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Part 47 & 48 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 47


*Farm House*

Early next morning the farm house was in full swing. Everyone was up and moving around making sure everything was ready for the big day. The girls were making special preparations outside where the main function was going to be held.

Muskaan: - running to Ridz - hey Ridz is everything ready?

Ridz: – smiling evilly - Yup madam the guys are in for a big shock!

Muskaan: Right…that'll teach them for intruding our party last night…

Ridz: I know…but you have to admit we had lots of fun last night…

Muskaan: Actually…yeh I had fun… - thinking back to last night

Nikki: - coming towards them - Hey guys I just got away from the kitchen is everything set up?

Ridz lift up the cloth and showed Muskaan and Nikki all of the paapers on the chair

All of them laughed and gave each other high fives.

Ridz: Umm…where is Sapna? – looking around

Nikki: She is in the kitchen…making the special sweets!! - winking

They laughed and went into the house. As they reached the kitchen they walked in to see Sapna sprinkling the extra spicy chilli powder over the plate of halwa.

Ridz: Hey Sapna! – putting a hand on her shoulder

Sapna: Aaahhh - she screamed – Main kuch nahi kiya! – holding her hands up

Nikki: Oh really! – smiling she turned Sapna around

Sapna: Oh it's you guys! – breathing a sigh of relief - Look what you made me do Nikki!

Nikki: What did I do? - confused

All four of them looked down at the Halwa; the bottle of chilli powder had fallen out of Sapna's hand onto the plate of Halwa.

Muskaan: Oh No!! – sarcastically - Yeh humne kya kiya?

They looked at her seriously than on cue the burst out into laughter.

Nani: RIDDHIMA! KAHA HO TUM? – voice trailed in from outside of the kitchen

Nikki: Oh no Nani…quick!!

They all rushed around, Ridz took the plate, put it away and covered it with a cloth so it was unseen from any prying eyes. Sapna put away the bottle of chilli powder, well how much ever that was left in it and then they all ran out.

*Anjali's room*

In Anji's room all the girls were getting dressed and getting Anji ready for her big day.

Muskaan: Wow look at this necklace… - picking up a set – it's so pretty right?

Sapna: It is nice…but this one is better - picking up another one

Muskaan: No I like this one better…

Sapna: This one…hey Nikki which one is better? – asking for a second opinion

Nikki: - coming over to them - Hmm I like both of them because this one matches Muskaan's dress - picking the one that Sapna was holding - and this one matches Sapna dress - the one that Muskaan was holding

Muskaan: Yeh I guess… - looking closely at the necklace

Sapna: Hmm yes…thanks Nikki

Nikki: No problem – smiling – ab jaldi se tayar ho jao

Muskaan: Right…

Muskaan collects her clothes then goes into the washroom. Sapna gets all her things ready and waits for Muskaan to come out. Nikki goes back to helping Ridz dress Anji.

Nikki: Wow Anjali you are looking like a princess! – kissing her cheek

Ridz: Yeh after all who's sister is she? – hugging her

Anjali was scared; she blushed as she took a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She really did look like a princess. She wore a beautiful red lengha; it was a straight cut skirt with full embroidery, sequins beads and studs. The blouse also had the same designs on it as the skirt did but not as full, only around the neck and bottom of the blouse, the middle had only silver embroidery. The dupatta was fully embroidered and it all looked very beautiful. She was still blushing, she kept her eyes down, and her heart was thumping madly, was she doing the right thing, she thought, is this really what she wanted? Was she ready to leave her beloved family? Her thoughts were interrupted when Nikki put her hands on her shoulders.

Nikki: Ooohh sharma gayyi! – looking at her reflection in the mirror

Ridz smiled at her sister and bent down on her knees to be at the same level as Anji.

Muskaan and Sapna came over when they were ready.

Muskaan: Wow Anji…everyone will be sooo jealous of you today…

Sapna: Of course…its Anji's special day!

Nikki: And then she will leave us all…

Anjali: Guys…stop it!

Ridz: - wiping a tear away – dii humein chor kar kahin nahi ja rahi hain…haina dii?

Anji hugged Ridz and they had a few emotional minutes.

Muskaan: Can we join in? - cheekily

Anjali smiled and pulled them all into a big hug. All five girls stayed like that for a few minutes soaking up the last few minutes of this special holiday. Then Ridz and Nikki went to get dressed while Sonia, Padma and Keerti came into the room.

*Boy's Out House*

The boys' place was also filled with the same atmosphere as the girls' farm house. They were all ready and were just about to leave. Rahul and Atul were upstairs with Sachin making sure he was all ready and helping him to calm down as he was very nervous.

Rahul: - to Atul - Come on dude…how many times are you gonna check yourself out it not like you're the dulha!

Atul: Does it kill to look decent for a day? – fixing his suit

Rahul: True say…

Sachin was just about to put on his pagri when the Armaan and Abhi rushed into the room. They were breathless as they looked around the room.

Atul: What's wrong with you two?

Armaan: Haven't you guys heard the news?

Sachin turned around and everyone else stopped what they are doing and turned towards them.

Rahul: What news?

Abhi: Woh Anjali... – still gasping for air

Sachin: Anjali? Kya hua Anjali ko? - nervoulys

Armaan: Woh Anjali…

Sachin: Woh Anjali…kya? – scared

Abhi: Woh Anjali…bhag gayi!

The rest: KYA?????????????


part 48

Everyone looked around at each other speechless. Just then Shubhankar came in the room and looked around to see all the sad faces. Sachin sat down slowly looking really hurt.

Shubhankar: Tum sab yahan kya kar rahe ho…aur woh bhi is halaat main? Let's go…bharat abhi nikalne wale hain

Sachin: Par…ab kya faiyda

Shubhankar: Matlab?

Sachin: Anjali bhaag gayi…

There was a minute silence then Abhi and Armaan burst out into laughter. The others looked at them as if they had lost it.

Abhi: Are yaar…mazak tha…lighten up

Sachin: Kya? – standing up

Abhi: We were just joking… - still laughing

Sachin looked around the room; his eyes found just what he wanted, he slowly walked towards a broom standing in the corner of the room, he picked it up and chased Abhi around the room until Armaan caught him. Everyone in the room was in a fit of giggles but Sachin.

Sachin: - out of breath - That was...not funny!!!

Everyone was still laughing. Sachin calmed down after a while but he was still annoyed. He couldn't even think of Anji going away from him.

Atul: Anyway… - calming down a little - we better start going if not she's going to think that you chickened out…

All the guys laughed again but Sachin didn't.

Sachin: Very funny…watch what I do to you guys on your wedding…I won't leave you… - smiling wickedly

Shubhankar: Come on let's go…

They all went downstairs and Sachin climbed onto the horse and they started to make their way to the farmhouse along with naach ganna…

*Girl's Farm House*

At the girls farm house everyone was ready and waiting for the bharat to arrive. Anji was upstairs in her room with Ridz and Nikki when a little girl ran into the room shouting…

Girl: Bharat agaye, Bharat agaye…

Ridz and Nikki smiled and Anji blushed.

Ridz: Dii…hum abhi ate hain…chalo Nikki jaldi…

They both ran out of the room and downstairs. They met Sapna and Muskaan on their way to the arch leading to where the function was being held.

Muskaan: They're here…

They smiled and went out to see the bharat. Sachin was sitting on the horse looking very handsome and the boys were dancing along side him making their way to the arch way. They were met by Padma, Nani, Sonia, Keerti and all of the girls. Sachin was led inside by the older ladies and was seated on a beautifully arranged chair while the other boys waited and looked around admiring their hard work.

Ridz: Ahem – from behind them

They turned around and looked at her. Armaan was once again blown away by her beauty, she wore a gorgeous light blue coloured lengha and it was fully embroidered in silver thread and sequins. She wore a beautiful short choli with a deep back neckline and a plain georgette dupatta with fine embroidery. It fitted her perfectly and she looked nothing less than an angel. He couldn't help but admire her all over again.

Muskaan: - sweetly – Aap log hamare saath aiye

They did as they were told and were led towards a beautifully laid bench.

Nikki: Aap log kare kyon hain…please sit down

They all smiled at the sweet hospitality they were receiving and they sat down all at once.

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack!

The boys had fallen into the girls trap easily. They had sat down on the bench which was laid with paapads. The girls burst into laughter while they boys all blushed with embarrassment, they got up quickly and walked away in shame as they had attracted a lot of attention from other guest. The girls stood there laughing as their first plan was a success.

Sapna: Now for plan number two…

But before the girls could reach the plate of Halwa Sister Lovely found the plate hiding under a cloth, it looked very tempting, she picked one up and placed it in her mouth, she chewed slowly, her expression turning from a smile to sourness then red with heat. She began to choke then spat it out rushing around looking here and there until she found a glass of water.

Abhi and Atul witnessed the whole Lovely scene and set off to investigate the halwa. They examined the appearance of the halwa then they smelled it, it smelled like peppers, they smiled at each other, picked up the plate and took it into the kitchen.

They were busy swapping the halwa when Nani walked into the kitchen.

Nani: Tum dono yahan kya kar rahe ho?

They froze and turned around.

Abhi: Uh…umm…Nani we were actually…umm helping

Nani: Helping?

Atul: Yeh Nani…have you never heard that saying…jo larka kissi ki shaadi mein madat kare to use bahut sundar biwi milte hain…

Abhi and Nani: Huh?

Atul: Come on…haven't you seen Dilwale dulhania le jayenge? - to Abhi

Abhi: Since when do you watch Indian movies Mr Cool Dude? - impressed

Atul: My fifth girlfriend loved Indian movies… - smiling

Nani: Oh really…so you want a beautiful wife?

Atul: Oh Nani of course… - signalling Abhi to hurry up behind - I want my wife to be as beautiful as you… - hugging her around the shoulders

Abhi: Finished!! – covering the plate with the cloth

Atul: Finished?? – turning around

Nani: What's finish? - confused

Atul: Umm…my work…now I can relax…bye – hugging Nani again

Atul and Abhi hurried out of the kitchen before they were noticed by any of the girls.

After some time the girls came into the kitchen to collect the sweets and snacks.

Muskaan: Jaldi girls…it's time to teach those boys a lesson

Nikki: Lucky no one found it… - moving the cloth away from the plate

Kirti: Come on…quickly – taking out the other snacks

Atul and Abhi warned the others about the girl's dirty tricks and told them to be careful while choosing the halwa if not they'll have to stay in the toilet for the rest of the wedding.

The girls' came out into the garden carrying plates of sweets, snacks and drinks to serve to the guests. Ridz carried the special sweets to the boys and offered it very sweetly to Armaan. He smiled innocently at her and picked up the one without the sprinkles and ate it right in front of her. Ridz was shocked when there was no response from either one of the boys. She looked around at the other girls who were serving but kept an eye in their direction and shrugged her shoulders.

Armaan: Something wrong? - innocently

Ridz: Huh? Umm…no kuch nahi…

Ridz turned around to go now completely confused when Abhi called her back.

Abhi: Ridz!...Can I have another one? It's delicious…did you make it?

Ridz: Umm…nahi… - baffled – umm… - handing Abhi another one she walked off

She walked towards the girls who were waiting in a huddle close by to find out what was going on.

Sapna: What happened?

Ridz: Nothing…absolutely nothing! – still baffled

Muskaan: But I don't understand…we all saw the bottle fall onto the halwa…

Nikki: I know…but…

They all looked down at the last few pieces on the plate and picked it up. They each held it up to their mouths, looked at each other and bit into it. Their expressions turned from seriousness to sourness then red with anger they screamed out loud, their eyes watering they searched for something to cool them down but there was nothing in sight.

The boys watched in fits of laughter then they walked towards them and stood there still laughing. Rahul who was holding a glass of juice held it out towards Muskaan who tried to grab for it but Rahul slowly drunk it in front of her. The boys laughed…

Atul: Sweet, sweet revenge! – evilly

The girls looked at them in anger and walked away into the house for something to drink leaving the boys rolling around with laughter.

After some time the girls had cooled down and went upstairs to get Anjali, it was time for the wedding ceremony to take place. They walked through the house and out into the garden, they stopped by the stairs and looked around. Sachin stood up and looked at his princess, she looked so beautiful. Ridz and Nikki stood on either side of her and Muskaan and Sapna stood behind her. The four girls stood by the stairs and allowed Nani, Padma, Sonia and Keerti to take over. They took her down the stairs, walked down the isle and towards the mandap where most of the guest stood waiting for her. Sachin was also brought there and the wedding ceremony took place perfectly.

As soon as the wedding ceremony took place Sachin asked for his shoes, which were missing. All the girls began to search around for it but they noticed that they were the only ones who were making a commotion, the boys stood at one end smirking slyly. The shoes were lying in Armaan's open hands and they made their way towards Sachin.

Ridz ran towards him and grabbed the shoes from his hand and ran towards Sachin but Atul was faster than her, took the shoes and ran in the opposite direction. While running he was looking back and tripped over a flower vase on the flower along side the isle. He fell to the floor and the shoes flew out of his hand, Sapna picked it up but Rahul took it off her. He turned around about to go back to Sachin but someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and Muskaan snatched the shoes from him, she stuck her tongue out at him and ran in the opposite direction. She ran a little but the heels of her sandals got stuck in her skirt, she stopped to release it, someone tapped her on the shoulder and held out their hand, she placed the shoes there without looking then she realised what she had done. She turned to see Abhi running into the house with the shoes and Nikki running after him.

Nikki chased Abhi all over the house, from room to room, hall to hall and all the way up to the terrace. Abhi teased her by sticking his tongue out and waving the shoes in front of her face. She scolded him and reached out once again to grab the shoes. Abhi dodged her and tripped over a flower pot. The shoes flew out his hands and almost over the terrace wall. Nikki grabbed for it but also tripped over her skirt; before she fell Abhi grabbed hold of her around the waist. They rolled around on the ground and Nikki was on top of Abhi. They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like ages until Nikki came back to her senses. She tried to get up but Abhi held onto her wrist, she held the shoes in her hand tightly.

Nikki: Mera haat chodo Abhi… - silently

Abhi let go of her hand and they stood up. Nikki fixed herself and so did Abhi. They looked around embarrassed, Nikki was about to walk away when…

Abhi: Nikki…ruko…

She stopped, as much she wanted to go, her heart told her to stop. Abhi walked up to her, they were so close yet Nikki didn't turn around, she closed her eyes and waited for him to speak. He leaned his head on her shoulder and moved his arms around her tiny waist, her heart skipped a beat and she held her breath. She wanted to turn around, to hold him but she didn't.

Abhi: I'm sorry… - whispered into her ears – I'm sorry for everything…please don't go away from me…I can't live without you…

Nikki shuffled a little; she didn't know what to do or what to say. Silently she moved his hands away from her. He was confused; did he really push it too far, will she ever forgive him? Without turning back Nikki carried on walking towards the door. She walked inside leaving Abhi completely baffled, he kept staring at the place where Nikki had left and slowly he rubbed his eyes and looked closer, Nikki stood there smiling brightly, she was very happy, she winked at him, waved the shoes at him and stuck her tongue out before running down the stairs as fast as she could.

Abhi: Yess! – punching his fist up to the sky

*Out in the Garden*

The girls cheered as they saw Nikki running towards them with the shoes in her hand. When Nikki reached them they walked towards Sachin and the other boys.

Ridz: Jiju…apke jute…ub paise de do – holding out the shoes to him

Atul: Hey! No that's cheating…where's Abhi?

Sapna: He must be hiding his face somewhere! - laughing

Nikki, who stood in the background looked up at the terrace and as she expected Abhi was there staring down at her with a big smile on his face. She blushed and turned away.

Sachin: Ok here - giving them Rs/.1001 each

They all had lunch then there was music and dancing throughout the afternoon. Finally in the evening it was time for Anjali to leave, they all walked the newly weds to the arch way where their car was.

Before she left she met all her friends, Nani, Shashank, Puneet, Sonia and Padma. She became emotional as she hugged Shashank and Padma then she finally walked over to Ridz who was standing at the side sobbing silently.

Anji: Ridzi… - a little calmer

Ridz: Dii – she hugged her still crying

Anji: Bye my little sister…take care

Ridz: I'm going to miss you Dii…

Anji: I'm not going to far away…now smile…

Ridz smiled and they hugged each other. Ridz walked her towards the car where Sachin was waiting patiently. Anji got into the car, she looked back at all of her family and friends who were smiling, and she smiled and waved at them before the car drove away.

*Next Day*

After a tiring day of clearing up the interns chilled up on terrace, cracking jokes and looking at the photos which they clicked at the functions. Abhi and Nikki sat in one corner of the terrace looking through the photo album and smiling at each other. Muskaan, Sapna, Atul and Rahul were in the middle of the terrace laughing loudly at some of the photos which were taking unwarily. Ridz stood by the wall of the terrace staring over at the garden which was being fixed up in deep thought. Armaan walked out onto the terrace carrying a tray of drinks. He handed them out to the others then walked over to Ridz carrying two glasses.

Armaan: Here you go… - handing her a glass

Ridz: Huh? – coming out of her trance – Oh…thanks – taking the glass

Armaan: Missing Anji? – casually

Ridz nodded her head, still looking for into the distance.

Armaan: - placed a hand on her shoulder and came a little closer, just close enough to whisper in her ear– Close in heart and memory she will always be…whether she's near or far apart…she's happy…and you should be too…so don't cry…cause you never know who's fallen in love with your smile…

Ridz looked up at him and slowly smiled, he winked then walked away leaving her confused yet happy...

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