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Part 5 & 6 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 5 

In a noisy street of London, during rush hour; 4pm, two boys aged 16 walked together arguing over something. They were on their way home after a rough day at school.

Benji: Come on man…just leave it…it's over, forget about it

Atul: No way I've had enough! – fuming - the next time he tries messing with me I'm gonna smash his face! And don't even bother to stop me…ok? – looking at his friend

Benji: Oh yeh then what? Your dad's going to have you packed up and off to Mumbai not even a first class ticket but in economy!...allow it man it's not worth it

Atul: But what is his problem what have I done to him?

Benji: Nothing he's just an attention seeker…forget it

They carried on walking and arguing some more until they got to their usual alleyway and saw a nasty sight of their worst enemy TJ.

Benji: Ignore him…just walk right pass him – whispered under his breath

Atul: Ok but if he says something then I won't be able to stop myself

They were almost near to the group of boys who were smoking and had just noticed them walking in their direction.

TJ: Hey guys move out the way…here comes daddy's boy! – lets out a long high laugh

Atul tried to ignore him but TJ walked right up to Atul, stood infront of him and looked down at him as if he was about to squash a bug.

Atul: Get Out Of My Way… - emphasizing on his every letter

TJ: Or what? – pushing him slightly on the shoulder - your gonna call daddy?

TJ and his friends started laughing loudly which scared Benji a little.

Atul: I said move out of the way…

TJ: NO…I won't…what you gonna do? If you have the guts then come on…just you and me! – sizing up to show that he's ready for a fight

Benji: Allow it man…just because you don't have a life don't mean no one else does

TJ: What did you say? – moving away from Atul and walking closer to Benji

TJ started to push Benji but before he could do anything else Atul intervened and pushed TJ hard against the wall of the alleyway.

TJ: Come on daddy's boy…I DARE you! – coming off of the wall

Benji: Leave it man! – puts his hand onto Atul's shoulder

Atul: NO I've had enough Benji… - shoving Benji's hand away from his shoulder and squaring up infront of TJ - come on then TJ me and you

TJ punched Atul in the face and he fell to the ground. Everyone was cheering him on. TJ turned around and Atul took this as his chance he took a stick from nearby and hit it at TJ side. TJ fell to the floor clutching his sides. Atul he carried on hitting him while he was on the ground. TJ tried to get up but couldn't; he was in a lot of pain. The sound of police sirens could be heard; maybe someone had witnessed the fight and had called the police, everyone ran away. Benji tried to stop Atul and take him away but Atul pushed Benji away. Benji nearly fell but he ran away as the police car got nearer. The police car stopped by the road and the policemen came running through the alley towards Atul and TJ. Atul was standing there with the stick in his hand and TJ was on floor; he had passed out.

One police man called an ambulance another police pushed Atul against the wall and handcuffed him before walking him back through the alleyway and pushed him into the car. Atul looked out of the window towards TJ; looking at the blood all over his face he knew he was in trouble…no not just trouble…he was dead meat! Not even with the police but with his dad.

Atul was taken into the police station; he gave his name and they took him to a cell where he sat down and just looked around at the walls thinking that now there was no way out of this mess. He wasn't even thinking about the police station right now but he was having flashes of what had just had happen. The way TJ punched him; the way he hit TJ across his side and the way he kept on hitting him letting all of his anger out on him like he was a harmless cushion.

The cell door opened and a police man gestured him to get up.

Police: Come on MR Jhoshi you can go now.

Atul looked up and then followed the police man out of the cell to the waiting room where he found his dad standing there like he was about to blow. He knew his dad would not shout at him infront of everyone as it would ruin his image.

Omi Jhoshi: Come on!! – a little louder than a whisper

They got into the car and headed off home in complete silence. As Omi drove through the gates slowing down slightly Atul braced himself for what he knew was not going to be very pretty. Omi parked the car and got out, walked around to the other side of the car and dragged Atul out by his collar and into the house.

They entered the house and Omi let go of Atul's collar with a lots of strength throwing him into the foyer.

Omi: What were you thinking? Are you crazy? Picking a fight like that…what would have happened if that boy died?

Atul: He provoked me! – in a timid voice

Omi: I don't care what he said to you. But didn't you think how this would effect my reputation. How do you think it would sound if anyone finds out that my son...Omi Joshi's son picked a fight with a…a gangster!!!

Atul: All you care about is yourself…you don't even care that I got hurt – raising his voice a little louder than before

Omi: Well if you choose to fight then obviously you will get hurt! – very harsh

Atul looked away. It was always like this…every time. Atul would do something silly, get in trouble and Omi would have to bail him out, be it school or clubs, parks or streets, every time Omi was there to save him. When they came home the same lecture was repeated and repeated but Atul never learned. All he wanted was a little attention and this was the only way he got the attention.

Omi looked at his son; he was nothing like him, everything was different, he was irresponsible and did not know how to gain respect or with hold it.

Omi: Look Atul…let's forget what happened today and just move on – he rested his hand on Atul's shoulder - but if you pick another fight or anything else then you're on the way back to Mumbai ok?

Atul: Whatever

Omi: Now I want you to concentrate on your studies…right after college you're starting your medicals… - he gets cut of by the sound of his phone

Omi takes the call: Hello…yes? – walks away from Atul

Atul looks at him walking away, he felt lonely, he had no one, his mum passed away when he was very little and his dad was always busy gaining a reputation leaving him to grow up all by himself. Atul closed his eyes and walked up the stairs to his room. He walked in and sat on the bed, closed his eyes and mentally decided to do what he had to do, concentrate on his studies and forget everything else...

part 6

Armaan, Riddhima and Sohan age 17

It was college graduation night; Armaan and Sohan were in Armaan's car on their way to Riddhima's house to pick her up for the party. The three friends had become very close to each other now more than ever. Armaan and Riddhima had realised their true feelings for each other which were more than just friendship. Riddhima's entry into Armaan's life had really made a difference to him, she meant everything to him. Their destiny was soo perfect, they were made for each other and this was noticed by everyone in the village before the two lovers themselves, friends, enemies, teachers, parents and other relatives, even their local shop keepers, postmen, fruit sellers and ice cream men'EVERYONE! They were known as "love birds" in the community and to make things just perfect they were accepted by everyone.

Armaan had now pulled up infront of his "home-away-from-home" ' Riddhima's house. That's where he spent most of his time, if she wasn't at his house, he was at hers if not they were both together at Sohan's house. He got out of the car, walked around to the other side and opened the door.

Armaan: Out! ' calmly

Sohan: Huh? ' bewildered at his action

Armaan: I said'Out! ' gesturing him with his hand to get out of the car.

Sohan: But why'?

Armaan: Do I need to say it again?

Sohan: What friendship yaar' - mumbled under his breath as he got out of the car

Armaan close the door firmly behind him and went to open the back door for Sohan who got in and sulked a bit. Armaan stood there and laughed at him before walking up to the front door. Just as he was about to ring the bell the door opened and infront of him stood a beautiful young lady in a silky red evening dress up to her knees with red high heeled sandals. She carried a very small silver purse in her hand. Around her neck was a very slim elegant heart shaped pendant with a small diamond in the middle of it which was gifted by Armaan on her 17th birthday.

Armaan: Beautiful! ' so quietly only Riddhima heard

Riddhima: Shall we go ' looking down

He held out his hand very charmingly and she took hold of it with a big smile on her face. She turned around to close the door and then they walked out but she stopped suddenly in her tracks looking right ahead of her. Armaan wasn't paying attention to why she had stopped but moved closer to her and whispered in her ear'

Armaan: Sauce wala laal'are you planning to kill me tonight?

She turned suddenly to face him and their heads hit each others quite hard.

Both: Ouch! ' both held onto their heads and started to laugh

Sohan: If you both want to have your party here it's fine with me'but the least you can do is give me a lift to the real party' - shouting through the window, then mumbles to himself ' where there's more fun than watching you two'

They both looked at him with a smile and then walked to the car. While Riddhima stood there admiring the car while Armaan, being the real gentleman he was, opened the door for her and waited till she had sat down comfortably before shutting the door and walking around to the other side of the car. Armaan began to drive, Sohan still making his sarcastic comments at the back and Riddhima was admiring the new car.

Riddhima: Armaan? ' in a surprise voice' this'this car? When? How? Why?

Armaan: smiles ' Gift from dad'firstly coz I passed my driving test and secondly coz I'm graduating today'finally!

Sohan: And thirdly so you can show off to your girlfriend' - mumbles

Armaan: Will you shut up ' looking at his through the rear view mirror

Sohan: haan haan'what else am I here for?

Riddhima: Guys'

Both boys: Sorry'

Riddhima smiles silently to herself, whenever they started up like that all she needed to say was one word and they knew when to stop. She looked to her right at Armaan who was looking dashing in all black and smiled sweetly at him.

Riddhima: You look like my Shah Rukh Khan today' - messing his hair up a bit

Armaan: moved away a bit so her hand won't reach his hair ' I know, I know'

Sohan: You wish!

Riddhima: Well'like they say'there's seven look a likes in the world'so you can be my Shah Rukh look a like

Sohan: haha' - held on to his tummy while he was laughing ' ok, ok what about me? Who do I look like?

Riddhima: Umm'

Armaan: You look like the Shashi Kapoor'haha

Sohan punched his arm and he let out a loud yell. Riddhima automatically held onto his upper arm and slowly rubbed it which made him smile.

Sohan: Riddhima'I think I should rephrase that last sentence for you ' looking at Armaan with fake anger ' You should call him the evil twin brother of Shah Rukh Khan' - then turning to Riddhima, his expression calming a little ' anyways'you look beautiful tonig'

But before he could end his sentence Armaan pressed down hard on the breaks which made Sohan come flying through the middle of the two seats. Armaan rounded on him quickly'

Armaan: What? You're flirting with my girlfriend'infront of me?

Riddhima: Armaan! ' calmly, he turned around, mumbled sorry and carried on driving

Their journey carried on like this all the way to the party. They reached their destination quickly and entered the party to be greeted by lots of friends and classmates.

After standing around sometime chatting with friends Armaan asks Riddhima for a dance which she happily agreed to. They danced to a slow romantic song completely lost in each other forgetting everything around them. After a very long dance they make their way to the drinks table as they were very thirsty. They were joined a few minutes later by the rest of their group; Sohan, Dev and Kaajal.

Kaajal: Riddhima' - hugs her ' you guys are the best dancers ever'no matter what the dance'you guys are brilliant

Armaan: Thanks Kaajal' - puts his arm around Riddhima's shoulder

Dev: You guys are really made for each other!

Sohan: You mean'a "make someone sick couple" ' pretending to puke

Everyone laughs at him but Armaan makes a face which tells him to shut it! At the same time there was an announcement calling for everyone's attention. They faced the stage where they saw the Head teacher waiting to give a speech. After a long farewell speech by the teachers it was time to give out the certificates and awards.

Head: And the first award'for best dancers tonight goes to' - looks at the paper and back to the audience ' Armaan Malik and Riddhima Sharma!

There was a massive round of applause as the two love birds went onto the stage to collect their award. Lots of other students went up to collect their awards after them.

Head: Next'award for the best sportsman'no doubt'Armaan Malik!

Armaan went onto stage to collect yet another award.

Head: And the final award'the best student' Riddhima Sharma'

Riddhima collected her award and walked back a little uneasily to her friends, she wasn't sure if it was the heels she was wearing, or something she had eaten or just the excitement of the awards or the depression of the end of her college life. All she knew was this was a very weird feeling which she had never experienced before. As she got closer to her friends Armaan had noticed that she wasn't herself.

Armaan: Are you ok? ' holding her by her elbow

Riddhima: I'm fine' - gives him a little smile and had a drink of water from the counter

Some of her classmates came around to the group to say their final goodbyes to each other. It was getting a little crowded and Riddhima was finding it hard to breath. She looked around to find the exit of the room; she excused herself from the group and walked out quickly, slightly wobbling on her heels. Armaan noticed her uneasiness and followed her. As she reached the main doors she had a blurry vision of the people around her, she held on to her head with one hand and tried to grab hold of a table nearby. She missed it by an inch as her knees gave away and she felt herself falling into the dark'

She was unconscious to the world around her and little did she know that she was saved by her hero; Armaan had grabbed hold of her before she reached the ground'

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