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Armaan stood there still untill she disappears from the eyes, ' Shilpa . . . .I don't know If God will ever forgive me or not . . .but I only wish, that life will give u all the happiness u deserves. . .and someone special who will make u fall in love once again. . .life will flow Shilpa, and I don't wish u to hold back urself , but to live it. . .I am grateful that life once gave me such a person like u who always stayed there with me without thinking for her own self  . .  and I always be thankful to u. ..I hope ur lord Krisha will show u the way throughout ur life. . .A new life is waiting for u  out there ,grab it . . . Shilpa Malhorta . . .I can never forget u. . . Goodbye. . ." he looks upward as if to send a prayer for her to the almighty and then turning back started to walk out of the airport.

 He walks out slowly form the airport and goes towards his car only to find his Busket leaning onto his car. Her eyes are closed. The strains of dried tears can be seen. She is murmuring something. Getting close he can understand that she is uttering prayers for her sister's safety. He comes near and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She opens her eyes in a snap. She can see him. He is standing right in front of her. "Is she gone?" she asks in a whisper. Armaan nods silently.. She takes in a long breath to come in terms with the fact that Shilpa is really gone. Then she looks down and asks fumbling " Ha. .had she. . .??" she left the question incomplete as she both wants and don't wants to listen to the answer. When he still remains silent she looks up in his eyes. She can see the redness in them .She notice him take a sigh and she knows the answer without him telling her. She nods acknowledging his silent answer and hugs him tight. He wraps his hand around her and she hides her face in the crook of his neck. Words are not needed right now.  After some time she whispers still hiding in his neck "Is she alright?" Armaan closes his eyes and her smiling face and glinting eyes when she left appears before him. He knows that it is an indication that a bright start is following " She will be. . ." he replies with a certain tone. Riddhima lifts her face and looks in his eyes to search for the same firmness that was in his voice and he blinks his eyes to assure her of his determination. The roar of an aero plane sounds. They turn back and can see a plane taking off. They assume it to be Shilpa's flight. They stare at it being in each other's arms still it goes out of there sight.

Armaan pulls apart from her and speaks in a gentle tone"We have to go back. . .Busket. . .'  they have to be back for Mumbai as their duties awaits them. He knows she needs him to comfort her more but they have to join Sanjeevani within few hours as they only have managed a half day. She also knew this and nods her head and sat down in the car . Armaan starts driving. She comes close to him leaning her head on his shoulder and circled her one arm with his. Not wanting to let go the warmth of his security. She really needs this.  He places a soft kiss on her hair and drives on. He is quite amazed at the fact that she has not asked anything about what happened in Airport but he can not deny the warm feeling inside him knowing that she actually has that much faith in him.

They reach Sanjeevani and resume their duties. All the day passes in a blur with their friends bugging them for vanishing on their anniversary without any notice. They refused to budge till Armaan made a promise to throw a party for them after two days.  It's sure that today they do not feel like being with anyone else other than themselves. They just want to be in each others warmth; to feel each other's presence in life; to relax from all worries and tension in each other's arms .So much has happened in this few days and the emotional upheaval they experienced is really needed to put into rest. But they didn't found much time in hospital with all the pending works and not to forget their annoyingly teasing yet lovely friends.

They came home at night and after a silent dinner; Armaan went to balcony to attend a call from hospital. When he comes back he saw Riddima is seating on the couch. He moves closer to her only to see she is holding and staring fixedly at a soft toy which is a little puppy dog holding a red love shaped picture frame which contains their picture with a line inscribed below which tells "The Best Fairy Tell Love Story of the World" He knows why she is holding that. It's a gift, the gift from Shilpa for their marriage. He seats himself on the couch beside her and continues to look at her. "She knows I love soft toys. . ." she murmurs feeling his presence and looks in his eyes. He gives her a soft smile and she snuggles close to him resting her back on his chest still holding the toy. .Armaan warps his arms around her waist and pulls her even closer. It surely feels like bliss to be with each other after facing so much. They both stayed there content and relaxed for some time. After sometime of peaceful silence Rddhima speaks " Armaan. .will she come back?. ." there is a painful hope in her voice that is looking for his assurance. But what could he tell her??.   He himself didn't know the answer." I don't know Busket . . ..but may be. . .someday . . ." he said all he could.

 She nods her head. Yes. . . may be some day. But then something else comes on the head" She will do well na? ?. . .That will be a complete new place for her. .new people. . .new work place. . and. . and  it's so far . .and. . ." she rambles on looking at him. He smiles at her sisterly affection towards Shilpa. The concern can definitely be seen from her eyes. Who says that she got to know about Shilpa being her sister only some hours ago? Smiling he places his index finger on her lips to shut her continuous ranting " Shhh. . .Yes she will do fine. . .She is a strong girl. . .and if she ever needs anything. . ..we are there for her na?" he states and a bright smile adorns her face. Yes, they will definitely be there for her, always. She nods her head and hugs him more tightly

" Busket . . ."Armaan calls her after some time.

" Hummm. ."she whispers going even deeper in the crook of his neck. It's her favorite place to relax. She nuzzles her nose there taking in his scent.

" I am sorry. . ." He mumbles while stroking her hair.

She stops her act and pulls out to look at him confusedly." What ?." she looks up startled.

 "Yes . . .I am really sorry Busket ,. . .last day was our anniversary and I can't even gave u a gift. . .u know I am . . ." he get shuts up feeling her lips on him. He was taken aback at first but then after some seconds gladly responds with equal fervor.

 After a long time they finally broke apart.  She puts her palm on his cheek. " Armaan  . . .don't u ever dare say that . . .U don't know what u hav given me. . .in fact u gave me one of the best  gift of my life. . .and now It's my turn to give u one. . .so get up  . ."She almost jumps out of the couch and tugs at his hand.  She had actually forgotten about her surprise gift and she is thankful to Armaan for making her remember and now she can't wait to make him see that.

 Armaan who was still dazed from the kiss becomes surprised at her action, " Busket ….what are u doing….? He asks puzzled.

"Shut up Armaan . . .just come with me. . ." And she pulls him out off the couch forcefully and starts to drag him.

" Busket where are we going?." He is more than confused now and at the same time feeling ashamed that he forgot while she hadn't forgotten to get a gift for him.

 She takes him before a spare room of their home which always remained locked as they hav not decided about what to do with it.

"Here ?" he asked surprised.

She nods gleefully. She can no longer wait to see his expression after seeing her gift, " And now close ur eyes. ." she said .

" What ?" he is baffled . She is definitely up to something. And now he is starting to doubt if it is a gift after all.

" Do as I say . . .close ur eyes na. . .and don't open till I tell u to. . ." and she herself closed his eyes.

" Busket are u sure this  is some gift. . .I am actually doubting ur intentions. . .u r not locking me up there for not giving u a gift. . .right?? come on Busket there is no bed also . . can I sleep.? ?  ? " He blabbers on . . .

 She smiles at his nonsensical talks. Really how much childish he can be??? She slowly opens the door . And then without paying any attention to his foolish chatters speaks up, " U can open ur eyes Mr, Mallik. . ."

He opens his half eye to look for his punishment that his dear wife has planned for him" Riddhima. . .I said na.. .I am sor . . ." And his words stuck at his mouth and his both eyes get wide open with shock at the sight of the room. The room is painted with pink and blue shades with Disney wallpapers on it. And is decorated beautifully with different kind of toys and in the middle there is a baby cot, on which 'OUR DREAM'is written on a board. He looks at the  room stunned without any words. Then the realization slowly started to drown in. His feet unconsciously take him into the room. His eyes are rounding all corner of the room taking in the feeling. He goes closer to and caresses the cot slowly with his hand and then trails his finger upon the writing on the board. His eyes start to become misty. He slowly turns to look at her. There she is leaning on the door with tears in her eyes too. He reaches her with two big steps and cups her face in his hand. " Is. . .is  it. . .." he even can not question her properly . His voice is trembling and shaking.

Riddhima looks at his eyes. There is so much hope and expectation in them just waiting to explode with just a small assurance from her. And she is only too glad to fulfill his wish. She nods her head and she gets all she has asked for as his face broke with the brightest smile of the world making Riddhima's heart flutters with inexplicable happiness. And with a swift movement of his she was swept off the floor and spinning with him. She is now literally feeling on the cloud 9 with his exited and overjoyed laughter filling her ear like the most beautiful melody of this world. After a few rounds he puts her down and with out wasting any time hugs her tight. "Thank u Busket . . .thank u very, very, very much. . . Today u have given me everything. . .thank u . . ." His joy is overflowing from his eyes . He showers Riddhima's face with uncountable loving and thankful kisses Today he has got his best gift in life. Now he feels complete.

Riddhima wipes the tears from his eyes softly " R u happy Armaan?." Though she doesn't need to ask it. She can see it in his eyes herself. She knows how he had craved for a family and love all his life. He always has spread love and happiness in others life and now it's his turn to get all of it back. She is more than happy that she can be a medium to bring that happiness it his life. And today it's look like he has found his world. Now she feels herself truly happy and content with life.

"Happy?. .  .Today I am the happiest person in this whole world. . .u have no idea how I am feeling right now. . . . I was so lonely and lost . .. . .My life was just an emptiness. . .and then u came. . .and everything changed for better. . .I was no more alone. . . it's because of u I found such awesome  friends; its because of u I found my parents in padma mom and Shasank papa, the people I can call truly mine; . . its becase of u that I found a home  and now its because of u I found a family of my own. . . .thanks Busket . . .thank u for every thing. . ." he goes on and on about how he is grateful to have her in his life. How she had made his life worth living. But she knows that all these things are not one sided. It is really amazing that he still have not discovered what he have done to her. Her life is so beautiful because he is in it to make it such. She is so strong just because he is always behind her to support. And he has got a family because he has given to each of those relations so much. So , in reality she also needs him for her life as much as he needs her. She placed her palm on his mouth.

" Shhh. . . don't say this . . .its not all because of me . . .its also because of u . . . because of the man that u are Armaan. .  u got it because. . .u earned it. . .pls  don't thank me. . .I have not done anything to get 'thank u's  from u. . .I love u Armaan. . .and I only want love from u  and to be with u all my life. . ." She says each of the word with such emphasis that those words conveys him her honesty and belief.

"I will always be with u Busket . . . .always " And he sealed his promise  with a long and sweet kiss . Her hands snaked his neck to pull him closer to her. After being satisfied with the kiss they pulls apart till touching their heads . "Busket. . " Armaan murmurs

Riddhima is steadying her uneven breathing and all she managed is a whisper "Hmm.."

"When did u . . I mean when did u get to know?" he asks.

" In Delhi. . .I got fainted and got checked for positive report. . .and I didn't said u then as I want to see this happiness in ur eyes. ."she smiles.

 And with that Armaan's smile widens. He really can't describe how happy he is. He slowly slides down and sat on his knees so that he can be at level with Riddhima stomach and slowly starts to talk

" Hey princess. . .u know who am I? I am ur papa. . .pls come out soon. .so that I can see u and play with u. . .I promise u princess that u r going to hav all the love of the world and the best mom and dad ever. . ."

 Riddhima was smiling while ruffling his hair lovingly at his childish antics but his last words made her realize that how much he is craving for this moment. He wants to give their child all that he lacked in his life. And she is sure that he is going to be a perfect dad. She has tears of joy in her eyes but thought to tease him.

 "Armaan . . .how do u know it is a girl???. . .it can be a boy . .i think it is a boy" she said in teasing tone.

Armaan can recognize that tone very much and decides to play along. He smiles and gets up circling his arms around her and bringing her some closer to his body. " No mam. . .Armaan Mallik can never be wrong. . .it is going to be a girl . . Daddy's princess . . ."

Riddhima fidgets with his shirt bottom, " Really??" she asks , though she is teasing him, but she can't deny the warm feeling bubbling in her heart thinking about the beautiful tomorrow and she in her heart is praying to make Armaan wish come true.

"Really. ." he answers her confidently " And u know what. . .she will be just like u. .sweet, loving ,caring and beautiful. . .and when I will tease her she will narrow her big, big eyes just like u do. . ."Riddhima playfully hits his chest but fails to notice that  His sweet tone had turned into a mischievous one. "And then her nose will go red like tomato just like u. . ."and he stifled a laugh but it was enough for Riddhima to realize that he is taking her case and she struggled to get out of his hold but he only makes it more tight. .  "And then her mouth will turn into a big 'O". ." and Riddhima's face exactly depicts the same expression.. Armaan laughs and said, " close ur mouth Busket . . .u may caught a fly"

She immediately closes it and in turn makes an warning dare him to tease her any further" Armaan. ."

But that doesn't dump his spirit , instead he continued "And  listen na. . .then steam will come out from her nose and ear. . .just like u. .."

" Armaaan. . ." Her voice raised a notch

" And then she will shout..PAAAPAAA.. . ."

"ARMAAANNN. . . ."

                                               And there banter continues. . .

"Kuch pakar khona hai,
Kuch khokar pana hai,

Jiban ka matlab to ;

Aana aur Jana hai.

Do pal ke yea jiban se, Ek umar churani hai,

Jindegi aur kuch bhi nahi,

Teri mari kahani hai. . ."

 life is like a big novel with so many chapters and so many characters and relations in each of them . Chapter changes and so changes the characters and relations. Some relation goes till the end and some fall short. But each has its own effect. One chapter closes and another begins and just like that in life also the cycle from "Closure to Beginning" continues 


                              So, what should u say is it a Closure or a Beginning. . ???.


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