Thursday, 13 May 2021


Ahaana: (Hugging Ridzi) okay Ridz take care of urself and enjoy lots.
Armaan: bas yaar chalo bhi announcement ho gayyi hai.
Ash: bro aap honeymoon par aaj hi jaoge so no need to worry; khud toh ab bhabhi ke saath akele rahoge 1 week aur hum log yahaan bhabhi ke bina rahenge.
Aryan: haan aur sun Riddhima ko Switzerland mein baahar ghumaana bhi….
Taani: haan room mein hi mat rakhna (Ridzi blushes)
Armaan: fine! Ab jaane doge?
Prerana: haan jao….
Armaan moves forward Ridzi again turns and looks at her family. She waves her hand to them. They all say
bye! And AR move inside.

After complete 4 hours they reach Switzerland. It was morning time. Ridzi was almost asleep. She was holding Armaan and walking. They came out of the airport with Ridzi’s head on Armaan’s shoulder.
Ridzi: (Sleepily) Armaan….
Armaan: haan jaan
Ridzi: (Like a kid) mujhe ninni aa rahi hai.
Armaan: (Smiles) oh my baby! Don’t worry abhi hum log room mein pohonch jaayenge. (Kisses her forehead)
They sit in a cab and reach their cottage in some time. The Malliks have their cottage and some companies in Switzerland. So AR will stay in the cottage.
As the car stopped; Annie and John (Servants) came near the car. Armaan smiled at them; they saw Ridzi who was sleeping.
Annie: beta yeh hai Riddhima?
Armaan: jee… (Waking her up; whispering is her ears) baby….
John: let her sleep beta; she must be tired.
Armaan: yes but I have to carry the bags as well.
Annie: John will carry the bags; u take her and come inside.
Armaan smiled and coming out of the car took Ridz in his arms. She put her hands around his neck and snuggled close to him; hiding her face in his broad chest. Armaan smiled as she did that. Annie and John too smiled seeing the love of the couple. Armaan started walking inside the cottage. Entering the cottage he climbed the stairs. He reached in their room and carefully made Ridz lie on the bed. Still, she didn’t remove her hands which were around his neck. Bending a little more down; he kissed her forehead and said.
Armaan: jaan chodo abhi aa raha hun tumhaare paas.
Ridzi: nahi na …. (Sleepily)
Armaan: luggage rakh wana hai baby….
Ridzi: (Leaves him) ok.. jaldi aana.
Armaan smiles and kisses her cheeks and turns too see Annie smiling; Armaan felt embarrassed.
Armaan: vo… main luggage lane mein help karta hun John ki. (And he moves out from there)
Annie goes near Ridzi and caresses her hairs. She was sleeping like a baby cuddled in the bed sheet. She was feeling very cold as the atmosphere was chill there.
Soon Armaan came back and lay next to her; kissed her forehead and went to sleep. In between Riddhima felt too cold so she snuggled more close to Armaan; Armaan was disturbed by the sudden closeness. Opening his eyes he saw her shivering coz of the cold. He pulled her close and took her in his warm embrace. Riddhima smiled as she felt a bit relieved and kissed his neck as her face was hidden in his neck. Armaan caresses her back giving her warmth. Both slept like this in each other’s arms.
At 12:30 pm Riddhima opened her eyes. She blushed seeing the way they were sleeping. Armaan was almost lying on her. She blew air on his face. Armaan got irritated and opened his eyes to see her smiling at him. He smiled back and kissed her lips. She was confused first for this sudden kiss; then she too responded back. Armaan moved away and saw her blushing. Her face was red.
Armaan; oyye hoyye!
Ridzi: aap bohot bure hain.
Armaan: kyun? Maine kya kiya?
Ridzi: (Blushing) achcha mujhe jaane dijiye plz.
Armaan: kyun jaana hai?
Ridzi: Armaan mujhe abhi ghumne jaana hai plz!
Armaan: kal chalenge na baby aaj room mein hi rehte hai. (Shifting close to her)
Ridzi: nahi…plz na aaj baahar chalte hai pleash! (Pouts)
Armaan: okay my cutie wife!
Both get up and Armaan first gets ready and goes down to have a look of their breakfast. Ridzi came out of the washroom wearing a beautiful saree. She was looking gorgeous. She came down and Armaan just kept staring at her. She blushed as she saw him gazing at her.
Ridzi: good morning everyone!
Annie and John: good morning!
Annie: u look very beautiful beta (Caressing her hairs)
Ridzi: thnx!
Armaan: Riddhima jaldi se breakfast karlo; we have to go to the marine beach today.
Ridzi: (Excited) wow Armaan! Hum log beach par jaa rahein hain?
Armaan: (Smiles) yeah!

After a while both are on the beach
Ridzi: Armaan yeh kitna beautiful hai na.
Armaan: hmmm very beautiful (Looking at her)
Ridzi: (Smiles) main apni nahi is beach ki baat kar rahi hun.
Armaan: but mere liye toh is pure world mein tumse zyaada beautiful koi nahi hai. You are the most beautiful creature of this world!
Riddhima blushed hearing his words; she felt happy being his wife.
Ridzi: I love you! (Hugs him)
Armaan: I love you too jaan!
Ridzi: Armaan mujhe paani-puri khaani hai (Pointing to a stall)
Armaan: chalo….
They have paani-puri.
Ridzi: (Water flowing from her eyes) yeh kitna tez hai!
Armaan: (Gives her water to drink) yeh piyo. Tumhe hi khaani thi na paani-puri
Ridzi: haan (To the seller) plz aap meetha banaiye
After that they have meethi paani-puri with lots of fun.
They were walking on the sea-shore. When Armaan saw something.
Armaan: chalo…
Ridz: kahaan?
Armaan didn’t say anything he dragged her to a bike-ride. It was a water bike-ride.
Ridz: is par?
Armaan: yeah! I love bike-rides! (He talks to the owner and they were given the bike)
Armaan: wow! We are having a whole one hour to ride,
Ridz: Armaan main nahi aap jaiye
Armaan: arre tum 1 hour kahaan jaogi? And don’t worry main hoon na.
Armaan removed his shirt and just wore a jacket without buttoning it!
Ridz changed into a 3/4th jeans and a red top. She was looking beautiful.
Armaan: oyye hoyye! Tum toh bohot hi hot lag rahi ho!
Ridzi: (Blushing) Armaan aap na…
Armaan: okay get in (He gives her his hand and holding it she sits behind him)
Ridz: nahi Armaan main peeche nahi baithungi.
Armaan: toh mere paas aage aao.
She sits in front of him. Her face was facing his face matlab both were sitting face to face. She holds his waist tightly; Armaan starts the bike. (Hope u all got how they are sitting)
Ridzi: aap ko yeh sab itna pasand hai?
Armaan: hmm but sabse zyaada tum pasand ho….
Ridzi smiles and hits his chest playfully. As Armaan was driving fast in water; the water came up to their face wetting them.
Ridzi: (Laughs as the water touches her face) wow!
Armaan: madam ab aapko darr nahi lag raha hai?
Ridzi: (Putting her hands in water) nahi….
Armaan: oyye pakad ke baitho warna gir jaogi.
Riddhima was getting naughty. She wants to make fun and enjoy. She loved to be in water.
Ridzi: (Kisses his bare chest) toh aap ho na sambhaalne ko.
Armaan: achcha?
Ridzi: (Hugs him and kisses his neck) hmmm.
Armaan: Riddhima please don’t distract me!
Ridzi: (Smiles) maine kya kiya hai?
Armaan: achcha tumhe nahi pata?
Ridzi: (Innocently) nahi
Armaan: fine ruko yahaan se baahar nikalne ke baad bata ta hun.
Riddhima was still hugging him and was placing kisses on his neck, shoulder. Armaan was having difficulty in driving. He was getting lost in the moment but they are in the water so he has to control himself. Riddhima was enjoying it! She teased him more by kissing him little did she know how much she has to pay for this!
Armaan: Riddhima bas hua jaan… mujhe disturb ho raha hai baby
Ridzi: nahi aapko pyaar karna hai
Armaan: achcha? Kyun?
Ridzi: aap itne handsome jo lag rahe hai!
Armaan laughs.
After some time they came out of the water. Both were wet. Riddhima looked like an angel in her wet hairs and Armaan too was looking sexy! All the girls were seeing him and smiling. He smiled back at a girl. Riddhima was seeing this. She got very angry. She started hitting his chest. Armaan was shocked! He didn’t know that she saw him smiling at a girl. He held her hands and pulled her close to himself. Riddhima had little tears in her eyes.
Armaan: kya hua?
Ridz: mat aaiye mere paas jaiye us (Pointing to that girl) us ladki ke paas.
Armaan: par maine kya kiya?
Ridz: main smile kar rahi thi na use dekh kar? Aur vo uski himmat kaise hui aapko dekhne ki? Use pata nahi hai aap married ho?
Armaan: (Smiles) oh! So my baby is feeling jealous?
Ridz: Armaan aapko badmaashi sujh rahi hai? Main na aapse baat nahi kaarungi
Armaan: arre jaana I am sorry! Toh kya hua agar main usko dekh kar smile kar raha tha u know na I love you and only you!
Ridzi looked in his eyes and she saw truth and love for her in those blue oceans! He holds his ears and making a cute face says.
Armaan: forgive ur handsome hubby!
Riddhima smiled and hugged him. He hugged her back and kissed her forehead. Separating from the hug she looked at that girl who was looking in their direction with a jealous look. She grinned and kissed Armaan’s lips. Armaan smiled and kissed her back caressing her back. After some time they started walking towards their car.
Ridz: kal hum kahaan jaayenge Armaan?
Armaan: (Naughtily) kal hum room mein hi rahenge.
Ridz: (Blushing) Armaan plz boliye na.
Armaan: hmm kal hum aquarium and zoo jaa rahe hai
Ridz: nice! (Smiles)
Some of the guys were looking at Riddhima with dirty looks she was wet and also she was in western attire. So they were gazing at her. Armaan saw them and pulled Ridz towards himself by keeping his hands on her waist. She looked at his face and saw him looking at some of the guys with anger and raged filled in his eyes. She smiled and moved more close to him. After some time they were back in their cottage. The atmosphere was very cold outside. Annie and John went to their home. AR were alone. Armaan wasn’t feeling well. He was having head-ache and he feeling like vomiting but he didn’t told Riddhima. It was 11:30 at night. Both were in their bed room. Riddhima was sitting on the bed resting her back on the behind wall and Armaan was lying on the bed with his head on Riddhima’s lap. She was caressing his hairs.
Ridz: kya hua hai Armaan? Jabse aaye hain aise hi so rahe hain.
Armaan shakes his head negatively.
Ridz: (Kissing his forehead) ok chaliye so jaiye.
Armaan shifted on the pillow and Ridz lied down on the bed. Armaan had his eyes closed. She felt as if something had happened to him otherwise without taking his good night kiss or without his badmaashi he won’t go to sleep. She covered both of them properly in the bed sheet. And snuggling close to him she took his hand and puts it around her waist and hid her face in his chest. Both were asleep.
At around 3 am Riddhima opened her eyes when she felt that Armaan was not besides her. She got worried and getting up she moved in the washroom. The door was locked from inside. She called his name but no response. She was getting worried.
Ridz: Armaan….
After a while he opened the door and came out. Water was flowing from his eyes. His face was looking pale. She got more worried.
Ridz: kya hua Armaan? (Keeping her hands on his cheeks)
Armaan: vomiting.
Ridz: oh god! Kab se ho rahi hai Armaan? Aur aapne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahi?
Armaan: jab se aaye the tab se hi unwell feel ho raha tha….
Ridzi: aap bhi na Armaan…. Chaliye
She made him lie down on bed and sat next to him. She kept her hand on his forehead and it was burning! He had high fever! She was getting nervous she didn’t know what to do! She got up but Armaan held her hand.
Armaan: sit here na Jaan
Ridz: Armaan main ginger juice laati hun usse at least aapki vomiting to ruk jaayegi
Armaan: yuck! Mujhe nahi chahiye.
Ridz: Armaan main abhi aayi baby just ek minute
Going in the kitchen she got ginger juice for him. He didn’t want to drink it but she made him drink it at least little so that he won’t vomit again. His temperature was increasing. She kept wet cloth on his forehead.
Armaan: arre Riddhima plz hatao yeh.
Ridzi: bas Armaan thoda time rukiye.
Armaan: nahi yeh bohot thanda hai (He removed the wet cloth)
Ridz: (Shouts) Armaan ek toh tabiyat theek nahi hai upar se aap itna pareshaan kar rahe hai
Armaan: mujh par hi chilla rahi ho waise hi meri tabiyat kharaab hai. (Said this like a baby)
Riddhima smiled and kissed his cheeks.
Ridzi: sorry shweetu! But mujhe yeh karna padega na aap theek kaise honge warna?
Armaan: okay but zyaada time nahi plz!
Ridzi smiled and kept the wet cloth on his forehead. After some time Armaan was asleep. Ridzi checked his temperature; it has decreased a little. She felt a bit relive still she wasn’t able to sleep she sat near him and caressed his hairs and kept on kissing his cheeks. She was very worried for him!

Ridzi didn’t sleep the whole night. She got ready and again checked his temperature which was normal now. She was happy that he is fine. She went down and helped Annie to prepare breakfast. She told Annie and John about Armaan’s health. Armaan came down after some time. He went in the kitchen and saw Ridz doing some work. He went and hugged her from behind.
Ridz: (Smiles) good morning baby! Ab kaisa feel ho raha hai?
Armaan: (Kissing her cheeks) good morning! Bohot achcha feel ho raha hai.
Ridz: nice! Chaliye aap fresh ho jaiye tab tak main breakfast laga deti hun.
Armaan: (Caressing her waist under her saree) chalo na room mein.
She shivered by this act of his; she turned in his hold and smiled at him seeing that he is perfectly fine now.
Ridz: shuru ho gayyi badmaashi?
Armaan: hmm kal ka badla bhi toh lena hai
Ridz: kaunsa badla?
Armaan: achcha madam ko kuch yaad nahi hai?
Ridz: sach mein mujhe kuch yaad nahi hai.
Armaan: no problem main yaad dilaata hun room mein chalo.
Ridz: achcha rukiye pehle breakfast kar lijiye.
Armaan: nahi phir kahogi ki bahar jaane ke liye late ho raha hai
Ridz: aaj hum bahar nahi jaayenge. Ghar mein hi rahenge.
Armaan: oyye hoyye Mrs. Mallik! Aapke iraade nek anhi lag rahe hai
Ridz: (Blushing) aapko na har cheez mein badmaashi sujhti hai. Aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai isiliye hum kal jaayenge.
Armaan: ok toh main fresh hoke aata hun.

After some time they had breakfast and were in their bed room. Armaan was lying on the bed and Ridzi was lying next to him with her head on his chest! She was kissing his chest after every two minutes.
Armaan: kal bhi aise hi mujhe pareshaan kar rahi thi.
Ridz: toh kya? Mera haq banta hai aapko sataane ka
Armaan: oyye hoyye aur pyaar karne ka haq nahi banta?
Ridz: (Blushed) vo bhi banta hai
Armaan: (Came on top of her) toh karo na…..
Ridz: Armaan…
Armaan: haan Armaan ki jaan
Ridz: (Blushing) hatiye mere upar se
Armaan: nahi kal ka badla toh lene do.
With this he started kissing her neck. She shivered when his hands caressed her bare waist under her saree. She clutched the bed sheet. Armaan took a turn now she was on top of him. Unbuttoning his shirt she hugged him tightly then she kissed his perfectly shaped abs and placed several kisses near his heart. Armaan was not able to control himself. He turned again and kissed her lips. Moving away she mumbled ‘I love you shweetu’! He smiled and said ‘I love you too more than anything in this world I love you’!
Ridzi: haan Ash we are coming tomorrow (Speaks in her cell)
Ash: finally! I was missing you guys so much you know!
Ridzi: ya I know even we both are missing all of you.
Ash: achcha where’s bhaiyya?
Ridzi: vo kuch tickets final karaane gayye hai.
Ash: ok so enjoyed na?
Ridzi: hmmm (Smiles)
Ash: so what you both did?

Ridzi: (Blushes) nothing.
Ash: theek hai mat batao I’ll ask bhaiyya.
Ridzi just blushes more and Armaan enters. He hugs her from back. She was first scared but then realizing the touch she smiled and turned in his hold. He smiled and kissed her cheeks. She too smiled.
Ash: so bhabhi shopping kiye na?
Ridzi: haan. Ahaana bhabhi kahaan hai?
Ash: haan yahin hai ek minute.
Ahaana: bolo Riddhima how are you?
Ridzi: I am fine bhabhi. Aap?
Ahaana: even I am fine aur mere devar ji hai kya?
Ridzi: jee (Armaan sits on the bed and pulls her holding her waist)
Ahaana: ok. Kya kar rahe hain?
Armaan kisses her neck line and nuzzles on her neck. She shivers and tries to get out of his hold but he didn’t leave her.
Ahaana: hello Ridz kya hua?
Ridzi: kuch nahi bhabhi. (Saying Armaan from eyes to stop)
Ahaana: (Smiles) Armaan ko kahiye ki achche se pyaar karle tumhe kyun ki kal se tum use milne nahi waali ho.
Ridzi: (Blushes) hmmm.
Ahaana: achcha ab Armaan se toh baat karvao.
Riddhima handles the phone to him and tries to leave but he catches her and makes her sit on his lap. Riddhima shows him eyes he grins and holds her tightly.
Armaan: boliye bhabhi.
Ahaana: kya kar rahe hain devar jee?
Armaan: apni wife se pyaar. (Kisses Ridzi’s cheeks)
Riddhima blushes and hits his chest.
Ahaana: oho Armaan aap toh bade besharam ho gayye hain.
Armaan: sab aapki sister-in-law ki vajah se.
Ahaana: achcha? Mujhe toh laga tha ki vo bohot innocent hai.
Armaan: bilkul bhi innocent nahi hai bohot badmaashi karti hai.
Riddhima’s mouth dropped open listening to that and she snatches the phone from him.
Ridzi: bhabhi aisa kuch nahi hai.
Ahaana: (Laughs) toh phir aapke husband kya bol rahe hai?
Ridzi: vo na jhuth bol rahe hai
Armaan: achcha jhuthi tum us din jab hum water ride kar rahe the tab tum ne kya kiya tha bataun bhabhi ko?
Riddhima gets embarrassed listening that and says Armaan to shut up. He grins and tries to take the phone from her.
Ridzi: bhabhi main aapko na baad mein call karti hun.
Ahaana: (Laughs) ok bye.
Armaan: kya hua bolne kyun nahi diya bhabhi ko?
Ridzi: aap na mujhse baat mat kijiye.
Armaan: arre maine kya kiya?
Ridzi: abhi aap bol rahe the na ki main innocent nahi hun?
Armaan: haan toh itni badmaashi jo karti ho.
Ridzi: main badmaashi karti hun?
Armaan: haan vo water-ride aur kal bhi toh….
Riddhima keeps her hand on his mouth and blushes deeply. He smiled looking at her and kissed her palm. She removes her hand and looks down fiddling with his shirt buttons. He couldn’t help but peck her lips she looked so cute when she blushed. She responded back and held his shirt tightly. After some time they separated and Riddhima was blushing like anything. She hugs him hiding herself in him.
Armaan: I so love you when you blush. You look more cute and sexy.
Riddhima blushes more and whispers ‘love you too’
Armaan: achcha listen (She separates from him still blushing) let’s complete the shopping now so that we are free at night and we will get time to spend. (Winks)
Ridzi blushes even more and nods her head.

Armaan: finally shopping completed. Tum kitni shopping karti ho yaar
Ridzi: Armaan sabke liye kuch na kuch toh lena hi padega na.
Armaan: ok fine so ab tum jaldi se ready hokar neeche aao then we are going out.
Ridzi: okay just abhi aayi.
Armaan: hmmm.

After complete 15 minutes Riddhima came down wearing a black knee length dress. Her hair was open and very light make-up was done. She was feeling shy coming like that in front of Armaan but she was indeed looking beautiful. Armaan just stared at her in complete shock! He never thought that she will wear this dress but as he saw her he got lost in her beauty. She looked elegant. The black dress was looking awesome on her fair skin. Her hairs that came on her face! He walked up to her and held her hand slowly not wanting to hurt his angel. Her heart beats increased as she felt him constantly staring at her. She looked in his eyes and saw passion and love for her in those blue oceans. He looked back in her eyes and saw the nervousness and shyness along with love. He smiled and kissed her fingers lightly.
Armaan: darr lag raha hai?
Ridzi nods her head positively. He smiled and moving close to her embraced her. She hugged him back feeling protected and secured.
Armaan: fine ho?
Ridzi: hmmm.
Armaan: chale?
Ridzi: hmmm
Armaan smiles at her all time ‘hmmm’ and they both move out hand in hand. Soon they reached to a farm house.
Riddhima looked at the place and smiled. It was a beautiful place with flower petals on the entrance path. Armaan and she walked in and Riddhima was lost seeing the beauty of the place. Water fall was there! And there was a swing and candles were lit. On the walls there were her pics. She smiled seeing them and on another wall Armaan’s and her pic was there. It was their pic of marriage! She looked at him and smiled.
Armaan: how’s it?
Ridzi: perfect and very beautiful.
Armaan: not more than you.
Ridzi smiled and hugged him tightly. She was very happy being his wife. He is the best husband of the world. He hugged her back.
Ridzi: I love you Armaan.
Armaan: I love you 2, 3, 4, 5 raised to infinity!
Ridzi smiles and separates from him.
Armaan: hum kal jaa rahe hain isiliye thought to spend some precious time with you here.
Ridzi: haan bhabhi bol rahi thi ki jitna pyaar karna hai kar lijiye kal se main aapko milne nahi waali hun.
Armaan: achcha?
Ridzi: haan
Armaan: (Pulls her close) so let’s start.
Ridzi: ok
Armaan: (Confused) ok?
Ridzi: hmmm
And moving forward she went near his lips. He closed his eyes. She smiled seeing his innocent and cute face. She just brushed her lips with his and ran away. Armaan opened his eyes to see her running away laughing loudly. He smiles and runs after her. She climbs the stairs and reaches on the terrace. He followed her and finally caught her. Both were breathing heavily. She was still laughing at him.
Armaan: bohot maza aata hai na tumhe mujhe sataane mein?
Ridzi: (Laughs) bohot…..
Armaan kisses her lips. She was surprised by the sudden kiss but soon she responded. His hands went on her waist and pulled her closer while she held his shirt tightly. It started raining. Riddhima was brought back to the world when drops of water touched her face. She smiled. Armaan felt her smiling against his lips. He was so busy that he didn’t know it was raining. He got separated and looked at her.
Ridzi: baarish!
Armaan now realized that it was raining and he was wet. He smiled sheepishly and looked at Riddhima who was swirling in the rain. She opened her arms wide and closed her eyes enjoying the rain. He smiled seeing her and moving close to her he hugged her from back. She shivered when his hands touched her waist. She kept her hands on his. He nuzzled on her neck and she closed her eyes. He turned her around and looked at her face. Her eyes closed, water droplets on her face, her lips trembling. He smiled and started singing

Armaan: tumhaare siva kuch na chahat karenge ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge….
Riddhima opened her eyes and saw him smiling. He moved away from her and pointing to her sang
Tumhaare siva kuch na chahat karenge ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge…..
(She smiled and moved towards him…..)
Ridzi: tumhaare siva kuch na chahat karenge ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge….

Armaan: (He made her sit on the swing and sat next to her) nazar chahti hai deedaar karna (He gazes in her brown hues) yeh dill chahta hai tumhe pyaar karna (He moved near her lips)
Ridzi: (She ran from there) tumhaari wafa mein dube rahe hum hai kya haal dill ka yeh kaise kahein hum? (Asks him from eyes)
Armaan: mehek ne lagega badan yeh tumhaara hum aankhon se aisi shararat karenge
(He smiled notoriously while she blushed and running to him hugged him)
Ridzi: tumhaare siva kuch na chahat karenge ke jab jeeyenge mohabbat karenge.

Ridzi: humein apne dill mein basaaya hai tumne (Keeps her hand on his heart) mohabbat ke kaabil banaaya hai tumne (Kisses his heart)
Armaan: agar tum na milte toh hum jee na paate (Holds her hand) kise apna kehte kahaan dill lagaate? (Taking her hand keeps it on his heart)
Ridzi: saza rab jo dega vo manzoor humko ( Points to the sky) ke ab hum tumhaari ibaadat karenge (Points him & smiles)
AR: tumhaare siva kuch na chahat karenge ke jab tak jeeeyenge mohabbat kerenge. (Hugs each other)

He separated from her it was still raining he picked her up in his arms and moved down. She was gazing continuously at his face. She was lost in him. He knew she was seeing him. He looked down at her face and smiled at her revealing his cute dimples. She couldn’t help but smile broadly. He reached near the bed.
Ridzi: I need to change Armaan….
Armaan: kyun? Achchi lag rahi ho aise hi or I should say sexy lag rahi ho.
Ridzi; (Blushes) I am wet Armaan! Please na!
Armaan; ok (Makes her stand on her feet)
Ridzi: magar main pehnu kya?
Armaan: hmmm kuch nahi (Winks at her)
She was totally red listening to that. She throws a pillow at him.
Armaan: arre I was kidding cupboard mein kuch hoga see it.
Ridzi goes near the cupboard and finds a gift pack. She takes it and opening it finds a nighty of red color. She smiles and looks at Armaan who winks at her. She goes in the washroom while he changes in the room and waits for her to come out. She came out wearing the dress. It was sleeveless. She was looking an angel with her hairs wet. He walked up to her and pulls her close to him.
Armaan: I can’t control myself now.
Ridzi looks at him nervously. He smiles and lifts her up in his arms. He puts her on bed and lying next to her he kissed her eyes lightly. He kissed her cheeks. She closed her eyes as he came near her lips and without wasting another second kissed her lips passionately. After that he went near her neck and placed kisses on her neck line. He nuzzled in her hairs and kissed her earlobe. She shivered by his acts. He whispered in her ear
Armaan: I love you jaan
Riddhima says slowly ‘I love you too’!
Armaan switched off the besides lamp and it was only the moon light in the room blessing the couple!

It was two days since AR were back to Mumbai. All were very happy. They really missed them. It was night time now. All were sitting in hall after dinner.
Aryan: arre dad aap kuch bolne waale the
Prerana: kya?
Aryan: mujhe kya pata dad boliye bhi
Anuraag: hmm Armaan..
Armaan: jee dad
Anuraag: beta kal aap raat ki flight se Singapore jaa rahe hai.
All: kyun?
Anuraag: ab Armaan ki shaadi ho gayyi hai he should join business now so be ready beta.
Nandini: haan beta bhaiyya theek bol rahe hain
Armaan looks at Riddhima who was looking at him only. He knows she will be sad if he goes to Singapore.
Armaan: kitne din ke liye dad?
Aryan: actually Armaan vahaan ek new project start kar rahe hai hum log isiliye pata nahi hai ki exact kitne days lagenge. May be a month or two!
Ash: itna zyaada?
Aryan: hmm or even a week
Anuraag: jo bhi ho beta Armaan you have to go tomorrow I want that project to be handled by you.
Armaan: ok dad.
Nandini: chalo phir so jao sab log.
Prerana: haan chalo Riddhima bachcha.
Ridzi: jee?
Prerana: beta iski packing kar do hmm?
Ridzi: jee mumma.

The four elders leave. Armaan looks at Riddhima who was gazing at her hands. Aryan, Ahaana and Ash too looked at her.
Ash: kya hua bhabhi?
Ridzi: kuch nahi.
Ahaana: Armaan? Kya hua Ridz ko?
Aryan: tujh se fight hui kya?
Armaan: nahi bhaiyya vo actually main jaa raha hun na isiliye
Ahaana: oho Ridz! Aise toh ab in logon ka aana-jaana laga rehta hai. Aryan bhi toh jaate hain.
Ridzi: hmmm
Ash: aur aap tension mat lo hum sab hai na aapke saath.
Riddhima smiles lightly but Armaan knows she will cry any moment.
Aryan: ok toh good night guys.
All: good night.
And the three leave. Riddhima goes to the kitchen while Armaan waits for her in their room. She washed the dishes and kept everything on place. Then switching off the lights she entered their room. Armaan was lying on the bed. She sat on her side and removed her bangles. Armaan keeps his head in her lap and looks at her. She didn’t look at him and kept on doing her work.
Armaan: main jaun na?
Listening to this the tears which were formed in her eyes spilled out. He was waiting for this; he knew she will cry. She cried more and he got up and hugged her; she cried hugging him back wetting his shirt.
Armaan: please Riddhima ro mat aur sab log hai na saath mein so just relax aur main jald hi aane ko try karunga.
Ridzi: hmmm.
He hugged her tighter and she hided herself in his chest. Both were silent after some time Armaan saw Riddhima who was asleep in his arms. Tears were still there on her cheeks. He kissed them and carefully puts her on bed. Kissing her forehead he sleeps next to her.

Next evening:
Nikki: Ridz tu bhi na jeeju will be so worried.
Ridzi: main akele nahi reh sakti.
Muski: oyye itne saare members hai teri family mein.
Ridzi: but Armaan toh jaa rahe hai na.
Anjy: toh vo aa bhi jaayenge.
Aryan: (Entering) chalo Ridz neeche Armaan se mill lo.
Ridzi: jee

They all move down. Armaan was hugging Nandini.
Nandini: apna khayaal rakhna aur humein phone karte rehna.
Armaan: hmmm.
He separated and saw Riddhima and others. He went towards them.
Armaan: chaliye bro take care of yourself and bhabhi and Adi’s as well. (Hugs Aryan)
Aryan: haan aur tu Riddhima ki tension na lena we will take care of her.
Armaan: hmmm
Armaan: ok saali’s bye!
The girls: bye jeeju!
Finally he moves towards Riddhima. She was looking down.
Armaan: bye Riddhima.
Riddhima looks at him and tears weld up in her eyes. She started crying seeing him. all were shocked!
Aryan: umm Armaan we are out jaldi aana warna late ho jaayega.
Armaan: haan (All left)
Armaan hugged her. She hugged him back tightly clutching his jacket. she cried silently while he caressed her back to calm her down. After 10 minutes she separated and looked in his eyes.
Armaan: bas jaan ro nahi I’ll be back soon. Hmmm?
Ridzi: please Armaan jaldi aana
Armaan: haan
He kissed her lips she kissed him back and both separated after some time.
Ridzi: I’ll miss you very much!
Armaan: I’ll miss you too jaan!
Ash: bro it’s late come soon! (Shouts from outside)
Armaan: bye Riddhima! Take care aur bilkul rona nahi I’ll call you as I reach there.
Ridzi nods with tears in her eyes. He kissed her forehead and started to leave. Ridzi followed him. All were waiting for him outside.
Aryan: chalein?
Armaan: haan
He turned and looked at Ridzi. She moved forward and hugged him. He hugged her back when she whispered near his chest.
Armaan: I love you too my jaan!
After 2-3 minutes they separated. Tears were coming from Riddhima’s eyes speedily. Armaan sat in the car and Aryan started the car. He waved at everyone! Everyone said bye except Ridzi! Armaan mouthed an ‘I love you n will miss you’to Riddhima ! She looked away and Aryan drove the car towards the airport.

Sadaf heart emoticon

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