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part 79 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Armaan” Riddhima stood at once”.

“Yeah baby” he looked back at her.

“I love your dimples” she touched it as his dimples get deeper.

She move towards the lift giving him time to register her words she said the same previous night.

Armaan stood shocked keeping his palm over his dimples then look at her as his eyes moved out of the socket.

Till the time he register her words and realized that Riddhima knew everything about yesterday’s night, Riddhima reached into the elevator and the door started to close. Armaan ran like anything and kept his feet in between the door to open it again. Rddhima who closed her eyes being relax that Armaan will came later on, she jerked open her eyes by the voice of opening the lift again.

She open her eyes being shocked and found Armaan entering into the lift. There was no other person and she can’t depict his feeling as nothing was obvious on his face. Armaan’s gaze was fixed on her without saying a word and Riddhima looks everywhere but didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

Armaan slightly moved towards her but all these things are going so slowly that they reached upto their room where everything was arranged by John as their wedding gift.

Lift open and he look towards the door lost in somewhere which was not depictable. He hold her hand and dragged towards their room.

“OMG, Armaan gussa ho gaye kya? Ye maine kya kiya? Mujhe pahle hi bata dena chahiye tha, ab kya karu,,,, socha tha sab achha hoga yaha to ulta hi ho gaya” Riddhima was thinking till the time he dragged her towards their room and open the door with one hand and holding her from other.

As soon as the door open, he swiftly enter inside with Riddhima and closed the door at once crashing her over the door.

His eyes were dark but Riddhima can’t read anything into it as she was already confuse by his action.

“Ar,,,,ma,,,,,,” Riddhima tried to say when he came deadly close to her stopping her at once.

“Kiss me” he almost breathe on her face and Riddhima’s heart skip a beat.

She looked at him being confused by his demand.

“Kiss me like yesterday Riddhima” he whisper huskily over her lips.

His hot breathing on her skin was creating havoc inside in her body and her heart was beating with the speed she didn’t even knew that existed.

“Armaan” she was almost covered by red color on his demand.

She had no idea how she became so bold at that time maybe due to effect of drink.

“Riddhima” his rough husky voice was showing the intensity of his desire at that moment which was not helping her to compose herself.

“It was not me, you started that” she whisper closing her eyes.

“Really now” He looked into her eyes and she nodded, he crashed his body over her and she visibly gasped by the touch “HOW?” he asked again getting her focus over his face rather than their situation.

“Umm,,, I d,,,,,,” she stopped when he bend his face a bit lower coming upto her level.

He touched her lips so softly with his thumb which make her shiver into his hold, he traced her face with his nose tip running her heart like anything and she don’t now how and when her hand creeped towards his head and massaging his hairs in back she slightly open her eyes.

“I can’t contro,,,,,,,,” he can’t even finish his sentence when he feel the touch of her lips over his.

At that moment don’t know who inclined closer but that miracle happened once again and Armaan smile being sure that now he don’t need to count that touch and wait for it anylonger. That was for him and it became his with full right.

He hold her possessively around her waist and another hand was into her hairs to make her steady at her place. Riddhima was ruffling his hairs which only increase his passion for her and deepen the kiss.

After like ages and pouring every feeling and desire through that long awaited kiss they came out of it only to control their breathe. Their forehead was touching each other and eyes were closed. Their heart beat was still faster due to the moment they share and he was holding her securely so that she didn’t fell.

Armaan open his eyes to look at his wife who was looking beautiful with the blush on her cheek, shvering and slightly parted lips with closed eyes shows the intensity of kiss they shared. He slightly touched her swollen lips and she open her eyes looking directly into his, that blue oceanic orbs were everything for her. She had no idea when he became his lifeline and now she can’t even think of anything other than him.

“I love you” he whisper by don’t know which influence by kissing her forehead.

Riddhima smile and keeping her palm over his cheek she said “I love you too Armaan” he smile and turn his face in her hold and kissed her palm.

Holding it with his own hand he looked back at her.

“Ek baar fir se bolna” he said.

Riddhima smile shaking her head and hold his face in her both palm she looked into his eyes and said “I love you Armaan Mallik”

A broad smile form on his face making her heart flutter.

“ek baar fir” he demand once again.

Riddhima frowned and tried to move away from his hold looking around.

But he hold her hand and pulled her back to himself when his back was taking support on door and she almost collapsed over his chest.

“Armaan” she whisper as he hold her possessively through her waist.

“Thanku” he said.

“Kyu?” Riddhima become confused.

“For not forgetting our very first memory of closeness” Armaan pecked her lips and she become surprised by his act but tried to avoid coz she knew now she can’t stop him anyhow.

“Mujhe subah shower me yaad aaya, I just wanted to give you surprise” Riddhima said looking away.

“And that surprise hit directly into the heart, seriously” he smile looking at her blushing face.

“I feel really happy when I become the cause of you these reddish tinge” Armaan said talking about the blush of her face but she though he was talking about the love bite when they were in show thus her hand travel over her neck.

“Armaan” she looked away.

“Umm,,, for now I was talking about your blush but I won’t mind that reason also you know I can happily give y,,,,,,,” Armaan was saying but that was more than enough for her to handle in a single go.

“Armaan please” she kept her palm over his lips and he kissed her.

“Armaan” Riddhima don’t know how many time she took his name in such a short span of time but he loved it each and every time.

She tried to release herself from his grip but that was not an easy task.

She looked towards him and smile which was enough to bowled Armaan, she slowly move her palm from his forehead through his eyes and he closed it loosing his hold a bit which was enough for Riddhima so she just flew away from his hold.

“Riddhima” before he can hold her back she disappeared into washroom.

“Haayyyee” he kept his palm over his heart and drop down on sofa.

That was really happening between them, they started something very special and memorable. He want to cherish every moment with her, to remember every single moment which he spend with her.

He closed his eyes and only flashes of their passionate kiss popped out which make hims open his eyes atonce.

Shaking his head as he was badly getting into it but he loved it, he got up and looked around the room. It was perfectly decorated for a newly wed, the flowers, music, dim light, drink and decoration everything was perfect. But what about their perfect night, don’t know how much time Riddhima will take to move a step ahead in their relationship but they started atleast and he had no grudges for her no matter how much time she need. He will always be there for her.

He looked outside from the window covering the whole wall with glass. They were in one of the top floors thus everything was visible from their room. He can see the whole city standing there, the sea in twinkling lights.

Riddhima control her heartbeat for sometime as it was beating beyond any control.

She quickly ran the shower and letting water control her heart beat clear her mind.

She came out of her thoughts and step out of shower wrapping herself into bathrobe.

“Oh no! jaldi jadli me dress to liya hi nhi, ab kya karu” Riddhima tapped her forehead.

She was about to open the door when her eyes fall over some packets kept on side table in that big washroom.

“Now what is this” she whisper and hold the packets.

“Ridzi,,, this one is for you. I just hope pahle tu hi dekhe ise. Good Luck”

Yes, now that was the message written over it which was obviously send by Muskaan, so she had arranged this part atleast with the help of John and Rahul.

Rolling her eyes on how much extent she can go, she open the packet.

As soon as her eyes fall on it she dropped it being shocked and then pick it up again.

“What the hell,,,, ye ladki pagal hai kya?” Riddhima was in shock mode.

That was one of the beautiful yet revealing nighty. She don’t know what to do and giving it a thought she sighed and put it on. Luckily there was a overall also, that too Armaan’s favorite red color.

Riddhima wrapped the robe and controlling her heart beat she turned on the knob.

She came out in room and searched for Armaan but he was not there. She looked around and saw a note on wall window.

“Will be back in five minutes baby” message with a wink emoji.

“Pagal” she murmured.

She was looking outside and was lost in the beauty of Santorini that she didn’t realized when Armaan came inside and was smiling as he found her lost.

She was standing there with slightly damp hairs and his favorite robe, he slowly move towards washroom and getting fresh he came out and she was still standing there.

Armaan threw towel on sofa and moved towards her. She was smiling looking somewhere but he knew that smile was due to being lost in him not in scenery.

“Waiting for me?” he kept his hand to both side of her as his chest touch her back.

“N,,,,Nhi to, mai yo ye scene….” She stopped as his one hand hold her from waist.

“Pakka?” he asked moving his hand towards her shoulder from back side.

“Armaan aap.,…” she was about to turn when he shushed her by keeping her hairs to one side and holding her both hands with his from back side.

She closed her eyes by the feather tocuh and slight kisses he was showering on her neck.

Bending into her hairs he took a deep breathe inhaling her which was making him break all the barriers between them yet he was trying hard to control by small acts, but he don’t have any idea that these things will only lead to other.

Being lost in desire he kissed her neck a bit harder and she moaned his name, her eyes were opening and closing due to proximity they were sharing and that glass window was giving a chill down her body.

“I told you I won’t mind giving this” Armaan slightly rub the sopt on her neck and she tried to move out of his hold.

“Armaan, chhodiye na” Riddhima whisper.

“Hmm,,, ab kaha bhagna hai apko madam, I think washroom was the only escape here which u already used. Aur iske alawa koi hai nhi jo apko bula raha ho ya apko kaam ho, so chhodne ka ek reason bata do” Armaan said slowly kissing lightly on her exposed skin and she was loosing to him.

She was feeling too shy and tried to move away when his finger accidently twisted with robe and it fell out in his hand while Riddhima stopped slightly away from him being shocked. She closed her eyes feeling exposed to him and Armaan look at the robe in his hand. His eyes travel from the robe to her and he got the biggest surprise of his life, she was dressed in a night suit which itself was enough to pull him all over her.

Controlling his heart beat somehow, praying not to loose his hold over his desires he moved towards her who was standing with closed eyes rubbing her hands together unaware of the tycoon going inside Armaan. He literally prayed several time to control his every desire as if he was aware that something uncontrable was about to happen.

And he was dropped down on his knees when he saw her from front, his eyes grew darkest as this was beyond any limit he could handle. His eyes travel over her body as the dress was gripping her perfectly and he cursed as his hands were breaking every barrier to hold and tocuh her. Her parted trembling lips and flying hairs were not helping him to control his desires in slightest. He knew that one more moment and he’ll lost his grisp thus he hold the robe saving her look into the heart he wrapped it around her. A promise was a promise no matter how much he suffer from that.

Riddhima feel something cold over her shoulder and open her eyes, she feels Armaan wrapping the robe over her looking away and turn to leave when she placed her hand over his shoulder.

Armaan closed his eyes as she was expert in reading them, he don’t want to break his promise.

“Armaan” she called him.

“Baby I’ll just,,,,,” he stopped as she make him turn to face her.

“Look at me Armaan” she placed her palm over his cheek.

“Riddhima mai,,,,,” he open his eyes and Riddhima shiver as the desire was very prominent in his eyes.

“Armaan mai,,,,,,” Riddhima look at him when placed his own hand over her.

“I’m sorry Riddhima, I don’t want to break my promise but I think I just can’t control myself,,,,, I can’t,,,,, it just,,,,,,” He was not able to complete his sentence but the guilt was visible in his eyes that he tried to break it.

Riddhima hugged him tightly and feeling her body along with his, he was again compelled to hold her. Travelling his hand over her back he tried to feel her.

“Riddhima baby I c,,,,” Riddhima hold his face into her palms and look into his eyes.

Labon Ko Labon Pe Sajao
Kya Ho Tum Mujhe Ab Batao
Todh Do Khud Ko Tum
Banhon Mein Meri
Banhon Mein Meri
Banhon Mein Meri
Banhon Mein
Aaaaa.. Aaa..

“Armaan” he looked towards her and she nodded.

‘Riddhima,,,, tum,,,,, are u sure?” he asked.

“Hmm” she nodded once again and he unbelievably hold her face.

Tere Ehsaasson Mein Bheege Lamhato Mein
Mujhko Dooba Tishnagi Si Hain
Teri Adao Se Dilkash Khatao Se
In Lamho Mein Zindagi Si Hai
Haya Ko Zara Bhool Jao
Mere Hi Tarah Pesh Aao
Ko Bhi Do Khud Ko Tum
Raaton Mein Meri
Raaton Mein Meri
Raaton Mein Meri
Raaton Mein
Aaaa, Aaa..

“Baby, I don’t want to force anything” Armaan said.

“Armaan, I wear this dress for you, to aap mujhe kaise force kar sakte hain” Riddhima said slowly and Armaan register her words taking time.

“Really Riddhima, shall we?” Armaan looked into her eyes being doubtfull.

She blinked her eyes and his happiness has no boundary, holding her he twirl her around and hugged her tightly as they fall on bed.

“Please say I’m not dreaming?” Armaan said looking into her eyes.

Riddhima bend down pecking his lips she giggled “Ab pata chala”

Labon Ko Labon Pe Sajao
Kya Ho Tum Mujhe Abb Batao
Tere Zajbaaton Mein Mehki Se Saason Mein
Yeh Jo Mehek Sandali Se Hai
Dil Ki Panahon Mein Bekhri Se Aahon Mein
Sone Ki Khwasish Jagi Si Hai
Chehre Se Chehra Chupao
Sene Ki Dhadkan Suno
Dekhlo Khud Ko Tum
Annkhon Mein Meri
Annkhon Mein Meri
Annkhon Mein Meri
Annkhon Mein
Labon Ko Labon Pe Sajao
Kya Ho Tum Mujhe Abb Batao

“Nhi,,,, ye to sapne wala tha, real wala chahiye” Armaan frowned and rolling around he came over the top of her he grasped her hand on bed and kiss her passionately making her forget the existing world. Soon they were lost in their own world marking each other as one in every way possible.

Rahul and Muskaan were roaming around the hills and snow talking about Armaan Riddhima wedding and their plan of placing the gift for Riddhima to seduce Armaan.

“Tujhe pata hai mai imagine kar sakti hu Ridzi ka reaction jab use wo dress mila hoga” Muskaan said laughing.

“I just hope unka honeymoon ho jaye bas” Rahul said.

“Ha yar” Muskaan also nodded.

“Wo dekh, kabhi aise v rah liya kar” Rahul showed a couple to Muskaan.

They were sitting cosily enjoying the snow and preparing snowman.

“Aww,,,,, to Rahul ko aise rahna hai?” Muskaan asked cutely.

“Ha” he nodded enthusiastically.

“Ok” she pushed him and when he forward his hand to hold her, she start moving towards the couple.

“Oye ladki, kya karne wali hai ruk ja Muskaan” Rahul tried to run behind her but she was too fast.

“Excuse me” Muskaan asked cutely.

“Yes” the girl replied.

“Actually my husband got influenced by ur lovey dovey pose and he wanted to do the same” Muskaan said with blinking eyes.

“What?” they both asked.

Muskaan giggle knowing they got it wrong and so that Rahul thus he tried to handle the situation.

“With my wife dude, not urs” Rahul showed his teeth and they smiled knowing they were pranking.

“Carry on dude” he nodded showing thumbs up and Rahul smile dragging Muskaan along with him.

“Tu pagal hai kya? Abhi pitwati mujhe us ladke se v aur police se v” Rahul said and Muskaan laugh looking at him.

“Arey sun to” Muskaan called.

“Nhi sun na hai mujhe, hamesha ulta seedha karnama karti rahti hai ladki” Rahul said making faces.

Muskaan hold him, turning him towards himself she hugged him tightly and they fell on snow.

“Muskaan kya kar rahi hai yar” Rahul looked at her as she smirked with her traditional smile.

Before he can react Muskaan kissed him in the snow making him forget their fight.

Coming out of the kiss she winked at him and he smiled.

“Better than them I think” she said keeping a finger on her chin he asked.

“Better than anything else” Rahul said taking her into another kiss.

As they watch sunset siting with each other in balcony enjoying their company in snowfall having drinks together. Their honeymoon was going the best they can ever think off. Being prankster they both don’t miss a chance to kept other in problem then rescue at the peak time.

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