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Part 33 & 34 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 33

*Boys Apartment*

My dearest jaanu...

Lol I still can't stop two are a handful...I still dunno how I've manage to keep up with you'll never change will you?...always too quick in judging people...Sohan only said that he's so sly and there you are thinking that he's some kind of was more like you were the spy...sneaking up on him...poor guy you almost gave him a heart attack...but seriously Armaan...don't be so judgmental about people...give them some time to prove themselves...

Anyways...moving on...Armaan...the point I want to make in this letter is...I hope you move on...and while moving on I hope you lose your bad habits...mainly judging your life to the fullest... Armaan...I love you...and I want you to be happy...always happy...with me or without me...because I live in your heart...I can never go away from you...

Your...Riddhima xxx

Armaan smiled as he folded the letter and put it back into his diary. He turned the page and looked at the collage he had made of her photos, slowly he rubbed his finger over her face; he brought the book up to his face and kissed her photo.

Armaan: I will Riddhima'only for you'I'll get rid of my bad habits'starting with judging people'I'll apologies to her' - smiling ' ...because I know'you'll be angry with me until I say sorry' right? - smiling down at the photos

Then he closed the book and put it under his pillow. He got up and made his way to the hospital.


Rahul and Atul walked out of the Special Ward carrying files and blood samples in deep conversation. They walked towards Path Lab and handed over the blood samples to the technician and collected more reports before going to Dr Keerti's office. A while later they exited her office with tired looks on their faces.

Atul: At least the medicines are working for the moment but I dunno'still something doesn't feel right'we'll have to keep monitoring him with the radiation therapy'

Rahul: Hmmm' - wiping his forehead

Atul: You've been "hmm-ing" all morning'what is wrong with you? ' concerned

Rahul: I'm just tired man'it's just too much for me'this case, my patients, paper work, Sapna and Mus' - he bit his tongue to stop him from carrying on but Atul had picked up quickly

Atul: What? Sapna? What's wrong with her? I mean'I know she hasn't been coming for a while'some family problem maybe'but what's it to you?

Rahul: It's nothing man'just leave it'

They entered the cafeteria and found an empty table to sit around.

Atul: No way'you slipped it'you will carry on' - smiling a little

Rahul: Leave it yaar'it's not important'I'm hungry'you want something ' getting up and trying to leave this conversation

Atul: Coffee please

Rahul went to order his food and came back a few minutes later. He settled the coffee and food down and sat down himself. Atul took a sip of his coffee, then smiling he picked up where he had left off.

Atul: So'what happened?

Rahul: Huh?

Atul: What happened between you and Sapna?

Rahul sighed; he knew there was no way he would be able to get out of this one.

Rahul: We had a little misunderstanding, she took it really seriously and we haven't spoken in ages'she doesn't even come to the hospital'I just hope she's fine'if not it's all my fault

Atul: C'mon dude'it was one little misunderstanding'don't blame yourself'she'll come round sooner or later'

Rahul: I hope so'

Atul: These girls'they're soo confusing'they take everything so seriously'chill'

Rahul: You're right'let's just hope she comes back quickly'

Atul: She will'don't worry'

*Dr. Sharma's Office*

Anjali: I think we need to keep her under observation'her medication doesn't seem to be working and her breathing is still not normal'what do you think? ' looking up for the first time

Sachin sat back in his chair admiring the beauty in front of him with a wide smile on his face. He didn't notice when she had stopped talking and was trying to get his attention.

Anjali: Dr. Sharma? Hello! ' waving her hand in front of his face ' ...SACHIN! ' loudly

Sachin: HUH? What? ' sitting up

Anjali: What are you doing? I'm trying to explain something to you and you're' - blushes

Sachin: How can I concentrate on anything else when you are in front of me? ' smiling

Anjali: Sachin! ' shocked ' ...We're in the hospital'

Sachin: So? ' smiling deeply making her go red

Sachin and Anjali had really become fond of each other now. They spent a lot of time with each other and this was noticed by lots of people, but this did not bother them. Sachin had taken Anjali out on many dates and had also expressed his true feelings to her. She had taken her time to come to terms with what she felt for him before telling him. But when they finally expressed their love for each other they made it public and were accepted by all.

Sachin stood up and closed his file then walked around to where Anjali sat. He took her hand and pulled her up making her bump into his chest; she blushed furiously and hid her face in his chest. He put his arms around her and pulled her close then whispered into her hair.

Sachin: Anjali'

She moved her arms around him and leaned her head on his shoulders.

Sachin: I can't stay away from you for even a second'I love you...

Anjali: I love you too' - whispered against his neck

Sachin: - held her from her shoulders and moved her back looking into her eyes ' I'm ready to speak to your parents...

An enormous smile appeared on her lips; she looked like a little child who had just been given a present which she had been waiting for a long time.

Anjali: Sach???

Sachin: - nods his head ' I can't wait any longer'

Anjali: I'm sooo happy!!!!! ' she hugged him again

Sachin: - smiling ' End of this week?

Anjali: Yes! I love you!

Sachin: I love you too...

*Special Ward*

Ranveer had now been moved into the special ward; he had been under observation for a week an a half and recovered tremendously. Even though his physical state was much better his emotional state had deteriorated when he woke up to see Nikki in front of him once again. He did not speak to her but she made every effort to make sure he was fine.

Nikki: C'mon'it's time for you to take your medicine'

Ranveer: Get Dr. Armaan'

Nikki: Don't be so childish you Camel'take your medicine'if not you know what I'm capable of'

Ranveer did not turn his face but held out his hands to take the tablets from Nikki and popped it into his mouth then gulped down a glass of water.

Nikki: That's better'

She put her hand on his shoulder and felt his stiff body relax a little but he didn't turn.

Nikki: Ranny... ' softly ' ...I have to go now'but I'll be back later in the evening...take care'

She removed her hand slowly then walked out of the ward. The moment she left he turned around and looked at her retreating back, how could he be so angry with her? It was her fault he was in this state but at least she was honest, that's what really mattered right? He shook his head and sighed; he had to make it up to her sooner or later.


Nikki walked down the corridor in deep thought about her past with Ranveer.

Nikki: - thoughts ' Why is he being so stubborn? I know it's because of me that he is like this'but what can I do? I just hope he gets well soon'then we can talk this out'I hope

She walked past the fire exit and towards the cafeteria when she accidentally crashed into someone who was walking in the opposite direction. She looked up and saw Abhi; she smiled, she was so happy to see him after a long time. Abhi on the other hand; looked grim and was about to walk away when she grabbed hold of his hand and dragged him a few steps back to the fire exit. He had been avoiding her for the past week since they had their argument about Ranveer.

They entered the fire exit, Nikki closed the door behind her and pulled Abhi into a big hug. She put her arms around him, her head rested on his front, as she was short she only reached up to his chest and she closed her eyes breathing in his strong scent. There was complete silence for a few minutes, Abhi was left standing there with his hands by his side, as much as he wanted to hold her, feel her close to him and just be with her his ego kept him back. He was really angry with her for hiding this relationship from him but no matter how angry he was or showed that he was inside he was craving to pull her into a tight embrace.

Slowly his anger vanished as Nikki snuggled closer to him, he could smell her almond milk scented shampoo, it was his favorite shampoo and he loved it even more when he could nuzzle his face into her hair. That's what he wanted to do right now and nothing could stop him; he slowly lifted his arms to Nikki's side and was about to hold onto her waist when she moved back and looked at him. He silently cursed himself for being such a slow coach but looking at her face brought back all the events of the past week making him angry all over again.

Nikki: I've missed you soo much'

Abhi: Really?...You've been spending so much time with your Ranveer that I thought you have forgotten me'

Nikki: Abhi'please don't say that'I've tried to make you understand but'

Abhi: You know what Nikki'I haven't got the time to stand around and listen to your explanations'why don't you go back to your Ranveer and let me do my work'

Before she could say anything else he walked out of the fire exit slamming the door behind him once more. She stood there in shock, tears spilled out of her eyes and she slid down against the wall onto the step not able to control her tears...

part 34

*Locker Room*

Armaan sits on the bench reading through Ranveer's file. He had really taken care of the case well; Nikki had been really emotional and he decided to give her some time to sort out her feelings. He was ticking off the checklist when someone walked into the locker room. He turned to see who it was as he heard the clip clop of their heels. Ridz walked in and carried on to her locker smiling at him as she walked by.

Ridz: Hey'

Armaan: Umm...hi

Ridz: You ok? You look busy' - opening her locker then looking back at him

Armaan: Uh'I'm fine, just going through some files

Ridz: Oh'I've heard your patient is recovering quickly'well done Dr. Armaan' - smiling at him

Armaan: Uh'Thanks

Ridz: Why are you saying thanks? You're a great doctor'you know your job really well'

Armaan: That's what I'm here for'but thanks for the compliment

Ridz: No prob' - smiling ' I'll just be back ' she walked into the changing room

Armaan could not help but stare at the curtain where she had just entered; she's really not that bad. She was so full of attitude and thinks too much about herself but she still cares about others, she knows what's going on around her'Riddhima was always right, I am too quick to judge people. I should have given myself time to get to know her before making any judgments. I think I should talk to her, she's so'

His thoughts were once again disturbed by the clip clop of her heels on the ground which echoed around the silent room. He looked up to see her; she was wearing a black and white shirt which fitted her perfectly and white trousers, she had taken off her lab coat and he had noticed that she had touched up her make up a bit. He quickly shook his head and looked back down at his file before she could notice anything. She walked towards her locker and took out her handbag then stood in front of him.

Ridz: Ok then'I'll see you tomorrow'

Armaan: Are you off?

Ridz: Yeh'duty's over'I was planning to go out and meet up with some of my friends'so I'll see you later'bye

Armaan: Bye'

She was about to walk out of the locker room when she stopped abruptly by the door on the sound of her name.

Armaan: Ridz?

He forced himself to use that name; he wanted to speak to her but argued with himself on how to start.

She turned around and saw Armaan standing up. He slowly walked towards her stopping a few inches away he started to talk'

Armaan: Umm'I wanted to'umm'I mean'can I speak to you for a minute?

Ridz: Sure'go on'

Armaan: I'm'I'm sorry' - he forced himself to say it

Ridz: Sorry? What for?

Armaan: For everything I have done and said since we first met'

Ridz: It's' - she was cut off and he carried on

Armaan: Please'let me carry on'

She nodded her head and he spoke up once more is a soft and sad voice.

Armaan: Actually'I dunno where to start'I've been so rude to you from the beginning'and it's not even your fault'it was me'and my problem'I let out all my anger on you for no reason and you took it all so quietly'you didn't even utter one word against me' - pause ' all I want to say is'I'm really sorry if I've hurt you'I didn't mean to do it intentionally'

The room was filled with silence as he finished speaking. He just looked down at the ground, not knowing what to do or say, praying that she would forgive him.

Ridz: Armaan'it's not your fault' - he looked up at her - you must have had your own reason for this anger'and you just needed to take it out'and its good that you did'there's no need to be sorry'I understand

Armaan: So'you forgive me? ' hopefully

Ridz looked at him in silence and a sad face for a few seconds then broke into a big smile.

Ridz: Of course I do'

Armaan: - smiled (which he doesn't do very often) ' Thank you

Ridz: Ab bas! more thanks'ok? I'm not use to all this formalness'

Armaan: Ok'

Ridz: Ok then'I'll see you later'I have to go now'bye

Armaan: Bye'

She turned around and walked out of the locker room. Armaan watched her as her phone rang; she answered it and turned around the corner. He stood staring at the place she had left and smiled to himself'

Armaan: Thanks Sohan' - silently ' I hope you're happy Riddhima' - looking up


Ridz sat around the table in the empty cafeteria sipping coffee looking really happy when Anjali walked in and sat down next to her.

Anji: Hey Ridzi'

Ridz: Hi dii'

Anji: Did you meet dad?

Ridz: Yeh I did'he said to wait here'

Anji: Oh ok'what's up'you're looking nice'going out some where?

Ridz: Yeh I was'but my friends canceled'but it's ok'dad said he'll give us a lift home'

Anji: Yeh'so apart from that'you look really happy'what's up?

Ridz: Actually Dii'you wouldn't believe what happened five minutes ago' - sitting up excitedly

Anji: Go on'

Ridz: Armaan said sorry to me! Can you believe it? I'm soo happy our plan is working'

Anji: Sorry? Plan? Ours? What are you talking about Ridzi?...It looks like my little sister is getting up to some trouble without me...what's going on?

Ridz: Sorry Dii'I forgot to tell you earlier'and it looks like you are too busy these days with mister lover boy of yours' - teasing

Anji: Ridzi! ' shocked

Ridz: Ok'ok sorry' - pulling her ears ' I'll tell you'I spoke to Sohan'you know Armaan's friend

Anji: Oh yeh'nice guy'anyway carry on'

Ridz: Yeh'I spoke to him and you wouldn't believe what he told me'Dii'can you believe I have a look alike!

Anji: WHAT???????

Both the girls look around the cafeteria, luckily it was empty, then Ridz carried on talking.

Ridz: Ok'I'll start from the top, Armaan was in love with this girl who looked exactly like me' - Anji's eyes opened wide ' I know'even I couldn't believe it'but he showed me a picture'we look exactly the same!...but she passed away, she had brain tumor'then Armaan came here and that's when he saw me'obviously he was in shock'he couldn't believe it'the only thing that was different was'my attitude, my dress sense and that's understandable'he couldn't stand the sight of me'that's why he was always angry at me'

Anji: Oh my God!... ' slowly

Ridz: Exactly'so I made a plan with Sohan that we would bring him back to normal'so that's what I've been doing, just acting normal around him'not pushing him to accept anything'just giving him time'and I think he really has come round'he voluntarily spoke to me today'he even said sorry'it'll take time before he's fully back to normal'but for the moment thing's are working out'

Anji: That's really good Ridzi'I'm so proud of you'

Ridz: Thanks Dii'

Shashank: Are you girls ready?

Anjali and Ridz turned around to see their dad waiting at the door for them.

Both: Hi dad'

Anji: Yeh'we're ready'

They got up, walked towards Shashank and both gave him a hug. They followed him down the corridor in conversation.

Shashank: Acha suno'I've called Dr. Sharma over for dinner tonight'

Ridz looked over at Anjali and grinned widely at her who blushed as red as a radish.

Ridz: Really dad? Kisliye?

Anjali looked furiously at Ridz who giggled and this was noticed by Shashank.

Shashank: Is everything ok? ' looking at Ridz

Ridz: Yes dad' - looking down and grinning like a little kid

Shashank: Ok'he wanted to speak to me about something important so I thought we could speak over dinner'

Ridz: That's a good idea dad'

Ridz winked at Anji as they got into the car and Anji replied by sending daggers at her through her eyes.

*Gupta House Night*

Sachin stepped out of his car muttering to himself.

Sachin: Hello Dr Shashank'I would like to marry Anjali!...No way man he'll kill me'Oh God help me! - looking up

Sachin reached to the door, rang the bell then stood back and crossed his fingers behind his back praying silently. Shashank opens the door.

Shashank: Oh Dr Sharma'come in'

Sachin: Thank'thank you ' nervously

Both doctors engage themselves in conversation about work until dinner was served. They had dinner, with Sachin and Anjali both sneaking nervous glances at each other and Ridz smiling knowingly in between. This little interaction went unnoticed by the grown ups who were making sure that their guest was eating enough.

After dinner the whole family sat in the main hall waiting patiently to begin the discussion of which he was here for. Sachin on the other hand was sweating furiously but decided to get on with it'

Sachin: Dr Shashank'the reason I came here tonight was to speak to you about something really important to me'and I hope you will accept'

Shashank nodded and waited patiently for him to carry on speaking. Sachin closed his eyes and breathed in then out slowly before speaking, deciding to come straight to the point. He opened his eyes and looked at Anjali who smiled and urged him on through her eyes.

Sachin: Main Anjali se pyar karta hoon aur usse shaadi karna chaahta hoon'

The room was filled with silence the second he had stopped talking. Shashank looked sternly at him, Padma and Nani looked at each other in surprise, at Anjali and then to Shashank. Ridz and Anji looked at each other, both worried they looked at Shashank waiting for his response.

Shashank stood up and walked over to where Anjali and Ridz sat. Everyone stood up; the fun loving atmosphere was washed away and replaced by tension.

Shashank: Anjali? What do you think about this issue? - firmly

Anjali: Papa'umm'main bi Sachin se pyar karti hoon' - looking down

Shashank: Really? ' smiling

Anjali quickly looked up noticing the amusement in his voice. He was now fully smiling and so was everyone else in the room. Sachin was now stood in between Padma and Nani and was blushing furiously.

Shashank: I'm so happy you made this choice'I had also made this choice for you'Sachin is a really nice person'and I don't think you would have found anyone better than him - turning around ' I accept'and I think so does the rest of my family

Ridz was the first to react; she clapped out loud and hugged Anjali.

Ridz: Dii'I'm so happy for you'

Anjali then hugged Shashank tightly to tell him how much she loved him and thank him. They all settled back down, Anjali and Sachin now blushing madly and sneaking glances at each other, which was now noticed by everyone. They were all happy; the rest of the evening was spent in general talk, as the family already knew Sachin it was an informal discussion and had ended with planning and the wedding date being set.

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