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Part 45 & 46 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 45

Shashank walk in with Puneet and Sonia. She stood up and ran towards them with a big smile on her face.

Anji: PUNEET Chachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - she ran to him and gave him a big hug

Puneet: Hey my princess... – hugging her

She separated from him, looked to his side and was very surprised to see Sonia there. She gave her a hug and then started speaking as soon as she got her breath back.

Anji: Puneet chachu...I'm so happy that you came!

Puneet: It's the most important day in my princess's could I not have come? – winking at her

Anji: That's right...I'm so happy...Sonia's been so long since I last saw you...I missed you too...come in...Nikki is upstairs...

They walked into the house and settled down while some of the others also made their way to the main room. Nikki came running down the stairs as she heard Anji scream earlier and was shocked to see her mom there.

Nikki: MAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - she gave her a big hug - I've missed you sooo much!!

Sonia: Hi darling...I've missed you too

They separate from the hug, and looked around at everyone who seemed to be really engrossed in teasing Anjali some more. There was a small gathering of the Gupta family, Shashank, Padma, Nani, Puneet, Anjali and Riddhima. Sonia looked away from the family gathering and whispered to Nikki.

Sonia: Nikki...I have something to tell you...let's go somewhere else...

Nikki: OK mama...

Nikki took Sonia upstairs to her room and they had a small chat which left Nikki with a big smile plastered on her face, she was really happy for her mom. They made their way back down stairs and Nikki noticed a small nod of the head from her mom towards Puneet which made him smile and started to speak to his family.

Puneet: Ma... - looking at Nani - I have something to say

Nani: Bolo beta

Puneet: I'm ready to get married...and I have found someone who I truly love...

Nani: Kaun hai wo? - excited

Puneet stood up and walked over to the stairs where Sonia and Nikki were standing and held her hand.

Puneet: It's Sonia...

Everyone stood up waiting for him to carry on.

Puneet: Main aur Sonia...umm...we love each other and we are ready to get married...

The room was full of silence; Nani walked over to them and hugged them both.

Nani: I'm so happy to hear this...

Shashank and Padma also walk towards them and congratulate them.

Padma: You can have a joint wedding with Anjali and Sachin

Puneet: Nahi bhabi...I can't wait any longer... - he reached into his pocket and pulled out a heart shaped box - We've come prepared

Sonia smiled as Puneet took her hand with care and gently slipped the ring onto her finger; she took a small box from her bag and also put the ring on his finger. Everyone around them applauded and took turns to hug and congratulate the newly weds. Nikki was so happy, firstly for her mom and her new dad and she was now related to her best friend.

*Main Hall*

Later that evening the mehendi function had begun in full swing. All the girls sat around in the hall on little decorated cushions while having their mehendi applied to their hands. They laughed and teased Anji for a while then engaged in their own little conversations and having a great time.

Nikki was so happy to finally spend some time with her mum. Muskaan and Sapna were having their mehendi applied by a mehendi designer they had hired for the function. Ridz sat by Anji and made sure she had everything she needed.

The boys on the other hand walked around here and there, some of them still busy with decorating the place and some helping the ladies in the kitchen with the meethais (Indian sweets) and other snacks.

Rahul and Abhi were standing around by the stairs, Rahul trying to tie the dupatta along the banister while standing on a ladder and Abhi holding the ladder and passing him pins to hold the veils up.

Rahul: Pass me another one – holding his hand out to Abhi

Abhi pointed a pin up while looking at the girls who were sitting in the hall, all dressed up nicely and applying mehendi.

Rahul: Ooowww!!!!!!!!! – jumped in pain

Abhi had poked him right in the middle of his palm with the pin. He yelled in pain and looked down at Abhi who stood their looking guilty.

Abhi: I'm…..I'm sorry – moving back slowly

Rahul came down the ladder angrily and stared at the Abhi as if he was about to explode.

Abhi: Rahul…..Rahul…..I said…..I'm sorry – walking backwards

Rahul: Run! – sternly

Abhi didn't need to be told twice, he turned around and ran as fast as he could away from Rahul who chased him. They ran into the main hall Abhi tried to dodge Rahul from every direction as he was throwing pillows and anything else that came in to his hands. They were attracting so much attention by the girls, some of whom were amused and some annoyed at this distraction.

Abhi: Rahul…..stop yaar… was an accident

Rahul: I'm gonna get you back…..

He lunged himself at Abhi who dodged him once more and left Rahul falling right onto Muskaan's lap who was sitting on the floor behind him. He looked up to see her beautiful face staring back at him. It was full of anger then slowly turned into a soft smile. They remained staring into each others eyes for what seemed like ages to them.

Abhi: Ahem Ahem – clearing his throat and smiling at them in this position

Rahul and Muskaan came back to reality and looked around shyly at everyone. Rahul mumbled a sorry and quickly stood up and walked away leaving Abhi forcing back his laughter.

Muskaan carried on as if nothing happened but inside she felt really shy and secretly blushed to herself. Everyone ignored the recent event and carried on applying their mehendi.

Ridz: I'm so hungry…..! – moaning

Sapna: Main bhi…..

Ridz: I'm going to go and look for something to eat….. – she got up

Right in front of her eyes landed a variety platter of Indian sweets, Ladoos, Peda, Kaju Katli and Barfee. Her eyes opened widely in surprise. These were all her favourite meethais, she licked her lips and quickly looked over the plate again.

Armaan: Will you keep staring or will you start eating? – cheekily

Ridz looked up to see Armaan smiling sweetly at her. Armaan was carrying a plate of sweets and Atul came in with a plate of other snacks like samoosas and other things. Atul started to share it amongst the other ladies while Armaan stood in front of Ridz.

Ridz: Yeh sab mere liye? – excitedly

Armaan: Hmm…..for everyone but if your sooo hungry its all yours….. – smiling

Ridz: Please…..can I have it all…..its my favourite…..

Armaan: Really? – thinking – Yeh sab meri Riddhima ki favourite hain….. – surprised

Ridz: Yes…..! – excitedly again but then her face fell

Armaan: What's wrong? – confused

Ridz held her hands up to show him her mehendi and she pulled her face as if to say "I can't eat it on my own".

Armaan: Oh… prob….. – smiling he picks up a piece of Kaju Katli and holds it up to her mouth – open up

Ridz did as she was told and bit some of it and chewed.

Armaan: Is that better?

Ridz: Uh-uh – shaking her head

Armaan: Now what…..?

Ridz smiled sweetly at him then opened her mouth to ask for more. Armaan smiled cheekily then stuffed the whole piece in her mouth and then another and then another. He laughed at her sight as she tried to chew without choking. When she had finally swallowed the last piece she looked at him angrily and raised her hand to hit him, she had almost forgotten that her hand was decorated with mehendi and was saved just in time as Armaan held his hand up to his ears to say sorry. This made her smile and stopped her hand. They both looked at each other and laughed then Armaan brought his hand out from behind his back, in it was a glass of cool lassi. She smiled at him and he held the glass to her mouth and she sipped it gently. Armaan stood there admiring her beauty and he thought it felt good to help her out.

The rest of the function went smoothly, the boys joined in after a while, when the music started the function was in full swing and everyone had lots of fun. The party carried on late into the night...


part 46

The next day everyone was preparing for the Sangeet Function which was going to take place in the evening. Anjali and Nikki were in the room with Sonia making sure all the dresses and jewellery for the function were sorted out and everything was fine with them. The boys were out and around the house making sure all was well with the decorations and everything was set up with help from the other girls.

*Girls Room*

Sonia: Wow Anjali'you really do have everything sorted'you don't even need a wedding planner'

Anji: Thanks Chachi! ' smiling widely

She was very happy now. Her big day was only one day away and this made her very excited but at the same time there was a little situation inside that was really eating away at her. She made sure it wasn't shown and kept it silent by keeping a smile on her face all the time.

Sonia: I can't believe you've grown up so much'it was just a while ago when you two were this small ' putting her hand up to her hips ' and you use to run around me all day'

All three of them sat there reminiscing, their eyes became moist and a small tear drop appeared on Anji's eyelashes. Nikki and Anji sat on either side of Sonia, they turned around and hugged her around the middle and leaned their heads on her shoulder. She patted them comfortingly as they sat in silence. A few minutes later Padma walked in carrying a tray of drinks.

Padma: Aree'yeh sab kya ho raha hain? ' putting the tray down on the side table

Anji and Nikki moved away slightly from Sonia and Anji wiped her tears away.

Sonia: Kuch nahi bhabhi'we we're thinking back to those days when these two were little children'and now look at them'they've grown so big'

Padma: I know'they've gone so big'and look at this'they're ready to leave us' - smiling

Anji: Mama' - standing up and hugging her

Padma: Ok'ok no more senti scenes'chal niche chalte hain'bohot kam abhi bhi baki hain'

They go downstairs. Padma and Sonia go straight towards the kitchen area and the girls decide to look around the house and see if everything was fine and almost ready. They walk around from hall to hall and room to room and finally made their way into the garden area where the main function was going to take place tomorrow.

They stepped out of the house and stood still looking around the place. It was beautiful. The whole garden was being decorated, there were so many people walking around here and there, carrying things asking for things and putting up the decorations. But Anji stood there ignoring them and taking in the beauty of the place.

The garden itself was a luxurious green colour, the grass and the trees. There were cute little fairy lights being placed into the trees to make the place look bright and stunning. There were pillars being placed around the garden with flower arrangements on top of them. The flowers were being arranged by Sapna. All the flowers which were being used were pink and white coloured. Atul and Abhi were helping the workers to place round tables all over the garden with chairs, Rahul and Muskaan were arranging the tables with flower arrangements and other ornaments. Armaan was ordering and helping the workers to put up tents around the garden, they were white and decorated with pink veils. Ridz was all over the place, she helped Sapna with the flower arrangements, ordered the workers to carry things here and there, showed Muskaan where all the decoration things were and finally went over to where Armaan was to help him.

They all worked perfectly as a team; and all of this for one of their friends. Anji stood their admiring their work. She was really happy, a tear fell from her eyes and she quickly brushed it away then walked back inside. The rest of the day was busy.

*Out House*

Later that evening when all the work was completed the guys were sent home to rest and also because they weren't allowed to attend the Sangeet function. Around seven o'clock in the evening a car pulled up outside the Out House. They all heard it and came out to see who it was. Their seniors, Sachin, Shubhankar and Keerti got out of the car and came towards them.

Armaan: Hi sir, hi maam'how was the trip?

Shubhankar: Very long

Abhi: Come on in and freshen up'

Shubhankar and Sachin went inside with Abhi to freshen up; Atul and Armaan were left outside to drag their luggage in while Rahul escorted Keerti over to the girls' farmhouse.

A while later Abhi, Atul and Rahul settled down and were relaxing in the hall of the out house. The senior doctors were in their own rooms and Armaan was in the kitchen. He found something to eat then made his way to the main hall. As he entered he could hear the three boys whispering about something. He tried to listen to what they were saying without disturbing them but at the same time Atul looked up and saw him.

Armaan: Hey guys what stirring? - knowingly

Atul: Uh'Armaan'we'we were planning on breaking into the girls Sangeet! ' scratching the back of his head

Armaan: What??? You can't do that!!

Abhi: Yes we can! You in or what?

Armaan: Umm no'

Rahul: Come on Armaan'we can see the girls!

Armaan: - an image of Ridz flashed into his mind - ok then I'm in ' slowly

All three boys cheered then quietened down quickly as Armaan put his finger to his lips and pointed upstairs. The quietly sneaked into their rooms and got dressed quickly. They met back up in the hall in less than five minutes. They were just about to walk out the door when some called out behind them.

Shubhankar: And where do you think you're going?

Armaan: Umm we where going to check if everything is perfect at the sangeet...

Shubhankar: Oh ok...carry on ' smiling he went back upstairs

Abhi: Phew! ' wiping away the sweat on his forehead

They where about to leave again when'

Sachin: - coming downstairs ' And where do you think you're going? - they all stopped and turned around - Very smart guys'trying to sneak in are we?

Atul: Oh come on sir its not like you didn't get up to mischief when you were younger

Sachin: Huh what are you trying to say? I'm an old man?

Abhi laughed under his breath and Armaan nudged him in his side.

Rahul: Please sir'

Sachin: Ok'ok carry on'but I didn't tell you to do it' - he winked at them

Armaan: Right sir - smiling

They all thanked him and ran over to the girls farmhouse.

*Farm House*

As the boys arrived, Sapna and Nikki, who were dressed beautifully, were dancing in the middle of the hall and everyone was watching and applauding them. The boys had silently crept into the house and were spying through the window in a room at the hall where the girls were performing. There were ladies all over the place, some in the main hall, some performing, some walking around and some just standing here and there talking.

The boys were having fun spying at the girls, Abhi was mesmerised by Nikki's dance. She looked so beautiful, he thought, right at this moment he felt so stupid, why had he argued with her for no reason at all, he wanted to be with her, that's all that mattered right now; he decided that he would finally speak to her. His mind wondered back to her dance and he smiled. At the same time Ridz and Muskaan walked into the room chatting but suddenly stopped. They looked over at the huddle of boys by the window and looked at each other in shock. They approached the boys.

Ridz: - tapping Armaan on the shoulder - Ahem!

Armaan: - didn't bother looking around - Stop it ' brushing her hand away

Ridz: - looking surprised at Muskaan she tried again - Ahem Ahem ' a bit louder

Again Armaan brushed her hand away. Muskaan looked at Ridz and put her hand up to say: don't worry, I'll handle it. She raised her skirt a little, then lifted her foot and stamped it down roughly on the nearest foot.

Abhi: AAAHHH ' jumped up in pain

He knocked all the boys over as he grabbed his painful foot and jumped on the spot. They all looked up in shock to see Muskaan and Ridz standing behind them. They stood up guiltily and looked at one another.

Atul: - shouted - BAAGGOO!!!

The four guys ran straight in to the room where the girls where having their ceremony. They were instantly surrounded by ladies.

Abhi: UH-HU'guys I think we ran the wrong way' - looking around

Rahul: Ya think? - sarcastically

They where standing in a circle backing each other and faced all of the women that where glaring at them angrily.

Armaan: There is just one way we can get out of here... ' whispering - I can't believe I'm saying this but follow my lead' - pointing upwards - Kabootar!! - everyone in the hall looked up including Abhi

The other three ran leaving Abhi behind.

Abhi: Where I can't see any? ' still looking up

The guys made it outside and then they realise that Abhi was not with them.

Rahul: Where is Abhi? ' clutching his side and breathing in

Atul: Phass gaya!! ' smacking his forehead

Armaan: Kya kare? Wapas chale?

Atul: Hahahaha you're joking right?

Armaan and Rahul stared at him.

Atul: You gotta be joking' - staring at them - we can't go back in there ' pointing to the house

Rahul: Come on yaar'we can't leave him on his own'

Just then Shubhankar caught up with them.

Shubhankar: Hey guys!! Glad I caught up with you'

Rahul: Sir aap yahan? ' amused

Shubhankar: Kyun? Seniors can't have fun? ' winking at them

Atul: Yess! - punching his fist in the air

Shubhankar: But where is Abhi? ' looking around

*Farm House Hall*

Abhi was now surrounded by ladies. He looked in every direction to find a way out but there was none. Ridz, Nikki, Muskaan and Sapna had him trapped.

Abhi: - thinking ' Armaan! When I see you I'm gonna kill you! How was I supposed to know we were meant to run?

Everyone were still staring at him.

Nikki: According to the tradition any boy who comes into a ladies function should be punished...kyon girls?' - smiling wickedly

Abhi: Nikki tum bhi' - pleading ' Please let me go'as it is I didn't wanna come here in the first place'so I should be allowed to be free right' - making his way to the door

Ridz: Uh-uh no way! What should his punishment be? ' to the girls

Muskaan: Idea' - pointing her finger up - Abhi ka punishment yeh hain ke woh hamare liye ek classical dance pesh karenge ' clapping - Kyun Abhi? ' smiling smugly

Abhi: KYA??? Are you crazy? No WAY! ' backing away

Just then the other boys burst in to the hall with a whole load of other men including Shashank. The girls were surprised by this entry and moved together in a huddle. Abhi was free to go back to the boys.

Abhi: You guys took your time! ' rolling up his sleeves

They guys smiled at his stupidity.

Muskaan: What are you guys doing here?

Rahul: We are here to protest right boys!! ' looking back at them

Boys: Right!!!

Ridz: Papa app bhi?

Shashank: Haan kyon nahi? - smiling

Shubhankar: If you girls can have fun then why can't we?

Padma gathered the girls together and decided that they would have a joint function. Many of the girls agreed but our four ladies looked away angrily. The walked away and up the stairs watching from the banister on the stairs. The guys all separated while Armaan, Atul, Rahul and Abhi stood transfixed where they were and stared at the girls.

Armaan smiled sweetly at Ridz who looked away with a grumpy face. Atul grinned cheekily at Sapna who made a face at him. Muskaan frowned at Rahul who pulled his ears and Nikki sulked while Abhi blew her a kiss...

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