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Part 41 & 42 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 41

Muskaan: Nikki? What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Nikki shook her head and was about to turn around again but Muskaan held her and gave her a hug. At this Nikki broke down into tears which left Muskaan shocked and confused. She had never seen Nikki like this and it worried her…

Muskaan: Ssshh…Nikki it's ok…sshh stop crying…everything will be ok

Nikki: Kuch theek nahi hoga – sobbing on Muskaan's shoulder

Muskaan: Don't say that…everything will work out just fine…

Nikki: - moving back and wiping her tears – Nahi Muskaan…now nothing can happen…I've really messed up…he'll never forgive me…

Muskaan: Who? What happened? – looking around – here take a seat and tell me what's wrong

Nikki sat down on the stool that was being offered while Muskaan got her a glass of water. She took a sip of water when Muskaan handed her the glass then started to speak in a whisper.

Nikki: Muskaan…woh…Abhi ko lagta hain ke… - sobs

Muskaan: Nikki…take your time…

Nikki: - sips some water then carries on – Abhi thinks that me and Ranveer are together…he really hates me now…and I… - stops

Muskaan: And what's the truth? - slowly

Nikki: Main sirf Abhi se pyar karti hoon…tab bhi aur abhi bhi pyar karti hoon…

Muskaan: Matlab?

Nikki: Main aur Ranveer college ke dost te…we were like best friends…when Abhi and Anji left me Ranveer was my only friend…then he started to develop feelings for me…but I only cared for Abhi…when I declined his proposal he went away…I never saw him again…and when I did see him again it was this condition…in the hospital… - tears swelled up in her eyes again - I couldn't believe this was the same Ranveer who use to care so much about his health, he was so sporty and so down to earth…and now looking at him lying in hospital…I couldn't help myself but be with him...help him recover…but Abhi…all he thinks is that me and Ranveer are together…and I can't be with out him…but he just doesn't understand my state… - she broke down again

Muskaan hugged her taking in the situation silently and letting her come to terms with her feelings.

Muskaan: Nikki…that's enough…please stop crying…you'll become ill…don't worry now I'm with you…we'll definitely solve this problem…

Nikki: Sab theek ho jayega na? – wiping her tears

Muskaan: I promise…ab chal…let's get the food ready before those three blow our heads off

Nikki stifled a little giggle then got up and helped Muskaan with the dinner. They got everything ready and set it on the table just in time as the boys walked in looking grumpy.

Rahul: Muskaan! How long does it take for you guys to ready the food!

Muskaan: Excuse Me? – she put the last dish onto the table and looked up

Oops! Trouble. Rahul gulped as he looked at the expression on her face. Muskaan marched all the way and stood right in front of him looking as if she was about to blow.

Muskaan: What Did You Say? – emphasising on every letter in every word

Rahul: K…ku…kuch…na…nahi… - timidly

Muskaan: Main tumhari biwi nahi hoon…and don't you dare talk to me like that! – pointing a finger at him

Armaan and Abhi stood a few feet away and couldn't help themselves but laugh at Rahul's sight but they quickly stopped as Muskaan shot evils at them.

Rahul: S…sor…sorry…

Muskaan: You better be!

She turned away, sat down on the sofa and started to take her food not bothering about anyone else. Armaan and Abhi walked up to Rahul and tapped him on either side of his shoulder.

Abhi: Sambhal ke…dude! Warna khane ke liye kuch nahi mila ga

Rahul: Shut up! – sternly

They both laughed and went to get their food followed by Rahul who made sure he sat as far away as possible from Muskaan. Nikki was the last to join them as she slowly tidied up the place where she was working before coming to eat. She took her food cautiously knowing that she was being watched by Abhi, quickly sat down next to Muskaan and silently began to eat her food.

The conversation started up about the up coming wedding. They were all very excited except for Nikki who sat staring at her food and deep in thought about Abhi. She was feeling guilty for not speaking to Abhi, she had not explained the problem to him and it was not his fault that certain thoughts filled his mind. It was all a misunderstanding which needed to be cleared sooner rather than later.

The same thoughts filled Abhi's mind as he watched her eating quietly. Her face looked pale as if she had been crying all day; she looked very weak and upset. This was his entire fault he thought; he should give her chance to speak, to explain the problem. But was there really something going on between her and Ranveer or did he just assume that they were together. I need to talk to her and sort this problem out; I can't stand to see her like this.

After some time they finished eating and Nikki stood up to tidy away but Muskaan held her hand and told her to sit down, at the same time she put her feet up on the coffee table, folded her hands across her chest and looked at the boys. All three stood up and started to take the dishes to the kitchen with gloomy faces which made Muskaan smile sneakily.

The boys tidied up in silence then Rahul and Armaan decided to leave and Muskaan walked into her room. Abhi stood by the door in two minds; he really wanted to speak to her, to spend some time alone with her but was he ready to hear the truth? Nikki stayed seated on the sofa, her mind working over time, was this the right time to speak to him?

Abhi walked over to the sofa and stood behind her; she felt his presence and closed her eyes breathing in deeply. She squeezed her hands around her dress feeling all her muscles tighten waiting for him to say something. He clenched his fist waiting for her to turn around. Several minutes pass in silence, tension building up around them.

Then suddenly Abhi turned around swiftly and walked out of the room, this time making sure he did not bang the door. Nikki let the tears roll out of her eyes, down her cheeks and onto her lap. She pulled a cushion towards her and buried her face into it. She cried herself to sleep…


Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan, Dr Riddhima General Ward

Both: Yes Maam

Ridz smiled widely at Armaan who sent a small grin in her direction.

Dr Keerti: Dr Atul Paediatric Ward…I want every report completed and on my desk by the end of the day

Atul: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul OPD

Rahul: Yes

Dr Keerti: Dr. Muskaan Cancer Ward

Muskaan nodded.

Dr Keerti: Dr Anjali and Dr Abhi you will be assisting Dr Shashank and Dr Sharma in the OT this afternoon so make sure you read up on all the files and reports by then

Both: Yes Maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Nikkita Special Ward and Dr Sapna Path Lab

Both: Yes Maam

Dr Keerti: Now get to work

Everyone walk away to their assigned wards.

*General Ward*

Armaan and Ridz attended their patients individually one at a time, taking their time to talk to them and check their reports. When Ridz had finished checking most of her patients she moved right to the end of the ward to the last bed where the patient was talking very loudly to the nurse.

Ridz: What is going on here? - sternly

The patient became very quiet and looked away.

Nurse: Dekiye na doctor…she doesn't want to take the injection

Ridz: And why is that?

Nurse: She doesn't like injections

Ridz: It's ok you go…I'll take it form here

The nurse gives the injection to Ridz and walks away in a huff. The patient moves to the end of the bed away from Ridz.

Ridz: - takes a deep breath, silently – this is going to be a difficult one

Armaan; who was standing right behind her held his hand out to which Ridz raised her eye brows.

Armaan: Hand it to me…I'll take care of it…

Ridz: With pleasure – smiling she hands over the syringe and stepped back

Armaan: Suniye… - sweetly

Ridz giggled and the patient turned around. She looked at Armaan and her face broke into a shy smile, she fluttered her eyelashes and looked down.

Patient: Phir se kaho na… - shyly

Ridz couldn't help herself and she laughed out loud but quickly covered it up with a cough. Armaan smiled and saw this as a chance to do his work.

Armaan: Suniye…its one tiny little needle…you won't even feel it…trust me… - smiling his million dollar dimpled smile at her

The patient stared dreamily into his eyes, completely lost to the situation, and Armaan swiftly gives her the injection without her noticing. He put the syringe away and sat back smiling. Ridz stared at him in the same way that the patient did, he was a magical worker and she'd never seen any one like him. How could someone be so handsome, so intelligent, so committed to his work and have such a heavy past all at once? She thought. Ridz…I think you're losing it…grab hold of yourself…but…he's just too amazing. She smiled.

Ridz and the patient were both bought back to this world by a loud cough. They shook themselves awake and looked around. Armaan was shouting "suniye" for the millionth time to wake up the patient and moving his hand in front of her face but she was too busy admiring him to notice. Ridz felt embarrassed but was lucky that Armaan had not notice her.

Patient: Sorry… - looking down shyly again

Armaan: It's ok… - getting up

Armaan and Ridz were about to walk away when…

Patient: Come back again… - smiling shyly

They turned around and smiled at her then walked out of the room. Just as they turned the corner Ridz stopped him.

Ridz: WOW Armaan…you really are a jadugar

Armaan: What? – amused

Ridz: I'm serious…you can do anything…that lady – pointing back to the ward – she wouldn't go anywhere near a needle and you just…magically gave her that injection she didn't even know what was happening…

Armaan: Umm…thanks…

Ridz: And what was that… - laughing – Suniye?

Armaan: Oh that…that's my magic word… - seriously

Ridz: Oh ok… - seriously

They both stood silently for a minute then cracked up laughing like there was no tomorrow. They held on to their tummies and tried to stop themselves but in vain. When they finally calmed down a little they made their way to the cafeteria going over the whole scene again.

*Locker Room. End of the day*

Abhi: I wonder why Dr. Shashank has called us all here?

All the interns were paged to be in the locker room; they arrived within a few minutes and settled down quickly waiting for Dr Shashank to turn up.

Sapna: I hope none of us are in trouble!... – scared

Atul: Nah I doubt it…

Muskaan: What else can it be? I mean…it's the head of the hospital…has got to be something serious!

At the same time Dr Shashank walked into the locker room; the interns become silent and they all stood up in a line facing him.

Shashank: Good Evening doctors – expressionless

All: Good Evening Sir – in chorus

Shashank: I have come here today in person to let you know…

Atul gulped roughly and one by one the interns bowed their heads waiting for him to carry on.

Shashank: From tomorrow there will be no need for you to come to the hospital…

They look up in shock, they could not believe what they were hearing…

part 42

Abhi: Ma…matlab? – stuttering

Shashank: Matlab yeh Dr. Abhimanu…kal se tumhe hospital ane ki koi zarrorat nahi hain… - smiling

No one dared to say anything else; they hung their heads low and waited for him to continue.

Shashank: From tomorrow…you all have been given a week's holiday

Everyone looked up shock. Anjali; who was in the background away from the group stood back and smiled at Dr Shashank. He smiled and carried on.

Shashank: Yes that's right…your duties will be handed over to other doctors and you will be going with Anjali and Riddhima to our farmhouse and help prepare for the up coming wedding…

They all grinned from ear to ear at each other but did not say anything. They were all excited already on hearing the news; they just couldn't wait to start their holidays.

Shashank: So go ahead…finish up your work for the day and get ready to enjoy your holiday…starting from tomorrow… - smiling at all of them

After looking at each of them he smiled and walked out of the locker room which erupted with loud cheers!

Atul: YESS!!! Holiday!

Muskaan: That is so cool!

Abhi: Wow Anji…your dad is so cool…I can't believe it…

Armaan: Oh yeh…look who's speaking… - laughing he imitates Abhi – Ma…mat…matlab?

Rahul and Atul laugh at him.

Abhi: Shut up! – lifting his fist about to punch Armaan

Armaan moves out of the way and laughs at him. Looking at this Ridz couldn't help but smile at his actions.

Nikki: Guys…please stop this now…let's enjoy…

Sapna: Yeh Nikki's right…let's start planning…

Nikki: Anji how's everything going with the wedding preparations? What else needs to be done?

Anjali: It's going along fine but we have lots of shopping to do for clothes and decorations and stuff

Muskaan: Ok then…why don't we get together tomorrow and go shopping…as it is our holidays start from tomorrow and there's a lot to do…so we need to get on with it…

Ridz: Yeh that's a good idea…that way we can choose our clothes together

Anji: Yeh that's not a bad idea…

Nikki: So were on for tomorrow? – looking around at everyone and finally happy to get her mind of those other feelings

Atul: Uhh… - looking at the boys

Sapna: What?

Muskaan: You guys are coming too…

Rahul: We are? - confused

Muskaan: Yeh of course…who else is going to carry our bags? – smiling sweetly

The girls start to laugh and the boys look down knowing there was no way of getting out of this one. Then Armaan looks up brightly…

Armaan: C'mon guys…it doesn't sound that bad…we can all go together…it'll be fun…they can do their shopping and we can all get to hang out together…since we've been here we've never done anything together…what say?

Anjali: Oh yeh…and Sachin is thinking of joining us…

Abhi: Oh a senior…I thought we could have fun tomorrow - joking

Anjali: Abhi – hitting him on his arms - very funny…and Sachin is not a stuck up senior...he's very out going

Muskaan: Oooh really? – nudging her with her shoulder

Anjali started blushing and everyone laughed.

*Next Day*

The next morning all the interns met up at the mall to start their shopping spree.

Armaan: So where do we go from here? – looking around at the new surrounding

Anji: This way… - leading the way into the building linking her arm with Sachin

They all walked in and started looking around; for the first half an hour they mostly did window shopping, the boys cracked jokes all the way and the girls were getting bored of them.

Ridz: Hey guys why don't we separate…we're not getting anywhere like this…you boys can go do your own shopping and we'll do ours…

Anjali: Separate? – looking at Sachin

Ridz: Yes dii…if not it will take double the time

Sapna: You're right Ridz

Atul: Yeh and we can't be seen in a woman's shop…doesn't really go with the image you know… - looking around

Muskaan: Oh…really? And what image do you have that it doesn't go with?

Atul: Hello? I have… - pointing up and down at himself…

Armaan: Uhh guys let not fight here

Rahul: Yeh people don't know us here so they might go and call the police

Armaan: Ridz is right let's separate

Sachin: Umm I don't…

But before he could say anything else the girls dragged Anjali away and the boys dragged him off into the other direction.


Nikki: Oh my gosh Anji look at that dress…I'm sure it would suit you perfectly… - admiring the dress

She held out a tricolour lengha choli in blue, copper and gold and fully decorated with crystal diamontes.

Sapna: Yeh it looks… - stops mid sentence then carries on - wow have you seen the price? - shocked

Ridz: Forget the price…papa is paying for it so we could buy anything we want…I think it's beautiful…

Muskaan: Hey Anji what do you think?

Anjali: Huh? Yeh it looks nice…

Ridz: Come on dii were shopping for you and you're not even bothered…

Anjali: Okay fine…come on let me see it...


Sachin: Guys…I need help…

Abhi: Yeh I can see that…you're planning to get married…what can be worst than that…

Sachin: Funny…haha…I'm talking about help with choosing a suit

Abhi: Oh… - shuts up

Armaan: What you looking for? Anything in particular?

Sachin: Simple and elegant…nothing heavy

Armaan looks around on the shelves and mannequins close by then chooses a metallic blue sherwani. Sachin takes it and goes to try it on.

Abhi: How does this look? – pointing out to a suit on the mannequin

Armaan: Not bad…here try this one I think it will suit you… - checking another one

A little further away stood Atul and Rahul.

Rahul: Hey I like this one… - pointing to a kurta on the shelf

Atul took the kurta that Rahul liked.

Rahul: Hey I chose that first…

Atul: But I picked it up so its mine now

Rahul: No mine – grabbing the kurta form him

Armaan saw them fighting and went to save them before they all got chucked out because they where attracting an audience.


Nikki: Where are the others?

Anji: Ridz said they were going to Seasons…they're probably still in there

Nikki: Maybe…let's check…

They begin to walk through the mall towards the shop.

Anji: So…everything ok with you and Abhi now?

Nikki: Not yet…but…I'm not going to bother with him any more…when he's ready to talk to me I'll talk to him…I'm not going to spoil my mood coz of him…and I'm going to enjoy this wedding…with him or without him

Anji: That's good…but I hope everything sorts out soon…I can't see you two separate any more…

Nikki: - changing the subject - I really love the outfit you brought…it's really beautiful…

Anji: Thanks…you need to find one now…

Nikki: Yeh I'll try and find something in there with the others…

They walk into the shop called Seasons and looked around for a bit.

Nikki: Anji what do you think of this one?

She points out to a blue lengha on the mannequin and examines it. It was a baby blue net lengha with a stylish corset choli fully designed with silver thread and sequins. Along with it was a matching net dupatta with silver trimming.

Anjali: Wow its really beautiful…you'll look really nice in this colour

Nikki: I think I'll take it…

Anji: Go on

Muskaan and Ridz walk out from behind them carrying two bags.

Muskaan: There you are…did you get that outfit?

Anji: Yeh I tried it on and it fits perfectly so I bought it…

Ridz: That's great…I've just bought my four outfits too…I just need one more for the mehendi…and I've already got all my matching jewelry and sandals…I'm so excited now…

Nikki: We can see that – smiling

Muskaan: Is it just me or is anyone else hungry?

Ridz: Nah I'm hungry too…let's go and eat…but where is Sapna? – looking around

They saw Sapna standing at the back of the shop looking at a suit on a mannequin.

Nikki: Let's go to her…

They walk over to her together.

Ridz: Hey Sapna…that's a beautiful dress it suits you

They all stood there checking the suit. It was a classic saree creation in powerful peach georgette material. The border was fully decorated in a banarsi style with silver thread and diamonds.

Sapna: Yeh it's nice – she turns away

Ridz: Are you not getting it?

Sapna: Uhh…no actually I was thinking of getting another dress

Ridz: But I like this and I'm getting it for you…

Sapna: No it's ok

Ridz: I like it and I'm getting it…that's final – she calls out to a salesman

They waited until the dress was packed and paid for then walked out of the shop.

Anji: Let's go and get something to eat now…


The boys sat in the restaurant and waited for the girls to arrive. They had been sitting there for almost half an hour and were getting restless.

Sachin: I wonder where the girls got to… - looking around

Armaan: Don't worry they'll be here soon

Abhi: Kab? - huffing

Just then the girls arrived and dropped their bags onto the empty chairs.

Rahul: Hey guys finished shopping?

Ridz: Nah not yet

Atul: What? – shocked – so what's all of this? – pointing to the bags

Sapna: Don't worry we have… - smiling – she's only teasing

Rahul: Thank God for that… - breathing out

Everyone laughs at him. The girls sit down and make themselves comfortable, Anji next to Sachin, both lost in each other while the others carried on the conversation.

Muskaan: Didn't you guys do any shopping?

Atul: Yeh we did…

Sapna: So where are your bags? – looking around

Abhi: Right here – pointing three small bags which were settled onto a chair next to him

Ridz: Is that it? – surprised

Armaan: Yeh…that's it…we didn't have to buy a whole new wardrobe…

Nikki: Boys… - smiling

They ordered their food and took their time to eat and talk about the wedding preparations which were going to start tomorrow. After some time they all went their own ways to do some more shopping for decorations and for the girls, more jewelry...

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