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part 81 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Don’t go like that anywhere, It killed me several death just to travel from food court to here in search of you” he kissed her forehead and she smiled.

“I’m sorry” her eye welled up by the love and care of her husband.

“Its okay, I was just scared” Armaan murmured over her head.

Riddhima closed her eye as she was about to wet his shirt by tears but controlled herself somehow.

She looked at him coming out of hug and nodded her head in No which make him sigh as he don’t have any control over his emotions specially for her.

“Armaan, mujhe bhook lagi hai” Riddhima said getting no point to deviate his mind.

“Tumne hi late kiya, I was waiting for u there, lets go” Armaan said holding the shoppers from her hand and she just hugged his arms smiling.

“Apko pata hai I’m very lucky” Riddhima smiled.

“Achha ji, wo kyu?” he looked at her smiling.

“Because mere paas world ka best husband hai” her eyes were fixed on him.

“Oye hoyee” Armaan said with his signature smile which make her blush “There it comes back” he indicate towards her blush and she looks away walking forward with him.

“Ok so, kya khana hai apko wifey” Armaan asked.

“Kuch v” she said taking a seat.

“Actually Riddhima, there is no such dish with the name kuch v over here” Armaan said with a serious face after scrolling through the menu.

“That was not funny Armaan” Riddhima mocked him.

“Really?” he asked with a fake surprised face.

“Ji ha” she said looking towards the menu.

“Ha to jab do minute pahle itni bhook lagi thi wo ab kaha chali gai” Armaan asked.

“Kahi nhi, batati hu ek min rukiye to sahi” Riddhima said looking at menu.

Armaan chuckled as he haven’t seen her with this type of reaction neither he ever teased her like that. But this honeymoon was revealing so many new things about her and his own feeling which was hidden somewhere when they were at home. They become more comfortable around each other, he was loving her expressions when he teased her. He felt out of the world when she does anything for him. Although he never liked being out of focus or control but love when that was the case with his wife. Even without trying anything she managed to increase his heart beat several times faster, what will happen when she actually start trying anything.

Coming out of his thought they gave order and start enjoying the food.

“So sabke liye shopping ho gai?” Armaan asked.

“Hmm, I just hope sabko pasand aaye” Riddhima said.

“Don’t worry they will love it, by the way wifey mere liye kya liya?” Armaan asked.

“Wo Armaan, mai wapas jake batau apko” Riddhima looked a bit nervous.

“Matlab liya hai, wow,,, mujhe to laga aap sabke chakkar me mujhe bhool gai” Armaan said chuckling back.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai” she said.

“Okay but we have to go somewhere else” Armaan said tried to act normally.

“Kaha pe?” she asked.

“Hai ek jagah but finish things here first” Armaan said.

“Hmm, I’m done here” she said closing her eyes.

“Riddhima, u okay? U are looking a bit pale” Armaan asked with concern and touch her forehead “Temperature v hai halka”

“Nhi Armaan mai theek hu, wo to bas aise hi lag raha hai” Riddhima said.

“No, its not aise hi, lets go to doctor” Armaan said getting up.

“Armaan no, I’m fine, lets go jaha jana hai hame, and I have medicine I’ll take after food. Don’t worry I’ll be fine” she said looking towards him.

“Pakka?” he asked.

“Ha baba” she replied.

“Just for now, agar thoda sa v fever aur badha to we are going for doctors then no any excuse” Armaan said in a final voice.

“ok” she said with a smile.

‘I still feel u are in any kind of pain or something, its visible in ur eyes baby, if u r not feeling well we can go back, we can go there some other time” Armaan said.

“Armaan mai theek hu, aur mujhe abhi jana hai” Riddhima said knowing there is no other option to agree him.

“Ok, but have ur medicine first” Armaan said looking towards her.

“Ok sir” she smiled taking out her meds.

After sometime they move towards the car, Armaan kept the shoppers on back seat and open the door for her.

“U are driving till there?” Riddhima asked with confusion as till now they were using driver.

“Yesss” he said.

“Armaan, kaha ja rahe hain ham?” she asked as he took his place.

“Wo to jane k baad pata chalega” he said starting the car.

“That’s not fair” she pouted.

“That’s completely fair baby” he said pecking her pouted lips.

She moved back looking around as they were still on parking and people were there.

Armaan chuckled on her hesitation and move the car towards their destination.

“I just hope Riddhima ko pasand aaye sab” Armaan murmured looking front.

Riddhima was enjoying the ride as they were driving along with sea shore.

“Wowww,,,, this is beautiful” Riddhima was lost in beauty.

“Most beautiful” Armaan murmured looking towards her and she looks away shyly.

“U r distracting me wifey” Armaan said focusing his gaze on road.

“I’m not even doing anything” Riddhima said.

“Who said u have to do anything to distract me” Armaan said in a husky voice which make her shiver and she tore her gaze from him as the red colour creeps over her cheeks.

Armaan hold her hand and place it over the gear and holding it above it he resumed his driving and Riddhima was just blushing looking away.

“Actually I’m still distracted” Armaan said.

“Maine kuch v nhi kiya sachhi” she looked at him being surprised.

“I know, but you should atleast help me so that I don’t get distract” Armaan said.

“Kya karu mai?” she looked at him and he smile on her cuteness.

“Idhar aao” Armaan pointed her to move forward.

She leaned closer to him and he smile as she was a bit hesitant.

“Thoda aur” he said.

“Armaan” she looked at him being confused.

Armaan used his one hand and place her head over his shoulder and she smiled “Better”

She hold his arm with one hand and feeling blessed being with him. Armaan was driving now with a broad smile on his face wondering about her reaction when she will reach at the place.

Soon Riddhima drift into sleep and her fever was deminishing which relaxed Armaan.

They reached at their destination and Armaan smile looking at the place.

“Riddhima, get up baby, we have reached” Armaan slightly shook her to wake up.

“Umm,,, sorry mai pata nhi kab so g,,,,,,, wowwww,,, this is so beautiful Armaan” Riddhima said getting up but as soon as her eyes catch the view it grew wide in happiness.

“Pasand aaya” Armaan asked coming out of car and Riddhima too joined him.

“Are you kidding me Armaan, ye kise nhi pasand aa sakta” she said moving forward.

“You love sea and beaches so I thought tumhe yaha achha lagega” Armaan’s smile grew wider because she was happy.

“Armaan can we stay here please” Riddhima look at the open sea and some fencing around it.

“U mean here” Armaan showed a cottage correction a beautiful well arranged beach house.

“Really?” Riddhima was so happy.

“Check urself” he said asking her to go forward.

“OMG! I can’t believe this” Riddhima become surprised as she reach at the gate which was named as “Malliks”

“Ye.,,….” She was short of words.

“I bought it when I was here for work as it was silent and calm but never get time to come back after that so caretakers were here” Armaan said.

Riddhima hurriedly enter inside and was happy, the cottage was decorated with so many flowers in garden and greenery all around make her smile. She twirl around lifting her arms.

“This is awesome Armaan, ham yaha pahle kyu nhi aaye” Riddhima asked.

“Chachu ne pent house pahle hi book kar diya tha so I don’t have a say in that but I thought maybe u’ll like it so…..” Armaan said looking at her beaming face.

“I love it Armaan” Riddhima said.

“YOU” Armaan said looking at her.

“Unn?” she looked at him being confused.

“You misplaced the word, it should be you rather than it” Armaan said and getting his point she blushed looking away from him.

A lady and a man coming out of the house confused Riddhima.

“Oh! Armaan u are here son, how are you?” she beaming in happiness looking at Armaan.

“I’m fine Marry, how are u? Matlock how’s ur work going on?” Armaan said looking towards them.

“Its great Armaan, thanks” he said with a smile and Marry hugged him.

“OMG!!! Is she ur wife?” her gaze finds Riddhima and she looks at Armaan being confused while he was smiling.

“Hmm, totally mine” he said making her blush in that moment also.

“She is so beautiful” Marry said kissing her cheek and she smile looking at her then shifted her gaze to Armaan who was smiling broadly.

“I told you” Armaan said.

“But u were wrong my boy, she is more beautiful than u described” Marry said and Armaan smiled.

“See Riddhima, he is very innocent guy who may be open with few ones but trust me he is the best” Marry said and Riddhima nodded “You too enjoy ur stay here, Matlock will help you if you guys need anything.

“Thanku Marry aunty, love you” Armaan said “ And yeah ur favourite donuts are here” Armaan took out some bags from car which he bought when Riddhima was busy.

“ Thanku Armaan” she smile looking at him.

“Riddhima, if you need anything,we stay just two flats after, you are welcome anytime” Marry said and she smile.

“Thanku Marry aunty, I’ll definitely come” Riddhima smile.

Soon they left and Armaan looked at her who was confused yet happy.

“She was Marry aunty and her son Matlock, they are taking care of this cottage” Armaan said.

“Hmm, I guess that” Riddhima smiled.

“So, u can resume ur mission admiring place and I can resume mine” Armaan said.

“U were admiring what?” she asked when Armaan asked her to open the door.

“YOU” he replied casually which stopped Riddhima a bit then controlling her blush she enter inside.

“I’m in love with this place” Riddhima was in aww.

“I never knew u would like this place so much else I would have brought u here only” Armaan was amused by her expressions.

“I wish” Riddhima pouted looking everywhere.

“Armaan upar chal k dekhe kya?” Riddhima said.

“House is all urs Mrs. Mallik, you can do whatever you want, I’ll settle our luggage till then, enjoy ur trip” Armaan said kissing her forehead and she moved towards the stairs.

If she thought that the view downstairs were beautiful then upstairs was like heaven. The master bedroom of upstairs was open directly on terrace which was having open swimming pool and wooden chairs and table with lots of cushions and white curtains flowing due to wind. A small square shaped rug was kept inside the pillars connected with curtains making a private hide out. Railing was long and giving best view of sea infront of it. She was in love with the place, that was really best.

She thought that bedroom was downstairs but become surprised when Armaan brings luggage in the master room.

“We are staying here?” she asked.

“I know how much my wife love sea so this will be best I think” Armaan said.

“Bestest, I love you Armaan” she said out of happiness and excitement.

“Oye hoyee” Armaan said which make her blush.

Stars were started to twinkle and she smile looking outside, she just hold Armaan’s hand and drag him outside. Armaan was lost in her beauty, her happiness and her smile.

He move forward as the wind blow harder flying the white curtains giving magical feeling of being together. He slowly pick rose petals kept in a bowl as he move his steps towards her who was unaware of his fixed gaze enjoying the view rotating around in happiness. He removed the curtains with his hand that were flying restricting his view as he came and stopped beside her, Riddhima looked at him and smile showing something infront. She was talking unaware of feelings arising inside his heart, he lifted his hand up and rose petals from his hand and flow over her, she looked at him in surprise feeling rose petals over her face and hairs. Then she noticed his intense gaze and shyly looks down.

Armaan move his palm tracing her arm which only makes her shiver and he smile looking at her blushing face, leaving her arm he switched on the music player kept in cabinet under shade and she looked at his in confusion when he forward his hand asking for a dance.

Riddhima was on cloud nine as Armaan got everything for her, fulfilling her every wish whichever she dreamed of and that was also in her wishlist where she wanted to spend time with her future husband. Exactly the same she mentioned in her diary she didn’t realized till Armaan asked for dance.

She kept her palms over her face as soon as she register everything back.

“OMG! Armaan” she said and Armaan nodded.

“Shall we?” Armaan asked looking at her lovingly.

She nodded placing her palm over his as eyes were welling up. Armaan shake his head and wiped her tears kissing her forehead thinking how emotional wife he got.

“Tears are not allowed baby” Armaan whisper pulling her a bit closer.

“Tears of happiness can flow anytime na” Riddhima said with a smile wiping off her tears.

Armaan twirl her around in his arms and hold her from back, they were waving on the rhythm of song and she was more than happy at that moment and turning in his hold she kissed his cheek making him smile.

Armaan was dancing whole around the terrace holding her closely and she was happily obliging his every move.

“U were planning this on phone right?” she looked at him while dancing.

“Right” he nodded.

“That’s why u got this white dress and insisted on changing it there at shopping mall” Riddhima enquired.

“Han ji” Armaan nodded as she caught his every move but that’s fine, she get to know after executing it.

“I love you so much” she hugged him being so happy.

“I love you so so so much I can ever say” Armaan said and she closed her eyes.

“Thanku for coming into my life” Riddhima kissed his forehead.

“Thanku for making my life beautiful” Armaan kissed her head.

They were smiling feeling so blessed being in each other arms. Since they were lost in their own land none of them realized the change in weather.

Armaan sway with her on the rhythm and she was smiling lost in her own thought.

He was sure that in her thoughts his presence was there, her blushing face was depicting all.

He was about to say something when drip drop starts and he looks upward being surprised.

The atmosphere was so perfect according to her wishlist till now as the rain start wetting them all over head to toe.

“Baarish” they both said together.

Riddhima tried to move inside so that Armaan don’t catch cold due to rain but he hold her hand stopping her midway.

“Armaan, aap bheeg jayenge” Riddhima said.

Armaan smile looking towards her and twirl her back into his hold.

“Lets say this one was on my wishlisht” Armaan said resuming the dance.

Riddhima was so happy as they were dancing swiftly in rain along with some fast rhythm and till the moment they finished their dance she was taking deep breath holding the railing of swimming pool.

Armaan was observing her standing a bit away, the rain was pouring down making her dress like second skin over her compelling him move forward and hold her tight yet he was restricting himself.

Riddhima strectch her hands forward and feeling rain drops she twirl around keeping her face towards sky with a cute smile.

Every single movement of her body was initiating storms inside Armaan and breaking all the restrictions he hold her turning into his arms, as soon as she face him and before their gaze met he bend down kissing her lips hard pouring out his feelings into it. Riddhima hold his shoulders to support herself as his single touch have capacity to make her so weak that she need him only to take a support.

As the kiss continues it was becoming more and more passionate forgetting the night, stars, wind or rain. They were enough for each other. Armaan left her when she needed air to breath as she had no idea that he will take any step like that. Before she could ask anything Armaan move down kissing her chin, collarbone, throat, all over her exposed area and she was finding it difficult to hold him.

She tried to move away before they got carried on when he hold her hand with his little finger that had so many memories in their life. They smile altogether when Armaan lift her hand placing it on his face he kissed her palm and move forward with kisses along with her arm he reached till her shoulder. She was breathing heavily when he removed her hairs placing it one side exposing her skin for himself. Her heartbeat was racing fast and he was not leaving a chance to compose her. She tried to move away pushing him a bit in which her hand brushed hardly over his shirt opening the buttons revealing him infront of her, she turn around being so shy. Armaan smile looking at her and closing the distance between them he hugged her from behind. Riddhima gasped as his skin touched her in that rain which was doing nothing more than increasing their desires for each other. Riddhima closed her eyes when Armaan whisper in her ears “I don’t want to break this moment at the cost of my life also”

Riddhima turn into his hold keeping her palm over his lips and he pulled her more close when she gasped loudly as open chest was crushing her all over.

Removing her palm from his lips he hold her cheek , the rain drops on her face was giving her the look which he had never seen, drops over her lips were compelling him to kiss her again and he was not able to hold himself back thus sucking the water drops from her parted lips he again lost himself in the kiss.

Trying hard to move away from her face he looked towards her closed eyes.

“Riddhima” Armaan whisper on her lips making her open her eyes.

She looked directly into his oceanic blue orbs that was holding the love for her. Knowing that he got her focus over himself he whispered again “Can I ask u to fulfill my one wish?”

She creased her forehead not getting his point “I,,,,I got something for you” he was not leaving the space between them his whispers were on her lips with his hot breath allover her face.

“Kya?” she asked.

He turn pointing towards the room when her eyes catch an extra packet which she noticed earlier but forgot to ask him.

“Could you,,,,,,,” Armaan was not able to complete his sentence.

“Armaan it is something u wanted in this whole trip, mai mana kaise kar sakti hu apko” Riddhima said and he smile deepening his dimples.

“Thanku baby” he said making her smile.

“Par usme hai kya?” Riddhima asked.

“Check urself” he smiled leaving her.

She was confused and move towards the bedroom.

“U r not going to back off na? u agreed before checking it” Armaan whisper to himself as she reached upto the packet.

He was still standing in rain watching her as she open the packet and gasped as her eyes catch the catalogue. Armaan move towards her taking her every expression into account. Although he was dying to see Riddhima in that dress but that was not everything he wants, he want her to be comfortable around himself first. He want her with her whole heart not with just her body.

“Riddhima, its okay if you don’t feel comfortable baby, I just bought it” Armaan said moving towards her trying to calm her confused face.

He was feeling bad to put her in that condition, he was not the kind of person who can ever force anyone, it was just that first glimpse of that night dress make him imagine Riddhima in it so he got that. Else he was happy with her in every dress coz she always make them beautiful being it saare, suit, dress. He felt like that was wrong to push her to do something which she has never done and not comfortable in doing.

He was about to take it back from her when she gripped it tight.

Armaan looked at her as she was trying to read his face.

“Riddhima let i,,,,,,” Armaan was stopped by her words.

“Mai change kar k aati hu” Riddhima whisper.

“Riddhima, nhi,,,,, don’t force urself. Baby it was just a random,,,,,,” Armaan tried to hold her again.

“Armaan, shush” Riddhima said keeping her finger on his lips.

He was looking at her being lost in her touch, just she agreed to it was more than enough for him.

“Mai abhi aati hu” she whispered slowly lowering her eyes and looked at her being dumbstruck.

Riddhima moved towards the washroom and he was just watching her till she disappear inside.

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