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Part 43 & 44 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 43

*Gupta House*

The interns had decided to meet up at the Gupta House after their shopping spree to work on the wedding planning together. They made themselves comfortable in the living room relaxing after a long day and joined in the conversations.

Anji: So tomorrow we're all going to meet up at our Farm House ok?

Abhi: Sure…how are we getting there?

Ridz: Well dii, mom, Nani and me will be leaving tomorrow morning…we'll get there and make sure all the preparations for the guest are done then you guys can make your way little later on…

Rahul: Sounds good…

Atul: Yeh…we can take my jeep…that way we can all go together…

Sapna: That'll be fun…right guys – looking around at everyone

Muskaan: Yes…

Anji: Right now that's settled next is… - flipping through her diary dates – umm…functions

Nikki: Wow Anji…you're so organized…

Abhi: Too organised… - winking

Anji: Thanks…ok functions…there's going to be the mehendi, sangeet and the shaadi…

Armaan: Yeh that's good…

Ridz: And all the decorations and stuff will be down to us…ok guys?

Armaan: Of course…no problem…

Abhi: Yeah…leave it to us…

Anji: Thanks guys…

Nikki: What for?

Anji: For everything…

Muskaan: There's no need to thank us Anji…we're friends…and that's what friends are for…

Anji smiled at her.

Anji: Tha…

But before she could finish the word thanks everyone bombarded her with flying cushions. She shielded herself with her hands in front of her face.

*Next Day*

A car pulled up outside the Gupta's farmhouse and Anji, Ridz, Padma and Nani got out of the car. All very excited they stood there admiring their house.

Anji: We haven't been here in ages - looking up at the house and then around the front garden

Ridz: Yeh it's been a long time… - looking at Anji - hey dii remember when we use to play with the swings in the back garden…

Nani: And Padma use to take the food outside and we all use to have little picnics together…

They all laughed and thought back to all of the little happy moments they had at the farmhouse as they made their way into the house.

Padma: Chalo…we have to get everything ready quickly…the others will be arriving in the evening…

Ridz: Yes your right mum…chalo dii let's go and check out our room…

They both went upstairs and started to unpack.

*Girls'/Boys' Apartment*

Abhi, Rahul and Armaan rushed around the apartment collecting their things and shoving them into their bags while Muskaan and Nikki sat peacefully on the sofa watching TV and waiting for them.

Abhi: Are you really just going to sit there?

Muskaan: What does it look like we're doing? Obviously… - smiling

Rahul: Please help us…Atul and Sapna will be here any minute and we're no where near ready…

Nikki: That's your fault…you should have done your packing last night…

Muskaan: What Nikki? You really think they are as clever as us? We have that much sense to do our packing in the night but how could you expect the same from guys…we'll these three anyway

Abhi and Rahul stopped what they were doing and rounded on her.

Abhi: Are you trying to say that we are dumb?

Nikki: We don't have to say it… - smiling

Rahul: That's not fair Nikki…I didn't expect this from you…

Muskaan: We'll if that's what you are why don't you just accept it and move on… - standing up facing him

Rahul pointed a finger at her about to explode but was stopped just in time.

Armaan: That's enough guys – almost screaming

He walked in between the two of them trying to separate them before anything else happened.

Armaan: I don't want to hear another word…and you two – looking at Rahul and Abhi – get a move on Atul will be here any minute

Rahul and Abhi looked at the girls then at each other, their faces fell as they knew that they had lost this fight and started to pack their things again. A few minutes later they heard the car pull up at the front and they made their way out of the house.

*Gupta Farm House*

The four women had separated and shared out the jobs to the workers and got to work themselves to tidy up the house and get everything ready for their guest. It was almost evening time when they had everything ready, Padma walked around the garden deep I thought and Anji watched her from the house, she walked out, down the stairs and towards her. As she approached her she put her hand on her mother's shoulder, who turned instantly in shock then wiped a tear from her face.

Anji: Mom? Kya huwa? - concerned

Padma: Kuch nahi…bas aise hi

Anji: Chalo mere saath

Padma: Kahan?

Anji: Come on mom…

She takes her by the hand and leads her to the far end of the garden. They sit down on a bench and Padma looks over at the house which was being decorated with lights. Anji put her hand gently over her mothers.

Anji: Mom…kya huwa?

Padma: Anjali…I'm really happy for you…you've found such a lovely person to marry…who loves you a lot…and you also love him…but…

Anji: But?

Padma: I still can't see you leaving us… - a tear dropping from her eyes

Anji: - gulped gently then began to speak – Mom…main kahin nahi ja rahi hoon…I'm right here

Padma: I know I should not be discouraging you like this…every girl needs to leave one day…but you're my darling daughter…I'm going to miss you so much…

Anji: - hugs her – Mamma I'm going to miss you too – not helping herself she let the tears roll down her face behind Padma's back

Their moment was disturbed by someone who had come out looking for them.

Ridz: Aap dono yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Anji and Padma move away from each other and look at her. When no one answered her question she put her hands on her hips and repeated it.

Ridz: What are you two doing here?

Padma: Kuch nahi beta – wiping her tears

Ridz: Mamma aap jhoot mat boliye… - sternly

Anji: Ridz…

Ridz: Don't even try to soften me dii…how could you guys have a moment without me – sulking and puffing out her cheeks

Padma and Anji break into smiles and looked at her; they both stood up and gave her a big hug. She smiled and hugged them back.

*Car on the way to the Farmhouse*

Muskaan: Are we there yet? – puffing her cheeks

Abhi: Muskaan are you a child? – smirking

Muskaan: Shut up! – irritated

Muskaan couldn't stand long drives and she had become frustrated in the first half an hour.

Sapna: You guys never stop fighting do you? – rolling her eyes

Atul: That's just how their friendship is? Right guys – grinning

Abhi: You're right on that one…

Rahul: But why do you love to annoy her? – to Abhi – Can't you ever leave her alone? – looking into the rear view mirror at him as he was sitting at the front with Armaan who was driving

Everyone's eyes become wide on hearing his comment. They all look at him in surprise

Abhi: Oooh! Someone's caring… - teasing

Rahul: Shut up Abhi… - quickly looking out of the window

Muskaan had gone as bright as a tomato and also decided to change the topic.

Muskaan: Hey Nikki what's wrong with you why are you so quiet?

Nikki looked at Abhi who was smiling at his own joke.

Nikki: Nothing I'm just a bit tired…don't really like traveling

Sapna: Nikki what colour are you wearing at the wedding?

Nikki: Pink...and you? - cheering up a little

Sapna: - smiled because she cheered her up a little - Blue

Muskaan: Are you sure you have everything ready...

Nikki: Yeh I think - biting her lip then smiled

They carried on talking like this for the rest of the journey. They arrived half an hour later and got out of the jeep. They started to take their luggage out of the car and made their way towards the front door. Armaan rang the doorbell while everyone looked around at the place.

In front of the house there was a massive lawn; it was being decorated by the workers, lights being put up into the trees and flowers were being used to decorate the floor and wall. It was a beautiful place.

Armaan: Wow this place is massive – looking around

Rahul: Yeh! – breathing out at the sight

They heard a noise coming from inside and they all turned to face the house again. Someone opened the door with a bright smile welcoming them in. They all smiled back in shock, one person in particular was stunned…

part 44

She stood there in a beautiful sleeveless maroon Punjabi suit decorated with sequins and silver diamantes. She wore a matching patiyala style churidhar and dupatta. It fitted perfectly around her stunning figure and her matching bangles glistened on her slim wrists. She wore simple but matching jewellery around her neck and on her ears. She looked exactly like his Riddhima and even more beautiful than he expected.

Muskaan: Wow yaar Ridz…you look so nice – smiling at her

Ridz: Thank you – smiling shyly – come in guys…

They all made their way inside except Armaan. He stood transfixed at the same spot where he saw Ridz. She was still standing there waiting for him to come in but he made no effort to move, he kept staring at her which made her smile and her heart skip a beat.

Ridz: Umm…waiting for anything special? – smiling at him

He blinked his eyes a few times and realised what he was doing.

Armaan: Oh…um…you look really nice

Ridz: Thanks – smiling shyly again

Armaan and Ridz walk into the house and straight to the main room where everyone else were.

Anji: So how was the trip?

Atul: It was fine… - making himself comfortable

Abhi: But sooo long…I'm hungry – stretching out on the sofa

Anji: - laughing – Abhi as usual...always hungry...the food is almost ready…I'll just go and check – she gets up and leaves the room

Rahul: So where do we leave our luggage? – to Ridz

Ridz: Oh umm yeh…but you will need to walk a little

Boys: Walk? - confused

Ridz: Uh yeah…sorry actually the boys will be staying in the outhouse

Abhi: Oh man – as he was tired

Ridz: It's a short walk don't worry - smiling

Nikki: And the girls?

Ridz: The girls are staying here with us…

Muskaan: Wow! I'm so excited!

Anji comes back into the room.

Anji: Come on guys…khana tayar hain…

They all get up and go into the dinning room where the table was set with the most delicious food. They greeted Nani and Padma and had dinner. After some time Ridz walk the boys over to their out house and showed them around to all the necessities then left. The girls had become comfortable in their rooms. All the girls stayed in one room together, it was quite spacey and they were all relaxed and talked late into the night enjoying their first sleep over.

*Girls' farmhouse 7:30 am*

Nani: GGGIIIRRRLLLSSS!! - shouting for about the fifth time

Upstairs the girls were still half asleep.

Ridz: I wanna sleep - mumbling

Before anyone could reply Anjali came bursting into the room and rushed around trying to get them all up.

Anjali: Guys! Wake up! It's my mehendi today

Muskaan: Wow someone is very happy - grumpily

Anjali: Come on get up - pulling up Nikki who was trying to go back to sleep – no one told you guys to stay up so late last night

Nikki: Mujhe sone doh na Anji – turning over

Anji: Come on guys…get up…lets go Nani is waiting for you…

Everyone got up and forced themselves to get ready still very sleepy. They went downstairs one by one and started to help with all the preparations. After some time the boys came over to help set up the decorations.

*Main Hall*

Nani: Muskaan…beti idhar aao – calling out to Muskaan

Muskaan: Ji Nani? – walking towards her

Nani: Can you go to the boutique and collect Anjali's clothes…there's still a lot of work pending…

Muskaan: Ok Nani - cheerful

Nani leaves and Muskaan is left wondering.

Muskaan: But… - biting her nails - I don't know how to drive a car – looks around and notices Rahul - RAHUL!!

Rahul turns around and sees Muskaan. He walks over to her smiling to himself.

Rahul: Yeh can I help? – picking up a ladoo from a plate on a nearby table

Muskaan: Umm…actually I need to go and get Anji's dress from the boutique…I was wondering if you could give me a lift?

Rahul: Yeh sure – smiling widely - lets go...

They leave together.

*In the Kitchen*

Ridz: Right let's go through the list again...the starters will be...

Armaan stood infront of her, completely speechless, she was wearing a simple yet beautiful pink salwaar kameez with fine blue embroidery, her cheeks glowed and her eyes sparkled as she listed what needed to be done. He couldn't believe he would actually see her in a traditional suit and kept staring at her beauty until he was jerked out of his dreams.

Ridz: ARMAAN!!!!

He blinked his eyes several times until they focused on her again.

Armaan: Huh? WHAT?? - he saw her smiling - I'm were saying?

Ridz: It's ok...doesn't matter...

Before she could say anything else Anjali had just walked into the kitchen and looked like she was about to explode.

Anji: GUYS!! Why are just standing around...there's sooo much to do...everyone is busy in their own one is even doing anything...I've just had a go at Atul and Sapna...all they're doing is chatting and listening to music...there's soo much to do...I hope they have everything sorted by tonight...

Ridz: DI!!!!!!!!! Calm down! - points to the chair - here, sit down

Anjali sits down and Ridz walks over to the fridge and pours some juice into a glass then walks back to Anjali who is still flustered by the atmosphere.

Ridz: Here...take this and calm down - she puts a hand on Anji's shoulder - dii...don't worry...sab ho don't worry at all...ok?

Anji: Ok... - smiles at her

Armaan stands back witnessing the whole scene with a smile on his face.

*Living Room*

Atul and Sapna were in the living room standing by the music station and choosing CD's for the functions.

Atul: This one is nice… - holding up CD

Sapna: Umm Atul…I think an Indian wedding is going to take place not a English party

Atul: Ok well…I don't know…I've only been to English parties…

Sapna: How about this one? – showing him another CD cover

Atul: Umm how old is it? It looks like a film from the early 40's or something - laughing

Sapna: Ok fine what about this one Mast kalandar?

Atul: hey not bad love the movie...

Sapna rolled her eyes at him and they carried on looking through the CD rack.

*Upstairs Hall*

Abhi and Nikki stood in the middle of the hall shouting at the top of their voices. Abhi was holding one side of a dupatta and Nikki was holding the other, each of them was pulling it towards them and trying to take it for themselves.

Abhi: I had it first

Nikki: No I had it first – pulling it towards her

Abhi: No me – pulling it towards him

At the same time a naukar walks up the stairs and towards them.

Man: Umm sir…maam kaunsa phool chaiye? Gulab ya ghende ka phool

They both dropped the cloth and ran to the man quickly.

Abhi: Ghende ka phool

Nikki: No roses…there more beautiful…

Abhi: I think ghende

Nikki: Roses

Abhi: Nikki…ghende

Abhi: Abhi…roses

Anjali: Umm guys it's my wedding and I choose lilies…

Abhi and Nikki: Anji!!!

Anjali: No I want lilies ok…

She left the two of them in shock both forgetting about their fight and the dupatta was left on lying on the floor. They looked at Anji walking away and then looked back at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Anji walked down the stairs when her phone rang. She looked at it and saw Sachin's name flashing. Her face flushed a bright red colour then she pressed the answer button and held it up to her ears.

Anji: Hey jaan

Sachin: Hey…how are you?

Anji: I'm fine...just missing you loads...

Sachin: Missing you too...only one day to go…then I'll be right by your side

Anji: - blushing - Come soon

Sachin: I will... - pause - so how's the preparations going?

Anji: No where!...I'm so nervous…

Sachin: Don't worry...everything will be fine...

Anji: Ridz said the same thing...but I'm still nervous...

Sachin: I promise you everything will be fine...after all it's our wedding...

Anji: I know

Sachin: Ok I've got to go and finish up a few things...

Anji: Ok...bye…come soon…

Sachin: Love you

Anji: Love you too...

She cut the phone and looked around to notice that she had walked into the main hall, she hadn't realised that she had been walking and talking at the same time. She sat down on a chair near the stairs and looked around the hall, it was all very beautiful and she couldn't believe this was all for her. It was her special day and everyone was there for her. She was going to be getting married to the love of her life and she was sure that she was the luckiest girl in the world right now. Her thoughts were broken when the front door opened with a squeak. She looked up to see…

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