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Part 35 & 36 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 35

5:30 : Beep Beep

Atul jumped out of bed; feeling fresh and ready for a bright day ahead. He put on his trainers and ran out of the house quickly before he could come face to face with his dad. This was his daily routine; now he had decided not to bother about his dad, just ignore him and carry on with life, he left the house before his dad was awake, went for a jog and made sure he reached home after his dad had left for his office. He liked it that way; this thought came to him after treating his patient Somil. There was so many similarities between the two, Atul had become very fond of him and cared for him like an elder brother as well as a father figure which he needed most of all.

He jogged through the empty park; it was still very early and peaceful, he listened to his music as he carried on jogging. He turned the corner and up ahead he noticed a small figure sitting on the bench, he kept staring at it and as he neared he saw it was a young girl, he kept admiring her. She wore a pink jogging suit and a pink band in her hair, which was open and she sat back drinking from a bottle. As he got closer the girl looked up and he stopped suddenly. He was shocked to see this familiar face.

The girl looked down at the ground as he approached her.

Atul: Hi'

Sapna: What are you doing here?

Atul: Umm' - looking around ' I think'jogging! - smiling

Sapna: Shut up'I'm not in the mood Atul'just go away

Atul: Hey chill ok'I was just joking!

Sapna: Whatever!

She looked away but not quick enough and Atul had noticed her watery eyes.

Atul: Hey'you ok? Why are you crying? ' concerned

Sapna: Just leave me alone'just go away' - silently ' like everyone else'

She stood up, about to run away but Atul held onto her wrist, also standing up he turned her around to face him.

Atul: Sapna what's wrong?

Sapna: I told you I'm fine'just let me go - trying to get away

Atul: Not until you tell me when you're coming back to Sanjeevani'do you know how much Rahul is worried for you? He's been searching everywhere'

Sapna: Why? What am I to him?

Atul: What do you mean Sapna? You and Rahul are friends'obviously he will be worried about you!

Sapna: I don't think so'he's jus pretending so no one thinks anything is wrong

Atul: What are you talking about? Do you even know what he is going through?

Sapna: What's wrong with you? I thought he was your enemy but it seems like you two have become best friends now'right?

Atul: - looking down - I know I use to fight with him'but we are friends now'so please just come back Sapna please'Rahul really misses you

Sapna: But I don't care about him or no one ok?

Atul: You really don't care about him?

Sapna looks at Atul then turns around and runs away.

*Locker Room*

Anji: HEY GUYS!!!!!!!! ' a bright smile plastered on her face

Abhi, Nikki, Armaan, Muskaan and Rahul turn around to look at the door. Anji had just come in with Ridz; she smiled widely at her colleagues as she walked into the locker room. They all stared at her with raised eyebrows waiting for some explanation.

Anji: Guys'guess what!

Abhi: What? You're getting married? ' smirking

Anji: YESS!


Ridz and Anji giggled at the sight of their friends.

Anji: Relax guys' - sitting down on the bench ' The wedding will be in two weeks'there's so much preparation to do and shopping! By the way you're all invited! ' excitedly she rambles on

Ridz: Dii'calm down! ' laughing

Nikki: Yeh Anji'calm down and tell us in detail'what happened! Did Sachin talk to your dad?

Anji: YES'last night and dad said yess'I'm soo happy

Abhi: Yeh we can see that'

Armaan, Rahul and Abhi laughed'at the same time Atul walked into the room.

Atul: Hey guys'what's all the fuss?

Rahul: We're invited to the wedding of the year!

Atul: Wedding? Who's wedding? ' looking around at everyone until his eyes land on the lady who had turned dark red!

Rahul: Yep'our dear Anjali Gupta and senior Dr. Sharma!

Atul: Hey congrats! ' walking up to her and holding out his hands

Anji: Thank you! ' smiling she shook his hand

Rahul and Armaan also congratulate her while Abhi and Nikki took turns to congratulate her and hug her making sure they did not look at each other. This was noticed by Anji but she didn't mention anything instead she took it in silently setting herself a mental task of asking them later. Everyone gathered their lab coats and files and made their way to the nurse station chatting excitedly about the wedding and other plans.

As they approached the desk a nurse informed them that Dr. Keerti was taking care of an emergency, they should all set out on their rounds and report back to the nurse station in an hour. Nikki and Armaan set off towards Special Ward to where Ranveer was; Ridz, Anji, Abhi and Muskaan checked their patients in their assigned wards and Rahul and Atul walked towards the Children's Ward where Somil was.

They walked down the corridor talking about the case when someone called out Rahul's name. They both turned; their seriousness which had been shown on their face as they discussed their case vanished and smiles took over as they both looked at her.

Both: SAPNA!

part 36

They walked down the corridor talking about the case when someone called out Rahul's name. They both turned; their seriousness which had been shown on their face as they discussed their case vanished and smiles took over as they both looked at her.

Both: SAPNA!

They smile at each other then at Sapna who made her way towards them. Her gaze on the ground, she looked really nervous as she fiddled with the end of her dupatta. She stopped a few inches away from the boys and looked up slowly.

Sapna: Hi ' to Rahul

Rahul: Hey Sapna'

Atul: - cleared his throat ' I'll go check on Somil'you guys catch up' - to Rahul ' I'll sort the files'you take your time

Rahul: Thanks

Atul walked away and looked back with a big grin on his face just before he turned the corner. He had really made a difference, this made him so happy, and it was good to see her back in the hospital after such a long time. He smiled and whistled to himself as he entered the Children's Ward.


Sapna: Rahul'I'm sorry'I'm sorry for everything I said to you'I should have thought it through properly first before saying anything to you'I don't know what I was saying'what ever came to my mind I just said it'I didn't even think about what you would say'I just went ahead and said it all' - pause, she looked up at him for the first time ' Rahul'it's probably because I felt so close to you'we were really good friends and I took it the wrong way ' looking down at the table sadly ' Mum was right'I would never be able to fit in anywhere'I'm really different from you guys'this isn't my place' - she was cut off by Rahul

Rahul: Sap'

Sapna: Please Rahul'let me finish' - looking him in the eye - I've just come here to say sorry to you'and tell Dr. Keerti that I'm resigning

Rahul: WHAT? You've come to resign? But'Sapna'how could you think of leaving Sanjeevani? This is your dream'are you just going to give up'and sorry? What for? You haven't done anything wrong'

Sapna: Rahul'you know what I've done'and anyways I don't think I want to stay here any more'

Rahul: Sapna listen to me'if you've ever thought of me as a friend'you'll do what I say'

Sapna: Rahul'I don't want to hear anything'

Rahul: Have you never thought of me as a friend?

Sapna looked down and nodded her head to let Rahul carry on.

Rahul: Sapna'whatever you did that day was right'everyone has the right to speak their mind'speak out about their feelings'and that's just what you did'I'm not angry at you'I have no reason to be angry at you'in fact I respect you'you're a great doctor, intelligent and you're really beautiful... ' Sapna looked up at him ' I'm serious'you really are'but, I see you as my bestest friend'we weren't good friends'we are the best of friends'ok?

Sapna meekly nodded her head, tears welling up in her eyes but she made no effort to wipe them away.

Rahul: And what was that about not fitting in? You are the perfect person for this job'this team wouldn't be a team with out you'do you understand?

She nodded and he smiled.

Rahul: Now smile and say that you will not resign'if not I'll lecture you again

She gave him a slight smile and he and nodded.

Rahul: Kya? What was that? ' putting his hand up to his ear

Sapna: I'll stay ' whispered, wiping her tears away

Rahul: What? I didn't hear'

Sapna: I'll stay ' a little louder ' Thank you!

Rahul: No problem'shall we get back to work?

Sapna: Chalo'

*Nurse Station and hour later*

Abhi, Nikki and Anji stood by the desk silently waiting for Dr. Keerti to arrive. The others slowly made their way towards them, Ridz, Muskaan and Armaan were next to join them. Rahul and Sapna arrived a little while later to surprise the rest of the gang.

Ridz: Sapna?! ' excited

Sapna: Hi Ridz!

Anji: Sapna'where have you been? We've missed you so much'

Sapna: I was busy'but it's nice to be back

She smiled at everyone as they all welcomed her back happily. Atul walked down the corridor towards the gang who were crowded around the nurse station. A bright smile appeared on his face as he saw her standing amongst them looking happy after a long time.

Atul: It's nice to have her back ' silently to himself

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