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Epilogue : Anjaan Rishtey


The Malik family had prepared everything for the party and their guest that day. They were just adding the final touches and getting dressed before the guests arrived. Ridz was the last one still rushing around making sure all the preparations were ready and everything was presented perfectly before making her way into her room to get dressed.

She entered her room and came across a very cute scene which made her stop right there, she took a mental picture and smiled. Armaan lay on the bed in a pair of three quarters and a vest top; he was half asleep lying on his side, next to him laid Riaan half on the bed and half in his arms playing silently with a soft toy. Ridz stood against the door frame and watched with a smile playing on her lips as the toy dropped from his hand, he slowly rolled over onto his side and started to play with his dad's face. Ridz carried on smiling; she walked over towards the bed and took Riaan into her arms and placed one hand on Armaan's cheek.

Ridz: Armaan…wake up…Armaan…

Armaan: Ridz…five more minutes…please - rolling over

Ridz: Armaaannn…c'mon get up…

She got up and went to the cupboard to get some clothes out, she took out a very cute blue coloured outfit with a pair of matching blue shoes and a baby hat for Riaan. She changed him into them and set him into his cot putting his favourite toys inside. Then she stood there admiring him, a few seconds later Armaan joined her, placing his arms around her and his head on her shoulder they both watched their baby as he played with rattles and soft toys.

Ridz: He's just like you… - not taking her eyes off of Riaan

Armaan: - moved his arms to fix his son's top then read out what it said – "If you think I'm cute you should see my DAD!" – he snuggled closer to Ridz – Really? – smiling into her hair

Ridz: - smiled – C'mon your turn… - moving away she went to the cupboard to get his clothes out – Go and get dressed…

Armaan: Are you not gonna help me? – making a face

Ridz: Armaan! – sternly – Go…

He knew that look; he instantly picked up his clothes and went into the bathroom, she smiled as he closed the door. In the mean time she got her clothes out of the cupboard and her matching jewellery. When Armaan came back out she went to get dressed leaving him to look after Riaan.

When they were all ready they left the room and went into the main hall where Billy, Annie and Nana were, as usual, still arguing. Armaan quickly settled them down, sending Nana outside to see if anyone had arrived and took this as a chance to speak to his parents about not messing up the party. Then they sat down in the hall waiting for their guest to arrive. They hall was decorated beautifully with blue and white streamers and balloons, there was a table specially laid with presents.

A few minutes later Nana came running inside shouting…

Nana: They're here…

Armaan: - walked out onto the porch - Where?

Nana: Listen… - putting a hand behind his ear and listening carefully

Armaan heard a slow engine rumble coming closer as he peered through the darkness to see who it was. A moment later he was joined by Ridz, Riaan, Annie and Billy who came to welcome their first guest.

A car pulled up right outside the Malik house and Sachin, Anjali, Sapna and Atul got out of it. Anjali carried Tani and made her way up the stairs towards Ridz with Sapna. Sachin parked the car and Atul unloaded the luggage with help from Nana who was making a fuss. Armaan came down to meet the guys while Ridz invited the girls in and made sure they were comfortable.

They were all seated in the main hall using this time to catch up as they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Everyone cooed around Riaan as this was the first time they were seeing him. Anjali held him in her arms…

Sapna: Congrats guys... - to Armaan and Ridz - He's only a month old right?

Ridz: Yeah...

Atul: So? How does it feel to be new parents?

Armaan: Sleepless nights... - yawning

Sachin: Now you know... - smiling

Ridz: It's really nice - ignoring them - Looking at Riaan...feels soo gives you a really warm feeling inside

Armaan: Yeah...she's forgotten me... - making a face

Sachin: Get use to it mate...

Anjali: Ok...that's enough - to Sachin

Everyone laughed, Ridz made a sad face and Armaan placed his arm around her.

Anjali: - reading his top – "If you think I'm cute you should see my DAD!" – laughed – Armaan…you're so big headed

Armaan: Hey!...

Atul: Armaan…he's cute… - looking at Riaan - but from which direction are you cute?

Everyone laughed and Ridz made a face.

Ridz: Guys please…can you not tease my cute husband – cuddling next to him

All: Ooohhh! – Armaan hugged her close

Armaan: So when is our special guest arriving?

Anjali: I told Mum and Dad to make sure they were the last to arrive…I hope everyone else arrives soon

Nana: Someone else is coming… - sticking his head round the door

Armaan: I'll go and see who it is… - getting up

Armaan walked out onto the porch once more and saw Nikki, Tia and Sonia getting out of the car, Abhi parked the car and Puneet got the luggage out again with the help of Nana.

Armaan: Hey guys…come in…

Nikki: Hi Armaan…

Abhi: - hugging him – Hey dude…

They walked into the house and met the others then they settle down again.

Anjali: Aww…our little Tia has grown so big…do you remember me? – holding her in her lap

Tia: Yes…you are Barbie doll…

Anjali: Huh? – confused she looked at Nikki and back

Tia: Mamma said you were like a Barbie doll when you where small… like my angel… - showing her doll

Anjali: Wow thanks Nikki… - smiling at Nikki– she's so sweet…just like her mum…

Tia: And papa… - looking up

Anjali: Ok and papa…she's daddy's girl?

Nikki: Yep…

Anjali: Awww

They carried on talking until nana announced another car coming everyone braced themselves. The car stopped and Muskaan jumped out of the car, walked into the house and greeted everyone. Rahul helped everyone out of the car and then greeted everyone.

Anjali: Wow Muskaan you look the same

Muskaan: Thank you…so do you…and how is Tani?

Anjali: She is fine…

Muskaan: And where is the little Riaan? – searching here and there

Riaan was now being held by Sapna who was stroking his cheek and smiling at Atul who was sitting next to her and playing with Riaan's little fingers. Everyone watched as Muskaan went over and greeted them then took Riaan and inspected his features to see who he looked like.

Muskaan: Definitely Armaan… - cuddling him and looking around at everyone

They all laughed then settle down making sure each got a chance to hold him and play with him.

While the adults used this time to catch up and gossip the little ones were getting to know each other. This was the first time they were meeting up since they were babies. Pari and Sameer, AKA Bunty aur Bubli, were three year old twins and Tia was the same age. Bunty and Bubli wandered around the house, Bubli was the first to notice Tia sitting on her own playing with her doll. They looked at each other and smirked before walking towards her like two little angels.

Bubli: Hello… - sweetly

Tia: Hi… - with twinkling eyes

Bunty: Is there any food around here? – looking around

Tia: Not yet…we're waiting for someone special to come…it's a surprise - whispering

Bubli: Who?

Tia: I don't know…Mamma said it was a secret – putting her finger to her lip - Ssshhh

Bubli: - mimicked her - Mamma said it was a secret - laughing

Tia: Huh? - confused

Bubli gave her a sweet smile and Tia smiled back then carried on playing with her doll and Bubli smiled sneakily. Bunty left the two girls and went in search for food. He arrived in the kitchen and his eyes flew open in shock, there was food everywhere and all of his favourite dishes. Just as he was about to reach for a cupcake he heard…

Muskaan: BUNTY!!! Where are you?

Bunty: Coming! – called out – I'll be back – to the food

He walked back into the main hall with a sneaky grin, when he saw that they were all watching him he smiled back politely and sat down to dream about the food. The adults carried on talking a while longer until Nana came running in one more time to announce that their main guest was here.

Everyone scrambled around getting into position; Armaan switched off the lights then went to stand next to Ridz. They heard the car pull up outside and people made their way up the stairs.

Shashank, Padma, Nani and Arun walked into the dark house and tried to look around.

Arun: Nana why is it dark? – looking up at Shashank

Shashank: I don't know…why don't we turn on the lights? – he clicked the switch at the side of the door


Arun was shocked at the sight in front of him. The house was fully decorated, so many people were there, he scanned them until his eyes landed on his parents. Anjali and Sachin walked toward him.

Anjali: Happy Birthday beta – hugging him

Arun: Mamma is this why you left me? – his eyes filled up

Anjali nodded and smiled at her son.

Sachin: Come on don't cry… - giving him a hug - everyone is here to see you and they brought presents for you…

Arun: PRESENTS!! – excitedly

He gave everyone a big smile and they each took turns to wish him. He was the eldest and everyone there was familiar to him, he was particularly close to his Riddhima Maasi and Armaan Uncle. The guys and grandparents stayed in the hall chatting and playing with the kids, Nani was so excited playing with her latest grandchild Riaan, while the ladies prepared for the party. When all was set Armaan took the cake outside then everyone else made their way out into the back garden where the party was going to be held.

Arun was led to the main table where the cake was. He stared at it, it was white with blue decorations, it read: Happy 4th Birthday Arun! Everyone sang Happy Birthday as he made a wish and blew out the four candles. While Sachin held Tani, Anjali helped Arun to cut the cake, he fed her some then Sachin. Everyone clapped and Ridz took a few family photos, she suddenly remembered something and pulled Armaan to a side.

Armaan: What's wrong?

Ridz: Did you forget to call Sohan?

Armaan: I did…he's just late again… - rolling his eyes

Ridz: Call him again…

Armaan: Ok… - he pulled out his phone from his pocket

Sohan: No need to Armaan…I'm here

Armaan and Ridz looked up and saw him walking towards them casually with his wife and kid.

Armaan: Late as usual… - hugging him

Kaajal: What can I say Armaan…the men are usually the one complaining about their wives taking years to get dressed but my husband has got to be the odd one out…

Ridz: Hey Kaajal… - hugging her – hello my little Tashu – picking up the little girl

Tashu: Hi – in a baby voice

Ridz: Aww she's so cute – kissing her cheek

Sohan: Just like her dad…

Armaan: You wish!

Ridz: Come in guys… - leading the way in

The food was served and everyone sat down to eat, this was Bunty's favourite part as he sat there all night eating one thing after another away from Muskaan's eyes. Some time later there were games like Musical Chairs and Pass the Parcel for the children Arun, Tani, Bunty, Bubli, Tia and Tashu. They really enjoyed this then they settle down. Tia sat next to Bubli and started to speak about her Barbie Doll once again and Arun sat near, Bunty had disappeared in search of food again.

Bubli: Wow…you have so many presents… - looking over at the table of gift boxes

Arun: Yeah I'm lucky…I can't wait to see them…

It was getting very late for the kids and their mothers made sure they were tucked up in bed sooner rather than later. Some time later Sohan and Kaajal left with Tashu and the elders sat inside, Shashank, Padma, Nani, Sarah, Annie, Billy, Puneet and Sonia.

The others all sat outside in the cool night, candles were lit and they all sat comfortably in pairs. Riddhima brought hot chocolate out for everyone and then they began their conversations.

Atul: Ahem – clearing his throat to grab everyone's attention – I… - dramatically– have an announcement to make…

Abhi: What's up? – raising an eye brow

Atul: Sapna and I are…getting engaged!

Everyone was shocked for less than a minute then they all started to speak at once.

Abhi: I knew it…

Muskaan: About time guys…

Anjali: Yeah… - smiling

Atul: Huh? You all knew? – shocked

Sachin: Well…you didn't do a very good job of hiding it? – smirking

Anjali: Sneaking off every now and then in the hospital to meet up – winking at Sapna

Ridz: Aww

Abhi: I knew ages ago

Nikki: Really? – turning to him – Kab se?

Abhi: From their first meeting…all those arguments were meant to lead to love right?

Rahul: Woh sab choro… - getting up – Congrats – hugging Atul

Rahul was sooo happy for his best friend he hugged and congratulated both of them. Then everyone took turns to wish them. The carried on talking about the engagement and wedding and plans to meet up again. A while later the conversation moved on.

Armaan: Hey Sachin…Arun's starting school this year isn't he?

Sachin: Yeh he's so excited …he can't wait to go…

Muskaan: Aww…little Arun has grown so big already…unlike that Bunty…he's sooo naughty…

Abhi: Just like his mum - sniggering

Muskaan: Oi… - throwing something at him

Abhi: Not like my Tia…she's like a little angel…

Muskaan: - laughing – Definitely not like you…

Abhi: Very funny…she's daddy's girl…

Nikki: You two won't ever stop will you?

Muskaan and Abhi looked at each other then shook their heads.

Both: NAH!!

Rahul: C'mon guys…grow up now…

Anjali: Exactly…you're parents for goodness sake…you guys should be more like Armaan and Ridz…

Abhi: Armaan and Ridz? – confused

Nikki: Yeah…look at them

Everyone looked over at them, they were lost in their own world, they sat close, arms around each other, staring directly into each others eyes with lots of love and they were having their own private conversation.

Armaan: My Riaan will be just like me…cool and calm…

Riddhima: You wish…my Riaan is going to be like me…

Everyone: We Will See…………………………!


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