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Last Part : Filmy Love Story (ss)

The phone fell from his hand and we move into flashback when Armaan was another employee at Shashank's office. It was during this time Armaan caught Mogambo doing illegal works in the office just to earn more money. Without wasting any time, he informed Shashank about this and the police was called. Mogambo had asked for forgiveness but Shashank being the man of his own terms didn't stop the police.

"tum bahut badi galti kar rahe hoo Shashank Gupta...main iska badla lekar rahunga ...main wapis aunga aur barbaad kar dunga tumhe...barbaad kar dunga..." Mogambo had said when the police was taking him towards the van.

And he was right...He is back and Riddhima his love and her father are with him. He picked up the phone and screamed on the phone.. "MOGAMBO...Agar unhe kucch bhi hua to main tujhe Zinda nahin chodunga..."

"Tch..Tch..Tch...main to darr gaya ...bachao..bachao mujhe...hahahahah..." He mocked as Armaan gripped the receiver tighter in his hand.

"MOGAMBO...Main tujhe..."

"agar Riddhima ko zinda dekhna chahta hai to 100 crore ek kale briefcase main lekar kali ghati ke peeche jo purana kali mandir hai waha aa jaana kal raat thik 12:00 baje... aur ha agar police ya kissi aur ko batane ki zaroorat bhi ke to anjaam accha nahin hoga..."

Before Armaan could respond the phone was cut..

"Hello..Hello..." Frustrated at his helplessness, he ran his hand in his hair. He didn't know what to do.

Hearing a baby voice he turned and saw his baby along with the nanny standing at the door looking at him in shock.

 His baby was safe ...he's safe...he took him in his arms and kissed his face.

"yeh sab..." the nanny asked looking around.

"tum mera beta ka dhyan rakho main Riddhima ko wapis lekar aaunga...aur iske baare mein police yeh kissi aur ko nahin batana..thik hai..." the nanny nodded and Armaan left the house.

Knowing Mogambo's past, he knew that he won't stop at this. Maybe for a short time period but he'll be back, something Armaan didn't want. He had one day to save Riddhima, their baby and Shashank Gupta. Whatever has to be done...needs to be done today. He had no problem in giving money to him but ..what if mogambo attacks again..He needs to take risk and finish this game. He left her house and reached his house.

Rahul, his so called best friend was standing at the front with a guilty look.

"Armaan main..."

"Abhi nahin Rahul.." Armaan said walking past him. Rahul walked behind him trying to talk to him. At that point, talking about their friendship was the last thing on his mind.

"Dekh Rahul hum baad mein baat karenge..Abhi mujhe Riddhima ko bachana hai..." Armaan said as he was looking out for something.

"Riddhima ko...Kya hua Riddhima ko..." Getting tensed, Rahul tried asking him.

Armaan was in his own world to even hear him. He was moving around the house trying to look for something when Rahul stopped him.

"Mujhe bataya ga ki aakhir kya hua Riddhima ko..." Armaan told him Shashank was kidnapped...Mogambo's call and the ransom he wants.

He was sitting on the couch by the time the story ended..

"ab main kya karoon...mujhe money dene main koi problem nahin hai par agar usne wapis attack kiya to..main Riddhima ko already ek baar kho chukka hoon..dobara nahin..." All this time, Rahul was in some deep thoughts.

"Yeh vohi mogambo hai na jise tune jail bejha tha.." Rahul asked as Armaan nodded.

"tab to main jaanta hoon ki uska adda kahan hai.." Rahul said as he explained how even Rahul had a past with Mogambo.

" kucch mahino pehle Mogambo ka kucch maal pakda gaya tha. Police ke waha aana se pehle hi Mogambo aur uske aadmi wahan se bhag gaye the...aur jahan tak main jaanta hoon voh wahi hoga..vahan dekh lete hain..usne time to kal tak ka diya hai na..."

A new hope came on Armaan's face. He hugged his best friend and all the misunderstandings got cleared between them. Armaan wanted to go alone but Rahul protested...

"yeh dosti hum nahin todenga...Bhul gaya kya?" Rahul asked with a smile as Armaan shook his head.. "Kabhi nahin"

Rahul and Armaan reached Mogambo's Adda and looked around from their hiding place. There were gunmen surrounding that place with not a single house within few kilometres. Looking at each other in the dark night, they nodded and went in different directions.

Inside the hideout, song and dance was going on...

Hoo, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Oh
Mehbooba Ae Mehbooba
Ooh, Mehbooba Ae Mehbooba
Mehbooba Ae Mehbooba Hoo Hoo Hoo
(Gulshan Mein Gul Khilte Hain
Jab Sehra Mein Milte Hain) - 2
Main Aur Tu

 One by one they killed the gunmen either by a single kick or a single punch. The gunmen didn't get a single chance of responding back. Armaan entered from right side and Rahul from the left. They met again and looked from the window.

Phool Bahaaron Se Nikla, Chaand Sitaaron Se Nikla - 2
Din Dooba
Ooh, Mehbooba Ae Mehbooba
Mehbooba Ae Mehbooba Hoo Hoo Hoo
(Gulshan Mein Gul Khilte Hain
Jab Sehra Mein Milte Hain) - 2
Main Aur Tu 

Shashank was sitting on the chair tired and tied with blood coming out from the forehead. It looked like he was hit two-three times on the head.  He looked around for Riddhima and the baby but they were nowhere to be seen. Mogambo and his men were enjoying the song and dance...some of them even dancing around. Armaan's blood boiled looking at the smile on his face and controlled his anger making a fist. All he wanted to do was to kill him for harming his love.

They were just waiting for the police to show and like always there was no clue where they are except that they will be late as always.

One of the men came and whispered something in Mogambo's ear. His eyes shot up as he stood from the seat.

"Band karo..." He said exactly when the song ended making everyone stop. The performers left the scene as Armaan and Rahul waited for his next move.

"Armaan main jaanta hoon ki tum yehi ho...aur meri baat sun sakte hoo..." Mogambo said looking around. "tumhare liye accha yehi hoga ki tum chup-chap mere saamne aa jao nahin to ..."

Armaan's eyes shot up on hearing Riddhima's voice... "Anjaam accha nahin hoga..." Mogambo said as Riddhima was brought in the picture. One man was holding her hands as she tried to wiggle out of his hold.

"Chodo mujhe..Chodo..." Riddhima said in between her sobs.

"Mere teen count karne tak agar tum bahar nahin aye to..." Mogambo put his hand around Riddhima's neck bringing the gun on her temple.




"Main yaha hoon Mogambo.." Armaan came out of his hiding place. Everyone turned and looked at him. Mogambo had a smirk on his face as Armaan moved towards them. Armaan looked at Riddhima and seeing her tear stained face pained him.

"Main tumhe kucch nahin hone dunga.." his eyes spoke looking at her. Her sobs subsided knowing that her love is here to protect her.

"Finally..hum mil hi gaye..." Mogambo said.

"Main aa gaya hoon Mogambo...Riddhima aur Shashank Gupta ko chod do..tumhari dushmani mere se hai..unhe jaane do..."

There was silence all around as Armaan and Mogambo were fighting through their eyes. Both had hatred dripping down from their faces...Mogambo had not forgotten the past and Armaan..he was angry as HELL...His love was in pain coz of could he remain calm...

He signalled his men to grab him. Within no time, Armaan had his hands tied behind the back. Even if he wanted to he couldn't do anything coz his family was there.

"Game to ab suru hua hai...Khelne mein ab mazaa ayega." Mogambo said and kicked him in the stomach making him hit the ground. This was just the start...Punches after punches, kicks after kicks ...His men were beating him, bruising him badly but he didn't respond.

 He was looking at Riddhima and she...more tears were flowing through her eyes looking at him. Every time he was hit, Riddhima flinched...finally the time came when he didn't had the strength left to even stand.

A lifeless body..he was on the ground with no movement...

"ARMAANNN..." Riddhima screamed looking at his dead like body. Everyone thought he was dead or on the verge of dying.

"GET UP ARMAAAN...GET UP...Tumhe humare pyaar ki kasam...Hamare bte ke liye...Tum humko chod ke nahin jaa sakte...Utho Armaan..." She was screaming, her eyes fixed on him as everyone else was laughing looking at his condition..

"tumhara Armaan tumhe Chod ke chala gaya hai..." Mogambo said with the smirk on his face.

"Nahin..." Riddhima turned and looked at him with fierce eyes.. "tum jhooth bol rahe hoo..mere Armaan zinda hai...voh zinda hai...voh mujhe chod ke nahin jaa sakta..."

She was screaming his name again and again but no response...Tears flowed from her eyes and her body hit the ground.

"Bahut ho gaya tera natak... tumhara Armaan ab nahin ayega voh mar chukka hai...aur maine mara hai use...agar voh zinda bhi rehta to bhi main tujhe uske saath nahin rehne deta...teri jagah mere ghar mein hai..Chal.."

Grabbing her hand and pushing her forcefully, he slowly moved out of the building. Riddhima was screaming his name and as soon as Riddhima reached the exit of the house..Armaan's hand made a slight his almost dead state all he saw was a vision of her being pushed out of the house...

Riddhima was screaming for help sitting inside the car..No one was there to help her... All of a sudden the brakes were applied and everyone sitting in the car jerked forward. In the dark night with just the light from the moon a figure was standing in front of the car.

"Chal Hatt samne se..." The driver said.

The figure didn't moved.. Mogambo signalled one of his men to go and push him aside. He nodded and went out to take care of the figure standing in the dark. ...but to his bad luck...the dark figure just gave one punch on the face and he was down... the figure moved ahead towards the car and finally a few distance away everyone saw the face of the figure as a shock look appeared on their faces..

"Armaan..." Riddhima whispered, a faint smile appeared on her tear stained face.

"ARMAAN..." she screamed as she tried coming out of the car.

Armaan looked at her for a moment and this was followed by the fighting...Mogamobo's men were getting hit and beaten badly by Armaan and this time not a single person was able to hit him.

In the end it was just the three of them left- Armaan, Riddhima and Mogambo..

Mogambo noticing that there is no way to escape did the unthinkable.  Holding her tightly, he put the gun on her temple and started moving backwards..

"Armaan..chup chap wahi khada reh nahin to main ise marr dunga..." Mogambo was moving backwards as Armaan was slowly moving forward.

Mogambo lost his balance and this gave Armaan the chance to save her. Without wasting any more time, Armaan pulled her towards himself. She was standing behind his back and Armaan ...he jumped on Mogambo and the fight started.

For the first time since Armaan came back from dead he got kicked... Mogambo's punches were no less .Both of them equal when it came to physical strength. In the end Mogambo got hit pretty bad by Armaan and hit the ground. He saw a gun just few metres away. At the same exact moment, Armaan saw the gun too. Both of them jumped for the gun...nobody knew who had the gun.

The gun was between them and "Dhiskiyoon..."...a bullet was fired...

Armaan was on the ground and Mogambo on top of him. Both had their eyes closed and not even Riddhima knew who got hit by the bullet. From the facial expression of both it looked like Armaan was dead but after few seconds he moved Mogambo's body from top of him and a big smile appeared on everyone faces when the person to be hit by the bullet was actually Mogambo...

Riddhima ran towards him and hugged him tightly...Tears flowing down her eyes..

"Armaan tum thik...tum thik ho.." she said hugging him tightly...

Armaan had his hands around her ..holding her after a long time...he kissed on top of her head and held her.

After few moments, he released her and a shocking look appeared on his face looking at her. Riddhima feeling something wet on her forehead touched it and realized what it is. Her maang was filled with Armaan's blood making her his wife.

They were looking at each other not knowing what to say or do. Hearing some noise both turned and saw the police jeep. The inspector along with Rahul got down and Shashank got down from the jeep. Police took Mogambo and his men under arrest. Rahul and Shashank walked towards them.

"tu thik to hai na.." Rahul asked looking at the blood oozing out.

"main thik hoon.." Armaan replied. They looked at Shashank who had his eyes fixed on Riddhima..

"Riddhima tum..."

"I am sorry papa..." Riddhima said and hugged her dad.. "please mujhe maaf kar dijiye .. Maine aapko bahut pareshan kiya hain na..." she said in between her tears..

"nahin beta...galti to meri hai ki main tumhare pyaar to nahin samajh paya.. par tum..yeh sab.." Shashank was still clueless about the whole 'Riddhima alive' part.

"Armaan je jaane ke baad mujhe pata chala ki main Maa banne wali hoon.. Meri wajah se aapko already bahut sharminda hona pada tha..  Main aapko aur dukhi nahin karna chahti thi isliye maine ghar chodne ke faisla kar liya..aur aakhir kar main ghar chod diya.."

"par voh body aur samaan..."

"voh mere samaan bus station par chori ho gaya ho sakta hai ki.." Riddhima said and everyone got the whole story behind her disappearance and the body they believed was of Riddhima..

"Papa I am sorry ...main jaanti hoon ki mujhe aise nahin karna chaiye tha par uss time jo mujhe thik laga maine kiya..Main aapko let down kiya na Papa." Riddhima asked looking at the ground.

"nahin beta.. galti tumhari nahin hai..agar maine apni zidd nahin chodi hoti to shayad tumhe yeh sab nahin sehna padta...main tumhara gunhegaar hoon...maafi to mujhe tum dono se mangni chaiye..especially Armaan se.." Shashank said looking at Armaan now.. "itna sab hone ke baad bhi Armaan ne hamari jaan bachie... main tu tumhari maafi ke layak bhi nahin hoon..phir bhi ho sake to mujhe maaf karde beta.." Shashak said as Armaan held his hands.

"nahin sir...galti aapki nahin hai..aapne Riddhima ke khushiya chahte the..uss samay shayad Bhagwan ko hamara milna manzoor nahin tha...par iss bar agar to bhagwan bhi mujhe Riddhima se alag nahin kar sakte..." Armaan said looking at Riddhima who for the first time blushed and smiled.

"Agar aap log free ho gaye ho to ghar chala..kya hai na meri wife mera wait kar rahi hai aura rag main 1 ghante main ghar nahin paucha to voh belan lekar yaha aa jayegi.." Rahul said and everyone laughed. He was hit by one of his men at the Adda coz of which he wasn't able to come and help his friend earlier.  Holding his head where he was hit he moved ahead as Shashank moved followed by Armaan and Riddhima..

"to ghar chalein Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik..." Armaan asked and Riddhima nodded smiling holding his hand.


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