Sunday, 24 May 2020

part 83 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima looks around the said “I think I’ll have to talk to Muskaan, I’m missing her so much like I can hear her voice”

“Arey but I can also hear it yar” Armaan said.

“Ammy where are you?” Rahul called.

“NO, NO. NO,,,, Rahul ki awaaz” Armaan shook his head trying to clear his mind.

“But yaha, wo log to,,,,,,,” Riddhima said but stopped by the interruption.

“Yaha hain, tumhare paas” Muskaan shouted entering into their room then terrace.

She ran towards her and hugged her instantly, giving a tight hug showing how much she missed her. Rahul too came and higged Armaan which make him smile as they met after a week or so which was too much for them.

“Omg! Tum dono yaha” Riddhima was ear to ear.

“Ha bhabhi, socha apka honeymoon spoil kar de thoda” Rahul chuckeld getting a smack from Armaan.

“Yar bahut yaad aa rahi thi teri, fir socha ghar to jana hi hai to kyu na sath me chale” Muskaan said and Armaan smile.

“Bahut achha kiya, she was missing u although bola nhi but I can guess that” Armaan said and Muskaan gave a side hug to Armaan and Rahul did the same with Riddhima.

“I hope Ammy ne apko pareshan nhi kiya hoga jyada” Rahul said looking at her and she nodded in NO with a blushing smile.

“Hmm, kya jiju aap ne apne honeymoon pe v ise pareshan nhi kiya, aisa kaise chalega” Muskaan said looking at Armaan and he smile slowly while Riddhima hit her to stop blabbering.

“Ammy yar kitne time baad yaha aaye hain, what say ek race ho jaye?’ Rahul looked at Armaan and he shook his head knowing very well what’s cooking in his head.

“Rahul, tu abhi aaya hai na, thoda rest kar le pahle” Armaan said.

“Wo raat me karenge, abhi chal” Rahul hold his hand and dragged him outside. Armaan knew that now he can’t do anything so just went with him while Riddhima and Muskaan looked each other not getting anything.

Soon they saw both of them reaching near the sea and removing their shirts they ran into the water. The force was enough to push them back but still holding the ball they played in water and girls smile looking at them.

“God Muski, I missed u so much yar” Riddhima said holding her hand and they moved towards the room.

“Ha isliye call nhi kiya na” Muskaan glared her.

“I really don’t know mera phone kaha rahta hai and I,,,,” Riddhima was stopped in between.

“Tujhe pata nhi rahta ya jiju tujhe pata chalne nhi dete” Muskaan winked at her.

“Oh! So coming on that Muskaan, I bet you have proper explanation about the dress you send in Santorini” Riddhima glared her and Muskaan ran around the room saving her life.

“Ridzi, sorry yar, I just thought u both should break the shell some how isliye” Muskaan said running around the room and getting tired they fell down “But I’m glad it worked”

“Chup kar tu” Riddhima glared her and soon they get busy in talking random stuff forgetting the time.

“Girsl, I think baaton k alaawa khana v chahiye hota hai pet k liye, u know so that you can talk more” Rahul enter into the room dstracting them.

“Ha to tujhe kisne bola hai bhookha rahne ko, kha le na” Muskaan glared him.

“Arey mai to tum dono ko bulane aaya tha” Rahul looked at them being surprised.

“Umm, Rahul ham aate hain 5 minute me” Riddhima said getting up and push Muskaan to get fresh so that they can go for brunch now.

“Ok” Rahul smile leaving them.

“Muskaan jaldi kar” Riddhima called her.

“Ha bas 2 min” Muskaan shouted.

Riddhima combed her hairs and Muskaan came out and nudged her to move.

“Aaiye aaiye, aap hi ka intezaar ho raha tha” Rahul mocked them and Muskaan rolled her eyes.

“Fir to aur late aana chahiye tha” Muskaan said and stopped looking at Marry and Matlock.

“Oh! Muskaan meet Marry Aunty and her son. They maintain this cottage beautifully” Armaan smiled looking at them and Muskaan to nodded.

“I must tell you Armaan, you and Rahul both got lovely wives” Marry Aunty said looking at them.

“Sit sit dear, lets start the brunch now, I have prepared some special dishes for you guys” Marry Aunty said.

“Aunty, you should have called us” Riddhima said.

“Ha jaise aap log to bada free the” Rahul mocked and she glared him which was not understand by Marry and Matlock.

“Don’t worry child, u should enjoy, we’ll do that some other time” she replied with a beautiful smile.

“Sure” Riddhima nodded.

Soon they start eating with lots of masti and leg pulling and Marry’s stories.

“That was a beautiful day spend with you guys do come here often so that we can enjoy more” Matlock said when they get up to leave.

“Yeah, sure” Armaan smile and after some more chit chat they left.

“Chal Ridzi” Muskaan get up holding her hand.

“O,,,,,o ,,,, ek minute ha ruk jara” Rahul shouted as Armaan went to close the gate.

“Kya hai?” she asked.

“Muskaan, tujhe apna honeymoon nhi manana hai to kam se kam unka to mat kharab kar” Rahul said and Riddhima nodded him in no but how could Rahul Mallik could listen.

“Matlab?” Muskaan asked being confused.

“Matlab, tujhe bas patar patar karna hai but maybe bhabhi ko bhai k sath time spend karna ho to,,,,,,,,,” Rahul said and Muskaan looked at Riddhima who was shyly hiding her face with her open palm looking away.

“Tu Riddhima ka excuse kyu de raha hai, if you want to have some time with Muskaan then you can clearly say that Rahul” Armaan came to her rescue but ultimately making her blush more.

Muskaan looked at Rahul who was trying a way to escape coz as soon as Muskaan understand his bakwas, she was ready to attack him.

“Rahul k bachhe, tujhe to mai ,,,,,,,,,” Muskaan ran behind him and he runs around the house to save himself.

“Arey mai to Bhabhi ko bol raha tha” Rahul said while running.

“To jiju ne tujhe kyu bola” she greeted her teeth while running.

“Wo to bas ladai hi karwata hai hamesha” Rahul said looking at Armaan who was sitting on sofa looking at them with amused eyes.

“Tu ruk” Muskaan threw a cloth over him and strangling with it he fell down.

Muskaan hold him and sit over him holding his hand tightly.

Armaan hold Riddhima’s hand and dragged her in kitchen leaving them alone.

“Ar,,,,,maa,,,,,,,,,,” Riddhima took his name which was stopped by his finger on her lips.

“Shushh,,, don’t break their moment” Armaan said.

“Armaan, kya kar rahe hain aap, chhodiye” Riddhima said shyly removing his fingers.

“Oh! So blush is back” Armaan smiled making her more reddish.

“Armaan, hatiye abhi Muskaan aa jayegi” Riddhima tried to move him away.

“Pahle wo Rahul ki pitai karegi uske baad tumhe dhoondhegi” Armaan smiled.

“To?” she looked at him being confused.

“So, I thought to steal this moment” Armaan slightly pecked her and she blushed.

“Ammy,,,, please bacha le yar” Rahul shouted from outside and Armaan shook his head knowing they are not going to leave them alone which makes Riddhima chuckle.

“Tum kuch jyada hi khsuh nhi ho rahi ho” Armaan raised his brows up.

“Jaiye pahle, Rahul is calling you” Riddhima said controlling her giggle.

“I’ll see you” Armaan said pointing a finger at her and she smiled.

Muskaan was beating him with pillows while he was trying to save himself.

“Muskaan rahe do ab” Armaan said holding her hand.

“Nhi jiju, aap beech me na aao aaj, ye kankhajoore ka jyada dimaag kharab hai” Muskaan glared him.

“Achha mai use mana karta hu, ek minute, ha ek minute, neeche utro tum” Armaan bring her down holding her hand and she huffed while sitting down.

“Rahul kyu pareshan kar raha hai use?” Armaan glared him.

“Lo ab mera bhai v mera nhi raha, O jaalim duniya walo dekho dekho aaj kaisa din aaya hai,,,,,,,,,” Rahul start his nautanki when Muskaan pass a deadly glare to him.

“I swear I’m gonna beat you if you don’t stop right now” Muskaan greeted her teeth and Rahul stopped instantly.

“Jiju, mujhe is ladke se baat hi nhi karni hai, leke jaiye aap isko yaha se” Muskaan looked away to find Riddhima.

“Ja na , mai kaun sa mara ja raha hu tujhse baat karne k liye, hunhh” Rahul too make faces and holding Armaan’s hand he dragged him outside.

“Kyu itna ladte ho tumlog?” Riddhima just came back from kitchen and asked keeping her hands over her hip.

“Ab tu mat shuru ho jana uski side lene” Muskaan glared her.

“Ab mera dewar hai to itni side to leni padegi na” Riddhima said sitting beside her carefully.

“Acchaji, aur jo mai itne din se apki behan, apki friend even best friend ka tag leke ghum rahi hu uska kya?” Muskaan asked with a fake smile.

“Wo to tum abhi v ho lekin abhi wo v hai, to dono ko sahi karne k liye kuch to karna padega na” Riddhima said.

“Uski jarurat nhi hai, wo abhi theek ho jayega thodi der me, maine to use bhagaane k liye itna drama aur ladai ki and I did it” Muskaan winked looking at her.

“Haawww, Muskaan that was mean” Riddhima stood there with a shoked ‘O’ face.

“Arey chhod na, usko pata chal gaya hoga abhi tak” Muskaan passed a smile.

“Ammy yar maza aa gaya yaha aake” Rahul said as soon as they reached in garden.

Sitting on grass in between flowers he smiled.

“Aur wo ladai wala zone kaha gaya?” Armaan frowned looking at him.

“Wo,,, wo to bas aise hi tha” Rahul said looking at him.

“Tum log ka kuch nhi ho sakta” Armaan shook his head and joined him on ground.

“Waise yaad hai tune is cottage ki photo apne desk pe rakhi hai office me” Rahul said and he smiled looking at it.

“Hmm, ye cottage pahli baar me hi pasand aa gaya tha, ya fir ye bolo ki kuch attachment feel hui thi” Armaan smiled.

“Abhi v nhi pata chala ki jis se tune ye cottage liya tha usne kaha se inherit kiya tha” Rahul asked.

“Nhi, usne kuch bataya to nhi aur ghar jane k baad itna insist nhi kiya maine” Armaan said then looking at him he smiled “But yaha aane k baad maine wapas use call kiya tha, his call was on voice mail so replied that he’ll send the details through courier, shayad aaj ya kal me aa jaye”

“Tu itna kyu pata karna chahta tha iske bare me?” Rahul asked.

“Ainvi, just wanted to know ki kisne banwayi hai itni perfect jagah aur fir sell out kar diya” Armaan said looking somehwere at sea.

“Tera alag hi logic rahta hai” Rahul said and Armaan smiled.

“Anyways jo v hai but ek baat k liye I’m sure that Bhabhi ko ye jagah bahut pasand aai hai” Rahul said.

“Bahut” Armaan smiled “She loved this place”

“Ha fir tujhe aur kya chahiye, waise do you guys mo,,,,,,” Rahul was asking when Armaan glared him and he chuckled saying “Just wanted to know hamare arrangements ka kuch fayda hua ya nhi, do you know how we arranged all those things with the help of John being there at Switzerland, kya kya karna padta hai tumlog k liye,,,,, and u,,,, u r staring like this,,,, theek hai bhai ghooro” Rahul said and Armaan smiled on the way he said.

He gave him a brotherly hug saying thanku and Rahul smiled returning it back.

“Matlab it worked” Rahul again teased him.

“Rahullllll” Armaan said looking at him and he stopped at once.

“Ok, ok, topic change” Rahul said chuckling on him.

“Achaa tujhe yaad hai jab Dadu hamare sath London me the” Rahul asked and Armaan surprisingly looked at him.

“Ha achanak se tu waha kaise pahuch gaya” Armaan asked.

“Bas yar yaad aa rahi thi ek din Muskaan se baat karte karte, don’t you think ham bahut dur hote ja rahe hain unki yaadon se” Rahul asked.

“Bilkul v nhi, hame har wo baat yaad hai jo unhone hame boli, hame sikhai, we were lucky enough to stay with him, unka birthday yaad hai jab unke friends aaye the aur hamne unke liye chai banai thi” Armaan said looking at him happily.

“Ha, kitna khush ho gaye the na wo” Rahul smiled.

“Bahut, he enjoyed a lot. Uske baad unke sath jo v time beeta sab memorable tha” Armaan said “London me wo ghar, jaha dadu rahte the college time me waha pe har cheej waise hi hai jaise pahle thi, ab v waha jao to feel hota hai ki jaise wo hain hamare sath hain. Infact jab v koi problem hoti hai jise kisi se discuss nhi karna hota to bas unke room me jake thodi der baith k sochna hota hai, kuch na kuch to jarur milta hai usko solve karne k liye, to tu kaise bol sakta hai ki ham bhool rahe hain unhe, this is impossible, he’ll always be there with us” Armaan smile saying the things being lost in the memory lane then lastly ruffling his hairs.

Rahul hugged him as he was his biggest supporter being it work or personal issues, he was always there, they have so many things in common and attachment with Dadu was also one of this.

“Pata nhi kyu achanak se itni yaad aa rahi hai” he said then wiping away his lone tear he smile looking at Armaan “Why you need details of this house?” he asked.

“Bataunga pahle details to milne do” Armaan smiled.

“Ok bro, let’s wait for that. Waise girls won’t allow us to disturb them so let’s go for our game” Rahul said getting up holding Armaan’s hand.

“Which game?” Armaan looks at him what else he got in stock.

Rahul get prepared for water skiing and Armaan shook his head getting up with a smile. They both were maniac like this in their school and college days, enjoying the games together whenever they get time. Entering into real life, in business and law they don’t get much time but it seems like life was giving them time to reconcile with those leftout sections with the benefit of honeymoon.

“Ammy, which one?” Rahul asked showing the board.

“Red” Armaan said and looking at water having strong waves he smiled.

They both left their t-shirts on shore and holding the board enter into water. The water skiing on its full swing with two audience unaware to them.

“God, Muskaan, I can’t believe this” Riddhima looks at them being surprised.

“Ye dono v hamari tarah pagal hi hain, bas hamara,,,,, nhi nhi correction mera dikh jata hai sabko aur tum sabka nhi” Muskaan chuckled and Riddhima nudged her.

“But look at them water skiing yar, wo v aise waves me, aise to professionals karte hain” Riddhima was still surprised.

“Ha, God knows, Mallik boys me aur kaun kaun se talents chhupe hain” Muskaan said sitting on swing near railing of terrace watching them.

“Wahi to” Riddhima said she was a bit worried due to strong waves, she don’t want them to get hurt.

Unaware of the girls they were enjoying the game of roaming around waters while shouting on each other to maintain the speed.

After a long time getting exhausted they came back to shore and lay down on sand under the shade of big umbrella placed by Marry and Matlock when Rahul came there knowing how much they love water.

“Yar, that was amazing” Armaan said controlling his breath.

“Yeah, and unplanned things are always best” Rahul said which make him chuckle.

“That’s true” Armaan nodded.

“Want some drink boys?” Matlock came with some juices and snacks as Marry Aunty saw them moving towards sea.

“Yes bro, that was much needed” Rahul get up.

He also settled beside them and Armaan smile. They share a fair section of snacks and drinks talking with him.

“Hey Matlock, could you help us with any supermarket nearby?” Rahul looked at him.

“Yeah sure, anytime you want” Matlock smile.

“Ok then let us change into another dress and we are good to go” Rahul said and Armaan looked at him.

“Anything special?” Armaan asked.

“See we have to leave in a day or so, to thoda plan kar lete hain warna ghar jake to Muskaan mere se jhagda hi karne wali hai” Rahul said and Armaan smiled.

“Achha lag raha hai tujhe aise dekh k” Armaan said.

“Aise matlab? Mai aisa hi hu” Rahul sniffed looking away.

“Yeah” Armaan was amused by his expression.

“Chalo ab” Rahul dragged him.

They changed into something comfortable and girls don’t even noticed them being lost in themselves and their talks.

Armaan tried to get Riddhima’s attention but both were sitting near swimming pool talking at home via video calling and he smile looking at her broadly smiling face.

Riddhima noticed his gaze as her heart beat was indicating that he was nearby but she didn’t dare to look towards him as the next moment she will be under teasing session of Muskaan.

“Mom, Nikki kaha hai?” Riddhima asked.

“College gai hai beta, bas aati hogi” Ananya said.

“And hamare junior Mallik?” Muskaan laughed.

“Taking tution bhabhi” Vansh shouted from behind.

“Ha but having ears on video call” Prerna glared him.

“Sorry” he showed his teeth.

“Lekin Muskaan, tumlog waha kab pahuche?” Prerna asked.

“Aaj subah me, we were kind off missing them lekin ye dono ko khud se hi fursat nhi to hame kya miss karenge” Muskaan teased Riddhima infront of them.

“Mom, kuch v bol rahi hai ye” Riddhima was all red due to her comment and Armaan ws enjoying the change of colour on her cheeks getting ready in room.

“Ha, ha, koi baat nhi, ham kaha bol rahe hain kuch, waise agar aisa kuch hai v to achhi baat hai, isiliye to tumlog ko bheja ki thoda time ek dusre k sath bitao” Ananya said smiling being happy that they both are happy over there.

“M,,,,Mom, Dad aur Chachu kaha hain, aaye nhi abhi tak?” Riddhima tried to change the topic coz she knows only she will sit being shy over there due to the talk and they will happily tease her.

Armaan left the room knowing she will not give attention to him for now and he shook his head realizing her shyness is back with the bang.

“Nice try Riddhima, abhi nhi aaye hain wo log” Prerna said smiling to them.

“I’m home Mom” Nikki said running inside “Taiji, apko pata hai aaj mera assignment submit ho gaya and you know what I got full point in evaluation”

“Congratulation Nikki” Riddhima and Muskana said together.

“Bhabhzz,,,, O my god, I didn’t noticed you guys, kaisa chal raha hai apka honeymoon? Aap log kab tak wapas aaoge? Jaldi aao na yar I’m missing you guys. Aur upar se mere final session and college fests v aane wale hain, mujhe bahut help chahiye aaplog ki” Nikki said pouting.

“Nikki, ab tere faltu k kahaniyo ki wajah se ham unko honeymoon se wapas nhi bulane wale hain” Prerna said.

“But Mom, abhi time hai, one month, mai to bas isliye bol rahi thi coz I’m missing them” Nikki said.

“Hame v aaplog ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai, we’ll try to come back soon” Riddhima smiled saying that, being with Armaan was pure bliss but being with family she always feel blessed to get Armaan.

“Ha pahle enjoy to karo” Ananya said.

“Mom, apko pata hai Rahul aur Jiju dono ne aaj water skiing ki, are they professional? Wo itne strong waves me aise easily ski kar rahe the I was shocked” Muskaan said and Prerna shook her head.

“Mai tum log ko bata du, jab ye Rahul aur Armaan free mind se kahi v rahte hain na to kuch na kuch naya hi janne ko milta hai unke bare me” Prerna was smiling ear to ear.

“Really, at first to I was shocked” Riddhima said.

“Abhi to puri life hai beta, bahut sari cheejein janne k liye aur samajhne k liye, we just want ki tum log apne apne life partner k sach achhe se bonding kar sako kyunki married life is a bit different from engaged life” Prerna smiled.

“Ji chachi” Riddhima nodded.

“Aur aap log to hain na, to we’ll handle don’t worry” Muskaan said hugging Riddhima side ways.

“Ha bilkul, achha chalo mai jati hu Nikki is shouting for food” Prerna smiled.

“Ok Chachi” they smiled.

“Aur mere liye baad me phone kariyega” Vansh shouted.

“Bilkul Vansh” Riddhima smiled.

“Mom, aap theek hain na?” Riddhima asked looking at Ananya.

“Ha beta mai bilkul theek hu aur tumlog se baat kar k aur achha lag raha hai” she replied.

“Ham jaldi aa jayenge Mom” Riddhima said.

“Ha araam se, don’t worry” she smiled.

After a long time they cut the call talking with Vansh also.

“Hashh,,,,, yar ghar ki yaad aane lagi ab to” Muskaan pouted moving her legs in water.

“Hmm,,, missing them yar”Riddhima too said then looking at Muskaan she smiled.

‘Kya? Mai kuch nhi karne wali iske liye” Muskaan said looking away.

“Muskaan please na, try to karte hai manane k liye, ho sakta hai maan jaye dono” Riddhima said.

“Agar Jiju aur us kankhajoore ko ham mana v le to Chachu nhi manenge” Muskaan said.

“Ha yar wo v hai” Riddhima pouted.

“But ye dono gaye kaha?” Muskaan get up looking towards sea they were not present there.

“Arey kuch time pahle shayad room me aaye the” Riddhima said.

“Tumne dekha tha?” Muskaan asked.

“Nhi aisa laga” Riddhima said looking at her.

“Ooooooooo” Muskaan teased her and she glared.

“Ammy ye dekh, isko v le lete hain” Rahul said showing him some candles.

“Ha this one is nice” Armaan smiled.

“Thanks Matlock, you bring us at nice place” Rahul patted him.

“Rahul, see” Armaan showed him some more decoration items and they bought them.

“Chal cake v chahiye” Rahul said looking at him.

They get a cake and few other things then move towards home.

Rahul left a note for Muskaan that they were going out for some work thus, girls slept after chatting and enjoying swimming on terrace.

“Pata nhi ladkiyo ki baatein khatam hui hai ya nhi” Rahul said entering inside the gate.

“Rahul ruk, andar nhi jate hain” Armaan stopped him.

“Samaan kya garden me rakhenge?” Rahul asked looking at him being surprised.

“Ha” Arnaan smiled.

“Pagal ho gaya hai kya?” Rahul glared him.

“Arey just keep the cake in fridge and come back” Armaan hold the shoppers from him and pushed him towards main gate.

“Ye ladke ka kuch samajh me nhi aata” Rahul said placing the cake in fridge.

“Ha ho gaya ab bolo” Rahul came out looking at Armaan who was adjusting chairs around center table.

“Oye are we going to arrange the dinner over here” Rahul asked happily.

“Yes” Armaan nodded looking at him.

“Woah, that’s cool, waise mujhe pata tha tu jo v sochega achha hi sochega” Rahul and Armaan shook his head.

“Baatein banana band kar and help me” Armaan glared him.

“Yes bro” Rahul jumped near him.

Soon both get busy in decoration, they rolled red and white curtains around the pillars and shades were covered with string lights under which the table was arranged. Candles were kept beautifully in whole garden but they didn’t lit it. Armaan bend down on garden arranging it in heart shape them placed all types of rose present in the garden. Balloons were arranged beautifully in whole garden giving a party like look.

“Rahul check on food” Armaan said setting the balloons properly.

“Yeah” he smiled and pick up his phone to call the restaurant.

“How’S it now?” Armaan asked looking at the garden.

“Perfect Ammy, like u always do” Rahul patted his shoulder noticing everything closely.

“Not without you” Armaan said with a smile.

“Ha wo to hai” Rahul cheekily smiled and said “food is on the way”

“Ok then, now dress, let me give it to them” Armaan said looking towards the dress they took for their wives.

“Tu rahne de, ye mai kar lunga, you’ll go and spill all the beans, tujhse kuch chhipta nhi hai, so let me do the honour” Rahul took the packets.

“Arey but,,,,,” Armaan tried to stop him.

“Nhi Armaan, mai is kaam ko jyada achhe se kar sakta hu” Rahul said “thoda maar v kha liya to v chup rahunga, tujhse to bhabhi ek baar puchhengi aur tu bol dega sab” he completed his sentence and ran inside.

“Aisa v nhi hai, I can stay silent sometimes,,,,,, I mean,,,, I just don’t know” Armaan murmured to himself and went inside to freshen up.

“Ladies, are you up?” Rahul knocked before entering.

“Ha Rahul aa jao” Riddhima just get up, she felt a bit sad that she was not able to give time to Armaan but he was also enjoying time with Rahul that makes her happy.

“Bhabhi isko v uthao, ghode bech k so rahi hai” Rahul said moving towards the bed.

Riddhima shook her head and went towards washroom to freshen up giving time to him.

“Yar is kankhajoore ko sapne me v aana hai, shanty se nhi rah sakta ek jagah” Muskaan murmured in her sleep.

“Oye chipkali uth ja, sapne me nhi baby tera husband reality me samne hai” Rahul said shaking her a bit.

“Hat ja, faltu me meri neend kharab mat kar” Muskaan shook him away.

“Kitna soyegi, honeymoon pe kaun sota hai yar itna” Rahul said.

“Mai” she said and open her eyes glaring him.

“Arey to ab thoda time is bechare husband ko v de de yar” Rahul said.

“Bol ab, neend to kharab kar hi di hai” Muskaan said and he pecked her before she could again glare him.

“Rahul, kya hai” Muskaan said.

“Achha theek hai, kaam hi sun lo, ye rahi tumhari dress jo maine li hai aur ye rahi bhabhi ki dress jo Ammy ne li hai, to both ladies just get ready and come downstairs” Rahul said showing her the packets.

“Kyu? Ready hoke kyu?” she asked.

“Ab bol raha hu to sun le” Rahul glared him.

“Pahle kabhi suni hai teri baat maine?” Muskaan asked with fake smile.

“Nhi” Rahul thought for a moment.

“To ab kyu sunu” Muskaan said changing her expression in angry.

“Kyunki mai bol raha hu” Rahul too glared her.

“Ha to mat bol” Muskaan said.

“Abhi jitna kah raha hu utna sun le” Rahul said.

“Mai kyu sunu teri baat, kyu ready hoke aana hai, tu bata raha hai ya mai peetu tujhe” Muskaan said when Riddhima came out.

“Guys,,,,,,,, kya hua? Tum log lad kyu rahe ho?” Riddhima came out and asked looking at their angry faces.

“Ham kaha lad rahe hain, ham to bas ladne ja rahe hain” Muskaan said getting up from bed and holding the pillow she ran behind Rahul.

“Guys, peace” Riddhima shouted stopping them on their way.

“Rahul kya hua?” Riddhima asked.

“Mujhse puchh mai batati hu” Muskaan said.

“Muskaan, stop for now” Riddhima glared her.

“Bhabhi, ye apka aur is chipkali ka dress hai, ise bolo aur aap v sun lo, dono ready hoke aadhe ghante me neeche aa jana, aur agar dono me se koi v ready hoke nhi aaya to,,,,, to,,,,,” Rahul fumbles not getting word.

“To kya ha?” Muskaan looked at him.

“To mai bahar se gate band kar dunga, ha aur aane v nhi dunga bahar, aur,,,,,” Rahul was about to elaborate more.

“Rahul bas,,, mai samajh gai, don’t worry, ham dono ready hoke aa jayenge neeche ok” Riddhima smiled.

“Mai nhi hone wali ready, kyu isne bol diya to ready ho jau” Muskaan looks away.

“Ha baby, kyunki tera husband tere liye itne pyar se dress laya hai to itna to kar hi sakti ho tum ladne k alawa” Rahul said and Riddhima shook her head controlling her smile.

“Apke liye v li hai bhai ne dress, achha theek hai, aaplog jaldi se aa jao neeche, mujhe bahut kaam hai, and remember half an hour ok” Rahul remind again and Riddhima nodded.

He left murmuring to himself and get changed into another dress after taking a shower.

“Wow, not that looks amazing” Rahul came and found Armaan arranging food on table perfectly.

“Oh Hi! Mission immpossile done?’ Armaan asked.

“Almost on the cost of my life, but thanks to ur wife bach gaya mai” Rahul chuckled and he smiled.

“Candles jalaye?” he asked.

“Ha” Armaan nodded and they start lighting candles, those were long scented candles which enhance the atmosphere upto another level.

“Rahul bring the cake” Armaan said lighting the last section of candles.

“Ha, abhi laya” Rahul said moving inside.

“Aap log ready ho gaye kya?” Rahul shouted from kitchen.

“5 minute aur” Muskaan replied.

“OK” he replied back moving towards the garden.

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