Tuesday, 2 June 2020

AR OS : Happy Ending?

 It was way past 12:00 in the night and no sight of her. He tried everywhere possible- her cell, workplace, her parents and the reply was same "she left a long time back".  With the different fields they were in it was not every day they get to see each other at night. It wasn't like she didn't knew- in fact he had told her last week about his schedule and reminded her this morning but no. "Maybe she forgot or must be busy" he thought knowing her nature of helping others, even if it means sacrificing her own sweet time.

He was about to call her one more time when the door opened. Getting up and turning around a smile formed on his lips which was soon replaced by a frown as he looked at the person standing at the door.

"Where's Riddhima?" he asked moving towards him. Walking past him he looked out of the house, hoping she must be behind and teasing him like always but no sight of her. Turning around he looked at his friend who was standing at the same spot with a sad expression.

"Atul where's she?" he asked his best friend whose eyes were fixed at him.

"Armaan..Riddhima..." Atul tried his best to come out with the best words possible but the more he tried, the more difficult it was getting for him to tell him the truth.

"Armaan..." he whispered looking at his friend's face and turned around, not able to stop the tears that were about to come out any minute.

"Why him and Why did you chose me?" Atul asked angry at himself, frustrated at the turn of events in their lives, most importantly in his best friend's life. The friend, who was more like a family to him- the one who never made him feel that he is alone in this world, the one who was always beside him even before him asking. It would have been better if it was him in her place. At least he didn't have to see him in this condition.

How was he supposed to tell him? How?.. He knew the answers to these questions but he didn't have had the heart to break it to him. 

"We need to go to the hospital" he told him as the cell dropped from his hand.

Armaan looked at his friend in shock, not able to believe the words he heard just now.

"Why?" he asked, the shock was replaced by anger as Atul was talking in riddles and not answering his question.

"Armaan let's go" he replied and moved out of the house with him behind.

The journey to the hospital was not an easy one for either of them, especially for him. It was the same place where he saw her for the first time. She was attending a patient and being an impatient person that he was, he barged in her cabin without waiting for his call. How mad she had gotten at him? Her red cheeks turned deep red coz of anger. She may look like the sweet, innocent girl but when it comes to works she was as strict as her father- Dr. Shashank Gupta or sometimes maybe more. The first meeting left a bad impression on her but it didn't took time for him to change the bad to good. After all he was known as the "charmer" from as long as he could remember. She was the first person in his life that wasn't impressed by his, as he always said "charms", in fact she hated it and called it show-off. That made him more determined to know her more and who knew- in getting to know her more, he'll fell for her- hard, really hard. She came in his life for good and the rest as rightly said is "history".

They reached the hospital and got out of the car. Sitting in the doctor cabin they waited for him. The doc arrived and smiled at them. Atul stood up and shook hand as Armaan's eyes were fixed at the wall in front of him.

"How are you feeling Mr. Malik?" the doc asked sitting in front of them.

"Did you have your medicines" he asked on not getting any response.

"Doctor he is asking about her again and I don't know..." the doc nodded, getting the whole picture and looked at Armaan.

Armaan's case wasn't any different. In his professional life he had met numerous people who lost their loved ones and went into depression- Armaan lost Riddhima in a fatal accident. She was coming home when she saw a child in the middle of the road. In order to save the child, she ran but before she could reach there, a truck came and hit her. He was waiting for her at home after coming early when Atul came and gave him the news. It was like- his heart and his life died that day.

Atul is the only person who he talks to, that too only when remembering about that night. Today was nothing new as he replayed the whole incident and Atul had to make an appointment with the Doc. 

The doc tried talking but Armaan wasn't even willing to listen to him. It was like- only his body was present and his mind and soul were somewhere else.

"Armaan..."  Atul tried talking but no response.

Atul and the Doc were talking about his condition when he got up from the seat and went outside.

"Armaan...where are you.." Atul called and walked behind him.  He continued walking and didn't even stop or turned to look at them. By the time, Atul realize it was too late as Armaan met the same ending as his love.

                                                THE END

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