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Part 49& 50 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 49

*Gupta house*

T.V: Breaking news!! We have just been informed that Mr Mayank will be arriving in India tomorrow morning…Mr Mayank…the most hated Indian will be returning to India after twenty six years…Mr Mayank…who has by far done nothing but insult his country, his nationality and his identity will be revisiting this country… - the hatred was visible on the news reporters face and the spitefulness could be heard from her voice - is there still place for him here in India? Will he be welcomed back into this country or will he be thrown…

But before the sentence was finished Dr. Shashank changed the channel and started to watch the promo of a new entry in a popular series while Padma and Nani exchanged glances. Shashank's eyes were now in deep concentration and worry lines appeared on his forehead but disappeared as quickly as it appeared when Ridz walked into the dinning room.

Ridz: Good Morning everyone… - kissing Nani on the cheek

Shashank: Good Morning beta – brightly as if the previous scene hadn't occurred

Padma: Did you sleep well? – normally

Ridz: Haan mama…but I missed Dii… - making a face

Padma: We all do… - smiling sweetly

Nani: Ab chalo Riddhima beta…sit down and we'll have breakfast together…

Ridz: Nani… - moaning – It's Ridz…but actually – thinking a little – Riddhima is not too bad either…

Padma and Shashank look up in surprise.

Nani: Waah! Tum par yeh jaadu kisne kiya? – impressed

Ridz: - bit her tongue to hold back from saying anything else – Umm…main ab nakalti hoon…I'm going to be late…

Nani: Are Riddhima…aaj tumhe breakfast karna parega! You always rush out without eating…

Ridz: Aaj nahi Nani…I'll eat in the hospital…bye – giving her a side hug

Nani: But…

Ridz: Bye! – waving to the others as she disappeared through the front door

Shashank looked up at Nani and stared into her sad eyes…

*Locker room*

Most of the interns were already in the locker room when Ridz walked in with a bright smile.

Ridz: Hey everyone – cheerfully

Everyone: Hi…

Muskaan: Wow someone's very happy! I thought you would be so moody today…

Nikki: Yeah same here…are you not missing Anji?

Ridz: Of course I am but…someone told me…not to cry…cause you never know who's fallen in love with your smile…

She said this brightly knowing that someone in that room was watching her closely. He smiled at her and watched as she beamed this morning not a single worry line on her forehead. This made him very happy and he crossed his arms over each other and leaned back on his locker and carried on staring at her.

Sapna: Wow that's cool advice…who said that?

Ridz: Umm…someone special… - winked at the girls and walked over to her locker – but what's up with you guys? Why the long faces? – turning back to them after taking out her lab coat and stethoscope

Abhi: What do you think…back to work! - grumpily

Ridz: Oh yeah! – forgot that she had actually come back to the hospital to work

Just then Rahul walked in to the locker room all flustered.

Rahul: Hey everyone…I'm not late am I? – rushed to his locker while talking

Atul: Not on my watch mate! – looking up from his watch

Rahul got his lab coat on and was about to put his bag into his locker when his phone rang. He picked it up and looked at it, it read Withheld. He stared at it for a few seconds looking confused then decided to answer it.

Rahul: Hello? – everyone else looked up at him

Rahul: Hello!

Rahul: - tried again – Hello? – suddenly he got a distant feeling in his stomach

He knew who was on the other end of the phone. But how did that person know? No it's not…Rahul thought, it can't be can it? With all these thoughts running through his mind like an electric shock Rahul waited till the person spoke. A few seconds passed and the phone went dead. Rahul brought the phone down from his ear and looked at it faintly aware that the others were watching him he put the phone into his locker and quickly walked out of the locker room without turning back.

*Nurse Station*

Dr Keerti: Welcome back doctors…I hope you enjoyed your holidays…but now its strictly work time and I expect you all to concentrate on work and nothing else right now…so getting started with your duties – looking down at her clipboard

Dr Keerti: Dr Nikita you will be attending your patient Ranveer and will need to organise his discharge forms then you will be doing your rounds

Nikki: Yes Maam – a slight pain hit her in the chest as she heard about discharge form and her best friend going away from her again but she nodded and looked down

Dr Keerti: Dr Atul and Dr Rahul Children's Ward

Both: Yes Maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan and Dr Riddhima General Ward

They nodded, looked at each other and smiled.

Dr Keerti: Dr Abhimanu Aids Ward

Abhi: Ok Maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Sapna and Dr Muskaan Cancer Ward then Path Lab

Both: Yes Maam

Dr Keerti: Now get to work

Everyone moved at once going to their assigned wards.

*Special Ward*

Nikki: Ja rahe ho? – standing by the door and watching Ranveer

Ranveer: - looked up and smiled – Niks! You're back? How was the wedding?

Nikki walked in to the room and sat down on the bed.

Nikki: Don't try to change the topic! – smacking his arm

Ranveer: Ouch – rubbing his arm – your habit will never go will it?

Nikki: Never… - smiling – So where to now? - sadly

Ranveer: Back home…

Nikki: Shimla?

Ranveer nodded sadly and a tear dropped from Nikki's eyes.

Ranveer: Hey! – catching it in his hand – What's this? No tears!

Nikki: - wiped her tears away - Theek hain… - smiling

Ranveer: That's better – leaning back on the bed – So when are you planning to get married?

Nikki: Huh?

Ranveer: What? It was a simple question…I know how much you and Abhi love each other…what are you guys waiting for?

Abhi: I was going to ask her the same question – smiling

Ranveer and Nikki turned to look at the door where Abhi was standing. He walked into the room and Nikki blushed. Abhi walked around the bed to the other side of Ranveer and held his hand out. Ranveer shook it.

Abhi: Hi…I'm Abhi…sorry we didn't get to know each other better but I've heard so much about you in these two days I wish I had got the time to spend with you…but better late than never right?

Ranveer: Hi…it's no problem…but even I wish we had some time to get to know each other…but it's all thanks to this one here – sarcastically

Nikki made a shock face now that the blame was being put on her. Abhi smiled and decided to play on.

Abhi: Yeah well…that's our Nikki…spoils everything doesn't she?

Nikki: Hey! I'm still here! – shock

Ranveer: So what? Spoiler!

Nikki: Oi Cactus! Watch it! – raising her fists

Ranveer: Take care Abhi…she's very violent – whispered to Abhi

Abhi: Hmm…thanks for the advice…I do need to be careful around her – joking

Nikki: You guys are impossible – turning away and busied herself with filling out the discharge forms

The guys talked for a while until Nikki came back to them.

Nikki: I hope you guys are finished taking the mick out of me… - annoyingly then seriously to Ranveer – It's time…

Ranveer got out of the bed and went to get dressed into his normal clothes. When he got back Nikki handed him his belongings which he came with and the three of them walked to the entrance of the hospital.

Ranveer: Well… - stopping – thanks for everything… - to Nikki – and hope to see you guys soon – to Abhi

Abhi: Yeh I hope so… - shaking hands with him

Nikki: Keep in touch and take care of yourself… - a bit tearful

Ranveer and Nikki hugged then Ranveer left and they stood watching him until he disappeared down the walkway and around the corner. Abhi placed his arms around Nikki to comfort her and they walked back into the hospital.


It was now lunch time and everyone was scattered around the cafeteria busy in their own conversation while the TV blared in the background. Abhi and Nikki sat alone in the corner having their lunch peacefully, Atul, Sapna, Ridz and Armaan sat around a table together talking about their cases and also joking around at the same time. Muskaan sat with them but she distance herself by glancing over at Rahul who sat alone and seemed very upset.

But all their conversations were stopped instantly as someone changed the channel to the news channel which was showing the most attention-grabbing news of the day. Some people got up from their seats and moved closer to the television and where the interns were sitting.

News reporter: Breaking News!! Mr Mayank has just departed from America…and will be arriving early tomorrow morning - the video was repeating as he walked into the airport holding onto his wife and shielding his face from the cameras…

The very next second conversations started up again around the cafeteria wiping out the news reporters voice.

Abhi: What a push over look at him… - in disgust

Muskaan: Yeah…why can't he stay in America?

Sapna: These big people with all of their money think they can own the world…but I think their wrong… - with hatred - they may be able to rule the world but they never know how to run their own families… - spat out the words harshly

Everyone: Yeah…you're right…rich people…

Someone amongst the interns sat very quietly, their eyes glued to the sight being repeated for the tenth time on the television screen in deep thought. But once again the atmosphere was disrupted by two of the pagers as the beeped loudly. Everyone stopped talking and each checked their pager. Atul and Rahul glanced up at each other in shock as they read the name of the ward that flashed on the screen.

Both: SOMIL!! – They looked at each other with shock faces…
part 50


As soon as they received the page Atul and Rahul rushed away from the heated atmosphere of the cafeteria straight to Somil's room. They were told that they had moved him from the paediatric ward to the special ward. Atul led the way with Rahul a few feet behind. He rushed into the room to witness a few nurses trying to calm Somil down. Atul stood by the door watching the scene in front of him, the crowd of nurses trying to recover Somil who was in hysterics. Rahul bumped into Atul as he entered the room a minute later, he looked from Atul's scared face to the bed where the nurses where gathered around Somil. Rahul left Atul standing there and rushed to the bed to tend to Somil moving a few nurses away as it was too crowded.

Atul slowly moved forward and helped Rahul but not sure of what he was going to do. Rahul looked up at Atul who was meant to be helping but seemed distant from the room. Rahul managed to calm down Somil, he gave him a few injections and he left the nurse to clean up while he took Atul outside.

Rahul helped Atul outside of the room and made him sit down on the bench then he went to a close by water cooler and got a glass of water for Atul, he came back and handed him the glass.

Rahul: You ok? - concerned

Atul nodded and took a sip of water.

Atul: It was just a little sudden…that's all…

Rahul: It's ok…hota hain

Atul: We have to do something about this…

Rahul: Yeah…I was thinking about going through with the operation…

Atul: What? – looking up suddenly - But…

Rahul: We have no other choice Atul…he could have died if we didn't reach in time…

Atul looked away at the thought.

Rahul: Atul…we have to talk to Dr Keerti…

Atul: Yea you're right… - slowly

They were quiet for a bit, both busy with their own thoughts. Atul looked up at Rahul who had become very quiet.

Atul: What's up? Something bothering you? - concerned

Rahul: Nothing… - lied

Atul: Come on Rahul we're friends…what's wrong?

Rahul: - making up his mind - Ok…

Rahul told Atul everything that was on his mind. In a strange way he felt a little better to be able to speak out after all these months even though he felt really scared.

*Later that Day*

The locker room was crowded that evening. Everyone was packing away but in no rush to leave apart from Rahul. It was a long, tiring and a strange day, all he wanted right now was to be at home, in his comfortable bed where he could let his mind flow freely.

He walked down the crowded corridors until he reached the nurse station. He was signing the attendance file when he over heard a conversation between a few nurses about what was on the news earlier that day.

Nurse 1: I can't believe he actually has the nerve to come back when he had disowned it so much…

Nurse 2: Yeh but I wonder why he's coming back…after all these years what does he want from here?

Nurse 1: Maybe the Americans threw him out…he doesn't disserve to be anywhere…

Rahul shook his head and walked away.

*Next day*Locker room*

Most of the interns had arrived at the hospital quite early the next morning and were waiting around in the locker room for the announcement for duty.

Abhi: Umm…guys? I was wondering…is it me or is Rahul acting weirdly these days…well yesterday anyway… - looking around at the others

Atul: - looking up from his file - What do you mean?

Abhi: Don't get me wrong…but I think he is hiding something from us!

Ridz: Yeah…I agree he has been acting weirdly…

Atul: I don't know what you guys are talking about…he's just the same to me…

Muskaan: Hmm…yesterday he was on his own most of the time…like something was bothering him…

Atul: Maybe he wasn't in a good mood… - not liking where this was going

Armaan: Looks like he isn't the only one hiding something from us – looking at Atul - Maybe you know and you won't tell us…

Atul: - slamming his file down - WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY? - angrily

Armaan: - calmly - I'm just saying if Rahul is upset he should tell us and we will help him get through it…after all we are his friends...

Atul: Oh yeh! We share everything don't we? – squaring up to him - So what's your big secret?...You've also been hiding something haven't you? Acting weirdly with Ridz…singling her out…what's the secret behind that?

Ridz: Hey! – coming in between the two - Stop it Atul! Maybe we don't know what's going on with Rahul but I agree with Armaan we have a right to know…

Atul: You don't need to know anything…if you find out you might think wrongly of him… - defending his friend

Ridz: Try us! – staring straight into his eyes, provoking him

Atul: Mr Mayank is actually Rahul's Dad… - angrily it slipped out

Just then they heard the locker room door bang and someone disappearing around the corner before anyone could see their face.

Rahul heard everything that was said in the locker room, he heard how all of his friends where against him and right now his only friend was Atul.

Back in the locker room Atul stared back at Ridz and everyone around him looked shocked.

Speaker: All interns please report to the nurse station…

They all left without saying a word to each other.

*Nurse Station*

All the interns stood in complete silence around the nurse station waiting for Dr Keerti to arrive. It was pin drop silence, Armaan, Ridz, Nikki, Abhi and Muskaan stood on one side and Atul and Sapna stood on the other side, they were all in deep thought about what Atul had just told them. Dr Keerti came and their thoughts were disrupted.

Dr Keerti: Good morning interns…

They all murmured good morning back.

Dr Keerti: Where is Dr Rahul? – looking around

Just then Rahul came and joined the other interns.

Rahul: Sor...sorry maam – looking down

He stood next to Sapna who instantly moved and stood next to Muskaan. Rahul closed his eyes slowly and opened them again this time his full attention on Dr Keerti.

Dr Keerti: It shouldn't happen again… - to Rahul

Rahul: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Today's duties are Dr Riddhima General ward, Dr Nikkita Path lab and Dr Sapna Aids ward

They all nodded and waited to be dismissed.

Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan, Dr Abhimanu and Dr Muskaan you will be observing the operation today so please make your way over to the operation theatres

The interns all walked away to their assigned duties while Rahul and Atul waited till Dr Keerti updated them about the current situation.

Dr Keerti: Dr Atul and Dr Rahul…you will both be assisting me in Somil Thakkar's case

Both: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: I need to tell you this is an important operation and will need your full attention and concentration…understand?

Both: Yes maam

She looked carefully at both of them before walking away with them at her back.

Dr Keerti: Let's go doctors…I know you can do it!!


Rahul: Atul are you ok? - concerned

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul what are you doing? - angrily

Rahul turned back and saw that he had spilled blood everywhere but he didn't care, he looked back at Atul who looked like he was going to faint any moment...

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