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part 78 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Looking at her smiling face over his chest he murmured “What have you done Riddhima, ab kaise sou mai” he sighed looking out of the window from where moon was looking at him with a smile.

Rahul and Muskaan were enjoying their honeymoon to the fullest with little bit fighting, more of roaming around, site seeing and most of romance. They were not shy to show their love for each other neither their bickering.

Their adventure level was a bit higher as they decided to meet each other as stranger in Switzerland and from the first meeting their love story start again which somehow goes like:

“Hey gorgeous, u r looking hot” Rahul whisteled when he was waiting for some call in hotel room.

“Thanx, you also look good” Muskaan pass a flirty smile.

“So,,, if I’m really that good so why can’t we go for a coffee?” Rahul winked.

“Are u asking me out on a date” Muskaan come closer.

“Can be more than a date if you allow me” He leaned into her and she pushed him a bit away.

“We’ll see that Mr….?” She asked.

“Rahul,,, Rahul Mallik, and u?” he looked at her with mischievious glint.

“Muskaan Chadhha” she smiled.

“Beautiful name, I think I’m in love with ur name” Rahul said holding her hand.

“U wish” Muskaan rolled her eyes and move forward.

Rahul smile looking at her, Muskaan also smile once she came out and they decided to play along as they were enjoying this.

Soon they went for a coffee date and moving forward on snow ride where Rahul helped her in skiing. They enjoyed a lot sharing some romantic moments also.

“Umm,,, Rahul, I think I’m falling for you” Muskaan looked at her and he reduced the gap and holding her face between his palms kissed her fiercely.

“So what say, ur place or mine?” he winked at her.

“I would suggest to have dinner first” Muskaan rolled her eyes while trying to normalize her breath.

“Whatever you say” Rahul agreed at once.

They went for dinner before returning back to the hotel and again get lost in their love world being husband wife.

Riddhima wake up in morning with a spinning head and tried to look around when she found Armaan was not in bed with her.

“Ye Armaan subah subah kaha chale gaye, mera sar kyu ghum raha hai itna” she hold her head trying to collect her thoughts.

“Good morning wifey” Armaan said as he enter in room and Riddhima looked at him and tried to smile.

“Good morning Armaan, aap bahar kya kar rahe the, ahh” she tried to get up but her head spin again and she sit down on bed.

“Riddhima, don’t,,,,, just sit here and have this drink. Mai ye banane gaya tha tumhare liye” Armaan looked at her with slight sad face coz he knew she don’t remember anything.

“Kyu? Kya hai ye?” she asked.

“Just have it, u’ll feel good” he passed lemonade to her.

“Armaan aap subah suabh mujhe ye kyu pila rahe hain aur mera sar…..” she looks confused.

“Kuch nhi baby, its just that ur drink got changed and u r having hangover right now” Armaan explain.

“What,,,,, Armaa, mujhe kuch yaad kyu nhi aa raha hai” she pressed her head.

“Riddhima, its okay baby, aisa kuch tension lene ki baat nhi hai, u’ll be okay, take a shower and u’ll be good to go” Armaan smiled but it didn’t reached upto his eyes.

He get up when Riddhima hold his hand.

“Armaan, maine kuch gadbad to nhi ki na, I mean being drunk, mujhe kuch yaad nhi aa raha hai but please aap batao na” Riddhima looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Armaan hugged her sitting beside her and smile “Nhi kuch v nhi, sab kuch theek hai”.

“Its just I had the most beautiful memory of my life which was forgotten by you, koi baat nhi Riddhima mai tumhe bata k aur stress nhi dunga so just relax, it will be with me. I don’t know when we’ll move forward in our wedding life but whenever we will do that, I’ll tell u everything, for now just enjoy honeymoon.” Armaan thought holding her.

“U feeling okay?” he looked into her eyes.

“Much better” she replied.

“Ek baar shower le lo aur achha lagega and by the way aaj ham Santorini ja rahe hain so gather up” He smile and kissed her cheek.

She blushed looking down and Armaan used everything he had to not kiss her lips right there at that moment.

“Mai shower leke aati hu” Riddhima get and Armaan went towards closet to get ready.

Riddhima found her dress kept there in washroom and smile thanking invisible Armaan inaudibly.

She stepped into shower removing her night suit when her eyes noticed it.

“Ye night suit to pahle nhi tha and maine to ye nhi pahna means Armaan ne…. O God, pakka maine kuch na kuch kiya hai. Armaan ne kaise handle kiya hoga mujhe” she murmured removing that dress.

Once her body came in contact of water, she get calmed. Sudden flaskbacks of previous night came over in bits and pieces to which she tried to join.

“Kuch yaad nhi aa raha hai, dinner then bar,,,,, dance,,,, Oh My God, close dance with Armaan,,,,,, KKKK,,,,,,IIISSSSSSSS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No no no, that can’t be true” she slapped her face two three time as if she was still asleep.

Till she came out of shower, almost everything from previous night was known to her, although she don’t remember any of their talk but those kisses and closeness was very well true as only thought of it create goosebumps all over her body.

She looked at her face in mirror, slightly touching her lips remembering whatever happened previous night was not just imagination, that really happened. She kissed Armaan, that too infront of so many people.

“God!!! Riddhima kya kar diya tune, kya soch rahe honge Armaan tere bare me, aise kaise,,,,,,,kyaho gaya tha mujhe. Bhagwaan ji please, aap hi kuch help kariye, mai aise kaise jau unke samne” Riddhima murmured when she got an idea.

“Ha ye sahi hai, waise v Armaan ne kuch puchha to hai nhi, ho sakta hai unhe lag raha ho ki mujhe kuch yaad nhi, so I’ll behave the same, mujhe kuch yaad nhi kal kya hua tha” she again murmured feeling happy and looked back into mirror.

“Kamaal hai Riddhima, tu kabhi bhool hi nhi sakti wo feeling, ab jab tujhe sab yaad aa gaya hai to wo touch wo closeness tu kaise ignore kar sakti hai. Its next to impossible Armaan jitni baar tere samne aayega tujhe wahi sab yaad aayega” her mind scold her.

“Theek hai lekin aaj nhi, mai to sharam se bahar hi nhi nikal paungi agar kuch express ho gaya to” Riddhima murmured holding the dress.

It was a beautiful sea green colour gown designed in elegant fabric and looks extremely beautiful on her when she wear that.

She came out and move towards dressing table to dry her hairs when Armaan came out of closet al ready in a bit complementary colour shirt with her and jeans. He stop on his spot when he found Riddhima drying her hairs and a blushed smile was playing on her lips.

“This is not fair God, kaise control karu mai khud ko, kaise pretend karu ki meri desires paglo ki tarah badh rahi hain jisko control karna is next to impossible” Armaan murmured then resisted his own thoughts he move towards her.

He pick up a hair brush when his hand touched hers and he smile looking at her while that complete red colour of her cheek indicates something else.

“Aisa kya soch rahi hai Riddhima” he thought.

“U r looking beautiful wifey” he smiled and place a kiss on her head from behind.

Riddhima smile looking at him again her face was covered by a blush which was purely natural and all due to Armaan.

“Anything I don’t know?” Armaan rasied his brows up.

“N,,,,nhi to” she replied suddenly.

“Hmm,, so biwi aaj kuch special karte hain” Armaan said moving towards her and she looks away.

Armaan hold her from her waist and she lowered her head.

“Could it be possible I was that much close to him or more than that” Riddhima thought in her mind.

“I just wish, she don’t feel uncomfortable, but this much to I’ll do as I can’t control much and after whatever we did yesterday,,,,, hell I want much more than this” Armaan thought.

“Chalein, mujhe wo white and blue city dekhna hai” Riddhima said moving out of his hold.

“Bilkul” he smile and they came out.

On the way to Santorini they had their breakfast and Riddhima was excited enough to slightly wave off yesterday flashbacks. Armaan was happy in her beaming face.

He was showing her around the places and she was really happy to be there. She was turning round and round among white base and blue domes of Santorini giving a soothing sight to Armaan.

He was all lost in her and Riddhima was about to trip down when he ran and hold her via her waist. Riddhima closed her eyes keeping her both hands on her chest already to feel the ground but she was holded midway by Armaan.

Armaan looked at her face and remove some hairs falling on her face. He blew some of them by blowing air on her face. Feeling his strong scent near her ownself she didn’t dare to open her eyes. Armaan make her stand properly fixing his gaze over her face.

He tried to hold her cheek when she moved out of his grip.

Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi
Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara
Bin tere mujhse naaraaz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha
Main toh tere rang mein
Rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera….

Armaan instantly hold her wrist and twirl her around in swift move so that she ultimately fall in his arms.

Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, sab tera.
Sab tera, sab tera.

They were at a very beautiful site from where they can watch sea and mounts both, that was the best view to capture. Riddhima least had the idea that she was already being captured in camera arranged by Armaan.

Riddhima was enjoying a lot as it was her favorite place and she was roaming around with Armaan, what else she could want from him or anyone else. She was the happiest person of the planet at that moment.

After roaming like many hours they went to a seaside hotel to have some snacks. Today Riddhima was not jumping like kid she did yesterday. Afterall the consequence was pretty awesome for Armaan, but she was now resisting herself.

“Chalein sea shore pe” Armaan asked while eating food.

“Nhi” Riddhima replied instantly and he chuckled, he was having doubt that maybe she remember something.

“Kyu? U love beach” Armaan remind her.

“Yeah, I love beach but,,,,,,, w,,,wo ,,,, ha apne ye dress choose kiya hai, ab mai gown pehan k kaise jau beach pe” Riddhima said getting an option.

“Yeah, right” Armaan nodded and Riddhima closed her eyes being relaxed.

“M’am, we would be glad to serve you the finest wine we have” Waiter came once they finished their meal.

“NOOOOOO” that was more prominent from Riddhima’s side.

“Okay, sir if you want we can pack the wine for you as it was today’s offer for the first couple to take this corner and you won the deal, We would like to wish you a happy stay at Greece” Manager was standing along with waiter and he insist.

“Yeah, sure” Armaan nodded looking at Riddhima.

Riddima didn’t dare to look into Armaan’s eyes, she knew that she can’t hold it for more time.

“Why you said NO” he asked.

“Kuch nhi, m,,,,mujhe wo lemonade ajeeb laga tha aur drink kar k maine agar pareshan kiya apko to mujhe achha nhi lagega” Riddhima said fiddling with the food kept in her plate.

“u wish mujhe achha nhi lagega, bas mujhe last moment pe handle na karna pade, that was torturous” Armaan murmured beneath his breath.

“Un? Kuch bola apna?” she asked.

“Nhi, let’s go we have a special place to go” Armaan said getting up.

“Kaha?” Riddhima asked.

“Chalo to pahle” Armaan grab her hand in one hand and holding the wine in other they move towards the car.

They reached at the beautiful church at Santorini, Riddhima was in aww as it was in her wish list to visit this place, rather she don’t know that Armaan would make it happy.

“Woww,,, Armaan, this is beautiful, apko pata hai photos se jyada sundar hai ye real me” Riddhima was beaming with happiness and Armaan can die for that smile.

Armaan looked around and soon two ladies came near the, he talk to them about something and they nodded.

“This way M’am, please” One of them pass the lead to Riddhima who looked at Armaan being confused.

“Just go with them” Armaan said looking at her lovingly and she went.

Armaan also move towards the opposite side.

“OMG! Like seriously, Armaan wants me to get ready in this dress, this one is bridal, why he would like me to wear this. Maybe kisi ki wediing ho, but aisa hota to bataya hota na. Inlog se puchhne ka koi matlab hi nhi hai, ye Armaan itne secretive kyu ho jate hain kabhi kabhi” Riddhima was wondering when both ladies were helping her in getting ready.

She was feeling like angel when she completely get ready in that white wedding gown.

“It’s time M’am, we should leave” one of them said and she nodded.

Armaan didn’t contacted her for a single time, don’t know where he was busy.

Riddhima step down the aisle, she was having goosebumps all over her body, she was holding a beautiful bouquet of various kind of roses. She was feeling so nervous at the moment she looked ahead at church gate, whole church was decorated beautifully with white lilies and lavenders, the smell was so soothing that she closed her eyes and inhaled the air with cutest smile on her face.

Inside the church everything was beautifully decorated and few peoples were also there smiling at Riddhima, she was looking like the best bride ever and her whole path was covered with flowers. Violin was playing as she enter inside the church.

She lift her gaze up and found Armaan standing near the father all dressed in white and black tuxedo, he was looking as handsome and chanrming as ever. Her heart skip a beat when she noticed his dimpled smile as his gaze fell over her. He was all lost looking at her and she shiver under his intense gaze, her plam was all wet but thanks to the gloves they had with the dress, it was not visible.

She looked around the church and peoples were nodding her to move forward, she looked at Armaan when a cute little girl come near her holding a cute bouquet, she held Riddhima’s hand and said “C’mon Liddhima, he ish waittting fol you” her tone was babyish which make her smile.

She reach near Armaan where he forward his hand so that she can stride up. Riddhima’s grasp his hand as if it was the only lifeline and he squeezed it lightly passing a comfortable smile at her.

“Armaan ye sab” Riddhima wishper.

“What could you say when a dream come true” Armaan murmured looking at her face.

She had the glint of moisture in her eyes as she was not able to hold all the love he was pouring at her.

“That was not allowed Riddhima, see ye sablog hamare liye aaye hain to attend our wedding” Armaan said.

“Do you know them?” She asked.

“Yeah, mostly they are from our past project partners and their families, when I said that I need to do this wedding they gather atonce to be a part of it” Armaan smiled.

“Thanku Armaan” she was not able to say anything else.

“Ek cheej aur v hai” Armaan said.

“Kya?” Riddhima asked being confused, this day was giving her a lot more than she has ever thought off.

“Father, may I?” Armaan looked at father seeking some permission.

“Go Ahead, Armaan” he nodded.

Armaan looked at a person sitting at the front row and nodded. He switched on some button and a screen appear on the vacant wall showing everybody from Mallik House even Riddhima and Muskaan’s family members were also gathered there. At one corner Rahul and Muskaan were also visible sitting in their hotel.

Riddhima looked at them being surprised and turned her gaze towards Armaan.

He smile looking at her expressions and murmured “SURPRISE”

“Ridzi, jyada shock mode me mat ja, teri shadi Armaan se hi hone wali hai fir se” Muskaan shouted.

Riddhima shook her head and looked at their family, they were smiling and pointing her move forward.

“Shall we start Mr. Mallik?” Father asked.

Armaan looked at the screen and everybody nodded enthusiastically. He grasp Riddhima’s hand and smile turning towards father.

“Yes Father”

Father start with some quotes and ask them to recite their vows, although Riddhima was happily enjoying the feeling of getting married in church.

“Do you Armaan Mallik, take Riddhima Gupta as your lawfully wedded wife?” Father looked at him.

Everybody shouted from background and screen “Say Yes, Say Yes”

Armaan passed a smirk looking at Riddhima who frowned on his smile, he was taking time thus she shifted in her position to say something but Armaan accepted before that.

“I DO” Armaan said and everybody hooted.

“Do you Riddhima Gupta, take Armaan Mallik as your lawfully wedded husband?” father asked looking towards Riddhima.

She shyly bend her eyes down and gathering some courage she look towards Armaan while were still shouting in background to say yes.

Armaan slightly squeezed her hand and she smile saying “I DO”

“Yayyyeee” Vansh, Nikki, Rahul and Muskaan shouted and start dancing at their places and Armaan shook his head.

“I declare both of you as husband wife, you may kiss the bride” Father said and Riddhima looked at Armaan being horrified.

She almost forgot this step, now what,,,, everybody was watching them, their family was also watching and people sitting there were also watching them with glued in their eyes.

“Umm,,,,” Riddhima tried to say something when Armaan moved forward.

Rahul faked cough to make him realize that they were also present.

Parents were looking here and there but ladies were happy and smile looking at them.

Armaan hold Riddhima from the waist and slightly dragged her towards himself. Riddhima closed her eyes out of shyness and nervousness.

She wait for Armaan to complete this step as soon as possible so that they can come out of this situation.

Instead of feeling his lips over hers, she felt his touch over her forehead, his lips linger for some moment over there savouring the once in lifetime feeling. Riddhima’s lips curl into a smile and everybody adore the couple being in aww.

“Congratulations guys” family members shouted and they smile looking at them. Armaan side hugged Riddhima, she was really very happy and looking stunning in that attire.

“Bhaiya, please do a photoshoot, you both are looking amazing” Nikki shouted and he nodded.

“Congratulations Armaan and Riddhima, shall we proceed for next gathering?” a person came and congratulate them and ask looking towards Armaan.

“Ha Armaan, continue over there, we are shutting it off” Billy said and he nodded then turn towards the person.

“Riddhima, he is John, my business partner in our project we did here and for future projects also, he is like a friend to me and all these short time arrangements are only possible due to him” Armaan smile letting him meet his wife.

“Hello, thanku so much for all the efforts, I really loved everything” Riddhima smile.

“Oh! Its my pleasure, lets move forward for the dine, we invited some people for your wedding reception” John said and they nodded.

They were about to move out following others when Riddhima held his hand a bit tightly.

“What happen Mrs. Gorgeous Mallik?” Armaan looked at her.

Instead of saying anything she came forward and hugged him “Thanku Armaan, thanku so much, it really matters a lot to me” she said while hugging her.

“If it matters to you then it means everything to me baby” Armaan smile hugging her.

She looked at him and twinkling shine in her eyes shows how happy she was.

“Chalein?” he asked.

“Hmm” she nodded.

Soon they reached in garden where everything was arranged for the dining and people were sitting there so that they can join.

They did a photoshoot and were very happy.
John start the feast by raising the toast for bride and groom and happily share his experience he had with Armaan and how they bonded so well.

Riddhima was happily enjoying the view and all the love and affection she was getting from almost stranger peoples.

Armaan thanks everybody for their presence at a memorable day of his life.

“Okay, so now ur wedding gift, here this is our special tradition for the couples and second one is ur one night pacakage for the newly wedded couple as I know you don’t have so much time to spare and you are already on your honeymoon but this much we want you to do” John said handling the gifts to Armaan and Riddhima.

“John, you did more than I thought off man, now these gifts are,,,,,” Armaan said but stopped by John.

“You have no say into it Armaan”

Armaan nodded and everybody clapped for the couple and someone pass a bouquet to Riddhima when she was about to get up. She had to throw that back and the person getting that boquet will be the next getting married.
“Okay, so lets do this” Riddhima smile looking at Armaan.

“Hmm” Armaan move forward with her.

They were about to reach near their car when Riddhima threw the boquet behind and everybody hooted as it was received by a girl and boy both.

Riddhima smile looking at Armaan who looked amused at the looks of that girl and boy who was holding the boquet.

“Good luck guys” Armaan said and they nodded looking at him with a lovestruck smile.

They settle in the car that take them to the place where John arranged something at their traditional point.

Soon they reach at that point and driver came out to escort them.

“Sir, M’am, I’ll be waiting here” he said and Armaan nodded.

They move towards the stairs and taking them to a decorated place.

“Happy?” Armaan asked.

“Bahut jyada Armaan, itna ki mai bata nhi sakti” Riddhima smiled.

“Good, raat ko bata dena” Armaan whisper and looks away smiling shyly.

They reached at the spot where everything was set with a note.

“Armaan and Riddhima, please light the candles near the mini church” a note display this.

They look at each other and smile doing the same and pray to be with each other.

The view was really enchanting as sun was setting down and a cake was kept with a couple placed upward. A note asking them to cut the cake.

They looked towards each other and smile holding the knife, they were really happy at that moment.

They cut the cake and feed each other, Riddhima move towards the edge of open area and stand near the railing watching Santorini in dim light, it was a worth watching view for whole life. Everything she thought off, she was getting due to the only person of her life, Armaan.

Riddhima tried to move when Armaan held her hand and turn her towards himself “Let me see my wife, nazar bhar k” Armaan whisper which arise goosebumps over her body.

He watch her from toe to head, falling into love with her once again. Her eyes were closed as his eyes travels over her body and she was rubbing her fingers with nervousness. He hold her hand and kissed her ring over it and smile looking at her, she slowly open her eyes and saw the most adorable look in his eyes, for her, her face was visible in his eyes, that’s all which ever matter to her.

She turn to look at the candles they lit in church and Armaan smile moving around to check whether they had to do something or not.

“Riddhima, see this” Armaan called her and she came out of her thought.

“Kya hua?” she asked.

“change into the dress kept here and leave your wedding dress at this place only, it will be send to you at ur penthouse” JOHN

“Ye kya hai?” Riddhima asked.

“Don’t know, you change first, we have to leave as driver is waiting” Armaan said.

Ridhdima nodded and move to change her dress, it was a pastel colour dress which was perfectly fitting her body and falling upto her knees.

Riddhima smile shyly coming out of the changing room.

Armaan whistle as he saw her in that dress “Kya irade hain madam?” he teased her.

“Bahut kuch” Riddhima said looking at him and he stopped looking at her angelic face that he didn’t noticed her words much.

“Armaan,,,, jaiye change karke aaiye” Riddhima said again.

“Ha baba, ja raha hu” Armaan went to change while she waited for him thinking so much about yesterday and today’s event.

Soon he came out and they went downward to catch their car, he took them to the suite which John booked for them, it was situated at the highest point and they can watch the whole city from the top.

Riddhima looked at his hand which held hers protectively, they came out once they reach there and Armaan called John to inform that they have reached.

They were standing near the car as driver was talking to hotel staff to check the arrangement which John made. Riddhima was standing beside him, the night breeze was a bit chilly due to which she shivers and looked at Armaan who was still talking.

Not getting any other clue to warm herself up, she just turn towards him and hugged him without saying anything, keeping her palms entangled behind his neck and his hand automatically wrapped around her waist. He took time to realized that she was almost over him without paying any attention to the public. He smile while talking and held her more possessively on the step she took, covering her into him.

She was trying to make up her mind for their honeymoon as Armaan did everything she could ever think off, only way to make him happy and their relation to take a step ahead was what she was planning. She wanted to tell him that she remember everything from the back night but don’t know how to say. For one thing she was sure that she was not going to back off today. He deserves her whole life and she wants their night to be perfect today.

Her face was hidden in his neck and her breath was making him impatient. He tried to finish the call as soon as possible and keeping his phone into pocket, he hugged her properly.

“Kya hua Riddhima, aaj bada pyar aa raha hai” Armaan whisper in her hairs.

“Wo to hamesha hi aata hai, I’m a bit cold” she reply and her muffled voice over his neck was doing nothing but turning him on to the extent he can’t control himself.

“Baby lets move towards our room, then we’ll see something to warm you up, ok” Armaan said and she detangled herself unwillingly.

“Sir, I’m leaving they will take you inside” Driver said and Armaan nodded thanking him.

“Sir, your room has been set according the description we got, if you need any help, just give us a call. And the luggage you brought has been kept into the room, anything else you need sir?” attended asked.

“No, thanku so much” Armaan said and moved towards the lift.

“Armaan” Riddhima stood at once”.

“Yeah baby” he looked back at her.

“I love your dimples” she touched it as his dimples get deeper.

She move towards the lift giving him time to register her words, she said the same previous night.

Armaan stood shocked keeping his palm over his dimples then look at her as his eyes moved out of the socket.

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