta House a while later, Sachin got out and opened the door for Anjali. She stepped out of the car and they stood facing each other. Sachin took hold of Anjali's hand and gently kissed it while she breathed in surprise.

Sachin: Good Night'

Anjali: Night'

He let go of her hand and she walked towards the front door. He watched her walk away from him and sighed deeply. She reached the main door then turned back to see him standing there watching her. She smiled and waved to him before walking into the house. He turned around and punched his arm into the air'

Sachin: YYYEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!

Then he controlled himself and fixed his jacket before walking back around to the driver's seat. He got into the car with a massive grin on his face before driving off.


The next day; all the interns were waiting patiently at the Nurse station for Dr. Keerti. All busy in their own conversations, Anjali, Abhi and Nikki chatted excitedly about Anji's date.

Dr Keerti: Good morning doctors

All: Morning Maam

Dr Keerti: Right'Dr. Abhimanu, Dr. Nikita and Dr. Anjali you will be working with Dr. Sharma this morning, he will be setting your duties

A big smile appeared on Anjali's face; noticed only by Abhi and Nikki who smirked at each other knowingly.

Dr. Keerti: Dr. Riddhima General Ward, Dr. Armaan Children's Ward and Dr. Muskaan Path Lab'

After looking through the list once more she turned to the last two interns.

Dr Keerti: There is a new case today and I think that Dr Rahul and Dr Atul should take on this case.

Atul and Rahul looked at each other a smiled while everyone else looked worried.

Dr Kirti: I think you should all get to work Dr Rahul and Dr Atul please follow me I will give you an update of this case.

Atul and Rahul: Yes maam - followed her

Dr Kirti: A new patients Somil Thakkar, age 7. He has been brought here because he has had major headaches; there is a change in his speech and vision, problem in balancing and numbness of arms and legs.

Dr Rahul: But maam these are all symptoms of'

Dr Kirti: I know Dr Rahul but we will have to follow all procedures and then come to a diagnosis.

Dr Atul: But he is only 7

Dr Kirti: I know it can happen to small children we will have to take all the tests.

Dr Atul and Dr Rahul: Yes maam

Just then Keerti's pager beeped and she glanced at it and then spoke to them.

Dr Kirti: The quicker we get these tests results then we will be able to start the diagnosis ok?

Atul: Yes maam - he was about to leave but he saw Rahul hadn't move - Rahul are you coming?

Rahul: Yeh in a bit you go ahead'

Atul: Ok

Rahul: Dr Kirti - he called after her

Kirti: Can't you see'I have to go

Rahul: Sor'sorry maam but do you know where Sapna is?

Kirti: Dr Sapna will not be coming in for a few days'its best if you keep your head in the case'I want results Dr Rahul

Rahul: Yes maam - really upset now, to himself ' I hope she's ok' - sigh...
part 30


Anjali, Abhi and Nikki walked down the corridor towards Dr. Sharma's office. Anjali was blushing furiously as the love birds took full advantage of teasing her about her date with a senior doctor.

Nikki: Anji'I still can't believe it'how did you manage without blushing all evening? ' nudging her in the side

Abhi: She must have been redder than a tomato'right Anji? ' winking at her

Anji: Will you guys please stop! ' a bit louder than she meant to

At the same moment someone put a hand on her shoulder making her freeze with tension. She looked at the other two and saw that their smiles were wiped off of their faces as they looked down at the floor. Anjali slowly turns around to find Shashank standing behind her.

Shashank: Is their a problem doctors?

Anji: No sir'

Shashank: Sure? ' smiling at her

Anji: Yes dad' - smiles

Shashank: Doctors? ' looking at the other two ' You can breathe

He laughs at their expressions and then walked off with a smile on his face.

Abhi: Oh My Gosh'Anji, your dad can give anyone a heart attack

Anji: Shut up Abhi'let's go or we'll be late

Nikki: Ooohhh'someone's in a rush to meet her lover boy

Anji: - smacked her arm ' Nikki'!

Nikki: Ouch yaar'itna zor se kyon?

Anji: You deserve it'ab chal' - walking ahead

Abhi: Wonder why she's so impatient! He isn't running away

Anji: - turns around ' I heard that' - shooting an evil look at him

Nikki: She's in love'and she's eager to meet her boyfriend' -emphasising on the last word

Anji stopped in her tracks, her face turning crimson red. Abhi and Nikki caught up with her and smiled. When she had finally found her voice she spoke quietly'

Anji: Please stop'warna'I won't be able to concentrate on my work and I'll look like an idiot in front of him'

Nikki: Theek hain'tumhare liye hum itna to kar sakte hain' - giving her a side hug

They knocked on his door before walking in and were met by a huge welcoming smile. Once they were settled Dr Sharma started to go through a case, when Anjali was sure he wouldn't look up Anjali kept sneaking glances at him and he did the same. This was noticed by both Abhi and Nikki who found this really sweet.

*Path Lab*

Muskaan had finished her duty and was just about to go on her rounds when she saw Atul and Rahul enter in a deep conversation. Atul saw her and said hi while Rahul got straight on with his work. She stood by the door for a few seconds observing him; something was really wrong; he wasn't the same any more; his face was pale, his eyes were drooped and there were wrinkle lines on his forehead. She shook her head and walked out of the door.

*Corridor *

Ridz walked through the corridor in a rush carrying a tray in her hands and grumbling to herself.

Ridz: Unbelievable! Stupid nurses'they can't do one thing right'they waste time standing here and there gossiping but when it comes to work'they have no idea! ' her face was flushed

She carried on walking down the corridor until she heard some laughter coming from a nearby ward. She walked closer to the door to find out what was going on. She was so angry right now she was just waiting for an opportunity to let her anger out on someone. She stood by the door of the ward just about to scream when she was met with an unfamiliar sight. A group of children were sat on the floor of the middle of the ward and looking up at Armaan; he was telling them a story and they couldn't help but laugh at his silly jokes and his funny faces. A little girl was sat in his lap and was hugging him very tight, he looked down at her and smiled then he tapped his forehead with hers which made her giggle and touched his nose. He opened his mouth as if to bite her finger and she squealed with laughter.

Ridz stood there for a while and took in the sight; she smiled as he tried to bite the little girl's finger.

Ridz: So sweet' - whisper

She suddenly looked up and around to see if anyone had heard her. She smacked the side of her head to make sure that thought had vanished and then walked away; her mind full of mixed feelings.

Ridz: Don't even go there Ridz'he's nice with kids'that doesn't mean he's a nice person'a nice person would talk to people, be friendly with them'not ignore them and be mean'

Even though she had said all of that she did not realise that this man was creating a big effect on her. She had walked in about to burst with anger but instead she had kept silent and left with a smile on her face.


Rahul was sitting at an empty table when Muskaan came in and sat beside him. He hadn't notice anything until she cleared her throat; he looked up and then back down at his coffee.

Muskaan: Rahul kya hua? - concerned

Rahul looked up again and she saw that his eyes were red and he had been crying.

Muskaan: Rahul? - held his hand - kya hua?

Rahul: Sapna

Muskaan: Oh'kya hua isse? ' annoyed but decided not to show her feelings

Rahul: She might not come back because'because of me

Muskaan: What do you mean?

Rahul: She'I need to meet her Muskaan'I have to

Muskaan: Theek hain'you will'but first we need to find out where she lives'then we will speak to her and'and bring her back ok?

Rahul looked at her and nodded his head, she grabbed a tissue from her pocket and wiped the tears from his face.

Rahul: Thanks Muskaan ' hugs her

Muskaan was startled by his actions but she smiled and tapped him on his back softly, a smile slowly appearing on her lips.


That evening Sohan had decided to pay a visit to Armaan as he was ready to go back home. He entered the hospital and walked down the corridor looking around for Armaan when his eyes landed on a familiar person. His feet automatically stopped moving and he stood there staring at her.

Sohan: - thoughts - This feeling will never fade away'I will always get a shock every time I see her'

Ridz was walking down the corridor, she noticed a man looking at her weirdly, as she neared him she recognised him as Armaan's friend and had a sudden idea.

Ridz: - thoughts - Why is he watching me like that? Forget it'this is my time to find out the truth about the mysterious Armaan'I think I should speak to him now'

Ridz approached Sohan who was in deep thought. She stood in front of him and waved her hand in front of his eyes. He blinked then moved back a few steps, shocked by this sudden action. He didn't realise how long he had stood there like that, she was right in front of him now'and he was taken aback.

Ridz: Are you ok? ' concerned

Sohan: Umm'yeah'yeah I'm fine'

Ridz: Umm'You're Armaan's friend'right?

Sohan: Uhh'yes I am'and you're Riddhima right?

Ridz: Riddhima?...I mean'yes'I'm Ridz, Riddhima, but how do you know me?

Sohan: Actually'Armaan'umm'

Ridz: Wait a minute'this is all about Armaan'

Sohan: Sorry? ' not sure what she meant

Ridz: No I'm sorry'.actually I wanted to talk to you'about Armaan'but' - looking around ' Not here, let's go out'

Sohan: But are you not on duty?

Ridz: I've got a fifteen minute break'let's go

Sohan: Ok'

He followed her out of the hospital and they settled on a bench in the park around the corner from the hospital. Both feeling a little awkward due to their own situations, Sohan still not able to think of this girl as someone else and Ridz uncomfortable about the question she was about to ask him.

Ridz: Actually'this has been bothering me for quite a while now'but I'm not able to talk to Armaan about this'I've tried many times but he's never answered my question'and I thought'you're friends'maybe you could answer my question' - stammering as she spoke

Sohan: - confused ' Go on'

Ridz: Umm'what's wrong with Armaan'why is he soo secretive? Why does he hate me?

Sohan's expression dropped as this was the last thing he was expecting to hear. He was silent for a long time; his mind doing all the talking.

Sohan: ' thoughts ' What do I do? How am I meant to answer that question?

Ridz: Umm'Sohan?

Sohan: Oh'I'm sorry' - thinks ' I think it's best that I let her know'it's best for both of them'

Ridz: Is everything ok?

Sohan: Uh'I don't know how to say this'but it has to come out some time'and this is the best time'actually Riddhima'Armaan and I and' - he cuts his sentence short not knowing where to go from there' he takes out his wallet and opens it, hands it over to her

She looks at him with a confused look, he gestures her to look at the wallet and she slowly looks down, her expression turning from confused to shock in less than a second. She is unable to speak and she drops the wallet on the floor'

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