Thursday, 4 June 2020

Last Part : Anjaan Rishtey

~*5 Years Later*~


Speaker: Dr Anjali, Dr Sapna and Dr Atul please report to the Dr Sharma's office immediately…

Anjali, Sapna and Atul reached the office at the same time. They looked at each other smiling knowingly, Atul knocked on the door and they entered.

Sachin: Come in…please sit down doctors…

They all sat down and waited for him to speak.

Sachin: As you all know we have been called on a very important top secret assignment…so I think we should all meet up at Gupta house first thing and should make a leave from there ok?

Sapna and Atul: Yes Dr Sharma

Sachin: You may leave now…

Atul and Sapna got up and left silently but Anjali waited for a bit.

Sachin: How's your day been? – standing up and walking around the desk towards her

Anjali: Good… - smiling shyly as he hugged her

Sachin: Is that it? Just good? – playing with her hair

Anjali: Sachin… - just as she was going to say something her pager beeped

Sachin groaned and dropped his head onto her shoulder. She smiled and checked her pager.

Anjali: Got to go…emergency

Sachin: You can go in a minute…

Anjali: Dr Sachin Sharma… – moving him away – …now you're head of the hospital…and you should know that emergency means…emergency – walking back

Sachin: Fine…I'll see you later… - winking at her

Anjali: Bye…

She smiled at him before leaving the office.


Nikki: TIA????

Nikki walks out of the house and onto the front porch to see her three year old daughter sitting on the swing, the same swing she sat on many years before, playing with her doll and singing to herself.

Nikki: Tia?...Why are you sitting here by yourself?

Walking through the garden towards the swing, she sat down next to her daughter and gave her a hug.

Tia: Mamma…I'm playing with angel… - looking down at the doll - …she said she wants to get her hair done…so I'm combing it…it looks pretty…haina mamma? – looking up at her mum

Nikki smiled at her daughter and nodded her head. She then looked up to see her mother walking towards them.

Sonia: Aww…how sweet…mum and daughter sitting together…

Nikki: Mama…remember we use to sit like this on the swing… - looking up at Sonia who stood by the frame

Tia: Really Mamma? – excited - Did you play with a dolly too?

Nikki: I did…but I use to wait for a real dolly to come and play

Sonia laughed as Tia opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Tia: Real dolly?

Nikki: My best friend…she was like a real Barbie doll…tumhari Anjali Maasi

Tia: Anjali Maasi!

Nikki: Haan mera bacha… - giving her a side hug - she was my best friend and your papa's too…

Voice: Someone called me?

They all looked up and saw Abhi standing there with a big smile plastered on his face.

Tia: Papa!!

Tia jumped down from the swing and ran towards him. He picked her up holding her high in the sky then bringing her down to his chest and hugging her tightly.

Abhi: How is my little angel?

Tia: Very good papa…

Nikki smiled at the two most important people in her life, her world…they meant everything to her and she tried very hard to make them the best family in the world.


Muskaan entered his cabin in full swing as usual rambling on about something or the other, today it was about the peon. She stared at his back and began talking to him.

Muskaan: Rahul your still here…we need to leave now…otherwise we'll be late…chalo

She walked up to him but he still didn't answer her and hadn't turn around as yet.

Muskaan: - placing a hand on his shoulder gently – Rahul?

He turned around, his eyes were bloodshot and tears streamed down his cheeks. He wiped them away quickly and carried on as if nothing was wrong.

Rahul: Yeah lets go – clearing away his files

Muskaan: - stopped him - Rahul are you ok? - concerned

Rahul: Yeah I'm fine…

Muskaan: Rahul…

They looked into each other's eyes, Rahul pulled her into a tight embrace and she laid her head onto his shoulder comforting him. After some moments of silence Muskaan started to speak.

Muskaan: Rahul…it's been five years but he still lives in our hearts…and he always will…

Rahul: I know… - moving back and smiling slightly – thanks…I needed that…

Muskaan: Any time… - smiling at him

Rahul: C'mon let's go…Bunty and Bubli must be waiting for us…

They left the hospital and arrived to see their house looking like it had been hit by a tornado. The whole house was turned upside down, Bubli sat on the sofa smiling like a good girl but there was food everywhere.

Muskaan: BUNTY!!!!!!!!!!! – screamed

Bunty came waddling into the room with chocolate all over his face.

Rahul: Muskaan calm down…where is Kanta bhein? – looking around

Kanta bhein: Main yahan hoon…

They looked in the direction of the voice and Rahul had to hold his laughter down. Kanta bhein was put in the chair with ropes all around her; she looked tired probably from all the screaming. Muskaan found a broom and chased after Bunty with it while Rahul went to untie Kanta bhein and apologised. Just then Sarah came home and calmed everyone down.


Atul and Sapna got out of the car and went towards Gupta House. Anjali opened the door and let them in.

Atul: Ready guys?

Anjali: In a minute…come in

Sachin came downstairs with the suitcases.

Sachin: Hey guys ready?

Sapna: Yeah…where's my little darlin?

Anjali: She's with Nani…I'll just get her

She goes into Nani's room with Sapna while Atul helped Sachin load the luggage into the car. The girls come out of the room, Sapna holding the baby and Anjali saying bye to Nani and Padma. After the byes all the ladies cooed over the baby until Sachin came back in to get them.

Sachin: Chale…?

Anjali: Coming…bye mama – hugging her – bye Nani… - hugging her – bye papa…

Shashank: Take care…

A moment later they drove off.


Abhi: Are you ladies ready yet? - calling from the front door

Nikki: Coming…coming… - walking out of her room with Tia

Tia: Where are we going papa? – looking up at him like a sweet angel

Abhi: It's a surprise…come on my baby – picking her up– …Nikki…did you call Sonia Aunty and Puneet Uncle?

Nikki: Yeah I did…they should be here any moment now… - closing her room door then walked towards Abhi

Just as she reached them Sonia and Puneet walked up to the front door.

Nikki: They're here…

Puneet: Sorry we we're late… - to Abhi – …Girls…

Abhi: Tell me about it… – whispered back

Sonia: Hey!! – making a face

Nikki: Hi Mama… – hugging her and ignoring the boys

Abhi: Shall we go?

Puneet: Let's…


Muskaan: BUNTY!!!! Get yourself in this car right now!! – standing by the car and shouting up at the house

Bubli sat in the car looking very cute next to her grandma and both stifled a laugh. Rahul banged his head on the wheel and waited for them to get in. Bunty came out of the house carrying a few bags of crisps and packets of sweets and chocolates.

Muskaan: Get back in the house and put those away right now…!

Bunty: Par… - making a face

He glanced into the car, Rahul, Sarah and Bubli shook their heads at him.

Bunty: Ok… - sulking he turned around and stuffed as much as he can into his pockets and ran into the car

Rahul: Ab chale? – pointing ahead and looking at Muskaan

Muskaan: Chalo – checking herself out in the mirror and smiling

Rahul wanted to laugh, he glance back at his mum who was shaking her head and laughing.


A train sounded nearby…

Dr Malik looked around the empty clinic, all of the staff had gone home for the day, he locked up and breathed in the fresh air as he walked down the steps from his clinic, he got onto his motor bike started up the engine and drove off into the mountains.

He stopped his bike at his usual spot of his favourite mountain and looked up towards the sky. There was the most magnificent sight in the whole world he thought, seven rainbows crossed the sky lapping over each other, he stood there admiring the view for a full minute then he put his helmet back on and went home to the next beautiful thing in his life…

Riddhima had a lovely day, she picked up her little baby who had just awaken from a long sleep, wrapped him up in a cosy blue shawl and took him outside on the porch. She went and sat next to Annie, Armaan's mom.

Annie: Is he up? - whispering

Riddhima: Yup our little Riaan has finally waken up… - kissing his forehead

Riddhima carefully handed over Riaan to Annie who made cooing sounds for him as he smiled back. Suddenly there was an outburst of noise and they both looked up to see Billy, Armaan's dad and Nana the servant arguing as usual.

Nana: White!

Billy: No blue…he is a boy so it's blue!

Nana: No White!

Just then all four of them heard a sound which stopped the argument at once.

All: BIKE!!

Riddhima smiled. Nana took the blue streamer and threw it away when Billy wasn't looking at it. Armaan came into view on his bike. He got off the bike and pulled off his helmet flashing his gorgeous smile in their direction.

Armaan: I'm home... – he smiled

Billy realised that Nana threw the streamer away and started arguing with Nana. Armaan walked up to them and tried to settle the matter.

Armaan: What's going on?

Nana: I think white goes better than blue but he doesn't like it…

Billy: "HE" has a name...and it's Billy!

Nana: Silly Billy… – making a face

Billy: What did you say? – shocked he turned to Annie - …Have you been teaching him to call me that…?

Annie: No…I think he figured it out himself

They all laughed except Billy, even the baby giggled.

Annie: Right… - handing over baby to Ridz - Come on Nana lets get everything ready for tomorrow everyone should be arriving…

She got up and went into the house, Nana and Billy both followed her still arguing. Armaan watched them go and shook his head; he smiled then walked over to Ridz and his baby, sitting down next to them.

Armaan: How's my baby today…?

Ridz: He's fine…he's had a nice peaceful day…

Armaan: - putting his arm around her – I wasn't talking about Riaan… - pulling her closer

Ridz: Armaan… - moving his arm and looking around – Koi bhi ah sakta hain…

Armaan: Toh…? – kissing her on her cheek

Ridz: Armaan… - blushing

Armaan: I love you… - whispering – I love you…Riaan – quickly moving away from Ridz he kissed Riaan's forehead

Armaan took Riaan from Ridz's arms and held him close; putting one arm around Ridz they both looked down at their baby. This was what they called a perfect family...

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