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Part 7& 8 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 7 

 Muskaan's Story – age 23

In a small town of Patiala there's a big house which was owned by the richest man of the town. Many small families lived in this mansion. A wedding was about to take place very soon, there was a lot of excitement around the house, lots of work to do, lots of naach gaana and lots of little children running around the house playing games. But someone was hiding away from all of it…trying to find a little peace in her room...

M dad: Come on beti this is the best rishta you will get…they have just come from Australia…very rich people…just imagine you will be very happy with him…

Muskaan: Kya papa…that's what you said about the last one and the one before that and the one before that…one of the boys even ran away on the day before the wedding. Why don't you try to understand…I'm not supposed to get married…I want to complete my internship first then think about marriage...

M dad: But this one is very, very good…please trust me beti…this one is the right one…and he is so handsome as well come on beti maan jao…

Muskaan: Ok let's see… - just trying to get her dad off of her back for some time

Muskaan's dad shows her a picture of her bridegroom.

Muskaan: looking at it – he's not bad looking…ok papa but this is the last time if it does not work im not getting married till I want to ok?...

At the bridegroom's house, the phone call had just arrived and the proposal was accepted but someone wasn't happy…not at all happy. Two boys are pacing up and down a room thinking really hard.

Abhi: think Nakul think!

Nakul: I'm thinking but nothing is coming to me…

Abhi: Think harder!

They both stop and looked at each other, wrinkle lines appearing on their foreheads…

Nakul: There's got to be a…

Abhi: GOT IT!!! – looks up brightly

Nakul: What?

Abhi: Im going to run away!! Yes!

Nakul: No way man…you can't

Abhi: Can't I? - a smile appeared on his face – I will…on the wedding day

Nakul: What if someone finds out? You will be killed especially by that deadly brother of hers…have you ever seen him walking around with that gun? must all seem normal to you…in Australia people maybe walking around with guns like that to kill animals but here…he walks around like he'll kill anyone… - he shivers – he gives me the creeps

Abhi: Don't worry I've got a plan…listen...

Abhi goes and shuts the door before coming back and sitting on the bed. Nakul sits down too waiting for Abhi to share his idea. He quickly whispers his great escape smiling slightly.

Abhi: You got it?

Nakul: Yeh I got it…I think… - looking worried

Wedding Day

A girl in a long pink sari came walking down the stairs and all of the guy's eyes followed her. One of the guys walked straight up to her and stopped her.

Girl: Excuse me

Boy: Wow Sneha you look beautiful!!

Sneha: - smiled sweetly - thanks Teji… - with an angry expression - now please can you moved that gun away from me if not you might hurt me!

Teji: Sorry - blushing

Sneha: Umm…Teji?

Teji: - looks up quickly – Yes Sneha?

Sneha: Is…is that gun glued to your hands?

Teji: Huh?

Sneha: I mean…you always have it in your hand…don't you ever put it away? Or are you just waiting to kill the groom that's going to be taking your sister away?

Teji: No…I'll put it away – still blushing

Sneha: Good – smiles sweetly again before pushing past him

He begins to walk away still looking back at Sneha he walks into his dad

M dad: Oye…Kote! Dekh kar chal…

Teji: Sor…sorry bauji

M dad: Watch where you're going...waise… - following his son's gaze - yeh ladki toh achi hai…haina?

Teji: Yeah – still looking at Sneha and blushing

M Dad: Kya? - screams

Teji: (coming back to earth) Nahi kuch nahi – runs away

Muskaan's Room

Muskaan: Kya mom do I have to wear all of this? Can't I just wear my jeans and top?

M mum: chup karo or yeh pehno – giving her a very heavy red sari

Muskaan: ok give… - looks at it and makes a face

Abhi's House

Abhi and Nakul stood at the back of Abhi's house whispering their goodbyes.

Abhi: Ok well… I'm ready…

Abhi was wearing his normal jeans with a big hole by the knee and his usual blue t-shirt with a big rucksack on his back. Nakul looked at Abhi; he still couldn't believe his friend was running away.

Abhi: Yaar…I'll see you soon!

Nakul: Yeah…don't worry bout anything…I'll take care of it…

Abhi: Like what…hide in a cupboard till someone finds you? - he laughs at his own joke

Nakul: Haha very funny!...Well…see you

They hug quickly and Abhi creeps around the garden and jumps over the wall while Nakul sneaks away from the house now hearing the uproar of "dulha gayab hain" from a nearby window. He smiles secretly and goes to the bride's house.

Nakul puts on a disguise of a turban and a beard and sneaks into the wedding house, he was meant to be delivering a letter from Abhi to Muskaan. He walks a little into the house to see a group of girls standing in a huddle near the entrance waiting for the bharat. He moved closer to them and saw a familiar girl who he always saw with Muskaan.

Nakul: Excuse me Sneha?

Sneha: Yes? - looks around

Nakul: stares at her for a while then came to his senses - umm can you give this letter to Muskaan ji please… - handing her a letter

Sneha: Yeh kya hai

Nakul: Umm…It's a letter…

Sneha: I can see that…but who's it from?

Nakul: Abhi!

Sneha: Where is Abhi? - looking scared

Nakul: He…he left…he's not coming to the wed… - he was cut off by Sneha's scream

Sneha: UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Nakul: Sneha…not uncle…Muskaan! Oh man…baag Nakul yeh toh marwaogi tumhe – he drops the letter on the floor and runs away

Everyone gathers around Sneha.

M Dad: Kya hua Sneha?

Sneha: This letter Abhi left it for Muskaan he's not coming to the wedding! – picks up the letter and hands it to Muskaan's dad

Muskaan's Dad looked at the letter, took it from Sneha and read it silently.

Teji: What do you mean that he's not coming? How dare he? – lifting his gun

After reading the letter Muskaan's Dad walks over to a chair and drops down onto it feeling very worn out.

Teji: Don't worry bauji I'll find him and bring him back, don't worry, come on Raggu, Yug, Karan… - he left with his gun

Sneha took the letter and runs up the stairs to Muskaan's room. She barges through the door making Muskaan and her mom look up suddenly.

M Mum: Kya hua Sneha?

Sneha held out the piece of paper to Muskaan. Muskaan took it beginning to read quickly. She sat down on the chair and started to take of all her jewellery.

M Mum: Muskaan what are you doing?

Muskaan: Why? Mamma he's not coming…so why should I wear all of this?

M Mum: What do you mean he's not coming?

Muskaan: He ran away like everyone else - felt tears in her eyes and tried to hold it in, she thought this wedding was going to work

M Mum: But your dad made sure...

Muskaan: Made sure what mamma? That he didn't have a childhood friend that he had promised himself to?

Muskaan's dad walked into the room. He looked at the scene infront of him and walked towards Muskaan.

M Dad: I'm sorry beti…

Muskaan: I told you didn't I?...Now what papa? Are you going to look for someone else?

The room was covered in a silent spell. No one had the energy to say another word. Many things where ready to jump out of everyone's mouths but somehow they were spell bound as the tears ran down everyone's cheeks…

part 8

A train sounded somewhere close by...

Two young men, age 25, walked slowly into the only train station in Sumurpur both wearing sullen expressions; one of them was dragging a suitcase behind him and the other carrying a bag on his shoulder. One of the men left the suitcase by a bench and walked away to the ticket booth while the other walked to the edge of the platform looking from right to left for any sign of his train. The wind blew his hair lightly as he turned and walked to the empty bench where his friend had placed his suitcase. He pulled the suitcase near his leg and dropped his rucksack onto the bench before leaning back closing his eyes and becoming deeply lost in his thoughts…


Armaan: No Riddhima…not again…please?

Riddhima: Yes Armaan…we need to talk about this

Armaan: I'm not going…and that's final! – showing her an angry face

Riddhima: Fine! Don't go…and don't talk to me! – very angry at him, she stands up and walks away

Armaan: Fine! I won't talk to you…huh! – ignoring the fact that she has walked away he folds his arms and looks in the other direction at the pond.

A few minutes past with Armaan looking at his reflection in the pond angrily at the argument he just had with his love. Slowly his expression softens as he sees Riddhima's face behind him in the water. He quickly turns around with a big smile but it disappears just as quickly as it had appeared.

Armaan: - to himself - You know you can't live without her…and yet you always drive her away from yourself…you're so stupid… - he gets up, dust his hands together and walks in the direction where Riddhima had walked off

Armaan: Riddhima!! – looks around for her and screams her name a few times - Riddhima…where are you…I'm sorry baba…come out now…please!

He begins to become worried after five minutes of searching for her and hears no reply. All he wanted was a little glimpse of her dupatta…anything at all. He starts to look around the trees close by the forest in frustration still shouting her name.

Armaan: Riddhima…RIDDHIMA!!! – he stops and looks at the forest – no…Riddhima knows better than to go in there…

He turns around to head back to the pond just in case she had returned…still shouting her name he rushed back to the pond.

Armaan – Riddhima…RIDDHIMA!!! – he suddenly stops and looks ahead of him, anger and frustration filled his face, there she sat calmly in his favorite red coloured salwar kameez throwing stones into the pond and smiling sweetly.

He rushes to her, drops down on his knees infront of her, grabs hold of her arms and hugs her tightly. She is completely taken back by his actions.

Riddhima: Ar…Armaan? – hugs him back – Armaan…what's wrong?

Armaan: - pulls away from her but is still on his knees, remembering his anger - Riddhima…where did you go? How could you leave me like that? Do you know how worried I was? Don't ever leave me again…

Riddhima: Armaan…

Armaan: No Riddhima…promise me…promise me that you won't ever leave me again…

Riddhima: Ok Armaan…I promise… - silently cursing herself for the big lie she had just told him – I promise that I won't ever leave you alone… - she holds his hand with one hand and she puts her other hand on his cheeks – but Armaan you also have to promise me something…

Armaan: If you promise never to leave me I promise I will do anything for you…anything

Riddhima: Will you promise me that you will go ahead and complete your dreams?

Armaan: You are my dream Riddhima…

Riddhima: Before me…you had other dreams – knows that he is trying to change the subject but pushes on anyway

Armaan: And now…only you are my dream, my dream is living here in this beautiful place with the most beautiful woman on this earth and having a beautiful house and beautiful kids…that's all I want – kisses her hand

Riddhima: Armaan…I mean your dream of becoming a doctor… - going straight to the point – Everything else can happen later…me and you…and our little house…right here in Sumarpur…all of that can happen later…but right now I want you to go and fulfill your dreams of becoming a doctor…

Armaan: But Riddhima…

Riddhima: But Riddhima…nothing…why don't you want to go? – looks at him wanting to know the main reason

Armaan: Umm…Riddhima…I don't want to leave you! – looking down and playing with her dupatta

Riddhima: Is that it? – she moves his head to face hers and he nods like a little child – Armaan…you are soo cute!! – pinching his cheeks and smiling at him – I'll wait for you…but I really want you to do this

Armaan: I can't live without you

Riddhima: It's only for a little while…won't you do this for me? – looks at him then looking away quickly.

Armaan: - smiles at her childishness, then slowly answers her question - Yes!

Riddhima: - turns quickly to face him - What?...say it again…

Armaan: Yes Riddhima…I will go… - she hugs him tightly – next year

Riddhima: Promise?

Armaan: Promise – he hugs her

Riddhima: - silently - I know you will…I'll make sure you go…

End Of Flasback

Someone touched him on his shoulder making him jump a little. He looked up to see his best friend looking down at him with a very caring look which made him feel even more depressed.

Sohan: Don't worry dude…you'll be fine

Armaan doesn't answer but puts his hand over Sohan's hand which is still on his shoulder with tears welling up in his eyes. Sohan sits down next to him with his hand still on his shoulder.

Sohan: I know this has all happened so soon…just two weeks ago… - he trails off - I know you miss her…and I miss her too…we won't be able to forget her… you know that as well as I do…if it wasn't for her helping me with my homework…I won't be where I am today – trying to crack the tension, Armaan looks at him a small smile appearing on his lips, after a long breath Sohan carries on talking– You managed all those years in medical college with her and just for her…and now…you have to do this on your own…by taking this last step… - he is unable to speak, then whispers – she would've been very happy

Train sounded and both men stood up slowly.

Sohan: Take care Dr Armaan! – he hugs him

Armaan returns his hug almost breaking down.

Armaan: I'll miss you yaar… - he stands back after some time and they both wipe away their tears

Sohan: If she was here right now we won't be able to live down this moment…she'd laugh at us forever – they both laugh through their tears

After giving each other one quick last hug Armaan walks towards the train, puts his suitcase and bag just inside the train and turns back to have a last look at his best friend before the train started to move…

**Somewhere in London at 11:00am**

A young man, age 23, lay on his bed completely dead to the world. He is suddenly woken by a glass of water being thrown on him.

Atul: Huh? What the …? What do you want? – quickly and out of shock

Omi: Excuse me?

Atul: Oh dad… I am sorry… uh… what's wrong? – wiping the water away from his face

Omi: Pack your bags and we're going back to Mumbai now!!

Atul: You're joking right?

Omi: Does it look like I am joking?

Atul: But you were only joking last night…weren't you – a little uncertain now

Omi: I was serious last night and I am serious now… you were not even in your senses last night so get going your flight is at 6:00 – he puts the passport and tickets on the desk next to Atul's bed before walking out

Atul: NOOO – looking at the tickets

*Door slams*

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