Sunday, 28 June 2020


She saw her sleeping peacefully…exactly like her dadda… ol wrapped up in karan's arms…she noticed each and evry feature of their little angel…she knew both of them were asleep…her angel…and her angelic devil! This used to be the best time of the day for her….laying warm with karan's arms around her from the back…and her angel right in front of her eyes….she wondered if angel wud've been a boy she wud hav lukd exactly like karan's childhood pics! She noticed angel also slept with a sweet smile like karan….holdin shilpa's finger…no..dis was different…karan held d whole of shilpa in his arms! Her mouth slightly opened…and legs all around in the territory…

"my baby….completely dadda's girl!" she whispered softly 2 herself caressing her cheek…

"eye lashes bilkul tumhare waale hi h shona" she heard him say in her ear

She turned around o face him"gud mrng" she said wid a soft peck on his lips.."I dint know tum jag gye ho"

He too pecked her lips again…"gud mrng" he smiled.."time kya hua h?"he said yawning..

She lukd at the alarm piece behind him…"8…u sleep…" she started getting out of the bed.."nd angel ko pls centre me krdo karan..she keeps rolling all ovr d bed"

"where r u goin?"

"2 get ready jana.."

"I hate it yaa…how m I supposed 2 sleep?"

Since she ws standing fresh enuf now…she came nd sat near his side of the bed.."close ur eyes…"he obeyed…"think of d most beautiful things"..b4 he cud open his mouth prprly,she placed her hand over it and whispered.."yeah ok..think of us"…slowlyshe kissed his left eye lid…der came his left dimple…kissed his right eye lid softly…and came his right dimple..

"sleep tyt!"kissed his cheek…

She went on d othr side of the bed nd picking up angel carefully enuf not 2 break her slumber…put her closer to karan so now she almost laid ovr her dad…

While shilpa went in d bathroom…

At 10 in the morning:

Karan slept on his stomach..hands nd legs all free on d bed...nd der came shilpa with a bowl of cerelac for her baby who was busy washing her hero's tattoos from his arms wid her wet hands…hands which were wet from d glass on d side table….no…d glass dat ws earlier on d side table nd now on d floor… shilpa saw angel's cute chuckle doing d whole bathing process wid her asleep nd frowning husband.."mhmmm…angel….na kr yaar"  shilpa sensed d turmoil dat ws cumin up next….yes she ws right…as soon as angel realized dat she ws not able to remove an iota of colour from karan's arm…she started loudly as she cud…nd wid dis…shilpa started walkin 2 her…as fast as she cud! She picked up the cryin baby from next to the kumbhKARAN nd kissed her cheeks to make her stop crying "kya hua mere baby ko? No…sshh….don't cry…..bash bash bash…."she patted her back… wiped her wet hands and sat wid her on d bed so as to feed her the cerelac…keeping one leg straight nd resting her back on d bed post..she made angel sit on her thigh nd crossed the othr leg arooung so she cudnt escape….

Soon she started feeding her wid ol d random stories in d world nd scaring d hell out of her baby by "informing" her about the baby-picking witch who ws once askin shilpa about angel…

"jhoothi.."he mumbled turning around

She smacked him on his arm.."tum so jao na chup chap…who told u 2 wake up?"

"bas so jao…neither will u hug me…nor will u breath near my neck…bas so jao! Sote rho shilpa ji k raaj me" he complained cumin nd resting wid his head in her lap nd holding angel.. "she's a liar baby…don't believe her" he started playin wid angel nd makin it all d more difficult for shilpa 2 make angel eat..

"karannn" she put karan's hand away from angel's tiny stomach…nd makin angel laugh even more….

Frowning..he turned his face to shilpa's stomach now…nd it was her chance now…!!

"karann!" she said sternly dis tym.. I am not allowing u to cum even an inch close 2 me if u don't stand nd go straight 2 d washroom"

He lukd at her blinking his eyes pouting

"now" it ws d final declaration from her..

He quietly stood up nd went towards d washroom…only 2 hear a loud "angel" from shilpa… he lukd back and smiled naughtily…

And here his wife was dealing wid a bowl of cerelac….a naughtier version of karan singh grover in her lap…her hands dipped in d bowl nd face surprised in an "O" towards her mother…what? Shilpa only told her dat d bowl was for her…wasn't she supposed to dip her hands in it? We always wash r hands b4 eating it..don't we? What? Dat has 2 b "before" eating only? Can't we wash in d food itself? Little angel ws too little probably 2 understand tonnes of manners nd rules told 2 her everyday!!

What more irritated shilpa ws a muscled bare chested dimpled creature wid hair ol messed up nd falling on his forehead..still standing near d bathroom door and lukin proudly at angel..but as soon as he noticed his fuming wife..his smile dissapread nd he turned to d washroom…nd banggg!! His head collided wid d "closed" door of d washroom he ws 2 enter!

"oww…ow ..oww" he covrd his eye

Leavin d princess to fulfill her wish of wiping her hands wid her dress….shilpa ran towards karan

"bas yehi bacha tha ab" she removed his hand nd started seeing his eye…"kya krte ho karan…acha hua lga….boho maza aa rha tha na…..hatao na hath jana"

Still doin his "oos nd ows" he stood der wid his hands around her waist nd shilpa's toes on his in order to c his eye closely…. "pta ni do-do bache kaise sambhalungi main" she murmured…

"sry" he "tried" 2 speak only 2 b interrupted by her.."shut up"

Nd der angel still sat wid a "O"…but dis tym…it ws coz she wasn't able 2 understand y did her hands nd dress felt hot wid d cerelac…nd moreover…what ws mumma doin wid her dadda?!!






Slap slap slap


"oye thappad nhi maarna"


"no angel" he held her hands..made a fist nd put it on his face.."bhushum"

"aaa…..nd dadda's dead" he lay flat on d bed.

slap slap bhushum slap slap slap slap bhushum bhushum  …she did it all sitting on his stomach but he dint react…she lukd up at her mother in whose lap her dadda had been dead..but she was too busy in her novel..


"jana..kyun dara he ho usko…c she'l cry now…nd agar ab ye royi na…tum dekhna I'l kill u" she nudged his shoulder…

"bhhooom" nd d soldier ws all over alive makin angel chuckle nd beat her hands fast..

Nd now it ws tym for angel's food again!

"man! Ye mujhse bhi zada khati h" he said handling d bowl shilpa gave him only to realize a smack on d back of his head.." aise nhi kehte…u make her eat it…main milk bottle leke aati hu"


She got up 2 leave but turned around…"karan"

"hmmm" he ws makin angel sit prprly 2 make her eat… "neatly haan…she has alredy bathed twice 2day"


Nd as much as mrs. Shilpa grover new mr. karan grover..all his "hmmm's" were d short version of " did u ever say anything to me?"

But what she saw on returning was:

…Angel karan grover having her hands dipped in d cerelac and a spoon full in her hand…

…Angel karan grover's dress having d cerelac all over it…

…Angel karan grover all excited to feed her father from d spoon she was supposed to eat…

…Cerelac from angel's spoon almost about to fall on karan…

…Mr. karan grover all ready to eat the cerelac from his daughter…

…Nd den….phhishh!!...d cerelac went to his cheeks nd side of his lips nd he frowned in d ever cutest way!!

D duo had not noticed shilpa standing der..

Karan put a finger on his cheek nd tuk d cerelac.."yuk.aap hi khao" he put it in angel's mouth.."chhii h na?"

"Naa….naaii…..eee" she said excitedly

"tashty tashty??"

"Mmm" she licked his finger nd said happily

"Mm??" he confirmed again..

She was busy eating from his hand…

He tried nd licked his chin.nd den had some of it from angel's hand.."mmmhhmmm…tashty tashty..lo" he offered some to her nd both dadda angel kept on eating..

"kr diya na sara ganda?" she picked up angel nd started cleaning her hands

"ye…ye tum kha rhe ho? Karann! B a grown up sumtyms" she cleaned off the whitish thing from his lips as well

"arre..its lyk my protein shake shona…tum bhi khao na" he offered sum 2 her

"Thanks…m not interested in eating my baby's food…aur abhi jldi se ye bed pe se stains saaf krdo…I knew tumko bolna hi nhi chahiye tha…u always spoil things…khelne me hi lag jaae ho uske sath jana"

Not paying any heed 2 her words,karan starting moving towards d kitchen "haan main hath dho k aata hoon"…meanwhile angel also freed herself from shilpa's grip nd sat on d floor yet again playing with her bowl nd d spoon..

" ye kya kr rho ab aap? Don't u hav enuf toys? Cum here wid dat…" angel lukd at shilpa tryin 2 register her words… "chuko usko….o…o jo giraya h udhar….pick it up…chuko nd cum here"

(p.s-chuko means "pick up" in Punjabi)

D little princess obeyed her mom nd crawled to her wid her spoon…d bowl ws too big for her to bring! She fed her a little more of her food wid anel disturbing her d best!"no…no aappe aappe….main khila rhi hu na…angei…baby eat na"

Nd den mommy picked her up nd tuk her 2 d washroom 2 clean her d change her dress again!!

LATER: karan sat wid his laptop nd angel both in his lap…

"woken up by angel dis morning…man! She can never let me sleep peacefully! Wish we had more Sundays in a week!" he updated on a social netwrkin site..

"kya kr rhe ho?" she came in d hall wid a plate of food…

"sshhh….she's sleepin shona"

Shilpa smiled naughtily

"she's not karan!! Luk at her…sab dekh rhi h…cum here baby"she picked up angel nd placed the plate on d sofa for karan 2 eat..

..his third bite went 2 angel only 2 b stopped by shona…"nhi jana…isme mirchi h uske liye…she can't eat it..tum kha lo..i'l put her 2 sleep" nd she started goin 2 d bedroom…

"arre remote to dedo tv ka…shonaaa…."

She picked up d remote nd threw 2 him while she went upstairs..

AT NIGHT: a bedroom wid a king size bed.. walls wid pictures of d family..bed wid scattered bed sheets nd playing blocks..a floor wid not a footstep of a space empty..a toddler who cudnt even sit prprly on her own…a man in a black vest nd army print Capri laying on d support of his elbow

Karan-1 for sun…say one….o…one….


Karan-angel…chhodo usko

He tuk d puppet from her hand nd put it in his own hand…"dekho…angell…"

He turned her to face him nd started teaching her again.." bhi bol rha h…one say one…not won"


Karan-acha..acha dekh…say two….two for…..two for? He thot 2 himself 2 find a suitable rhyming word….

"uhmm…say two for you!!"


Karan- angel bol na baby…one…two…three….

"1 to one thousand sab abhi sikha dena usko….papa bhi theek se nhi bol paati abhi vo" a voice came from d door..

"mummm….mah…muh…mammmaaa" nd shilpa picked her up while all three retired 2 bed..

Karan sat wid his back on d bed post … angel on his chest nd shilpa's head on his lap..

While shilpa narrated d story to make angel sleep…it ws aftr 20 mins dat she realized karan ws asleep nd angel set all awake poking fingers in his nose nd lips..nd wherever she cud!

Shilpa picked her up carefully nd placed on d bed…."idhar…close ur eyes..princess….sleeep baby" she whispered softly..

By mani kashian and kritika kashian…

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