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Part 9& 10 : Anjaan Rishtey

**On the train to Mumbai**

Armaan sat there staring out of the window looking at the trees flashing by when he was disturbed by someone…

Chai Walla: Chai Garam Chai!

Armaan looks up and is taken back to one of his worst memories ever…


Armaan: hello gorgeous

Ridz: Armaan I have to tell you something

Armaan: - puts his hand up - first let's get some chai…our favorite.

Ridz: But Armaan….

Armaan: come on - smiles cutely

Ridz: ok then come on - smiles

They order and collect their tea before settling down on their usual spot in the caf.

Armaan: Ok…now tell?

Ridz: looks scared - Armaan I don't know how to say this but I …

Armaan: - Looking serious - you're not breaking up with me are you? – burst out with laughter

Ridz: Armaan – stares at him angrily then starts laughing slows down after a while looking sad

Armaan: What's wrong? – moving closer to her

Ridz: Armaan….

Riddhima is very fidgety and begins to go pale. She begins to twist her hands in each other quickly trying not to look at Armaan. He urges her one more time to speak up, now very concerned. She opens her mouth to speak but suddenly moves her hand up to hold her head and tries to stand up but she falls to the floor.

Armaan: RIDDIMA!! - runs to her and holds her head up from the floor

He tries to pick her up screaming for someone to call an ambulance.

Armaan slightly slaps her on the face to wake her up, and then sprinkled some water on her face but Riddhima did not stir. He was very scared by the time the ambulance arrived. The paramedics carefully carried her into the ambulance and Armaan sat holding her hands throughout the journey. They reached the hospital very quickly and Riddhima was whisked away into the operation theatre.

Armaan went to call her parents and then he paced around outside the theatre twisting his hands in each other like Riddhima did earlier.

After sometime the operation room doors opened at the same time as Riddhima's parents arrived. The doctor walks out of the room…

Doctor: I'm sorry she is no more…her situation was getting worse…

Armaan: what… do… you… mean… - barely able to speak

Doctor: Didn't you know? She had a brain tumor and it was at its last stage…

Armaan drops to the floor covering his ears. He wasn't able to hear anymore…there was a blur of voices around him he didn't know what to do. It felt like someone was pulling him away from it all. He didn't know who it was or where they were taking him he didn't care.

Armaan: Riddhima…….. – he cried out loud

**A few days later**

Mr Malik: Armaan there's some letters for you

Armaan was lost in his thoughts, he hadn't stepped out of his room since he had walked back from the hospital the day Riddhima left him, he sat in his room all day looking out of the window weeping and thinking of Riddhima.

Mr Malik: ARMAAN!!

Armaan: huh?... – looks up at his dad and takes the big chunk of letters, he picks up the first letter and puts the rest of them on the bed, he begins to read the first one and his expression turned for the worst

Mr Malik: What is it about?

Armaan: Internship…I don't want to go

Mr Malik: - sighs – why are you doing this?...After what happened you haven't done anything…come on Armaan you will have to go through with this…it's what she wanted…

Armaan: - Looks down at his feet, he hated talking about Riddhima, it brought back to many painful memories – Ok…I'll…I'll go

Mr Malik: What? Really? Ok I'll get everything sorted out…I'm proud of you son… - taps him on the back before walking out

Armaan: Yeh it's what she wanted… - softly, wipes a tear away form his eye and looks down at the other letters scattered on the bed. There were six to seven pink envelopes there as he read the very familiar handwritting:
My Dearest Armaan...I love you...Riddhima

He picked up one letter and started to read letting the tears roll freely down his cheeks.

**Back to present**
The train came to a jerky stop; Armaan gathered his stuff and came off of the train at the busy Mumbai Station. He looked around at his surroundings and sighed.

Armaan: I have to forget the past and move on…only for her…

**Mumbai Airport**

Atul: - long sigh, to himself– Ugh…I can't believe I'm back here again…I was much better off in London, I could've finished my internship there too…Ugh…just great…looks like I'm gonna have to make the most of it…innit…

Atul walked around carefree swinging form here to there taking in his new surroundings when he walked right into a young man going in the other direction. They crashed into each other both dropping the bags they were carrying.

Atul: Hey! Watch it! – looking up at the man sternly

Rahul: Sorry – picks up his bag not looking at Atul

Atul: What do you mean sorry! Can't you watch where you're going? Are you blind?

Rahul: I said sorry right!

Atul: You don't know who I am…I am the son of the biggest businessman of London Atul Jhoshi so you better watch it!

Rahul: Oh yeh? And I am… - he stops there

Atul: Exactly! You are a no one! I'll let you off this time but if I see you again then you just watch what I'll do to you… - he pushes past Rahul and walks away in the opposite direction

Rahul shakes his head a little angry and walks away…
part 10

**Shimla (the same day as Abhi's wedding to Muskaan)**

It was a very foggy morning in a small village in Shimla, a young lady, age 24, sat on a small swing deep in thought…


In the Same area 10 years ago

Little Boy: NIKKITA!!!

Nikkita: Hey Abhi!! You took so long to come out today…where is Anji? – smiling at the sight of her best friend

Abhi: I don't know…here these are for you - gives her flowers

Nikkita: Thank you! - sweet smile - Here comes Anji…come on lets play

Abhi: OK! Hi Anji…

Anji: Hey everyone!!

Nikki: Hey come on let's play doctors our usual game!

Abhi: Yeh come on Nikki…

End of Flashback

Niki: - to herself– Who would've thought this day would come so soon…I'm going to be a doctor without my friends…and this was our dream together…

Sonia: Nikkita are you still sitting here? Are you not getting ready? Your train leaves in an hour…

Nikki: Yeh I am going – standing up

Sonia: Are you crying? – stops her from walking away

Nikki: No… - wiping her eyes – I'll just go and get my things.

*An Hour Later*

Nikki: Bye Mamma - starts crying

Sonia: Bye Beti when you reach phone ok - they hug each other and Nikita gets onto the train

**In the Same area a day after Nikki Leaves**

Puneet: Hey you get out of the way! - pushes a man out of the way from getting run over

The guy turns around and Puneet recognise him, his features were the same as they were sixteen years ago…the only thing different was he had grown in height but other than that he still had his naughty grin and sparkling eyes…

Puneet: Abhimanu Modhi?

Abhi: Yes! - takes a while to recognise his best friend's uncle – Uncle?

Puneet: Oh my gosh! Is that you? Look at you! You've gone so big and where have you come from? And where are your parents?

Abhi: Wow calm down uncle… - laughs

Puneet: Yeh sorry… - calms down – You must come home… - takes him to his house

Abhi: Sure uncle…so where is Anji she must be all grown up now?

Puneet: Yeah she's very big now…but I haven't seen her for a long time…

Abhi: Huh? What do you mean? Where is she? – a little concerned

Puneet: A year after you left…Anji's dad came and…and took her with him…I saw her five years ago…when I went to visit them in Mumbai but…since then…

Abhi: Oh… - didn't know what else to say - Nikki is still here right?

Puneet: Umm…no… - looks up at him to see his face fall- she's gone as well…she went to complete her studies at the Sanjeevani hospital where she got the chance to do her internship...

Abhi: oh…ok - thinking

Puneet: So tell me…how are your parents? How come you've come back here?

Abhi: It's a long story…


Reshab: Abhimanu… - knocks on his son's room door and walks in

Abhi: Yes dad? – looks up from a book

Hid dad sits down next to him and gives him an envelope.

Abhi: What's this dad? – opening the envelope

Reshab: We've found a bride for you

Abhi: Dad I do not want to get married I want to complete my internship first – quietly - and I want to get married to Nikki not any random girl

Reshab: Well this time you have to because I made a promise with her dad

Abhi: But dad…

Reshab: I don't want to hear no for an answer, she's a very lovely girl and I want you to make her my daughter-in-law…that's final

He walks out of the room and Abhi fall onto his bed letting out a loud groan.

*Morning of the wedding day*

Abhi: I cannot get married not now I have to find Nikki and tell her I love her I have to get out of here.

Nakul: No problem…our plan will work…you just need to write that letter…I'll get it to her…

*End of Flashback*

Abhi: Yeah…so I had to leave from there yesterday and came straight here…I wanted to be with Niki…

Puneet: You should have told your parents this is not right…

Abhi: I know…but they wouldn't listen…you know what they're like…you know why they left this place and you still think that they would have a heart to let me married Nikki I did not have a choice.

Puneet: Ok so…what are you going to do now?

Abhi: I'm going to apply for the internship at the same place as Nikki and I will tell her the truth…

Puneet: Ok but promise me you'll let me know how it all goes…

Abhi: Yeah sure Uncle… - thinking for some time – umm…when do you think is the next train to Mumbai?

Puneet: There are always two trains a day…one in the morning and one in the evening…I think Niki was saying internship starts this week…so you might just be able to make it just in time to talk to the Head Doctor and get a place if you take this evening train…

Abhi: Yeah…that sounds good

Puneet: Ok then…I'll book your tickets…

Abhi: There's no need Uncle…I'll…

Puneet: I don't want to hear anything…I'm going to book your tickets… - he gets up and calls up the station

Abhi smiles to himself and walks out of the house into the little garden infront. He walked towards the little swing in the middle of the garden and sat down. He began to let his memories rush over him as he looked at the swing and around him.


Abhi: Nurse Nikki we will need more tissue

Nikki: yes doctor - gives him tissue

Abhi: Oh no were losing her quickly

He pretends to give her an electric shock and Anji burst in to giggles

Anji: Oww that tickles

Abhi: Oh Anji you spoiled it

Anji: Sorry… but that was funny

Nikki: Trying not to laugh because Abhi was angry

Abhi: Ok are you finished laughing? Let's start again

Anji: Wait Abhi remember you brought that new toy from that shop? Go and get it and we can use that to play…

Abhi: face lit up - oh yeh! I'll just go and get it wait!

He rushes into the house and up to his room. He grabs the toy from the shelf and rushes back downstairs, as he stepped down on the last step he heard loud voices coming from the living room. He moved a little closer to the door and stares through the crack between the door and the wall at his parents.

Reshab: We have to go from here…

Lela: No…we can't just leave like this…I grew up here, my family is here, my friends, Abhi's school, his friends…how can we juts leave everything and go…no I can't leave…

Reshab: Don't you understand?...It's good for the business we have to move I am moving and I am taking Abhimanu with me!

Abhi walks into the room and stares at his dad. After a long explanation from his dad his mum finally agreed and tried to make Abhi understand.

Lela: - crying - We will have to leave this place with your dad…you know that don't you we have to do as he says…We are going Australia…

Abhi shakes his head and runs out of the house to his friends.

Nikki: What's wrong Abhi?

Abhi: he looked at her - I have to leave right now…I'm going to leave this place forever…my dad, mum and I have to go Australia…dad got a new job there…and we are leaving now

Anji and Nikki couldn't say anything they looked at each other and then at him.

Reshab: come on Abhi

Abhi hugged Nikki and Anji and ran to his dad's car, he didn't really want to say bye to his best friends, the quicker the better.

Nikki ran after him.

Nikki: ABHI... ABHI...

The whole family got into the car and drove off. Nikki running behind the car trying to stop it at the same time she could see Abhi looking at her, there was nothing he could do but silently promised himself that he would come back to her…his best friends.

Flashback End

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