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Part 31 & 32 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 31

Ridz: Is this some kind of joke? ' angrily

Sohan shook his head and looked down into his lap. She bent down and picked up the wallet then sat there in disbelief looking from Sohan to the photo and back several times. Sohan had shown her a photo of himself, Riddhima and Armaan all dressed formally on the Graduation Night. Armaan was standing on the right with his arm around Riddhima's waist and Sohan was standing on the left with his arm around Riddhima's shoulder. Riddhima stood in the middle staring at the camera with a bright smile on her face and a slight twinkle in her eyes.

Ridz stared at the photo as if she was waiting for it to give her some explanation. It was as though a shock wave had passed through her and she just did not know what to do or say or feel. She flipped over the wallet to find another photograph; Armaan and Riddhima in a rib-crashing hug, they both were facing the camera with silly grins on their faces, Riddhima was wearing a plain blue salwar kameez and her arms at her side as Armaan hugged her like there was no tomorrow. Ridz did not understand what this was all about; she needed some explanation, some answers to her million questions. She looked up suddenly but before she could say anything Sohan started to speak.

Sohan: That's Riddhima'mine and Armaan's best friend'and Armaan's girlfriend'we've been together since we were kids'never been apart'everything we did'was together'and Armaan and Riddhima'they were known as the "love birds" back home'but'just a few months ago'everything changed'for the worst' ' he recited slowly

Ridz: - very interested but trying to get her voice back ' 'What'what happened? I mean'can you tell me what happened? Why is Armaan like this? What happened that made him change?

Sohan explained to Ridz how Armaan was, how they were together, all the childhood stories of the trio and much more and finished off by giving Ridz another shock'

Sohan: Then Riddhima left us'she had'brain tumor' - pause ' 'she never let us know about it'she kept it a secret for many months'Armaan was shattered'you can say he died along with her'he's not been the same since!...she was his life'she knew all along but she didn't tell him because she knew that he would have died as well'but he made it all the way here for her'she had made him promise that he would go ahead and fulfill his dreams for her'and because of that one promise he came here'and that's when he saw'he saw you'

Ridz: And he became dumbfounded'to see a look alike of his love' - finished for him

He shook his head and closed his eyes.

Ridz: Now I understand'he's been through soo much'it must be so difficult'I mean'I'm shocked just looking at this picture' ' looking back at the photo ' 'but now I understand what he must have felt when he first saw me'when he ignored me'when he shouted at me' - pause ' 'he's not full of himself like I thought'he was being tortured every time he saw me'it's because of me' - cut off by Sohan

Sohan: Ridz'don't blame yourself'you had no idea'

Ridz: I know'but still'some where it's me that brought back all of those painful memories'

Sohan did not know what to say. She was right; every time Armaan saw her he was crushed, but how could he say that to her, she was already feeling guilty for a crime she unknowingly committed.

Sohan: Listen'it's not your fault'but'if you really want to do something'will you please take care of Armaan'

Ridz: What do you mean?

Sohan: I have to go back'and Armaan will once again be on his own'just'just make sure he's okay'and if possible'maybe'you can try and talk to him'be friends' - pause, looks down - 'all I want is to have the normal Armaan back'laughing, smiling and playing pranks'that's Armaan'not the walking body that he is now'

Ridz: Don't worry'I promise'I won't do anything that would make him upset and I'll try my best to bring back your best friend' - she puts her hand over his and gives it a reassuring squeeze and smiles

Sohan: Thanks' - whispers

Ridz: Anytime' - smiles

Sohan stood up and Ridz followed. They stood facing each other for a while then Ridz smiled widely and put her hand forward.

Ridz: Friends?

Sohan looked at her, one of his fondest memories flashed into his mind'

Flash Back

Riddhima: Dost?

Sohan brightened up a little when he noticed that she wanted to be his friend too and shook her hand

Sohan: Dost' ' with a bright smile he took hold of her hand

End of Flashback

Sohan smiled at her action then took her hand and shook it.

Sohan: Friends'

They walked back to the hospital together filled with new emotions. Ridz was determined to bring back the old Armaan no matter what and Sohan was pleased to know that he will be able to leave and not worry too much about Armaan now that he knew there was someone else there to care for him. Somewhere inside he felt that Ridz would definitely have a positive affect on Armaan and this thought made him feel satisfied.


Ridz had said bye to Sohan and had returned to her duties with a whole new mission on her mind while Sohan sat in the cafeteria with Abhi and Nikki who were on a break. Right on cue Abhi and Nikki's pager beeped as Armaan walked into the cafeteria and they left saying bye to Sohan.

Armaan: So you're leaving? ' sitting down after he had ordered a coffee

Sohan: No choice'duty calls'gotta go'

A fresh new smile plastered on his face; he was a little upset about leaving Armaan again but now he was sure that he would be fine as he had some one looking out for him, some one who knew about his past and was there to help him when he needed it.

Armaan: You're right'work comes first'

Sohan: Armaan'before I go'I just want to say something'

Armaan: Go on' - sipping his coffee

Sohan: Ridz'

Armaan put his cup down and a frown appeared on his face as he waited for Sohan to carry on, not that he wanted to hear what he had to say'

Sohan: Give her a chance'just be friendly'talk to her'get to know her'who knows she could be a really nice person'

Armaan: You've been talking to her'haven't you?

Sohan: Armaan'she's concerned about you'

Armaan: I don't care about her' - sternly

Sohan: I know you don't'but she is really worried about you'I've heard her' - he was cut off by Armaan

Armaan: Sohan'she needs to mind her own business'

Sohan: Armaan'listen, I have no time to sit here and argue with you'and this is an order' - looking him straight in the eye ' you'll speak to her, you will apologies for your rude behaviour and you will get to know her'got it?

Armaan: But'

Sohan: No buts'I've said it...that's final' - firmly

Armaan: Fine' - frowning

Sohan: That's better ' smiling ' ok'I have to go now'

They both stood up and walked towards the locker room where Armaan collected his stuff and Sohan said bye to the other interns. They left the hospital, went back to the apartment to collect his belongings then they went to the train station. They said their final goodbyes with Armaan promising Sohan that he would speak to Ridz, making Sohan leave with a big smile on his face.

*Gupta House*

Ridz walked into the house deep in thought about her recent conversation with Sohan. It had left her completely spell bound, the fact that there was some one out there that looked exactly like her made her scared. For some weird reason that thought really freaked her out; she had not seen this person face to face and yet it had still shaken her up. She sat down on the sofa still lost in her thoughts when Padma and Anjali walked down the stairs in conversation with each other. They noticed Ridz daydreaming and shared a confused look, then Anjali tapped her on her shoulder and she jumped out of her thoughts and looked around frantically.

Ridz: Kya'kya huwa!

Anji: Ridzi? What's wrong? Are you ok? ' sitting down next to her

Ridz: I'm'I'm fine Di' - nodding to her sister ' hi ma

Padma: You're very late'where've you been?

Ridz: Umm'hospital'there was lots of work

Padma: You look so tired'and it looks like something's bothering you'bolo na'what's wrong?

Ridz: Kuch nahi ma'I'm just really tired'

Padma: Chalo'main khana lagati hoon'have dinner then you can go to sleep'

Ridz: Ma...I'm not really hungry'

Padma: I don't want to hear anything'you young girls'you don't eat anything' - walking towards the kitchen ' come on now'I'm going to make sure you both eat a plate full'

Anjali and Ridz smiled at each other and followed their mother into the kitchen.

Both: YES MOM!

They have their dinner and after saying good night they drag themselves up to their room. They take turns to have quick shower and they finally settle on their beds, both staring up at the ceiling lost in their own thoughts, then Anjali spoke up'

Anji: Ridzi?

Ridz: Hmm

Anji: I've got something to tell you'

Ridz: Bolo' - turning her head to face Anji

Anji: Mujhe pyar hogaya hain

Ridz sits up abruptly and shouts out loud

Ridz: KYA!!!!!!!!

Anjali also sits up and smiles at her. Ridz gets up from her bed and sits infront of Anji in utter shock.

Ridz: What? When? How? Who?

Anji: Calm down'! ' puts her hand on Ridz's shoulder ' batati hoon'

Ridz: Come on di'quickly!...

Anji: Sachin'

Ridz: What? You mean'Dr. Sharma?

Anjali nods her head, blushes and tells Ridz everything from the beginning, about their date and every moment they spent together. She speaks about her feelings and also what Sachin had told her about his feelings for her. Ridz was completely shocked but at the same time really happy for her sister. When Anjali had finally stopped talking Ridz smiled sadly at her and gave her a hug.

Ridz: Di'I'm so happy for you! I wish you all the happiness in the world'

Anji: Thank you' - hugging her little sister

Ridz: When are you going to speak to mom dad?

Anji: Abhi nahi'I think it's best that we get to know each other a little more'maybe if things work out'in a month or so?

Ridz: You're right'you need some more time'but I'm sooo happy for you di'

They shared an emotional moment and then they went to bed...
part 32

*Nurse station*

Dr. Keerti stood strictly in front of the interns as she read from her clip board.

Keerti: Dr. Rahul and Dr. Atul you will be completing some more test for your patient and I want results'quickly!

Atul and Rahul: Yes maam

Keerti: Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Anjali General Ward, Dr. Muskaan Cancer Ward, and Dr. Abhi Path Lab

They all nod in agreement. Ridz kept sneaking glances over at Armaan; her mind full of ideas of how to interact with him. While Armaan kept his mind strictly on work and nothing else.

Keerti: Dr. Armaan and Dr. Nikita ICU'there is a new patient, allergy case ' she hands them a file ' he has had several allergy problems before but this time it's serious, that's why he has been moved here'his name is Ranveer Sasodia

Nikki: WHAT!!!

Everyone turned and looked at her sudden outburst.

Keerti: Is there a problem Dr Nikita?

Nikki: Sorry'what's the patient's name?

Keerti: Ranveer Sasodia'do you know him?

Nikki: Yes maam'

Keerti: Is he a family member?

Nikki: No maam'

Keerti: Well I'm sorry that you have come across him in this state but I think it would be a good idea if you take this case'maybe with you around he will be cured quickly'and Dr. Armaan will also be there to help you

Nikki: Yes maam' - quietly

Abhi looked at Nikki confused but she was so worried she kept her head down and Abhi saw tears well up in her eyes.

Keerti: Ok everyone get to work!

All the interns began to move at once, Nikki walked quickly towards ICU with Armaan but Abhi followed her and stopped her before she could walk into the room. Armaan went in and started to check the reports while Abhi spoke to Nikki.

Abhi: Nikki? Who is this Ranveer?

Nikki was not listening to Abhi; instead she looked through the glass door to where Ranveer was lying.

Nikki: Woh'Abhi I'll speak to you later'I need to concentrate on this case' - she pushed past him, opened the door and almost ran to the bed where Ranveer was

Abhi looked at her in disbelief as she ran over to this stranger and away from him. He waited a little while to witness her put her hand up to this man's face and tears rolled down her cheeks. He kicked the ground angrily and walked away.

After a little while Nikki had calmed down and looked up at Armaan who was still going through the files. He noticed her staring at him and he began to talk'

Armaan: Allergy case

Nikki: - watching Ranveer who was unconscious - He always had an allergy problem'

Armaan: Really?

Nikki: Yeh ' looking back at his unconscious face - his face is swollen

Armaan: This is common in allergies'we need to keep him under observation then we need to note his progress

Nikki: Yeh' - shakes her head crying while she looked at Ranveer

Armaan: - looked around at Nikki and saw her crying he went over to her and put his hand on her shoulder - he will be ok

Nikki: But he looks critical'

Armaan: Don't worry Nikki he will recover'we'll give him the adrenaline and note his progress ok'I promise we will take good care of him and he will recover very soon'

Nikki: Thanks Armaan

Armaan: It's ok ' he removes his hand

They sit there together going through the case and waiting for Ranveer to gain consciousness.

*Special Ward*

Atul enters Somil ward to meet him, Rahul had gone to the Path Lab to gather his results.

Atul: Hey champ how are you?

Somil: Hey Dr Uncle I'm fine'will you play with me?

Atul: Where is your mummy and daddy?

Somil: - looks down sadly - I don't have a mummy and my daddy is always busy at work'he hasn't have time to meet' - then cheers up - so you will play with me right?

Atul stares at the little boy; watching this boy he remembered his childhood, after his mum died his dad had left him by himself and concentrated on his business leaving him to go through life on his own.

Atul: - sadly - Yeh I will play with you'come on lets play!!

Atul and Somil were playing video games when Rahul walked into the room.

Rahul: uh'Atul what are you doing? ' looking at him quizzically

Atul: Oh - now realising that he was sitting on the floor' - Umm'I was'nothing'

Rahul: - smirking ' It's ok'where are his parents?...We need to let them know about Somil's condition'

Atul: It's positive? ' worried

Rahul: - shaking his head ' Yeah'it is

They both shared a worried look. At the same time a middle aged man dressed in a suit walked into the room and moved towards Somil and the doctors. He looked down at Somil and then looked up at the doctors waiting for an explanation.

Atul: You must be Somil's Dad?

Mr. Thakkar: Yes'can we please get on with it'I need to get back to work'I have a meeting in half an hour'

Atul: I'm sorry? ' in anger ' You need to be here with your son'not with the rest of the world!

Rahul: Atul stop!

Mr. Thakkar: Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like that?

Rahul: Sorry sir' - stepping in between ' I think we should get on with it'

Mr. Thakkar: Please

Rahul and Mr. Thakkar walked to the corner of the room and sat down on the sofa. Atul stayed where he was completely shocked at this man's behaviour towards his son.

Rahul: Mr. Thakkar'we have diagnosed your son as having'Brain Tumour'we having taken many test and all the symptoms are positive'we're really sorry'

Mr. Thakkar: You're joking right? I mean'how can this be possible? He's fine'

Rahul: I'm sorry'we are still running tests to see what stage the tumour is at'but we assure you that your son will be fine'

Mr. Thakkar stood up, took one look at his son from a distance and walked out of the room.


Armaan stood at the counter in the cafeteria waiting to collect his order when Ridz appeared out of nowhere and stood by him. He did not notice her presence until she had placed her order; her voice made him jump out of his busy thoughts and turned towards her. She looked at him with a bright smile on her face...

Ridz: Hey, how's your new case?

Armaan stood there in disbelief, didn't she speak to Sohan? He thought, why is she being so normal with me? Why is she doing this? I don't understand this girl'even though they look so alike and I thought this girl was just full of her self she is still down to earth. Sohan was right.

Armaan was again jerked out of his thoughts when Ridz and the guy behind the counter called his name.

Armaan: Huh?...Oh umm' - he takes his coffee and sandwiches ' Thanks

He carries his food to the table and sits down; Ridz followed him and sits down opposite him.

Ridz: So how is your case going?

Armaan: Umm'it's not as difficult as it seems'

Ridz: Really?... ' taking a bite of her sandwich and casually waits for him to carry on

Armaan: Yeah'I mean'it's an allergy case'but if he's kept under proper supervision and is given the correct medication he'll recover quickly

Ridz: Oh that's good'seems like you have it all under control ' smiles at him - keep up the good work

Armaan looks at her, why was she being so nice? What was she after? Wait Armaan'I think nothing's wrong with her'it's your turn to fix up; after all you did promise Sohan'he's right'I need to apologies to her'

Armaan: Thanks'

They have their lunch in silence for a while then Armaan clears his throat making Ridz look up at him.

Armaan: Umm'I'm'BEEP BEEP ' he looks down at his pager which had just disrupted his apology, he picked it up and looked at it ' Sorry'I gotta go'

Ridz: It's ok

Armaan: ' getting up ' We'll speak later

Ridz: Sure' - smiling

Ridz smiles as she watched Armaan leave the cafeteria.

Ridz: This is easier than it seems Ridz'you can do this!


Nikki sat on the stool next to Ranveer's bedside weeping silently to herself when someone walked into the room and rested a hand on her shoulder. She looked up slowly to see Abhi standing there with a sad expression on his face.

Abhi: Nikki?

Nikki wiped the tears away from her cheeks, turned around and hugged him round the middle. He had no choice but to put his arms around her and comfort her. After some time she moved away from him and fixed herself, again wiping tears from her eyes and cheeks.

Nikki: Abhi'what are you doing here? ' croakily

Abhi: I was looking for you everywhere'so'this is Ranveer? ' looking down at him

Nikki: - nods her head

Abhi: How do you know him?

Nikki: He is my friend'

Abhi: Just a friend I am sure? ' curiously

Nikki: - silence

Abhi: Nikki?

He put his hand on her shoulder again making her stand up.

Abhi: What does this mean? Why are you silent? Say something'

Nikki: Please Abhi'not now'you are disturbing him'he'll wake up' - whispering ' we'll speak later'

Abhi: I don't care about him Nikki' - angrily ' I'm not going to let him come in between the two of us'

Nikki: He won't' - quietly

Abhi: Oh'so now you know what he thinks as well'

Nikki: Please Abhi it's not like that'Ranveer'we met in college'we're'

Abhi: You know what'I don't care what there is between the two of you'I'm just going to let you know'you are mine'only mine'

Nikki: Abhi'why are you being so childish?'Just let him recover'we'll speak la'

Abhi: I don't want to hear it'

He let go of her shoulders roughly and stamped out of the room slamming the door behind him. Nikki sunk down into the chair once more, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably...

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