Saturday, 23 May 2020

part 82 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Mai abhi aati hu” she whispered slowly lowering her eyes and looked at her being dumbstruck.
Riddhima moved towards the washroom and he was just watching her till she disappear inside.
He looks around feeling the chilly wind and decided to change his dress also. Moving towards the closet he changed into a lower and vest and wiping his wet hairs came out sitting on bed but his thought was only centered on Riddhima.
Riddhima open the packate with shivering hands. She agreed to Armaan that she will change into it but now her heart was beating not just beating it was crashing inside just by imaging herself in that dress.
She changed into it and looked at her reflection in mirror, it was beautiful yet revealing night suit which covered her at exact places, the top ends above her waist exposing it a bit. Riddhima smile as she can reveal her surprise to him, she wanted to see his reaction when he will notice it. She put overall over it and tying the knot at her belly she did a bit for her hairs and putting a lip gloss on her already red lips she composed herself taking deep breath and open the knob.

Armaan who was tapping his phone counting seconds to see her instantly turn around hearing the click of door.
she was holding the door and was not able to meet her eyes to him. Armaan was rooted on his spot as he can imagine what was hiding behind that overall. Riddhima move towards him slowly lifting her gaze a bit up when she noticed that he modified the atmosphere with beautiful dim night lights, music which bring smile on her face. She looked at him who was standing with a boquet bending down on his knees.
“Armaan” she whispered when he smiled passing it to her.
She hold it and smile when he started throwing rose petals on her and she twirl with smile holding that bouqet.
“Armaan kya ho gaya hai apko” she smiled looking at him.
“I’m so happy Riddhima” he said hugging her.
“But maine to,,,,,,” she fumble not able to complete the sentence.
“You agreed to it, that was more than enough for me, u did that for me which makes me feel really really special” Armaan said coming out of hug.
Riddhima smile and looks away being shy. But she was with her own husband who loves her more than infinity. Why she had to hide from him when he was doing everything to make her each and every dream come true. She also want to show him that she tried something for him, just him.
Armaan was just adoring her face not even giving a single glimpse over her dress or insisting her to show him the dress, the person standing infront of him can have his whole life, he just want her to be at his side in very thick and thin.
Riddhima move a bit closer to him making his breath struck somewhere in his throat, she slowly tugged the end of knot in his pocket and move a bit away. Armaan tried to hold her but his hand got the thread holding her overall on her body. He looked at her being surprised when she again move backward looking down being shy. As he was holding it thus her robe got open withing seconds and he stood like a lost puppy with his open mouth. In influence of the hotness that increases the temperatue of room he just fell back on bed and sit with the same expression looking at her without blinking his eyes. The robe was still hanging on her body covering her but the winds were flying it. Suddenly the wind speed increases wiping off the robe from her body and it was hanging on her arms which make Armaan groan harder, he was saving that image of her in his heart as she was standing with closed eyes, the deep breath she was taking making her chest rise and down arising every cells of his body. He reached upto her within second and hugged her tightly.
“I don’t know how I’m controlling back instead of being with u on bed” he whisper on her skin as he nuzzled nibbling her skin from neck to throat to face.
He graps her waist from open area grazing her skin with his fingers he took her into a soulful kiss. Armaan move towards the bed holding her in his arms without breaking the kiss for a second.
After like ages when he poured his desires and love through kiss he came out of it letting her control her breath and he moved down on her toes. Fixing his eyes on her he kissed her toes which make her moan with closed eyes. He slowly moved upward touching skin and replacing it with kisses. He grazed all her skin with his lips and reaching upto her face he again sealed it with a kiss. Coming out of the kiss he looked into her drowsy eyes and touched her forehead controlling their racing hearts.
“Ar,,,,,maan” she called him making him look into her eyes.
“Hmm” he was just able to utter this much.
“I got something for u” Riddhima said.
“That gift?” he asked looking into her eyes.
“That was another one, but this one is something different” Riddhima whisper.
“I’m becoming more than lucky to get u and now gifts also” Armaan smile.
“U want to see that?” Riddhima asked controlling her deep breathing.
“Abhi?” he asked looking at their position. He can’t even allow her to leave him for a single second now.
“Hmm” she nodded.
“Okay” he sighed moving away a bit.
She just turned towards the pillow making him face her back. Armaan frowned looking at her as she didn’t moved out of bed. Riddhima slowly lifted her top a bit upper gathering attention over there.
Armaan bend down upto that level as soon as his eyes catches something dark over there. The right side of her lower waist was having something, he bend a bit more removing her hand from there and she was facing his expressions by tilting a bit.
His eyes grew wide as soon as he registered the ink on her skin. She made a tattoo of his name within a heart which was beautifully inked there, it was a bit swollen as she made it today itself but his expressions were switching between happiness and sadness. He was smiling which was intermittently replaced by his teary expression. Holding altogether he placed his lips over there. Riddhima smile wiping her tears as it was worth bearing that pain while inking.
Armaan gave several feather kisses and wet kisses as if he was trying to sooth the pain she was having rather she had because watching him at that moment she forgot any kind of pain she had. He was holding her waist like a baby and just looking at the tattoo and kissing there he was not getting enough of it.
“Armaan” she called him.
He looked at her and instantly hugged her hiding his face in her hairs he tried to control himself. Riddhima ruffle his hairs to sooth him when she was shocked when she felt something wet.
She pull his face up and saw his teary eyes which make her heart sink.
“Armaan, ap,,,,,apko achha nhi laga kya?” she asked.
“Riddhima,,,,,, it was,,,, I can’t explain you how and what I’m feeling right now, it,,,it means so much for me baby,,,, like I can always be there with you throughout the life, my name has been imprinted and no one,,,,, no one can ever separate us. I can’t even imagine u’ll go to that extent,,,, I can,,,,,,,,,,,,” Armaan stopped as a lump form in his throat.
“Fir ye tears,,,, they are,,,,,” Riddhima smile on his words but that tears sdden her.
“U had to bear a lot of pain while having this, even I was not there with you, you have done everything alone for me and I was not able to hold you when the needle pricks into ur skin, u have to do that alone, I’m sorry” Armaan was feeling bad as she did it alone.
“Armaan, you were there with me, isliye to mai kar pai” Riddhima said with a smile on her face her heart was melting like ice on his words.
“Kab, kaha?” he asked being confused.
“Yaha” she pointed towards her heart and he smile shaking his head and kiss her direct over her heart.
“I’ll always be there na?” he looked into her eyes.
“Always” she said.
He again kissed her tattoo which make her smile.
“Is it hurting yet?” he asked being concerned.
“Nhi,,, its okay for now” she smiled.
“That sudden fever was due to the tattoo na?” he asked looking at her.
“Hmm, but its okay now, see I don’t have fever and I don’t have any pain. I just wanted to do something which can be memorable for our whole life” Riddhima said.
“I can never forget this throughout my life” Armaan smile.
He again kissed her tattoo which make her giggle.
“What are u doing?” she asked.
“Its for me and its mine, let me do whatever I want, even this dress also” Armaan frowned looking at her again kissed the tattoo and blowing up the dress a bit.
“Armaan, aap sach me bachho jaise behave karte hain kabhi kabhi” Riddhima smile holding his face in her palm as he bend again to kiss her tattoo.
“Okay,,,,, I know that,,,,, but the kid inside me can be very naughty” Armaan said bending over her and her smile was replaced by shyness when he closed the distance between them covering themselves under duvet they move towards the journey of their own world exploring each other in a new way like they never did.
Rahul and Muskaan were laying over bed as their early morning cravings for tea was dominating every other thing.
“Rahul, tune chai banani kab seekhi thi?” Muskaan asked as they were sipping from the same mug, sitting on window sill covered in duvet.
“Umm,,, when we were in London, like me and Ammy on a trip with our dadu. He was a complete tea lover. That was the first time when we both enetered in kitchen to prepare tea for him on his birthday. We somehow made it smearing the whole kitchen but we finally did. Dadu was happy when he woke up and found standing beside his bed holding tray. We were almost 11-12 years old, he was having tears of happiness as he took sip of tea and we thought maybe it become kind of bitter but then he kissed our forehead and blessed us. We were so small but that felt good. We were doubtful when dad send us with him but later on we got to know that they were planning his birthday in London because he studied there and his many friends were there. Dad and Chachu met everybody personally and invited them for his birthday, he was surprised by the sudden visit of family on his birthday, he showed fake anger but was happy as his family was with him. But you know what, when at evening he met everybody in party he was having tears of joy and happiness, they had their best reunion infact they danced together on the songs they used to play in their college times. Lots of jokes and many other things, I can’t remember everything but the smile on his face was something I can never forget.” Rahul was lost in old days remembering his dadu.
“Tum dono unke bahut close they na?” Muskaan asked looking at his face.
“Bahut, infact me and Ammy, we were dadu’s boys till he part his ways leaving us alone” Rahul become emotional.
Muskaan hugged him trying to sooth him.
As the talk continues they were sharing their happy moments as they wait for sunrise being in each other arms.
Armaan get up a bit earlier before sunrise and looked at Riddhima who was cudding into him and smile removing her hair locks from her face. He turned his back to see whether sun rises yet or not, he had few minutes to arrange. He got up wearing his lower and vest he pick Riddhima up in his arms wrapping white sheet properly around her so that she won’t feel conscious. Riddhima snuggled into him in sleep and he smile moving out on terrace. The curtain covered shade with bed was waiting for their arrival as it was nearest to railing from where they can watch sun rise properly. He lay her down comfortably and bring a duvet, covering themselves properly he looked at sea sun was about to rise thus he need to wake her up. Thus trying his own way he smile and removing her hairs away he kissed her shoulder blade which make her smile in sleep, she was definitely thinking about him. He again kissed her shoulder and move towards her cheek which make her shiver and clutched the pillow kept there. She was coming out of sleep when Armaan kissed near her lips and she moaned his name slightly opening her eyes and saw the best scene ever. Armaan was looking at her lovingly and she return the smile and he pecked her lips saying “Good morning”
“Good morning Armaan, aap itni jaldi uth gay,,,,” She was asking when Armaan shushed her keeping his finger on her lips and pointed towards a direction.
Riddhima turn to look back and she got cutest smile on her face, sun was slowly rising from the sea radiating various colours all around and that enchanting view was hypnotizing them. The light falling on waves were giving a beautiful golden view.
“Armaan, this is so so magnificient” Riddhima whisper.
“Hmm,,,, chalo thank god you liked it” Armaan said kissing her forehead and she closed her eyes with a smile.
“I love it,,,,,, and I love you” she smile and Armaan hugged her.
“Chalo then make my morning beautiful” Armaan said bending towards her.
“Beautiful morning is over there” she pointed towards rising sun.
“My beautiful morning, night and everything is beside me” Armaan said laying down pulling her the top of him and hugged her.
Riddhima smile placing her face on the crook of his neck closing her eyes to realish the moment.
After some time they get up and freshing up she came down while Armaan was taking shower. Riddhima came into kitchen and smile as it was covered with all type of things that can be required. She smile and start preparing breakfast for Armaan and herself.
Armaan came down and stood taking support of door frame looking at her.
“Hmm, the smell is delicious” Armaan smile.
“Arey, aap aa gaye, here ur juice, breakfast will be ready in five minutes” Riddhima said passing the juice glass to him.
“Thank you” he smile kissing her lips.
She pushed him away making him frown “That’s not fair wifey”
“Don’t disturb me, I have to prepare this okay” she smiled showing the half way done breakfast.
Armaan move in house sipping from the glass watching his wife who was fascinating every thought his mind can ever imagine. She was wearing a shorts and a loose crop top which was printed with flowers with a long shrug and smiling in herself as she was preparing the breakfast.
He came into garden enjoying the sun and cold wind at the same time and sitting on swing some idea popped into his mind. Proudly smiling on himself he moved towards the area where flowers were planted, the smell of fresh flowers dominate the environment which automatically bring smile on his face. He settled two chair and a table between flowers under the shade of open four pillared section perfectly covered with curtains over them and went inside to get portable music system. Riddhima looked at him with a frown on her face but again get busy in breakfast preparation. Armaan set up the music and plucked a rose placing it on table he smile cutely. He was moving here and there in garden inhaling the smell of different flowers and smiling when Riddhima called him.
“Yes Baby” Armaan nuzzled on her back making her stiff suddenly “Relax, I’m not eating u up” he whisper and she smile getting relax within seconds.
“I’m not even thinking that” she said and he hold her from bare waist.
“Really?” he again nuzzled into her hairs and she blushed remembering their moment but gaining her composure she pushed him away.
“Kya yar, pyar v nhi karne deti” Armaan pouted.
“Armaan pyar baad me kar lena aap, abhi breakfast” Riddhima said pointing towards the dishes.
“Ok, u r done with preparaing it?” he asked.
“Yes” she nodded with a smile.
“Ok then, wait” he blindfolded her and she surprisingly touched the cloth over her eyes.
“What is this now?” she asked.
“Have patience wifey” he whisper in her ears and hold the tray saying “stay here until I came back”
“Armaan,,,,,,” she huffed and he pecked her lips before moving away.
Armaan placed the tray over table and glasses were already there he went inside to get Riddhima. He took juice can from fridge and holding her hand in another one he bring her outside.
“Ham bahar kyu ja rahe hain” she asked.
“Ek minute Riddhima” he said and putting the juice in glasses he kept the can aside and rubbing his hand he opened her blindfold.
“Wow” she smiled looking at the arrangement, closing her eyes she inhaled the aroma of flowers when sound of waves gathered her attention, they were facing the sea at one side and table was arranged beautifully for the breakfast “This is amazing Armaan” she looked at him.
“You liked it?” he asked.
“Yesss,,, it’s perfect, I love u” she pecked his cheek quickly and before he can hold her, she came out.
“Koi nhi, I’ll get back to that later on” Armaan murmured and she giggled on his expression.
He make her sit on the chair and catching the other one he passed rose to her, Riddhima smile holding it when he utters “A rose to my special Rose” he whisper and she just shiver by the heavy voice he used.
“Hmmm, so what is special for breakfast?” he came back to normal self controlling his desires at that particular moment.
“Aap khud hi dekh lijiye” she smiled.
Armaan open the dishes and smile looking at it “How did u made it” he smiled.
“Just tried” she passed a smile.
Armaan took out the pancake in plate and dripping some honey over it, he placed the rolls she made and donuts. He was proud of his special master chef, she never leave a chance to surprise him by her every skill. She also prepared a mini chocolate cake with a smiley over it and Armaan loved it.
“Umm,,,, ek aur cheej hai, I tried but don’t tease me if u don’t like it ok” Riddhima said pointing towards the last dish and Armaan looked at her being amused.
He opened it and left awestruck by her efforts, she was really a jinny of his life with all the armours and magic.
“Umm,,, I don’t know how it will taste but since u liked aaloo paratha, I tried to make it with minimum ingredients” Riddhima smiled.
“U know what, I love you, I love you every damn second of my life Riddhima” he instantly kissed her and she smile.
“Arey pahle taste to kariye” Riddhima said.
“Kar liya” he said looking towards her lips.
“Armaan, I was talking about breakfast” she blushed away.
“Me too,,,,, ok focus,,,, yeah lets start” Armaan practically focused his gaze towards the special paratha she made in heart shaped and smile placing it on his plate.
“I’m loving my honeymoon” Armaan murmured.
He took a bite and closed his eyes savouring the flavor, it was indeed tasty although not like she made at home but yeah, that was best in different way “Its amazing Riddhima” he open his eyes looking at her.
“Really?” she gave him a broad smile.
“Taste it” he feed her and she smile.
“It’s okay” she said.
“It’s not okay type ok, its awesome” he said frowning.
“Let’s get back to other things” he murmured and tasted everything one by one.
Everything she prepared was really tasty and he was feeling like being in heaven with her enjoying the dishes. Riddhima smile as he was happy, they have their breakfast in a single plate as Armaan practically make her sit beside him and she smile blushing a lot under his hold but yeah, she can’t do anything for that.
They finished breakfast in hours and he really took a lot of time while having the cake and smearing it around then having his own way.
“It’s all messed up” Riddhima said.
“Hmm,,,” he move away for a bit looking at her tempeting lips and but closing his eyes he literally shrugged his head removing the thought and opening it again he whisper “Let’s wash it off”
Saying so he get up and Riddhima thanked God, that he was giving time for it atleast but she become shocked when he hold her hand and latching the gate he came out.
“Armaan, how can we go out like this” she said.
“I said na let’s wipe it off,,,, I mean wash it off” Armaan said focusing back again.
“Ha but,,,,,” before she can say anything else he sushhed her looking into her eyes.
“Ready?” he asked again.
“For what?” before he could listen her words she find herself running along with him towards the sea.
It was just infront of their cottage thus as they came out instantly face the sea and he practically run under the water holding her hands and she squealed a happy laugh as the water came over her.
“Armaan aap,,,,,,” she looked at him who was smiling looking at her and she hugged him.
They went a more into the water when Armaan took his time wiping off the chocolate from her skin in that clear cold water and she shiver by his single touch, soon his fingers were replaced by his lips increasing her heart beat several folds.
She closed her eyes and at the same moment she lost his touch, she thought that he left her for sometime and splashing the water over her face she turn around to call him but stopped midway holding water in her hand when she saw him removing his wet shirt on sand and just being in his lower and bare chest, his muscular body under sun all covered with water she gulped hard as her throat become dry when her eyes noticed his hard muscles as he wiped off the sweat and looked towards her.
He smirk as she was completely lost in him and move towards her in water when she turns away making him chuckle as she was still blushing after being with him all skin over skin.
He gripped her waist standing behind and she closed her eyes by his presence.
“U were doing something,,,,,,,” he asked.
“N,,,NO “ She uttered moving her face away.
“Are u sure?” he asked.
“Hmm” she nodded.
“Ok, so u were not checking me out” he said looking at her again.
“Armaan,,,,,,,” she looked at him being shocked opening her mouth in ‘O’ to which he instantly pecked and she shifts under his arms.
“Nhi kar rahi thi?” he asked again.
“Aap hamesha mujhe dekhte rahte hain tab nhi and here if I did the same u r having problem with it” she frowned looking away controlling her blush.
“I’m not having problem with it wifey and yes I do check u each and every time my eyes fall over you” Armaan whisper over her shoulder blade kissing it “Rather I love it when u r having that look on ur face” he looked into her eyes and she don’t have courage to face him after that.
“You wanna know which look?” he asked kissing her neck and she nodded in no which make him smirk “kyu?”
“Armaan” she moaned his name as he gave love bite near her ear lobe.
“Leave it, let me show u” Armaan turn her around in his hold and instantly taking her into the kiss he fell backward holding her into his arms until water splashes over them, rolling over sand he open his eyes to see the most beautiful view of his life, Riddhima was breathing hard under him with a blushing face and trembling lips which compel him to take her into another kiss. Water come drowning her back and went leaving a tingling sensation in her body, cover with sand over their body they were lost in each other.
Riddhima pushed him a bit for which he was not ready thus loosen his grip and she left from his hold until he grip her back.
She threw water over him and ran along the beach which make him shook his head. He was looking at her with smile when she was playing with water and running into it, suddenly turning towards him she pointed her finger at him and he sat back keeping his hand over his knees when he noticed her finger curling towards herself moving a bit deeper under water.
“God!” he just get up and ran towards her who was running back under the water, that was an easy chase for Armaan, holding her back into his arms, he kissed her hard as the water drowned them totally still he didn’t left her.
Holding her in his arms in bridal style he took his shirt and move towards the cottage and now Riddhima knew there was no place to run away from his desires which was controlled a lot by him she only added fuel in the fire.
As she thought Armaan went upstairs still holding her in his arms until he reach at the swimming pool and enter into the open shower holding her in his arms.
“Armaan” she whisper as the cold water touched her removing the sand from her body.
Looking at her with desires he move towards the swimming pool and Riddhima had no courage to say anything as his eyes were clear enough mentioning his desires at that moment.
Making her stand on her feet in swimming pool he hold her hand but she tumble not knowing what was about to happen and in order to make her stable she gripped his shoulder coming more close to him.
“U feel it’s very funny to tease me like that” he whisper kissing away the water droplets from her collar bone when Riddhima nodded in NO.
“Forget about thinking let me show u the after results” he said taking her into another heated kiss.
He was enjoying every bit of her body in water making her blush even more and she closed her eyes being shy.
He slowly make her sit on the side of pool and being under the water he kissed her tattoo revealing it a bit and she again closed her eyes feeling his lips over there. Coming out of the water he pulled her upwards gripping her into his arms he went towards the terrace bed where he make her look at the rising sun and make love to her till eternity and dozed off.
As the sun rays become sharp he hold the sleeping Riddhima and came inside, covering her under the duvet he maintained the temperature of room and joined her in bed holding her body possessively into his then closed his eyes.
At evening she wake up only to find the room decorated with flowers and candles, whole terrace was glowing in string lights giving a magical touch to it. Riddhima smells the food and looks around only to find Armaan all dressed in white shirt with open three buttons and jeans who was arranging something on table. She gets up mumbling his name and as if he heard her breath he swiftly turn around and smile cutely looking at her.
“Hey beautiful” he deepen his dimples and she smile as his eyes always covey his love to her.
“Armaan ye sab” she surprisingly looks around.
“For you” he said coming towards her and she came out of bed with a sweet smile.
“Achanak se ye sab aa gaya apke mind me” Riddhima smile as he went towards the wardrobe.
“Bas aa gaya, ab aap jake jaldi se ready hoke aaiye” Armaan said passing a parcel towards her.
She looked at his arms with crease when he chuckled “Don’t worry, you’ll like it” he smile and she hold the packet.
“Be quick” Armaan said pushing her towards washroom.
“Arey apko kya ho gaya hai Armaan ?” she said reaching at washroom.
“Wo to bahut pahle ho gaya tha” Armaan smiled saying.
“Kya?” she asked being confused.
“Pyar” he smile and she shook her head controlling her blush and closed the door instantly.
“Hashh,,,, ok so let me check now” Armaan swiftly turns around in room checking food and he went to check his arrangements on terrace where he decorated the big bed swing which was hidden till now as he wanted to give her surprise. He has arranged a lots of cushions around it and kept rose petals in between in heart shape. It was open upwards just attached with sealing via metals and bed swings lightly with the motion.
Turning towards swimming pool he remembered their moments they spend in afternoon and a mishchievious smile played on his lips, how his life is changing with her, how they becoming so open and giving in theit relationship, maybe that was the main thing needed in the relation along with trust in it. Armaan was sure enough that he was started loving her more and more even if it was not possible, he can’t describe it although.
Riddhima changed into the dress he gave her, it was a beautiful reddish sleevless suit with a light dupatta and she smile as she did a light make up. She was becoming a different Riddhima with Armaan, this side was even unkown to her also but she was loving it. She liked when Armaan showers his love and passion on her, she felt something when he become uncontrollable infront of her even after trying a lot he looses his hold on his desires. She smile looking at her tattoo and a playful smile adored her face remembering how he kissed her tattoo every time he get a chance.
Straightening her clothes she came out and Armaan turn around looking at her, he smile saying “Oyee hoyye” and fell on bed backwards keeping his palm over his heart which make her shake head on his nautanki. He swiftly lift his head up keeping it on his palm and said “Kya irada hai madam?”
“Kuch special” she smiled and he looked at her with a lost smile.
“U r special” he mumbled getting up and stepping his desires aside he hold her hand and went towards the table where he arranged food for them.
“Woww, amazing arrangements” she smile looking towards the table which was decorated beautifully.
“Thanku” he showed his teeth with a broad smile.
Eveything was Riddhima’s favorite and she looked at him in aww as it surely took time to arrange for the dishes he displayed on table as they were not in India but still he did that.
“I can’t made all these without ur help so I ordered” he said cutely which make her smile with welled eyes.
“Its too much Armaan” she only utter this much.
“I want to do that for my wife, u have any problem?” he asked with crease on his forehead.
“No” she nodded in No.
“Good, hona v nhi chahiye” he said and moving towards the hidden dish he smiled.
“This one is made by me” Armaan said indicating towards the plate.
“Really” she become excited to see that and moved her hands towards the tray when her eyes fall on Armaan who closed his eyes wishing that she like it and Riddhima shook her head on his cuteness.
“Armaan” her surprised voice caught her attention and he opened his one eye looking at her face who was smiling with brimming eyes.
“Itna kharab hai ki ro rahi ho?” he asked being surprised.
“Buddhu, kharab nhi bahut achha hai isliye” she his his shouder and he smiled saying “Oh!aisa”
“But apne ye cake kaise banaya” she looked at the best red velvet cake she has ever seen as he made it in the shape of AR their initials that too with lots of chocolates around it “It looks so yummy, can I taste?” she looked at him cutely.
“Bilkul, ek minute” he placed the tag of Happy Honeymoon over it which he personalized by himself over chocolate wafer and placed it on the cake. She smile looking at him and kissed his cheek which make him smile too.
“Cake cute kare?” he asked and she nodded.
They both cut the cake looking at each other with a contend smile the look at the cake, Armaan hold a piece and fed her waiting for her reaction which was still unreadable.
“Kaisa hai?” he asked looking at her.
She kissed him instantly without giving him time to register and her blush to take over the moment. Armaan smile as he taste the cake over her lips with ther kiss they share and hold her in his arms possessively.
Moving out of the kiss she whisper on his lips with the closed eyes “cake was yummy” she controlled her heart beat.
“I bet with ur lips it become more tasty” he also whisper calming down his arising desires at that moment.
She move away from his hold but her gripped her waist and sitting on the chair he dragged her towards himself which shocked her again.
“Armaan” she gasped feeling his touch.
“Lets have dinner first” Armaan whisper but didn’t allowed her to leave.
Armaan feed her and she fed him between their talks and masti.
Once they were done with food Armaan gets up holding her and she tried to look around on terrace but Armaan hindered her view.
“Armaan dekhne dijiye na” Riddhima said but he didn’t allowed her.
“Nhi, pahle mera reward” he said looking at her mischieviously.
“Kis baat ke liye?” she looked at him keeping her hands on hip.
“Arey apke liye itna intezaam kiya hamne, uska ek chotu sa ha, I’m not asking for big things but chotu sa reward to milna chahiye na” Armaan said making a cute pouty face.
“Okay, to apko reward chahiye?” she asked thinking about something keeping one finger on her chin.
“Ha” he smiled cheekly looking at her.
“Ok, ek minute” Riddhima flew away towards the shoppers she goy yesterday and holding a packate she came to Armaan.
“Ye lijiye, apka reward” Riddhima smile passing the shopper to him.
“Ye kya hai?” Armaan frowned coz he was thinking about something else to get in form of reward.
“Khud hi dekh lijiye” she smiled looking at him.
Armaan open the shopper and a broad smile adored his face as his favorite watch came out in his hand from the shopper.
“Woah, ye kab liya tumne?” he was smiling like a kid being happy getting his favorite toy.
“shopping mall me, new collection launch hua tha, wahi dekh k to maine apko bheja tha food court so that I can buy this for you” Riddhima smile and he hugged her being so happy.
“Thanku Mrs.Mallik anyways shall I get something else also” Armaan said leaning towards her.
“How greedy” Riddhima shifted back.
“U can’t even imagine” Armaan said with a smirk and ran behind her whereas she flew away.
“Riddhima, you know you can’t run away” Armaan said as he tried to hold her.
‘Kisne bola” she giggled running behind the bed so that Armaan can’t reach upto her.
“Riddhima, that’s not fair, I should get that” Armaan pouted when he tried to grasp her hand.
“Catch me, we’ll see later on” Riddhima winked at him and he was surprised by her mishcievious glint.
“Watch it now” Armaan said rolling his shirt up on his hand and run behind her.
Riddhima knew she instigated him way to much but she can’t take it back thus run around the bed trying to save herself.
Armaan jump on bed and he was about to hold her hand when she flew away running towards the terrace and he just look at her being amused.
He was playing with her till now but the more she ran away from him the more he wanted to hold her thus ending the play mode he ran behind her and hold her hand while she stood on her place closing her eyes reaching at the center of terrace to control her heart beat.
“Ab kaha jaogi” Armaan twirl her towards himself and she banged on his chest looking away shyly.
“Armaan, chhodiye” Riddhima tried to free herself.
“Really, to itna bhagaya kyu mujhe?” Armaan asked watching her face closely.
He start caressing her with face with his nose tip which make her loose her senses in his touch, she closed her eyes when Armaan took the chance to move along with her towards the swing he decorated. Looking towards her tempting face he smile and blow some air on her face which make her smile.
“w,,wo Armaan, mai,,,” she stopped when her back touched something.
“Surprise” Armaan whisper and she turn around looking at the decoration and swing, she smiled looking at him.
“Armaan ,,,ye,,,,,” she was in aww as he decorated beautifully with their photos above the swing hanging down with light strings. She looked every photo one by one, they were clicked before their marriage, some of them from engagement when they were at village, some from Delhi, few when Armaan was not well and Riddhima was taking care of him, he smile as her eyes were glowing as she memories the moments, some of them from their marriage.
“Armaan, this is beautiful, apne kab arrange kiya ye sab?” Riddhima looked at him being emotional. She hugged him and he shake his head wiping her tears.
“Kitni emotional biwi mili hai mujhe” Armaan said and she hit his shoulder playfully.
He softly make her sit on swing and he too lay down keeping her head on his arms, they smiled as the decoration, lights, moon everything was creating pleasant atmosphere and they were happy like really happy being together sharing everything with each other, all the emotions, all intimacy everything that brings them more closer.
“Tumhe yaad hai ye photo” Armaan showed the first picture he got when family members talk about marriage.
“Hmm, mujhe pata v nhi tha kab papa ne ye photo mere album me se nikali ya for Muskaan ne” Riddhima said with a cute smile.
“Aur is photo se hi ghar me sabne tumhe pasand kar liya tha” Armaan rewind the memories.
“Aur jab ham pahli baar mile the, sabke samne milne k pahle” Armaan smile looking at her and Riddhima turn towards him keeping her hands over his chest then put her chin over it looking at him humming yes.
“Waise mujhe ek baat puchhni thi” Armaan looked at her and she asked him to go ahead “Wo ghar se jump kar k Muskaan k yaha jane ka pahle case tha ya tum normally aisa karti thi” Armaan chuckled on his own question.
“Tch,,, Armaan, aisa kuch nhi hai, wo to bas,,,,,” Riddhima shied away disclosing her little bit secrets.
“C’mon abhi to bata hi sakti ho” Armaan looked at her.
“Actually, Muskaan left her dress at her own house and we just flew away to gather her dress but mujhe kya pata tha ki aap bahar ghumte hue mil jayenge. Aur ham kabhi kabhi ek dusre k ghar jate the hamare secret route se” Riddhima smile remembering their time in Mussoorrie.
“Ab mujhe kya pata tha ki ye din aane wala hai meri life me warna pahle din hi engagement karwa leta” Armaan said looking at her with love in his eyes.
“Aap nhi karwate Armaan kuch, u are also the shy person of ur house jaise ki mai hu” Riddhima chuckled.
“Achha ji, I’m the shy person, really now??” He looked at her and she looks away blushing under his gaze.
“Matlab,,,, wo,,,,wo to jab ham sabke sath hote hain tab” Riddhima said.
Actually I was thinking about our honeymoon and realized that I was never like that in my whole life. You must have done something to me Riddhima, seriously” Armaan said looking at her with creases.
“In that case, I can also say the same” Riddhima smiled.
“Will come back to it later on” Armaan focused his gaze bac “ U remember this photos” Armaan showed her.
“Hmm, jab aap baat karte karte so gaye the and I don’t know mujhe kaise neend aa gai thi waha baither baithe and u were laying keeping ur head over my lap, Rahul ne chupke se nikali thi ye photo” Riddhima smiled.
“Aur uske baad mujhe kitna tease kiya tha is photo ko leke” Armaan shook his head.
Riddhima looked at him holding all the love she had for him.
“We came a long way na” she smiled.
“Hmm, but I won’t say a long way, its memorable way,,,,,,, and I wish aisi bahut si memories aur add ho hamari life me” Armaan said looking towards her.
“I promise Armaan, mai kabhi v apko apni wajah se pareshan nhi hone dungi, I’ll do everything to hold our realtion till the last breath of my life” Riddhima smile with brimming eyes she can’t even think of being away from this person who loves her the most.
“I won’t ever let u leave me it’s not that I’m forcing something, it’s just like,,,,,,I,,,, I just can’t live without you,,,,,,,,, can’t even think about it” he said the last words shaking his head and hugged her turning towards her.
They were holding each others hand and talking anything and everything like they used to do on phone or whenever they meet before marriage, the swing was moving slowly which make her smile. They talked about every photo placed there and remembering every moment they closed their eyes being sleepy. Armaan arranged everything for her just to make her feel like home, rewinding their precious memories on their honeymoon that locked them together increasing the value of their relationship. That night was not about being together physically that was for touching each others heart like they always do where their eyes convey the thoughts of their mind. Their mind was relaxed, their were feeling blessed and a smile adoring their face when they slept was enough to reflect their happiness.
Next morning Armaan open his eyes to find Riddhima in his arms snuggling more into him as it was a bit colder due to early morning and he smile kissing her forehead. He took her up and placing her in the bed, came out getting fresh he cleaned the room removing things from there and Riddhima was still lost in her dreamland with Armaan.
Armaan met Marry aunty downstairs and she smile giving him coffee for them hoping they would like to have coffee with each other in morning.
Armaan was stepping up towards the room when she said “Armaan, Rahul called me yesterday asking about u guys, I guess he was not able to connect ur phone”
“Ok aunty, my cell was off maybe that’s why he called you, I’ll talk to him” Armaan said moving towards the room.
He smile sitting beside Riddhima and removing her hairs from her face he smile “Good morning wifey” he whisper and she smile.
“Riddhima, get up, I got coffee for u” Armaan said and she open her eyes slowly looking at him.
“Good morning Armaan” she smiled cutely with her sleepy eyes and Armaan kissed her forehead broadening her smile.
“Mai fresh hoke aati hu” she left and Armaan wait for her with coffee.
She came back changing her dress, she was glad that Armaan got few dresses fpr her like jeans tops and suit other than dress. She won’t mind wearing them for Armaan but wearing it everytime makes her uncomfortable, although she didn’t said anything about it but again here she was living with Armaan and he knows her every thought before her. She changed into a beautiful blue suit and came out drying her hairs.
“Oye hoyee” Armaan said as he noticed her.
“I think I should pick ur dress always” he said wrapping her waist with his both hands.
“Armaan kya kar rahe hain aap” she said moving away from his grip when he hold her hand instantly with her little finger.
They both look at their fingers and so many memories related to it came back into their mind.
“It has another story in out life” Armaan said lifting their hands up and she smile “Coffee thandi ho jayegi” he gained attention looking at her.
They were having their coffee near terrace railing talking with each other enjoying the morning and sun.
“Ridziii” someone shouted.
Riddhima looks around the said “I think I’ll have to talk to Muskaan, I’m missing her so much like I can hear her voice”

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