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Part 37 & 38 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 37

Dr Keerti arrived right on time; exactly an hour later, just as she had said. She welcomed back Sapna a little strictly and went straight on to assigning duties to the interns.

Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan and Dr Nikita Special Ward

Armaan and Nikki: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul and Dr Atul Pediatric Ward

Atul and Rahul: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Riddhima and Dr Abhimanu General Ward

Ridz and Abhi: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Muskaan morning duty in Cancer Ward then night duty

Muskaan gulped and shook her head. Dr Keerti looked down at the file and Muskaan made a quick face at her, making Rahul and Atul giggle silently.

Dr Keerti: Dr Anjali Path Lab

Anji: Yes maam ' sighing

She really wanted to spend more time with Sachin but Dr Keerti made sure she didn't.

Dr Keerti: Dr Shah'Rectal Exams' - strictly then her face quickly turned into a snear - welcome back

Dr Keerti walked away telling the interns to get to work quickly. The interns however gathered around Sapna.

Atul: Why is she being so mean?

Ridz: That is so unfair'she can't do that'

Sapna: It's ok guys'come on'let's get to work'

She walks away and the other interns also go towards their assigned wards.

*Special Ward*

Armaan: Hey Ranveer how are you feeling?

Ranveer: Could be better'

Nikki: Well if you were taking your medicines on time maybe you would feel better quickly' - slapping him on the arm

Ranveer: Ouch ' rubbing his arm ' look at this doc'she's so violent! ' turning to Nikki ' How did you become a doctor?

Nikki: You know exactly how I became a doctor'and one more word and you'll get another one ' raising her hand

Armaan laughed and they both turned to face him.

Armaan: You guys are unbelievable!

Ranveer: That's us' - smiling at Nikki meaningfully

His smile faded quickly as he saw someone standing by the door and this was noticed by Nikki who also turned to the door. Abhi walked away fury filled his face.

Ranveer: So what now Dr Armaan? ' changing the subject

Armaan: We'll have to keep you here for a while longer'your results are not yet normal'but we'll be here to make sure you recover quickly'

Ranveer: The sooner the better ' quietly

Nikki: I'll be right back

Armaan and Ranveer nodded and she left the room rushing after Abhi.

Nikki: Abhi! Wait up!

She ran after him and just as she caught up with him he turned around ready to explode.

Abhi: WHAT? What do you want? Why are you following me? Just go back to your new boyfriend Ranveer'that's all you want these days'are you not happy with one'you need to have us both? Just forget about me and go to him'not that you ever cared about me anyway'just go to him'just get lost! ' turning around and walking away

A single tear rolled down her cheeks. She turned around and walked back to the ward slowly, the whole scene playing over and over in her mind as she decided that it was time to make serious decisions about her life'

*Children's Ward*

Atul was doing his usual routine check up on Somil, looking through files, checking his heart beat and talking to him throughout. During their time together Atul and Somil has bonded more that Rahul had with Somil. Atul felt that him and Somil had a lot in common.

Atul: Right'all done for now ' he put the file down smiling then he looks up at Somil who was lost in thought - Hey what's wrong?

Somil: Huh? Um I was just wondering'

Atul: Yeh?

Somil: Will I ever get better?

Atul face softens as his feelings for Somil grew even more after listening to that one sentence. Atul himself did not know the answer to that question; he wasn't sure if Somil could make it through, his body was still quite small and weak and his condition was quite severe.

Atul: You just need to be strong'and you can get through anything'

Somil: - tearful ' I've always wanted to be a pilot and fly through the sky'wanted to reach the clouds'I wanted to buy a big house with loads of toys and go to London'go in that big wheel'I've always wanted to go into that and see the whole of London'and most importantly I wanted to be with my family'but that's now that's not possible'

Atul gave Somil a big hug; he also had tears running down his cheeks because he use to imagine himself in Somil's place when he was young. He use to have the same dreams when he was little but there was never anyone there to share it with him and soon after those dreams just shattered. From then on he became one of those people who broke other people's dreams because he could not fulfill his.

Atul: Hey ' wiping away his tears and Somil's - I'm sure you will be able to fulfill those dreams...just never give up on them and about going to London'I use to live there and the wheel is quiet boring'so you are not missing out on much ' he laughed

He thought back to his first time on the wheel; he went with his mum just before she had died. He thought back to how happy he was about spending time with his mum'

Just then Rahul entered and he witnessed the emotional scene going on before him.

Rahul: Umm' - he cleared his throat - hey guys

Atul: - wiping his tears before turning around - Hey

Rahul: So what's going on?

Atul: Somil was just telling me about his dreams and wishes

Rahul: Wow really? I'm sure you will fulfill all of them! ' smiling

Somil: Really?

Atul and Rahul both nodded their heads; both praying that this operation would be successful'


Part 38


Sachin and Anjali sat in the corner of the cafeteria having their lunch and chatting. They just enjoyed spending time together like any other couple would; talking about the most important time in their life. They were so excited to be finally getting married and couldn't wait for that special day to come soon.

Sachin: It's ok…why are you worrying? Everything will be fine…

Anjali: Really?

Sachin: I promise…

Anjali: But…nothing is happening…everyone is busy with work…when will we have time to prepare for the wedding?

Sachin: Everything will happen perfectly…you only have a few more days of work…Dr. Shashank has already given the others time off and you can go with them to the farm house and have everything ready…

Anjali: I know…but…

Sachin: But?

Anjali: You won't be there with me… - in a small voice

Sachin: Aww…baby…I won't be there in person but I'll definitely be there in mind…with you… - he held her hand which made her smile and blush

Anjali: Ok…but you have got to come shopping with us…

Sachin: Theek hain…when are you planning to go?

Anjali: I was thinking…umm…Friday evening after work??

Sachin: I'll make sure I'm free…ok?

Anjali: Yess… - a big smile on her face
Sachin held her hand up and was about to kiss it when a ward boy walked up to their table and cleared his voice. Sachin quickly dropped Anjali's hand and looked at him while Anjali looked away fully embarrassed.

Ward boy: Sir…

Sachin: Bolo… - annoyed

Ward boy: Dr. Keerti wants to see you in her office…

Sachin: Thank you…I'll be there in a minute

The ward boy walks away and Sachin looks back at Anjali who was fuming.

Sachin: - laughs – Hey…what's wrong? What happened?

Anjali: This Dr. Keerti…what's her problem…can't she see anyone happy? She's always spoiling everything…Sachin tell me one thing…

Sachin: What? – stifling his laughter

Anjali: Has she got something for you?

Sachin: Kya? What do you mean by that?

Anjali: She's always trying to separate us…are you sure she doesn't like you or something?

Sachin: Anjali…tum bhi na…you're crazy…aisa kuch nahi hain…and even if there is…it's ok…because I'm yours…not hers…she's just my colleague

Anjali: And it better stay like that…

Sachin: Are bapre…what am I getting myself into – jokingly

Anjali: KYA? – in shock

Sachin: Haha…babes I'm just joking… - gets up and kisses her forehead – love you

Anjali: Love you too – smiling

Sachin: I'll see you later…

Anjali: Bye…

Anjali watches as Sachin walks out and Nikki walks in past him and carried on towards the counter. She looked closely at her; she looked angry and about to explode. She collected her food and was about to sit at the closest table when Anji called out to her…

Anjali: Hey Nikki over here!!

Nikki looked up to the sound of her name and spotted Anjali then walked over to her and flopped down on to the table.

Nikki: He Anji – tiredly

Anjali: What's up? You look like you are about to kill someone…

Nikki: I think that's exactly what I want to do…

Anji: Huh? Who??

Nikki: Do I need to say it??

Anji: Abhi? – already knowing the answer

Nikki: Obviously…

Anji: Kyon? Ab kya huwa?

Nikki: Ugghh he's so annoying…

Anjali: Calm down babes…what happened? Why are you guys fighting?

Nikki: I'm not…he is! – getting frustrated

Anjali: Why?

Nikki: You know my patient Ranveer?

Anji nods her head and Nikki carries on.

Nikki: Abhi is sooo totally jealous of him and it's driving me crazy…

Anjali: Oh well come on Niks…you know Abhi…he's a little possessive

Nikki: I know…but how much? He is over doing it and its really getting up my nerves!

Anjali: Have you seen him today?

Nikki: Yeh…he was hiding behind the door like some kind of detective listening to our conversation…I mean come on Anji how jealous can you get?

Anjali started laughing at the way Nikki described Abhi and after a while they changed the subject.


Armaan walks down the corridor looking around and smiling at everyone who walked past. He really had changed now; he was more confident in coming to the hospital, talking to people mainly Ridz and inside this made him happy for some weird reason. He turned the corner and stopped; the little girl who he had become very fond of was sitting on the bench waiting for someone. He walked towards and sat next to her. They talked and laughed and Armaan played and tickled her.

At the same time Ridz walked out if the lift to witness this cute scene. She stood there for several moments watching them, a small smile creeping onto her lips as she watched him closely. He's so cute, she thought, he has such a massive burden on his heart and still he has covered up so well, not letting any one know about it he carried on like there was nothing bothering him. This made her feel more caring towards him; suddenly a strange feeling was growing in her and she didn't not understand what it was or why she was feeling it. She put it out of her mind and walked towards them the same time as another lady.

As she got closer she could hear them talking.

Lady: Ab chale Shilpa?

Shilpa: Yes mama…I was just saying bye to best friend

Lady: Thank you Dr. Armaan for everything you have done for us

Armaan: Please…it's ok…it was my duty…and – looking down – it's good to see her up and well again… - ruffling her hair

Shilpa: Best friend…

Armaan: Yes Shilpa?

Shilpa made a little gesture telling him to come down. He bent on his knees and Shilpa gave him a quick kiss and a hug.

Shilpa: Thank you

Armaan: Take care

Shilpa: Bye…

Shilpa and her mum walked away and Armaan stood staring after them. When they got to the door Shilpa turned around and gave him a final wave which he returned with a big smile and a wink of the eye.

Ridz: I must say Dr. Armaan…you are a charmer

Armaan jumped a little and he turned around to see who it was. He smiled when he saw Ridz standing next to him and said hi.

Armaan: Oh…hi…I didn't see you…sorry…

Ridz: It's ok…you were flirting with your little girlfriend…so I thought I'd give you some time… - teasing

Armaan: Hey…she's my patient…

Ridz: Are baba…I was just joking…chill

Armaan: So you wanted to say something?

Ridz: Nahi…actually I was just going to have lunch…want to come?

Armaan: Sure…

They walk together towards the Cafeteria.


The gang sat around a table, Rahul, Atul, Sapna, Armaan and Ridz. Anjali and Nikki had gone back to work and Abhi was no where to be seen. They all sat there cracking jokes and having a great time. Atul got up walked towards the counter after taking everyone's orders. A moment later Sapna stood up and followed him.

Sapna: Atul?

Atul: Yes Sapna…did you want something else?

Sapna: No…actually I wanted to speak to you…

Atul: Oh…go on

Sapna: Umm…actually I wanted to say…Thank you…

Atul: What for?

Sapna: If you hadn't spoken to me this morning in the park…I…I don't think I would have come back to Sanjeevani…but thanks…you've really showed me how much I belong here and it's really because of you that I have come back…

Atul: Hey…don't thank me…I just said what was necessary and I'm glad you took my words seriously…and came back…ok now no more thanks…

Sapna: Ok…

Atul: Friends? – holding his hand out

Sapna: - hesitantly looks down

Atul: …I won't bite…

Sapna smiles and looks at him

Atul: Hey…I don't like being left hanging… - getting restless

Sapna: Friends – shaking his hand and letting out a low giggle

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