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Part 51& 52 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 51


Dr Keerti, Rahul and Atul walked alongside the stretcher on which laid Somil and was being carried towards the operation theatre. They all looked ahead apart from Atul; he kept looking down at Somil. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Atul walking alongside him, he wanted to call out to him, to tell him to save me and tell him to free me from this pain. Atul's hand was pushing the stretcher, Somil's hand twitched a little to his left, close to Atul and he slowly squeezed Atul's finger to try and get his attention.

Atul felt his finger being squeezed and looked down, Somil was trying to open his eyes, and he was trying to say something.

Atul: STOP!! - suddenly

Rahul: Atul what's wrong? - concerned

Atul: Wait...Somil is trying to say something... - looking closely at Somil

Rahul and Dr Keerti looked over at Somil who seemed to be motionless.

Dr Keerti: Dr Atul? - confused

Atul: Ssshhh... - putting his finger to his lip without taking his eyes of the little boy - Yeah?...Come on Somil...what are you tying to say? Tell me come on!! - urging him to speak

Somil: - in a mere whisper then he was motionless again

Somil has said this so low that only Atul could hear. Rahul and Dr Keerti looked at Atul concerned with his behaviour.

Atul: - whispered to Somil - Don't worry...I won't let anything happen to you!!

Atul stood up with a determined look on his face.

Atul: - looking straight at Dr Keerti and then at Rahul - Let's do this!!

Dr Keerti and Rahul shook there heads and carried on down the corridor towards OT. Somil was taking into the room while Rahul and Atul went to get ready for the operation.

Rahul glanced over at Atul, he was worried about his friend, he had never seen Atul so serious about something and it scared him to see him in this condition. He will have to make this operation successful just for his friend.

Atul looked over at Rahul and Rahul smiled.

Rahul: Ready dost?

Atul: Ready when you are - he smiled back

Rahul led the way to the operation room.


In the operation room Dr Keerti took control of the operation while Rahul and Atul assisted her. Somil was given the anaesthetic and was now asleep unaware of everything around him.

Armaan, Abhi and Sapna sat just outside the OT observing the doctors while in surgery. They sat there in extreme concentration looking down every now and then to make notes on their clipboards. They were now use to these observations but for some strange reason they carried a little nervousness within them as they took notes. Sapna was scared for Atul as she had never seen him so worried. They watched carefully as Dr Keerti took the incision and put some onto the skull before she cut through the hard bone.

For the very first time that day Atul started to panic, he started to have cold sweat and his heart beat was rising. At this moment this act of Atul's had gone unnoticed by everyone else as they carried on watching Dr Keerti. She had cut through the skull and was now removing the frontal bones so that she could have a clear view of the brain. She indicated to Rahul to remove the tumours.

They were both busy with the operation they didn't notice that Atul was breaking down. This time he was sweating all over and he was clutching his heart. He slowly backed away from the bed, he watched what the doctors were doing and it all seemed to be moving so fast, Dr Keerti was separating that bone while Rahul was extracting the tumours; the blood flowed down from the child's head staining the bed sheets. Somil laid there like there was no life in him, the scene swam in front of Atul's eyes until he began to have blurred vision. He saw Rahul distantly look up at him.

Rahul turned around to put down the scalpel and saw Atul staggering backwards.

Rahul: Atul are you ok? - concerned

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul what are you doing? - angrily

Rahul turned back and saw that he had spilled blood everywhere but he didn't care, he looked back at Atul who looked like he was going to faint and moment.

Dr Keerti finally saw Atul leaning back on the wall.

Dr Keerti: Dr Atul? Dr Atul?

The other interns stood up in panic as they saw the scene in front of them. It was the middle of the operation, the senior doctor was now boiling with anger and the assisting interns were panicking.

Not looking back Atul ran out of the OT his mind running wild he kept running with previous scenes flashing in front of his eyes.


*The first time he saw the smile on Somil's face*

*Somil: Will I ever get better?*

*I wanted to go to see that big wheel*

Atul carried on running, he hadn't even realised when he had reached the terrace but he leaned onto the wall, slowly letting his body fall to the ground he allowed tears to flow down his cheeks and onto his lap.

His mind unfolded on its own accord. Right now he wasn't the tough guy who left London; he wasn't the same bully who would have the guts to beat up some guy in an alley way, he wasn't the same guy who would laugh and make fun of someone that was different to him. He was Atul,the boy who never felt loved by anyone, a boy who never got close to anyone after his mother left him due to the fear that they would leave him and go away forever.

Atul let all of his memories wash over him until his mind went blank. Right now he wanted to talk to someone. He needed to talk to someone who really cared, he knew that person would really understand his situation, even if that person didn't show his true feelings he knew that person cared deeply for him.

Atul picked up his phone and pressed a few numbers before holding up the phone to his ears. The phone rang several times before a man picked up.

Man: Hello?...Hello?

Atul sniffed.

Man: Atul? Atul is that you? - concerned

Atul: - tears flowed down his cheeks once again - Dad...Dad I want to meet you...please...

Omi: Atul? What's wrong?

Atul: Can you come to Sanjeevani...please?

Omi: But... - he stopped - ok I'm coming...


The interns were on their break, they sat around a table in the cafeteria in deep thought.

Sapna: I don't understand what happened to him...

Ridz: So what you're trying to say - he just walked out? - sipping her coffee with a puzzled expression

Armaan: Yeah...dunno what happened... - he broke down - can see that he was scared

Abhi: I know it happens sometimes can't just leave the OT and go...

Sapna: But maybe something was wrong - defending him

Abhi: was an operation...anything can go wrong...but he's broken so many rules by walking out like that...

Muskaan: What did Dr Keerti do?

Armaan: Nothing...well she couldn't exactly do anything...she was in the middle of surgery...

Ridz: I don't even want to think of what's going to happen to Atul... - shaking her head in disbelief

Sapna: Nothing will happen to him...he must have had his reasons...if not he wouldn't have walked out... - to herself - ...well I hope he's going to be ok...


Ten minutes later Omi walked into Sanjeevani, worry lines on his forehead, he asked one of the ward boys about Atul's where about and made his way towards his son. He walked out onto the terrace to witness his son in a frightened position. He leaned against the terrace wall, his knees pulled up to his chin he hugged his legs and tears rolled down his cheeks.

Omi stood there in shock, the last time he had seen his son in this position was when his wife died. A week after his wife left them he made his way up to Atul's room, at the time he was only six years old, he had walked into his son's room without knocking and came to a halt as he saw Atul sitting in the same position as he was now. Tears streamed down his face. Omi's mind flashed with the memories of the toughest time in his life, He saw Atul crouching down by the side of his bed tears soaking his clothes, he hadn't eaten anything for days and he had lost a lot of weight, he closed his eyes and walked out of the room. He was not able to control himself at the time so how could he control his son? The best solution at the moment was to let the maid take care of him, that way he would not feel the hurt and pain every time he saw Atul.

But not this time; he wasn't going to leave his son alone. He took a step forward and Atul looked up. He slowly got up and waited, looking down at his shoes, he knew he was in for another telling off, for wasting his father's precious time. He bowed his head just waiting for the blow to come, he closed his eyes and waited and waited.

But it didn't come; instead he felt a rough hand on his shoulder which made him look up. His eyes showed a blurred vision of a man standing in front of him; he blinked a few times till the tears ran down his cheeks then looked up again.

Omi: Hey...calm down - not taking his eyes off of his son's - ...come on tell me...what's wrong?

Atul: - gulped down the tears and stammered - I miss...I miss really miss her...

Atul flung himself onto his father's shoulders and began to cry. Omi's eyes also filled up with tears as he hugged his son tightly after what seemed like a million years.

Omi: I miss her too son I miss her... - silently

There was a moment's silence between the two as they soaked in this emotional hug.

Atul: you dad...I've never told you before but...I really love you dad... - choked

Omi: - shocked to hear these words coming from his son - I love you too Atul... - moving away a little he decided to come straight out with what he wanted to say - and I owe you an apology...I know I've been hard on you up until now...but I wanted to make you see the right way...please Atul if I've done anything wrong please forgive...

Atul: No dad you were right... - cutting him off - you have always shown me the right way...and I might be a little late but now I've learnt what you have been trying to teach me all these years...thanks dad

Omi: I promise...from now on I'll try and be the best dad ever...

Atul: And I will try to be the best son... - smiling through tears

They give each other a quick hug then they settle down on a bench. They start the conversation making up for all those years of not talking. Omi made sure he didn't mention anything about his work as he listened to what his son had to say for the first time and it felt nice.

After about half an hour they were still in conversation about Atul's work when someone came running through the terrace doors in search of Atul. Rahul slammed the door open in furry looking here and there until he saw Atul sitting a little away from the door. He ran up to him, Atul and Omi stood up looking at him in confusion. All of a sudden Atul's heart skipped a beat as he looked at the sight on his friend's face. He wasn't sure if he was ready to hear what Rahul was about to say.

Atul: Rahul...what happened? - slowly bracing himself

Rahul: At...Atul... - breathless he held onto his side

Atul: What?... - urgently

Rahul: THE OPEREATION WAS SUCCESSFUL!! - screamed out with a smile

Atul was unable to believe what he had just heard, he stood there dumbfounded.

Rahul: We did it Atul... - excited

Atul: Re...really? - shocked but a small smile appeared on his face as he looked from Rahul to his dad and back

Rahul: YESS!!

Atul: You're the best Rahul!!! - gave him a hug

Rahul: We did it...


part 52

*Girls Apartment*

News reader: Mr Mayank has finally landed in Mumbai…

Muskaan looked up from her file quickly knocking over her cup of tea all over the coffee table. She swore out loud moving away her files and some other papers which were lying on the table then she looked up at the screen to listen to the news reader.

News Reader: Mr Mayank landed this morning 8:30a.m…he was taken away quickly before the press could get to him and was on his way…

A moment later Nikki joined her as she heard her swear out loud.

Nikki: What hap… - but she stopped her sentence half way

Nikki looked at the screen which now showed a picture of Mr Mayank from a distance; he walked out of the plane and got into a black car with tinted windows which drove away an instant later.

Nikki and Muskaan looked at each other in horror. A moment later Armaan and Abhi walked into their room to witness the girls' eyes glued to the television screen.

Abhi: Hey guys? – questioning - Is there a new series on or what? Oi Nikki…who are you checking out?

Armaan laughed as Nikki hit Abhi on his arm and pointed to the screen.

Armaan and Abhi looked at the TV and saw the breaking news flash on the screen the same scenes repeating again.

Armaan: He's landed! – in anger

They where all quiet for a bit then Muskaan suddenly turned off the TV and grabbed her file. She walked out of the apartment and the others followed her making their way to Sanjeevani.

*Special Ward*

Rahul made his way to the hospital bright and early before any of the others were awake. Firstly, to avoid his so called friends and secondly to check up on Somil. His mind was working over time thinking about his dad and his so called friends reactions.

Rahul entered Somil's room and was surprised to see him up, awake and eating all of his food quietly. Somil looked up as he saw Rahul walk into his room; he welcomed him with a bright smile.

Somil: Dr Rahul…you are very early?

Rahul: Yeah I came specially to see you… - smiling

Somil smiled but he had tears in his eyes.

Somil: You didn't need to get up early…I would have been still here you know…

Rahul: - laughed - I know…but I wanted to see how you were doing…after that long operation… - pause – you know something?

Somil: What?

Rahul: You're a very strong boy…you know that…you made it all the way to here…and your still hanging on…just wait and watch…one day you're going to be a very big man…but…don't ever forget what you were…cause that big man was also a little man…a little man with a strong heart… - putting his hand on Somil's chest

Somil: You're right Dr Rahul…I won't ever forget…and I will never forget you and Dr Atul…but where is Dr Atul isn't he here yet? – looking towards the door

Rahul: No he's not here yet but he'll be here very soon…

Somil: Ok…

They chatted for a little while then Rahul left him alone to get some rest.

*Nurse Station*

Dr Keerti: And your duties for today are the following: Dr Armaan, Dr Sapna Paediatric Ward…

They nodded silently. Armaan looked down sadly; he wished he was working with Ridz but unfortunately they were separated.

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul and Dr Muskaan Special Ward, Dr Riddhima and Dr Abhimanu General Ward…

Rahul stared down at the ground but Muskaan looked over at him sadly, they chorused…

All: Yes Maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Nikki Path Lab and finally… - turning to the last intern – Dr Atul…Rectal examinations

Atul braced himself, as much as he wanted to moan out loud he stopped himself and nodded obediently before he made the situation worse for himself. All the other interns looked at him with sorry looks but were distracted by Dr Keerti.

Dr Keerti: Now get to work immediately…

They scuttled away quickly to their assigned jobs. Armaan sped up after Ridz and stopped her just before she could enter her ward.

Armaan: Hey…Ridz…wait up – calling after her

Ridz turned around at the sound of her voice and smiled to see Armaan behind her.

Ridz: Hi…what's up?

Armaan: Umm…actually…I wanted to…err… - scratching the back of his head – umm

Ridz: What's wrong? You wanted to say something? – amused at his state

Armaan: Yeah…uh…umm I wanted to say that…umm…I mean…there was something I had to tell you…

Ridz: Go on… - eagerly

Armaan: Actually…it doesn't matter… - changing his mind

Ridz: Huh? – confused

Armaan: I mean…umm…I'll meet you at lunch…on the terrace?

Ridz: - excited – Oh…umm…sure

Armaan: You'll come won't you? – unsure

Ridz: Of course… - smiling sweetly

Armaan: Thanks…ok then I'll…umm…I'll see you later then – hesitantly

Ridz: Bye – waving as she walked into the General Ward

Armaan: You're such a dunce Armaan – slapping himself at the back of the head blushing slightly – Get a grip… - walking away with a big smile on his face


After about an hour some of the interns were given a break. Rahul entered the cafeteria to grab a coffee after a tiring morning. He walked over to the table where the other interns were and sat down opposite Atul and next to Sapna who stood up instantly and walked away without saying anything. Nikki called after her but she didn't turn around. The table was deadly silent the minute Rahul sat down. A minute later Nikki and Abhi stood up and went over to join Sapna on another table. Muskaan and Atul were the only two left at the table. Muskaan looked up at Rahul who looked away in the opposite direction afraid to look at her. She felt bad but at this moment she didn't know what to do, she got up and left the Cafeteria.

Atul shook his head at the others and decided to change the subject. Rahul felt like crying, he had never felt so horrible in a long time. All those painful memories flashed through his mind once again.

Atul: So…how was your duty…?

Rahul: It was ok… – not really trusting himself to speak

They talked for a while, Atul did most of the talking then they went back to their duties.

*Locker Room*

Ridz quickly rushed into the locker room taking her lab coat off as she walked towards her locker. Her duty had just finished and she had come to fix up before going to meet Armaan on the terrace. Her heart was racing, she was so excited. She placed her lab coat, stethoscope and files into her locker took out her hand bag and almost ran into the changing room to fix up her make up.

A few minutes later she walked out of the changing room looking fresh. She put her bag into the locker and was just about to close the door when she heard something vibrate against the steel walls. She opened her bag and saw her phone vibrating and a name flashing on the screen. She picked up the phone and pressed the answer button…

Ridz: Hello?.../But…what happened?.../Theek hain…I'll be right there…

She hung up, placed the phone in her bag and walked out of the locker room, questions swimming through her mind she completely forgot about her meeting with Armaan as she changed directions and walked out of Sanjeevani hurriedly.


Rahul wasn't ready to face another scene like he did this morning so instead of walking towards the Cafeteria for lunch he made his way towards Special Ward to check up on Somil. He just walked out of the lift onto the floor of the Special Ward when there was an announcement for him to go to the Nurse Station immediately. He groaned as he turned around and walked back into the lift pressing the ground floor button.

The minute he arrived at the nurse station the phone was pushed into his hand by a nurse at the desk, he looked quizzically at the nurse then answered the phone…

Rahul: Hello?.../What?.../But.../Now?...Ok fine…

He placed the phone onto the receiver and buried his face in his hands. Then he walked out of Sanjeevani after leaving a message at the desk for Dr Keerti.


Armaan paced up and down on the terrace. He had been waiting there for over half an hour but she still hadn't turn up. Every five minutes he would sit on the bench and wait for her to walk through the doors but she didn't.

He had thought long and hard about this step, he wanted to come out and tell her the truth, about his first love, his life, his family, the reason why he came here, the reason why he hated her so much and the reason for his change…and finally his feelings about her…he thought she deserved to know…specially after everything she had done for him. He wanted her to know but…why wasn't she here yet?

His duty was about to start in ten minutes but she still hadn't turn up. Now he was beginning to get frustrated. His mind started to wonder about the positive things, maybe there was an emergency patient…or maybe she jus forgot after a tiring morning he thought. He decided it was long enough; he huffed as he started to make his way down stairs.

Armaan walked through the corridors looking into the wards and rooms as he passed them hoping to find a glimpse of her but instead he walked right into Nikki as she came out of the lift.

Armaan: Oh…I'm so sorry… - stepping back

Nikki: It's ok – fixing her files – umm…looking for someone?

Armaan: Yeah…actually…have you seen Ridz by any chance?

Nikki: Umm…Ridz? Nah…sorry no idea…

Armaan: Ok thanks…

He walked away; he had now started to feel a little anxious. He had looked all over the place for Ridz but couldn't find her anywhere he carried on his search through out the hospital asking everyone about her whereabouts until his pager beeped and he had to get back to duty.

*Gupta House*

Half an hour later Ridz arrived outside her house almost out of breath to find a shocking surprise. Rahul stood pacing outside her front door debating with himself if to ring the doorbell or not. Ridz stood there watching him for a while, she wasn't sure if to talk to him or not, he really didn't bother her, even though she knew he was Mr Mayank's son she knew he was a nice guy and not like his dad. Rahul stopped pacing up and down and looked up to see Ridz standing there, he looked down in shame as she walked up to him.

Ridz: Hi Rahul…

Rahul: Hey

Ridz: What are you doing here? – quizzically

Rahul: Uh um…I was called here…I'm not sure why…

Ridz: Umm…so was I… - looking up at her house – umm we need to get back to Sanjeevani…so let's go in and see what's going…

She took her keys out of the bag and opened the door; she let Rahul in and followed him in. They stopped at the sight in front of them; there were a group of people sitting in the hall of the Gupta House. Ridz and Rahul looked at each other then back at the people sitting down. Shashank sat on his armchair leaning back worry lines appearing on his forehead. Padma stood behind him with Sonia both looking very scared, Puneet sat on the sofa next to Nani and there were two other people sitting on the double sofa which Rahul recognised as his mum and dad. Ridz went over to where Padma and Sonia stood while Rahul stood rooted to the spot.


Atul: Hey little guy how are you feeling? – sitting down on the bed and looking at Somil

Somil: Dr Atul! – hugging him round the middle

Atul: Hey, hey… – hugging him back

Somil: I'm fine…today I ate all of my food and everyone said I was a good boy and then Dr Rahul came to see me but he looked sad

Atul: Slow down… - laughing

Somil: I'm so happy…

Atul: I can see that…

Somil: Now I can do all of those things I wanted to do…and it's all thanks to you and Dr Rahul

Atul: Its ok – moving back and looking at him – what did you say…Rahul came in…

Somil: Yeah he came to see me early in the morning then he came again but he was very sad…

Atul: Hmm… - thinking – I wonder where he is…after what happened in the cafeteria I haven't seen him… I hope he's ok…

*Gupta house*

Mayank: Rahul…

Rahul: Mum? – cutting off his father - What are you guys doing here? – still in shock

Sarah: – got up and almost ran over to her son she gave him a hug, not letting go of him she began to cry – Rahul…I've missed you so much…why did you leave us?

Rahul tried to avoid the question, he stood there questions flooded his mind as he looked over the scene. His mother had now calmed down and was standing by his side, holding onto him like he was a child who had a habit of walking away. But Rahul wanted answers, even though he didn't know how to ask them, he wanted to know why his family had come back to India, and why of all places were they in the Gupta House. Shashank could sense what was taking place in Rahul's mind and he made the first move of calming the situation down.

Shashank: Rahul… - calmly - Please come in…sit down…

Rahul: - walked over to the sofa and sat down - What's going on? – slowly looking from one person to the next waiting for an answer

Shashank: There is something you both need to know… - looking from Rahul to Ridz and back

Ridz: Papa? - confused

Shashank: Riddhima beta…Rahul…this is my younger brother…

Rahul and Ridz: What? - shocked

Mayank: Rahul…Riddhima…this is the truth…myself, Shashank Bhaiya and Puneet are brothers…

Ridz: But…papa you've never told us about Mayank u…un…uncle

Shashank: That because we never really got along…we broke our relation when Mayank decided to leave us…and that was before you kids were born…after that we did not think of bringing up this topic again…

Rahul and Ridz stood there in disbelief letting this news sink in slowly.

Puneet: Mayank always felt left out…he always wanted to do something big…he wanted to be known…so he decided to leave us…he didn't think we were the right company which will bring him to that status that he wanted to be at…

Mayank look down ashamed of himself while his truth came out into the open. But deep down he knew he was wrong and he had come back to make things right. He apologised to his family, he broke down till he was forgiven by Nani, she was happy now that her sons were back together.

Shashank: But now he is back and he is ready to start over again…I think we should all give him another chance…

Ridz looked around and everyone had the same look on their face, a watery smile.

Ridz: We might be able to but…I don't think the rest of the country will...

Everyone was quiet for a while until Rahul broke the silence a moment later.

Rahul: - looked at his dad for the first time since he walked in - Why did you come back?

Sarah: Rahul what are you saying? – turning towards him

Rahul: Mum…I don't need him…I don't need anyone I'm better off on my own…

He got up quickly, moving his mother's hand away from him and made his way to the door.

Mayank: Stop Rahul...I came back for you…only for you…Rahul

Rahul: Really? When did you ever have time for me? Anytime for mum? For you everything was about your job…everything was always about you…you tell me…what's in it for you this time…? – heating up

Mayank: Rahul…- walking towards him slowly - I've changed now…I want you to come back to us…your parents…we don't need to go back to America we can stay here we can start all over again…as a family…

Rahul: - laughed coldly – Yeah very funny dad…a family…I didn't know you even knew the meaning of the word… - angrily

Mayank: Rahul…I know I've made a very big mistake but I'm ready to start over again… - pleading with his son

Rahul: Right dad…everything you've done to the people in this country do you actually think their going to let you live in peace…

Mayank: I'll try and win back their trust I'll do anything…

Shashank: Rahul…please try and understand…

Sarah: Please Rahul…I really want you back…I missed you so much…

Padma: Rahul beta please man jao

Ridz: - walked towards Rahul and put a hand on his shoulder – We're all in this together cuz!!...

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