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part 80 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Better than anything else” Rahul said taking her into another kiss.

As they watch sunset siting with each other in balcony enjoying their company in snowfall having drinks together. Their honeymoon was going the best they can ever think off. Being prankster they both don’t miss a chance to kept other in problem then rescue at the peak time.

“Rahul tujhe kya lagta hai?” Muskaan asked looking towards the sun.

“Kis bare me Muski?” Rahul asked squeezing her into his arms.

Muskaan kept silent being lost and he get the hint that she was serious in that moment.

He turn her face towards himself and she reluctantly tore the gaze from sun and looked into his eyes.

“Kya chal raha hai tere is khurapati dimag me?” he tried to lighten her mood as he can’t even imagine Muskaan being this much serious.

“Khurapati to bilkul v nhi” she murmured.

“Muskaan, kya hua? Tu dara kyu rahi hai mujhe?” Rahul asked.

“Kuch nhi chhod jane de, chal ab bhook lag rahi hai mujhe” Muskaan said regaing her normal self.

“Muskaan” Rahul hold her hand and hugged her “Mujhe bata kya soch rahi thi?”

Muskaan become emotional and her tears flows out.

“Shushh,, Muskaan chup ho ja na, kya hua tujhe, bachha mujhe to bata” Rahul was hell scared now.

He made her drink some water and sitting down he hold her hands as she sit on sofa.

“kya hua mujhe to bata” He asked.

“Maine life ko kabhi itna seriously nhi liya Rahul, studies, job sab kuch bas aata gaya aur mai karti gai, meri life me Riddhima thi, uncle aunty, mom dad, uske alawa kabhi koi aaya hi nhi ki mai kuch aur expect karti. Lekin ab jab se tu meri life me aaya hai aur tere jhagde k sath mujhe itna pyar mila to mujhe darr lagta hai ki kabhi ye kam ho gaya to? Mai to bare hi nhi kar paungi. Tujhe to pata hai na ki mai kitni pagal hu, mujhe to ye v nhi pata ki mujhe aage karna kya hai. Agar kabhi tu mujhse gussa ho gaya to?” she looked towards him with brimming eyes.

Rahul was on the verge of crying she was making him emotional too. He just hugged her very very tight, as his life depends on her.

“Filhal to mai abhi sach me tujhse gussa hu” he said wiping her tears and kissing her forehead.

“Kyu?” she asked.

“Tune aisa socha kaise ki mai tujhse dur jaunga, tu pagal hai kya….ha wo to hai but fir mai to tujhse v bada pagal hu jo tujhse itna pyar karta hu,,,, mai tujhse dur jane k bare me kabhi soch v nhi sakta,,,,,, dekh pyar to ho jata hai na wo ho gaya lekin tu mujhe mil hi jayegi aisa bharosa nhi tha mujhe specially jab wo shadi wala drama chal raha tha tab,,, but jab uske baad v tu mujhe mil gai, tu soch v nhi sakti hai Muskaan ki mujhe kitni khushi mili hai. Tera har drama, har masti, har ladai manjoor hai mujhe aur sirf yahi nhi mujhe to tu chahiye, puri ki puri with all pacakage,,,,,, kahi se v koi compromise nhi, ek percent ka v” Rahul said and she smiled to which he kissed her palms.

“Aur itna tension mat le, aage kya hoga hame nhi pata but kabhi mai gussa hu to tu mujhe ghar me band kar dena, lad lena, jhagad lena aur us se v na manu to pyar kar lena lekin kabhi ye mat sochna ki mai tujhe apni life me nhi chahta,,,, tu meri life hai Muskaan, Bhagwaan ji v khoj k laye the tujhe mere samne so that mujhe ye pata chale ki meri jindagi pe kiska raaz chalne wala hai, I won’t mind tera jo mann kare wo kar bas mere paas rah. Mai kabhi soch v nhi sakta tujhe dur hone k bare me, aur honeymoon pe duri k bare me kaun sochta hai ye batana jara?” Rahul raised his brows up and she smiled.

“Muskaan Cha,,,,, Rahul Mallik” she said but corrected herself which make him smile.

“Ha lekin Rahul Mallik ko aisa lagta hai ki honeymoon pe dur jane k bare me nhi paas aane k bare me sochna Mrs.Rahul Mallik” Rahul said leaning towards her and she smiled.

“Aur ha aage tujhe kya continue karna hai uski tension chhod de, we’ll figure out something when we go back to home” Rahul said before sealing their lips into a promise and exploring her all the way to make her forget other things so that she can only focus on him.

Riddhima and Armaan was sleeping peacefully cuddling to each other, their sleep was disturbed by sunrays which make Armaan frown a bit in sleep and Riddhima open her eyes slightly he hold her properly while deepening his face in pillow. Riddhima tried to leave when he groaned tightening his grip and again went into slumber.

She sighed looking at him, his face was invisible as he hide it in pillow and she was hugged all over him by his strong arms. She peeped out by lifting her head a bit upward and saw sunrise which bring smile on her face.

Slowly loosening his grip on her as he was in sleep again, Riddhima came out of bed holding the white sheet covering herself and placing knot to hold it, she came near the window and slowly open it. The balcony ahead was even more beautiful with flowers and chairs and whole open area showing the city, the sea and beautiful beach.

“Beautiful” she whisper looking around.

She was standing nearby railing inhaling the cool air and smile broadly. Inclining a bit over railing she admire the beauty of city.

Suddenly she felt two arms sneaking from both side holding her from stomach and bringing her close to himself from back side and thennuzzled gently over her shoulder. She shiver by his one touch and control the blush of her cheeks somehow when he put her hairs to one side and gives feather kisses on her shoulder and neck.

“Armaan” she whisper slowly as his hold become tight in order to control his acts.

“What are u doing here? I missed u on bed” Armaan murmured over her skin.

“Good morning Armaan, I just came out to see sunrise” she smile giving him a look but intensity of his gaze was enough for her to look back towards sea.

“Sun rise to ho gaya and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” Armaan said turning her around in his hold when her back touch the railing and she surprisedly look at him. Mischevious glint in his eyes tell that he was about to do something but before she could ask, he kissed her lips, slowly making her forget what she was going to ask and savouring the moment for lifetime, soon they were lost in the kiss and Armaan leave her when she need to breathe to control her heart beat.

She threw her head back in order to compose herself and he nuzzled down her throat when she hold him through his head and bring his face upwards being shocked on his actions and he pouted as she make him loose the feeling of her skin, her eyes were carrying the question about his behavior right now.

He smile cutely and pecking her lips again he whisper “Just wishing my wife a good morning”

Riddhima blushed on his comment and tried to move away when he hold her back.

“Kaha ja rahi hain aap?” he asked.

“Ar,,,,maaan, we have to pack the things, I think we need to leave for our place” Riddhima got an excuse to place.

“Hmm, koi nhi lets get ready then, shower sath me lete hain jaldi ho jayega” Armaan suggested with a serious face and she looked at him with shock wriiten all over her face.

“Ji nhi,,,,,, jaldi nhi late hoga” she said atonce.

“Really? Tumhe kaise pata late hoga Riddhima?” he asked coming towards her.

“Umm, ,,wo,, mai,,,,,mujhe,,,,,, mai ready hoke aati hu” Riddhima flew away not getting any answer and Armaan smile.

He fell down on bed reminiscing their moments, their very own moments they shared together. The glow on her face was the proof of their relation and he was sure enough to maintain that throughout.

Room service bring some dresses for them and Armaan knocked the washroom door.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her.

“Armaan, kyu pareshan kar rahe hain aap” Riddhima said with irritation and this was because she don’t know what to wear and moreover she was trying hard to cover the lovebites with concealer.

“Riddhima meri baat to suno mai,,,,,” Armaan was cut short by Riddhima again.

“No Armaan” she said.

“Theek hai fir, aana bathrobe me bahar, I’m waiting” Armaan said chuckling.

“Wait,,, what??????????” she asked being surprised and slowly open the door hiding behind it.

“Oh! So now I can,,,,” Armaan was about to enter.

“Armaan NOOOOOO” she said atonce making him smirk.

“Kyu baby” he blowed air on her face enjoying her irritated look.

“What were u saying?” she asked.

“Yahi ki I’m waiting” he said with an amused eyes.

“But I don’t have any dress Armaan” she said.

“Who need a dress on honeymoon?” he winked at her.

“Armaan” she looked away don’t have courage to look towards him, she don’t want to go out in that short bathrobe.

“Relax,,,, ye lo dress, aur change kar k aa jao” he passed her a packet and she smile to which he kissed her cheek.

“Be quick” Armaan said.

“Hmm” she nodded and closed the door.

She changed into the dress he handed and blushed remembering his acts and their love making throughout.

The dress was completely fitting one piece she loved it but it was revealing her every feature now how she had to control Armaan was a big headache for her. it was slightly open on the waist and joined by few threads.

She came out and Armaan whistle as soon as his eyes fall on her.

“Ye,,,,umm,,, dress kisne mangwai?” Riddhima asked, shifting the dress to cover up herself.

“None other than my very helpful saali and brother” Armaan showed his dimples with a smile and coming towards her he slowly bend down and kissed her navel as it was exposed in that dress.

“Lets stay back” he whisper over her skin and Riddhima closed her eyes as soon as his lips touch her skin, she clutched his hairs holding it right at that place where he whispered.

“Please” he again said making her weak on her knees.

He slowly rubbed her open skin and Riddhima tried to gain her composure and hold his hand with her own. Armaan came back from his wonderland and looked upwards with a confusion and question in his eyes, he was not happy by the disturbance she was creating.

“Umm,,, we have to leave Armaan, we are late already” she said looking other side.

“But,,,,,” he resisted but she shook her head.

“Get ready, we have to leave, aur waise v hame John ko thanku v bolna hai” she tried to deviate his mind.

“Fine, I’m letting you go just for now, will see in night” Armaan said getting up.

Riddhima moved away to comb her hairs more over to avoid his intense gaze and he left for washroom.

“Ye Muskaan ki bachhi, kapde arrange karne hi hain to dhang k nhi bhej sakti, har baar mai fas jati hu, ek to mujhe ho kya jata hai jab Armaan itne paas hote hain to, mai dur hi nhi ja pati, God,,, kya ho raha hai mujhe” she murmured while getting ready.

Armaan came out and a fresh aroma covered the room which make her smile.

She arranged their things before he came out so they just need to leave, meanwhile Armaan got message of John that he was waiting for them downstairs.

“Chalein?” he looked at her.

“Hmm” she nodded.

They reached down and met John, Armaan thanked him for everything and invited him to India with his family for the event they were planning once they will go back from honeymoon.

“Will surely be there Armaan, it was nice getting along with you, I hope u liked our arrangements and yeah ur wedding dress and few gifts from our side has been kept in the car which will drop you at the hotel.

“Thanku so much dude, I owe you” Armaan smile patting his back.

Riddhima too thanked him for everything he did for them.

“Its my pleasure Bhabhiji” he said trying a bit Indian assent which make her smile.

“Ok, take care Armaan and enjoy the rest of honeymoon” John said hugging him and they parted ways from there.

Soon they took the way back to their hotel with a contend smile on their face, lost in the same thought but separately. They can’t even discuss the feeling of being together like that was something so blissful and happy.

“I want to talk to Muskaan so badly right now, but nhi abhi nhi kar sakti warna Armaan pata nhi kitne maje lenge mere blushing face ka aur uski baatein hi aisi hongi mujhse control nhi hoga, its better mai wapas jake hi baat karu” Riddhima thought and looked out of window.

Armaan looked at her and smile, she was enjoying the view but he had something else in his mind.

He moved Riddhima’s hand from her lap and she looked at him being confused.

“Armaan kya hua?” she asked.

He didn’t said anything, just lay down on seat keeping his head over her laps and she smile on his act.

Her hand automatically moved in his hairs and he smile looking at her face. That was the most blessed moment they had in their life being with each other.

He hold her hand and placing it on his heart slowly closed his eyes. Riddhima smile and look at his face without blinking her eyes.

“If u continue to look at me like that I might do so many things I wanted to do right now” Armaan said and her cheeks grew darker shade of red which compel her to look out of the window.

Armaan lightly open his eyes to see how she was trying to control her blush pressing her both lips together. His palm move towards her and slowly released the contact of her lips and she looks down at him, he winked at her and again closed his eyes.

Riddhima shook her head and smile on his act. She don’t know what they are doing from tomorrow but everything feels so so precious and beautiful.

Armaan turn with his closed eyes and hugged her from the waist which make her gasp.

“Armaan” she glared him but he was not going to leave any chance.

Since his face was towards her stomach, he started kissing her slowly making her close her eyes tightly as his kisses and hot breathe over her skin was creating havoc in her body.

She hold his head to stop him but he nuzzled more into it when she turn his head to make him look at her.

“What are you doing?” she mouthed as she don’t want to get drivers attention.

“Kuch v to nhi” he whisper slowly yet mischeviously.

“I’m warning you Armaan” she said with a fake anger as she know very well that she can’t get angry with the person looking at her with blue orbs and mischevious smile deepening his dimples. Shaking her head she looked out of window to distract her mind as he initiated something she was not able able to hold back.

Armaan slowly pressed a button which shut the open space between driver and their seat which was not noticed by Riddhima as she was lost in the nature and his thoughts.

Although Armaan did it unintentionally but who knows, anything can happen.

He peacefully closed his eyes enjoying the ride. Riddhima shifted a little and he groaned by the disturbance.

He looked at her who was holding water bottle.

“Sorry, ye lena tha” she murmured and showed him bottle.

She slowly drink water and Armaan noticed the movement in her throat, he was about to close his eyes when few drops slide over her throat making him groan loudly and her just hold her head from back side and bend her down. Before Riddhima could register he sucked the drops from her throat and her eyes become wide with shock. Armaan didn’t left from there he started giving feather kisses all over her exposed area which make her helpless and she can’t do anything other than holding him tightly as he sit slowly and shifted her on his lap without making it obvious to her. Nuzzling into her hairs he inhaled her and kissed her earlobe which make her close her eyes. He was holding her securely from waist with one hand. Riddhima was loosing herself in his touches, he even make her forget that they are on a road trip and moving towards her lips he sealed it in breath taking kiss.

When he get enough force to pull back repeating in mind that they are still in a car, he leave her keeping his head over her shoulder. Both were breathing heavily with closed eyes and he looked at her face which was all covered with blush and her hairs were ruffled thoroughly. He slighted adjusted her dress and she open her eyes not believing how they were loosing their control over desire just in one night.

She shifted back on seat scolding herself mentally and corrected her hairs and dress not able to meet gaze with Armaan. Whereas Armaan was also scolding himself as he was loosing everything whenever he get too close to her.

Holding her hand he look towards her and she looks back towards him.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled holding his ear with one hand.

Riddhima instantly hold his hand and removed from there nodding a no and hugged him in response so that he again don’t get covered with the guilt feeling. She knew she was equally partner in this crime.

They get video call from Mallik Mansion and smile once the talk start as Muskaan and Rahul were also added in the call. They were enjoying in snow and stopped at some point for having snacks whereas Armaan Riddhima were on the way to their pent house.

Nikki and Vansh were more enthusiastic than anyone else, they were reminding them to buy everything they asked for.

“And Bhabhi u said u’ll bring chocolates for me” Vansh said in order to rewind her words.

“Yes baby, I’ll bring lots of chocolates, don’t worry” Riddhima smile.

“Achhe se ghumna tum log aur khoob enjoy karo, afterall yahi to din hai warna wapas aake to sab k sab busy ho jaoge” Ananya said and they nodded.

“Mom, wo to theek hai lekin ye chipkali hamesha mujhe beat kar deti hai skiing me” Rahul pouted making others smile and Muskaan glared him.

“Tu kuch jyada hi nhi bol raha hai” Muskaan nudged him.

“Wo isliye Rahul kyunki wo school time se hi skiing champion hai” Riddhima breaked the news.

“Oo, tabhi mujhe laga iske moves itne perfect kyu hote hain” Rahul said thinking something else.

“Wo to hona hi hai, tum Muskaan se is competition me to nhi jeet sakte, sorry” Riddhima said and he looked at Muskaan who was grinning wide.

Riddhima was talking to family when Rahul murmured “Jeetna kise hai jab haarna hi itna khoobsurat hai to” which was only audible to Muskaan who slapped him playfully.

“Okay, to girls shopping ki ya nhi?” Anurag asked.

“Yes chachu, maine to kar li but abhi bahut sari baki hai” Muskaan said.

“Ha bilkul, Switzerland k shopping joints k address mail karta hu mai tumhe” Anurag said.

“Kya chachu aap v,,,,, ab fir se market me ghumna padega bags leke itni mushkil se to iska dimag shopping se hataya tha” Rahul said and Muskaan glared him.

“Achha bachhu” she looked at him with anger in her eyes.

“Beta wo to handle karna padega, biwi k sath rahna hai to shopping se dosti karni padegi” Anurag said.

“Ha kyunki hamlog Armaan jitne lucky to hain nhi” Rahul said looking at them where he smiled looking at Riddhima “Waise bhabhi, apko shopping kyu nhi pasand, ye to ladkiyo ki speciality hoti hai nhi”

“Kyunki apki biwi mere paas koi option hi chhodti, mujhe jarurat ho uske pahle hi Mom ya aunty k sath sab shopping kar k rakh deti hai aur usme kuch aisa nhi hota jisko mai bol saku ki ye mujhe pasand nhi hai” Riddhima smiled and everyone felt aww on their bonding.

“Matlab tujhe meri sari shopping pasand aai abhi tak” Muskaan tried to tease her on yesterday’s dress without making it obvious to others.

“will get back to that later on, lets say till Mussoriee I liked ur shopping” Riddhima glared her to which Rahul and Muskaan smirked and Armaan smile looking away.

“Are we missing something guys?” Prerna asked.

“Nhi chachi, wo to bas aajkal use kuch aur hi achha lagne laga hai” Muskaan teased her.

“Oooo” she said.

“Muskaan” Riddhima warned her.

“Okay guys, can we have some family time” Billy gathered their attanetion.

Soon they get involved in talking random things and enjoying bantering and chit chat for some time till they reached at penthouse.

“Ok Dad, will do video call after sometime” Armaan said and looked towards Anurag who was busy in laptop and phone from sometime.

“Ha bas ek minute, Riddhima your shopping point is nearby penthouse and I have arranged a time slot for the best sale going on there with the credits, just go and buy whatever you like ok, but hurry up and reach there after two hours” Anurag said.

Riddhima looked at him being surprised.

“Chachu, u r great” Muskaan jumped in happiness.

“But chachu,,,,,” Riddhima was about to say something when Anurag cut in.

“Sorry girl, no excuse, actually tumhare jaise logo ko jabarjasti bhejna padta hai” Anurag smiled.

“Okay” she sighed.

“And Muskaan, ur pass is for tomorrow as tum log ko wapas aate aate hi shaam ho jayegi. I’ll send the details” Anurag smiled.

“Thanku chachu, I love you” Muskaan was more than happy.

“We love you too kids, okay so enjoy the day, we’ll catch later on” Anurag said and they bid bye to everyone.

Armaan smile looking at Riddhima who was a bit more happier after talking with everybody.

“Chalein?” Armaan looked at her.

“Hmm” she nodded and they came out of the car.

Staff took care of their luggage and they went towards the penthouse.

“Anything special for lunch?” Armaan asked.

“Nhi kuch v manga lijiye, mai fresh hoke aati hu” Riddhima said moving towards the washroom and Armaan order their food.

Soon Armaan also freshen up and gathered lunch. They had their lunch while little cit chit chat and Riddhima lay down as they had to rush for shopping within an hour.

Armaan also lay down and his hand automatically hold her as he closed his eyes. Riddhima looked at him but the contend smile on his face restrict her from saying anything, so she just closed her eyes holding his arms.

After half an hour Armaan wake her up and ask to get ready as they had to leave.

“Armaan aap v challenge?” Riddhima asked.

“Kyu? Apko kisi aur k sath shopping karni hai?” Armaan asked.

“Nhi, wo to bas aise hi” Riddhima and went to get ready.

Soon they reached at shopping mall and checkin with their id given by Anurag.

“This is beautiful” Riddhima smile looking around the mall.

“Hmm, its one of best shopping joint here” Armaan smiled.

“Ok, then we’ll buy something for everybody” Riddhima said and Armaan nodded.

“As u say Mam” he smiled and she shook her head.

They start getting things for everybody at home when Armaan remind her that she had to get something for herself also.

He was occassionaly busy in his phone which gathered Riddhima’s attention.

“Aap busy hain?’ she asked.

“For u? Never?” Armaan winked and she shook her head.

They were passing by some shops when something caught her attention. She instantly got some idea but that cannot be executed infront of Armaan.

“Armaan mujhe kuch samaan lena hai tab tak aap food joint pe baitho” Riddhima said.

“Wifey apko mere bina kya lena hai” he tried to tease her.

“Ho sakta hai kuch v” she said looking away.

“Achha theek hai,I’m waiting for you, tab tak mai kuch calls khatam kar leta hu, meet me in an hour ok” Armaan said.

“Ok” she smiled.

Kissing her forehead he moved towards food court.

“Thank god, ab mai jaldi se apna kaam kar lu” Riddhima move back towards the shop she noticed earlier.

Armaan was talking to someone when he also noticed something which he liked instantly.

“Excuse me, could u pack this one for me” Armaan went into the shop and got the stuff.

“I think, Armaan ko ye pasand aayega” Riddhima said while looking at the stuff she wanted.

Once Armaan was done with the phone he looked at his watch. It was more than an hour and Riddhima was still not there.

He tried calling her but her phone was not reachable which make worried, he ran towards the shops where he left her and bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry I was searching my wife” he said instantly without looking at the person.

“U got her” hearing Riddhima’s voice he looked at her and hugged her at once.

“Where were u? I was calling u but,,,,,” Armaan’s heart was beating so fast.

“Armaan, relax, mai yahi pe thi, shop me andar network nhi tha” Riddhima said patting his back.

“Don’t go like that anywhere, it killed me several death just to travel from food court to here in search of you” he kissed her forehead and she smiled.

“I’m sorry” her eye welled up by the love and care of her husband.

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