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Part 39 & 40 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 39

*Lunch time*

A man and lady entered Sanjeevani; they were talking in high pitched voices with a strong Punjabi accent. The lady was wearing a nice Punjabi suit; she was the man's wife. The man was walking swinging his hand and in the other hand he held a long gun.

Teji: What kind of hospital is this…looks like some office building…the hospital back in Patiyala is so much better than this…I don't know why Muskaan came all the way here to study…

Nurses passing by hissed at him to be quiet but he took no notice and carried on talking in his loud voice…

Sneha: Arre Teji keep your voice down…this is a hospital... - whispered

Teji: So what? This is my hospital…I mean my sister works here so its mine…

Before Sneha could tell him to keep quiet again a stern voice came from behind.

??: Kya kar rahe ho tum? Yeh hospital hain…

Teji: Toh kya? Yeh meri behen khi hospital hein mein jo chaho kar sakta hoon

Teji and Sneha turned around to see who was speaking then big smiles appeared on their faces. Sneha hugged Muskaan; she was really happy to meet her best friend after such a long time.

Muskaan: Hi Teji…

Teji: Muskaan…it's nice to see you – in his loud voice

Muskaan: Please Teji keep it down…this is a hospital…and it's not mine…I'm just an intern…

Teji: Theek hain theek hain - irritably

Muskaan led them towards the cafeteria so that she could spend sometime with them. On the way she received a big shock; Teji and Sneha broke the news of their speedy wedding to her. After several seconds of silence she started laughing hysterically then accepted with a few tears of happiness.

They walked into the cafeteria and towards the rest of the gang who were there.

Muskaan: Hi guys… - once she had got everyone's attention she carried on – This is my brother Teji and my best friend or shall I say my bhabi Sneha – smiling at her

Everyone: Hi…

Muskaan: And Teji, Sneha these are my colleagues and friends…Ridz, Armaan, Atul, Sapna and Rahul…

Rahul: - held out his hand - Hello

Teji looked at Rahul like he was from another planet.

Teji: Yahan Hello aise kar te hain? - he slapped Rahul's back which made him wince in pain

Teji sat down and put his legs up Rahul looked at Muskaan and gave her a "you're dead" look. She smiled meekly and sat down along with Sneha. They delved straight into conversation with Teji who seemed right at home, cracking jokes and making everyone laugh.

Ridz noticed how happy Armaan was which really made her happy inside. These weird feelings were taking over her mind and heart and she had no idea what it was but she made a mental note to go through these thoughts and find out what was happening to her. At the same time Muskaan noticed that Rahul looked fresher now, she had thought now with Sapna back they would be closer but things looked different to her. Sapna was back to normal and this had no effect on Rahul. Muskaan smiled silently and felt pleased with the current situation.

A while later all the interns except Muskaan had gone back to their duties. Muskaan took Teji and Sapna back to her apartment; she had the rest of the day off but was meant to report back for night duty, she decided to use this time for her family.

*Girls' Apartment*

Muskaan showed Teji and Sneha around the apartment and then they settled in the garden in the warm evening sun catching up with all the latest news from back home. Sneha and Muskaan doing all the gossiping about who's married, who's ran away, which families are having problems etc, while Teji gave his two pence worth after every sentence making the girls laugh or throw something at him.

Later on Armaan and Abhi came home and went straight for the girls' apartment. This was their usual routine, come from the hospital, eat at the girls' place, clear up then go to bed. They walked into the empty apartment, hearing voices coming from outside they both raised an eyebrow at each other then followed the voices.

They walked out onto the patio to witness the cute family scene. However, someone wasn't too happy. Abhi's smile faded instantly as he saw the man sitting there. He made a quick move and was about to go inside…

Abhi: Mar gaya… - silently as he moved backwards

Teji looked at Abhi; his smile also wiped away from his face he stood up suddenly with his gun.

Teji: You? Muskaan what is he doing here?

Muskaan: Umm Teji...umm we are friends now so just forget it!!

Teji: Forget it!! You can but I can't…

Teji stomped over to where Abhi was standing while Abhi tried to defend himself.

Abhi: Look Teji…there was a big misunderstanding at the wedding…ok let's just forget it…and mo…move on - stuttering

Teji: You dishonored my family – he grabbed onto Abhi's collar and shook him…


part 40

Muskaan and Sneha ran towards him. He looked like he was about to kill...

Muskaan: Teji…Teji leave him

Teji: Nahi Muskaan…I'll sort him out today

Somehow, Armaan, Muskaan and Sneha were able to pull him away from Abhi who staggered back and gulped for air. Once again Teji tried to get at him but Armaan blocked him. Muskaan and Sneha took him inside to explain and calm him down. Abhi settle down outside and Armaan brought him a drink.

Armaan: Are you going to explain to me what just happened? – completely dazed

Abhi: You don't want to know…it's nothing

Armaan: You better start explaining…that guy just tried to kill you and you're saying it's nothing…

Rahul and Nikki: Who tried to kill you? – in shock

They both stood by the door listening to the boy's conversation. Nikki couldn't believe what she had just heard; someone wanted to kill Abhi; that thought made her heart skip a beat. No matter how angry she was with him she still cared for him and loved him.

Abhi: It's nothing guys…

Rahul: We still want to know…what happened?

Armaan: That guy…Muskaan's brother…was about to kill him

Rahul: WHAT? WHY?

Nikki looked down, she knew what this was about and didn't feel comfortable in hearing any more but the boys urged him on as they were completely clueless.

Rahul: Come on Abhi…tell us…what was it about…

Armaan: Yeh Abhi…what was it about a wedding…and ghar ki izzat or something…?

Abhi looked up at Nikki who was staring at the ground expressionless. She made no effort to move or say anything so he carried on.

Abhi: Guys…I know this is going to come as a shock but…it's time you guys found out…

Rahul: What? Find out what? You've been hiding things from us?

Abhi: - sigh – Me and Muskaan were going to get married…

Armaan and Rahul: YOU WHAT? – shocked and amused at the same time

Abhi: Yeh we were going to get married but I ran away on the wedding day…because… - he looked up at Nikki - because I loved Nikki and I came here looking for her…

Armaan and Rahul looked from Abhi to Nikki and back, both sensed a little tension.

Abhi: Yeah I know...we are a couple...but we'll talk about that later...

They both nodded then urged him on.

Rahul: So you ran away from the wedding…

Abhi: Yeah…and that Teji has been after me ever since…well I got away from him but I didn't know he was here…if not I would have come fully prepared…

Armaan: Abhi do you have any idea about what you did?…what the family must have gone through…what Muskaan must have felt… - angrily

Abhi: Chill Armaan…I know what I did was wrong…I went about it the wrong way and I understand how they must have felt…that's why I've apologised to Muskaan and settled everything…but you don't the time all that mattered to me was Nikki…I loved her and I wanted to be with her…no one else…

Nikki gulped, tears swelling up in her eyes but she quickly wiped her tears away when she heard the others coming from inside. Abhi noticed her tears and felt really bad for treating her the way he had been in the past few days. At the same time Muskaan walked out with Teji and Sneha.

Muskaan: Abhi…Teji has something to say to you… - looking from Abhi to Teji

She made a face towards to start him off and after a full minute he started to speak but more to his feet than Abhi.

Teji: I'm sorry…

Abhi: What? – couldn't believe his luck but sill tried to push it – What did you say? – puts his hand behind his ear – I didn't get that!

Rahul sniggered and Armaan rolled his eyes with an amused smile. Muskaan gave him a cold stare and Nikki stood there expressionless. Teji heaved in a sigh, he wanted to punch this guy in the face but he had promised Muskaan that he wouldn't do anything stupid and carried on with his apology.

Teji: I said I'm sorry…if everything is sorted between you and Muskaan then there's no point of me getting in your way…

Abhi: Really? – liking the situation

Muskaan shot evils at him and he decided to give in. He did not really want to pick a fight with Teji and he knew that if he got on Teji's wrong side it would only take a second for him to raise his gun.

Abhi: It's cool man… - holding his hand out

Teji takes his hand and shakes it then they hug. Teji took this chance to make his point clear to Abhi.

Teji: Things are cool now but if you ever mess with my sister you're dead…you get that?

Abhi: - gulped at Teji's tone – I get it – timidly

They moved apart and everyone settled down in the patio sipping drinks and engaging in fun loving conversations. After some time Teji and Sneha decide to leave for Sneha's relative's house. They said their byes and left. The girls went into the kitchen and started to cook something up while the boys stayed in the patio.

In the kitchen, Muskaan rambled on about something while Nikki seemed lost in her own world as she moved here and there getting things together. A minute later Muskaan realized she was talking to herself and Nikki was not listening. She turned around and observed Nikki; her face was sullen and she looked like she was on the verge of tears again. Muskaan walked up to her and held her from her shoulders making her turn around.

Muskaan: Nikki? What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Nikki shook her head and was about to turn around again but Muskaan held her and gave her a hug. At this Nikki broke down into tears which left Muskaan shocked and confused. She had never seen Nikki like this and it worried her…

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