Thursday, 17 September 2020

Last Part : Pyar ke rang (TS)

Now Its two month passed from armaan and riddhima's wedding and they comes back from their Honey Moon but still they are not enough of each-other especially armaan he never leaves a single chance to love with her getting cozy with her and seeing the hickies she has and as he also as always hickies as well riddhima is always teased by that thing especially the hickies he gave her on her collar bone, she zillionath time said to him not to gave there as it will be wuite visible but he never listened at all as he is always drowned in her love and passion riddhima also never mind as its his love only thats now her breaths and she always blushed seeing his love and seeing them nikki and anjali dii cum bhabhi always teased her to no extent says

Ni:"lagta hai kisii ka Honey Moon period abhie finish nahin hua hai"

And she said nothing to thrm just blushed profusely lowring her eyes lids and today she is getting ready for the holi poojan as its destiny that after wedding their festival together is HOLII the day she get her love and she is so happy and now as she almost ready for the Holii Poojan which is in garden and then she heard armaan's voice who walked out from the washroom wearing a beautiful white kurta pajama traditional style and as he called her while saying to her that

Ar:"riddhima yar yeh buttons laga do naa kurte kee please"

Riddhima shook her head at her dearest hubby who can't do anything without her and she turned to him from dressing table as she is combing her hair and she saw that his front buttons opened

Ri:"kya armaan tum bhi naa mere binaa itnaa saa kam bhi nahin karte"

As armaan heard her voice coming towards him near as she walked closer to him armaan looked at her and he is spell bounded seeing the beauty if hus darling wife,she is wearing a beautiful red net saree his favourite red sauce vaala laal the saree us emphazising on all over her perfect curves her long hairs left opened just the way he liked and mangalsutra around her neck he saw her in saree many times as she wore regularly saree after their wedding but he can't enough to see her in saree she looks so sexy and hawwt in that saree especially in his favorite colour one and today is the same situation as well and as riddhima feels his desirable gaze upon herself she shivered but she walks down and start buttoning his kurta as its open till his chest showing his perfect chiselled chest and as armaan feels her hand over his chest her fingers brushing with his chest's skin armaan immediately pulled her closer by encircling his arms around her waist as he feels her fingers which breaks his trance and as riddhima feels his hand on her waist she shivered under his touch armaan grinned as he has that effect on her after two months of their wedding she still shivered badly when he touched her as he touched her first time though she is already HIS completely,

Ri:"armaan please mat karoo naa jaan please naa jaan"

She said as she feels his fingers were making their way near her navel armaan smirked and shook his head in"no" and then he leaned forward and kissed near her collar bone making her blushed

Ar:"vaise tumhe nahin lagta jaan tum humari shaadi kee bad yeh armaan chodo vaala dialogue zyada nahin bolne lagii hoo jaan"

He said making her frown as she hit his chest playfully and then she


Ar:"jaaan aaj tumnein aapni maang nahin bhari jaaan kya hua jaan?"

He asked as he dropped a kiss in her hairs and saw her hairs not filled with sacred vermilion as she never forgets to wear that as the time when they  gets married to each-other and hearing her riddhima noticed that she did not wore the sindoor  and the box of sindoor is still in her hands and then as armaan looked at her and watched her she is looking at her sindoor box armaan

Ar:''batao naa jaan kya hua chalo koi baat nahin lagat hai aap bhull gayyi aaj mujhe dekhh kar''

He teased her only to recieve a glare from her and she just

Ri:''jii nahin pati dev mai koi bhulli nahin hun yeh aapka hii kamal hai you see mere pati dev koo hii romance soojh rahaa tha so  mera reh gayya mai sindoor hii lagane jaa rahii''

And armaan smiled as he knows he disturned her and then locking his hands he whispered

Ar:''ohh really''

Ri:''yes chalo abhi chodo armaan mujhe mai sindoor laga lun fir pooja kee liyye der hoo jaayegi sab humara wait kar rahein honge humari pehli holii kii pehli HOLII POOJAN hai naa chalo armaan naa please chodo''

Ar:''han tou mai kahan mana kar rahaa hun yeh lo bhar gayyi tumhari maang chalo chale''

He said while opening the vermilion box and filled her parted hairs her maang with sindoor making her smile as once again sindoor fell on her nose

Ri:''i love you armaan tumhe pata hai maine pichle year socha bhi nahin tha merii zindagi meiin khushiyan aayengi rangg lautenge maine tou saath hii chodd diyya tha ragon koo peechle sal Holii Poojan kee din mai bilkul akeli thi aur sochti thi bilkul akeli hii rahungi par dekho tum aye meraa daman khushi se bharr diyya tumne''

She said while hugging him and placed a kiss on his chest and

Ar:''i love you too jaan han jaanta hun maine bhi jab tumhari aakhon meiin pechle sal dard dekha tha naa tou jaane kyoon tumhara dard aapna saa laga tha kahan mai Panchgani meiin sirff kam se gayya tha aur kya pata tha jab piichle bar sabse dur holi mana rahaa hun bahut oodas tha par dekho tou humesha kee liyye oos din kee Holii Poojan nee mujhe merii jeevan sangini se milla diyya jiskee ate hii merii zindai kaa har rangg poora ho gayya''

He said while dropping a kiss in her hairs remebering the day when he saw her last year all alone in Panchgani doing Holii Poojan with so much pian and tears in her green almond shaped eyes, hos her pain hallucaniting him and he smiled remebering he fell for her hopelessly and now no tears for her as he falls for her each and every moment of his life and same was with riddhima she too remebers the moments how he comes in her life and cahnged it to actual life and makes her laugh again.

Ar:''i love you riddhima''

He said while pecking her forhead making her smile and

Ri:''i love you too armaan''

She too replied placing a soft kiss on his chest and they hugged each-other tightly and their moemt disturbed with knock of door and they apart from each-other and as armaan said come in there standing nikki ready and

Ni:''aap logon kaa romance khatam hoo gayya hoo tou sab neeche ane kii kripa karege sab aapka wait kar rahein hai aapki shaadi kee bad yeh pehla festival hai aur HOLII bhi pehli hai tou HOLII POOJAN aapke haathon honii hai chaliye please pandit jii wait kar rahein hai please bhabhi, please bhai.''

As she said with a grin armaan replied to her saying that

Ar:''humein pata hai kii yeh humari pehli holii hai aur pehli holi poojan hai so humein pooja karni hai so no tension nikki yar tuu chal hum ate hai abhii''

He said and riddhima placed the vermilion box on table and then nikki nodded and leaves from there and armaan forwards his hand for riddhima and she holds his hand and he placed a kiss on her nose tip and chin and then they walked downstairs hands-in-hands for their first ever festival after wedding that too Holii. As they walked downstairs everyone looked at thei heavenly couple who complemented each-other so well, elders gave them blessings while younsters and their friends their wishes and their sanjeevani staff is also presented there in heir first festival and then riddhima and armaan both performed Holii Poojan as direction of pandit jii and they prayed for each-other and armaan can saw the happiness in his jaan's eyes and satisfaction in her green almond shaped eyes, he prayed that this shine and satisfaction reamins always there which very much hard work replaced by that pain he saw last year in her green almond shaped eyes and riddhima thanked for sending armaan in her life and she prayed for his blissful life and happy life and tehy opened their eyes together and while giving each-other a warming smile armaan side hugged riddhima and she without any objection placed her head on his shoulder. After spending time with their family as well Gupta family and their friends everyone retired to their rooms as armaan and riddhima laying on bed with riddhima in armaan's arms as he is playing with her hair locks and riddhima is playing with his shirt's buttons and then suddenly riddhima called armaan



He asked back

Ri:''kal HOLII hai naa tou mai chahti hun kii kal aapko sabse pehle rangg mai lagaoon armaan''

She said while looking in his bluess orbs tilting her head from his chest a bit

Ar:''yea off course jaana vaise bhi mujhe bhi tou kal tumse badla lenaa''

He said and


She is confused with his word which revenge he wants to take from her

Ar:''yes badla jaa remember pichle year kisii nee mujhe  bahut zor se thappad maara tha yar pichli HOLII par you know ooska badla tou hai naa''

He said looking back in her eyes as she looked in his eyes with surprise wriiten all over her face and riddhima looked at him and then she managed just

Ri:''matlab aap bhi mujhe thappad maarenge armaan kal''

She asked with cute pouted face as well littel frighten in her voice and eyes

Ar:''well yeh tou jaana aapko kal hii pata challega abhii chalo good night subhh bhi revenge time hai naa jaan so i have to sleep and refresh and you too also naa''

He said and pecked her lips lightly as he can not control as she is looking too much irresistable with that cute innocent face as riddhima try to retrot

Ri:''par armaan''

But he did not listened and pulled her closer and put off the lights and making her go into deep slumber in his arms for a new day in their lives.

Next morning armaan gets ready in white kurta for the festival of colours and riddhima gets ready in yelllow saree as nandini mom said she can not wear black or white till her first karva-chauth she is getting ready her mind is still in armaan's words''badla'' she wonders did he going to slap her but she very well knows this is not possible then what he is going to do and armaan smirked seeing her he knows she is thinking about his words ''badla'' he has something in his mind for her and then he ruvved her cheeks with red colour bringing her back from her thoughts and as she looked at him grinning and seeing taht inocent confused look armaan

Ar:''maine socha merii biwii tou bhull gayyi mujhe rangg lagana let me do it''

He said and riddhima smiled and then as she tried to take the colour from her palm and try to colour him armaan shook his head as she looked him with confusion armaan leaned more closer and rubbed his cheek with her coloured cheek making his cheek get coloured and riddhima blushed and then he filled her parted hairs her maang with colour making her smile

Ri:''happy holi armaan i love you so very much thanks for coming in my life''

Ar:''happy holi riddhima to you too love you too thanks for coming in my life''

And then they hugged each-other tightly and then kissing each-other they went in garden playing Holii and both of them played with each-othe and their family HOLII complete fun as this is their first festival HOLII with which they are connected too and then riddhima seeing the colours remebers how she shut herself from these wonderful colours and she will be like that only if armaan did not walks in her life and taught her to live again, she never gets to find her family, her surname, so many relations friends, brother sister and leaves her favourite things also leaves herself back most importantly and deprived of love most imoprtantly his love and her eyes searched him all over the garden who is busy playing holi with rahul and muskaan and as he feels her gaze he looked at her and as she gave him a warm smile with her fized on him , he knows she is going from lots of emotions, he understands her, as he asked her from eyes what happen she mumbled 'i love you' to him and he smiled showing his dimples with replying back 'i love you too' and mouthed her a kiss making her turn betroot red as she averted her gaze from him making him smiled too. After sometime playing holii and enjoying with friends armaan and riddhima both were completely drenched in water armaan is ogling at his beatiful wife who is looking much hot in drenching saree, that is clinging to her sexxyy body showing her perfect body curves completely making her more irresistable and armaan wants to eat her up and as riddhima saw his intense gaze their eyes locked with each-other for beautiful eye lock ansering each-other's unspoken questions as blus greay naughty orbs ask something deep green almond shaped orbs replied with trust and their hands joined with each-other as they walked towards each-other and their way moved towads their room everyone still busy in playing Holii.

And as armaan and riddhima after few hours laid in each-other's arms after having a long hot love-making session, riddhima placed  a kiss on his chest

Ar:''so jaan ho gayya mera badla poora yeh the mera badla i love you''

He said while making a imaginary pattern on her waist as he hugging her from her waist after having passionate love making wrapped in one quile clothes scttered on floor and riddhima is surprised and she moved towards him and looked in his eyes while rubbing his cheeks with her palms and then kisses his right cheek tightly where she slapped him last year and the nuzzled her nose with his whisperng over her lips

Ri:''i love you too aab i hope aapka saara dardd chalaa gayya naa pati dev doctor''

She smiled while armaan too smiled widely and then as her breaths kissing his lips he turned her on and takes her lips with his in heated frenzy, kissed he hard as ever, as their tongues rolled with each-other they danced in pleasure. And they broke apart and all the long night spend in each-other's arms.

After 9 monthes its month of Decemeber and today is armaan and riddhima's wedding anniversary but he is here roaming tensed in Sanjeevani Hospital as riddhima is in labour and today just with the two hours party she has to admit in hospital even before her two weeks due date and he is worried for his jaan and their jaan their baby which they conceived on that day of HOLII and result is riddhima in labour room and armaan is pacing here and there in corridor praying for his jaan and their baby , all the other family members including Gupta Family his friends try to calm him but he did not after all the person inside his not his wife his world and as he is pushed out of delievery room by anjali bhabhi and muskaan who are attending riddhima as he actually start crying seeing his love in pain and now as he feels a loud shreik of ridhhima following with the muffle cry of baby his eyes which is already filled with tears and now tears of happiness comes in his eyes making his blue greay orbs vision blurred and then as he saw anjali bhabhi coming outside with muskaan with big smiles adoring their faces all the family who is already happy angd hugginge ach-other hearing the cry of baby rushed to them and before they can ask anything anjali smiled and replied all their unspoken questions

An:''congartualtions Mallik Family And Gupta Family aap sab kii post badhh gayyi mai ek pyaare se chutuku se baby boy kii massi aur tayii ban gayyi hun finally i am so happy feeling on top of the world congratulations''

She said with a big smile and everyone hugged each-other and then armaan

Ar:''bhabhi meri riddhima''

But instead of anjali muskaan replied who smiled seeing his love and

Mu:''don't wory terii riddhima aur tera chutku bilkul theek hai bas oosnein terii riddhima koo bahut pareshan kiyya kitna time liye aanee meiin bahar aur aapne time se bhi pehle aa gayya naa aur pareshan bhi kiyya kyoon anjie''

She asked as riddhima's delivey happened before her due date and baby takes almost three long hours to come out making anjali and muskaan tired

An:'' hai muskii sahii kahaa vaise areey aab yeh mere shaitna devar jii kaa chutku hai tou pareshan tou karna hii tha oosnein merii nazuk sii behen ko yeh mere devar jii kya kam pareshan karte hai ose jaisa baap vaise betaa''

She said with a smile making armaan blushed and then he asked

Ar:''bahbhi mai riddhima se kab mill sakta hun aur humare baby se''

He asked and everyone smiled seeing his eyes all wants to see his wife

An:''han armaan bas dekho nurse aa gayyi oosnein ridzi koo room meiins hift kar diyya hai tuu jaakar oos se mill le aur rahii baat tere baby kii''

She replied as she saw nusrse coming ut from riddhima's room she still continues but is cut short with muskaan's entuasitic words as she spoke

Mu:''aur teree baby koo yanii kii mere chote hero koo hum laate hai tuu tab ak jaakar aapni heroine se romance kar len tadap rahaa hai oos se milne tuu''

She said and armaan smiled and blushed with her comments and then he entered in riddhima's room where she is as he entered and saw his princess is laying there with her face is looking pale yet shining with satisfaction as he sat near her and caressed her fcae she opened her eyes and both gave each-other a wide smile and armaan slowly mumbled near her ear saying

Ar:''thanks riddhima yeh humari first wedding anniversary kaa sabse khbsoorat gift hai iss se achaa gift nahin hoo sakta dekho humari anniversary kee next day hii huamre chutuku janab kaa birthday hogaa we can even  celebrate together jaan and all thsi is just because of you thanks so very much riddhima tumne mujhe ekk aur rangg den diyya hai riddhima''

He said making her smile and she wiped his tears which is still in his blue greay orbs showing her how much her armaan loved her  he loved her from the core of my heart can't see her in pain, she knows how much her tears pained him and to assure him she is fine she pecked his lips and armaan replied back softly feeling that his jaan is with him and then as muskaan gave the tiny bundle of joy in her hands she signalled to gave them to armaan though armaan wants a baby girl as she wants baby boy like him but she saw same happiness seeing their baby boy as he take him in his arms as he must feels if their arrived their baby girl but she knows she will gave him that too and as after everyone leaves them alone elders gave them and the new addition blessings as its first child in both houses and their friends youngsters wished them and they are not in mood of leaving but still do as anjali says riddhima needs rest and the little one also needs his first feed and as they left leaving riddhima and armaan alone and chutuku armaan and riddhima armaan gave a warm smiel to anjali bhabhi who rescue him and he sat on bed with chutuku janab in his arms and handled him to riddhima who take their love sign in her arms and adored him and as they love him together riddhima holds their son in her arms while armaan sat beside her giving her balance of his chest and as the little one opened his eyes tehy saw he has deep green almond shaped eyes like his mom and dimpled smile like his father as riddhims start feeding him armaan looks at her contended face and his face also shows satsified and they both has million dollar smile adoring their faces getting live signs of their pure love

Ri:''thanks armaan merii zindagi kee rainbow meiin pyaar kaa ek aur rangg bharne koo pyaar kee rangon meiin RIDDHAN laane koo jaise humara pyaar riddhima kee aanson se shuru hokar armaan kii smile par thehrata hai vaise hii humare pyaar kaa naya rangg RIDDHIMA kee RI se humesha shuru hokar mere ARMAAN kee AN par humare pyaar kii nishani banega''

Armaan smiled hearing her words and riddhima placed her head on his chest armaan encircled his arms around her and their love sign their baby their Riddhan the new colour of their Love while armaan dropped a kiss in her hairs and riddhima pecked him on his cheeks and both after plantng a soft kiss on their Riddhan's forhead both their lips met with sweet kiss for a new addition of in their love, a new colour in their lives.

5 years passed and armaan and riddhima's love increased and  now after doing the Holii Poojan in night riddhima is standing there coloured completely calded in pure white saree looking like angel and now she saw her son Riddhan and his jaan Riddhan's dad playing Holi as riddhan is running behind his dad making with his pichkari in his hands and she giggled the sight in front of his eyes when riddhan is born seeing him everyone says he will surely like his papa her armaan but as he start grew elder no he is more of like armaan sweet and innocent and dimpled smile like his papa and eyes like innocence of armaan but he has both armaan and riddhima's qualities. Her thoughts breaks as she feels tug on her legs and saw riddhan is holding her from legs and she smile and picked him

Ri:''aww my baby kya hua mee bacha prince ko papa coloue laga rahein hai''

She asked as she saw armaan is coming towards him with colours and pichkari in his hands and riddhan smiled and hide hismelf in her nape and then armaan reched and looked at his family they ae their world and

Ar:''achaa aab mumma kee pas chupp gayya aap bhagg kar bahaar aayiye jii''

He said making riddhan giggled in her arms and riddhima tell him not to do anything and then he wrapped his arms around her pettite waist

Ri:''armaan mat kijiye ose pareshan chodiye ose armaan please''

Ar:''achaa jii chalo koi naa hum ooski pyarai see mumma koo pareshan karrte hai yar''

He said and till then rahul comes and clicked that family picture while giggling riddhan in riddhima's arms armaan holding riddhima from her waist and then as rahul takes riddhan from riddhima and armaan and he wnet with his rahul chachu to play with his cousins as in these five years atul and anjali has twins boys and rahul and muskaan has one boy and nikki and abhie just got married and then while going rahul commented in

Ra:''oye armaan aab is family picture meiin humein bhi ek gudiya den naa chutuku sii riddhima hum sab nee try kar liyye par sab tere riddhan koo hii company dete aa rahein pehle humara rohan(muskaan and rahul's son)aayan aur aarush(atul and anjali's twince) aab bol yar tuu hii satrt kar fist shayad sab ke yahan ekk ekk parii aa jaaye tere aur riddhima se hii shuruwat karni padegi yar lagta hai iss bar be so please carry on dear''

He said making riddhima blushed and armaan armaan also has a smile hearing his shameless comments and his ears turned ear to ear and rahul left while winking to them with with riddhan in his arms and

Ra:''oye riddhan chal hum khelte hai teree cousins kee saath chal riddhan''

He said and wheras armaan pulled her more closer wrapping his arms around her waist and rubbing his cheeks with hers  and he whispered near her ear lobe nuzzling his nose there and just caressed with his breaths and

Ar:''kya khayal hai jaan vaise aab tou mujhe bhi merii choti riddhima chahiye and i will make sure its like me yeh riddhima tou tumhare jaise hai''

And he placed a kiss on her ear lobe and their eye locks with each-other

Ri:''armaan kya aap''

And then armaan shushed lips and joind his hands with entwiining his fingers with hers and then riddhima blushed and after few months riddhima is in labour room and armaan is pacing here and there in Sanjeevani Corridor today is their seventh confession anniversary as they were celebrating riddhima shriek in pain and the result is here and like first time he is tensed prayed for his wife and their baby, he is crying seeing her in pain, this time riddhima's crys were also too high and this makes armaan more tensed and like last time anjali made him throw out of delivery room as he is crying and then with a loud shriek of riddhima a muffle cry comes of baby and armaan has lots of tears in his eyes as anjali did not told him what their child is as she and muskii just told baby and his riddhima is fine and as armaan entered in riddhima's room he saw a pale face glowing with happiness as armaan entered and kissed her forhead and riddhima opened her eyes and she while kissing him back on his forhead wiping his tears away saying to him placing her hand on his cheeks saying to him that she

Ri:''aab kyoon ro rahein ho finally tumhari princess aa hii gayyi''

And this comes liek a surprise for armaan and he hugged her saying

Ar:''thanks so much riddhima thanks so mcuh sahii meiin merii ARIAA denee koo aagar humara riddhan humare pyaar kii pehli nishani hai par humari ARIAA Armaan kii pyaar see shuru hotii hai joo Riddhima kii AA pyaar kii khawaish aur rang par simtati hai humari ARIAA Armaan kee AR  se pyaar kaa nayaa rangg bann kar ayi aur AA se riddhima kee pyaar kee rangg barsenge ismein humare Ariaa kii rup meiin i love you''

And then they hugged each-other till now riddhan aso comes and finally the Mallik Family got a girl which they desired and seeing the new little one they elders blessed them as they actually waited for a girl as princess and youngsters and their friends wished them as happy as ever as finally a girl and as she opened her eyes slowly in armaan's arms while riddhima caressing her forhead she has deep blue eyes like her papa and a dimpled smile that riddhima desired their  children must get from their papa and her another features like riddhima and they thought she is innocent like her mom. And they loved her together and family hug and

Ri:''love you too''

And then they hugged each-other tightly as well pecked each-other's lips. A kiss which is full of promises and kisses and their happiness and they loved each-other completely.

Now after few years armaan and riddhima after completing the Holii Poojan with their completely and prayed for happiness and now playing Holii in garden and she saw how ariaa and her papa is enjoying and completely annoying each-other, when she born they feels she will be innocent like riddhima her mumma but no she is the little princess of her papa  naughty like armaan always teasing her riddhan bhai and mumma along with her papa she is apple of everyone's eyes as she is all alons sister of three brothers and now seeing their children as armaan holds ariaa and riddhima holds riddhan family picture is completed and a full family picture mallik family, gupta family and friends and armaan then rubbing her cheeks with his ones and wrapped his arms around her waist nuzzling in her nape as she is wearing a beautiful white saree looking like his princess

Ar:''you are so beautiful riddhima tum aaj bhi vaise hii hoo jaise maine tumne itnee saal pehle Panchgani meiin dekha tha i love you jaan''

Ri:''i love you too armaan tum merii zindagi hoo armaan love you''

As they hugged each-other completely and whispering their love each-other that they loved each-other and as armaan kissed her forhead riddhima kissed on his chest over his shirt and then he just says over her ear saying

Ar:''chale riddhima''


And then they walked inside their room as after spending time in each-other's arms as riddhima's head on his chest armaan makes her cuddle in his arms wrapping her in his arms while riddhima whispered to him saying


Riddhima called armaan as she has her hands on his chest


Armaan replied back while tracing her arms completely and he

Ri:''thanks armaan merii zindagi kee pyaar kee rangon kaa har rainbow poora karne koo aaj mere Pyaar Kee Rangg poori tarah see poore ho gayye''

Ar:''han riddhima tum bhi ayi merii zindagi meiin pyaar kee rangg meiin har rangg poora hoo gayya tumhare ane se Pyaar Kee Rangg poore ho gayye rainbow poora''

And they kissed each-other whispering each-other they loved each-other

Ri:''i love you''

Ar:''love you too''

As their lips sealed with a kiss telling each-other they loved and meant for each-other and finally moved in a deep kiss loving each-other completely.

And their life is complete with each-other and a happy family and now in their Pyaar Kee Rangg has each and every colour, their family's love, their friends's love, their kids who completes them and then they both for each-other as they can not even breath without each-other their world lies in each-other's eyes and arms as their breaths and heart beats are reason for each-other's living and their colours completed and falls on them. As they loved each-other so very much that they has to met. As they already meant for each-other.

As always yeh ekk aant(end) nahin hai bas ekk nayyi shuruwat (begining) hai pyaari bharii nayii rangon se bharii nayyi shuruwat(begining) pyaari subhh.

And finally armaan and riddhima's rainbow completed with all the colours of life completely as they found each-other riddhima found love in armaan who fulfilled her life with lots of colours friendhip, relations and most preciously with LOVE which armaan gave her unconditionally making her believe in Life once again fully.

As armaan too find his life lies with only his riddhima and she while coming in his life completing the beautiful life of his makes it more beautiful with her presence and he takes right decision while saying her that he LOVED her as never let go her from him and she filled his life with colours with her Love.

Both armaan and riddhima falls for each-other har tarah se aisee kii aaj vo dono ekk-doosre kee binaa jee nahin paayenge, kyonki kisii aur rishte se pehle oonmein Dardd kaa rishta tha armaan nee ridhhima kaa dard hii dekha tha jisee dekhh kar ose vo kam karna chahta tha bas oosii dard nee oon dono koo jod diyya aur riddhima koo zarurat thi kisii kii joo ose ooske oos beinteha dard se nikal saken aur oon dono kee isi Dardd kee rishte nee oonhein humesha kee liyye ekk kar diyya, iss rishte nee dono kii zindagi meiin har rangg bharr diyya fir vo dosti kaa ho, rishton kaa, yaa mohabbat kaa oonke Dardd nee oonhein har  tarah se har bandhan meiin bandhne diyya aur vo poore gayye saath hii oonki zindagii kaa rainbow bhi oosmmeiin aab har rangg joo hai aab.

Mai yehii kahungi aagar aapkii life mein kuchh hoo gayya hai jisnein aapko bahut hurt kiyya aap hurt hongee i know jaise Riddhima hui par yeh galat hai kii aap oos ekk insan kee liyye jeena chodd den, aapna wazood kho den, aapne aapko bhull jaayen, yeh galat hai rona bhi ooska liyye chahiye joo desreve karta haii humesha nahin tou kabhie mat hansna chodo kyonki aapke doosre pyaar karne vaale aapse joode hue hai aur aapne aapko takleef dekar aapn oonhein bhi takleef dete hai so behtar hai hum aapni zindagi jeeyen muskrakar yeh God kii sabse badii gift hai iskii insult kar humein oonki insult nahin karni chahiye kabhie bhi nahin aapni zindagi koo har pal jeeyo ise har pal jeeyo.

Aur aapni zindagii koo ekk aur mauka doo jaise armaan nee riddhima kii zindagi meiin aakar ose jeena sikhaya aur riddhima nee sahii samay par mauka doo kyonki God nee aapki zindagi meiin bhi khushiyan likhi hai jaise riddhima kii meiin likhi thi bas zarurat hotii hai tou Haath ootha kar maange kii aur thamne kii jaise armaan aur riddhima nee thama ekk-doosre kaa.

Aur armaan nee bhi sahii samay par aapna pyaar kaa izhar kiyya aagar vo nahin karta iss baat kee dar se kii vo riddhima kii friendship kho degaa tou shatyad dono tanha reh jaate aaj bhi, aapne pyaar kaa izhaar kariye yadii aap kisii se sachaa pyaar karte hai yadii vo aapka hai aap ose kabhie nahin khoyenge aur naa hii aapka pooran rishta friendship kaa joo bhi hoo nahin tutega yadii oosmein vishwas hai oolta vo aur bhi mazboot hoo jaayega badalte nam aur badlte rishte kee sangg jarurat hai vishwas aur pyaar aur committemnt  jaise riddhima aur armaan nee kiyya aur ban gayya oonka janam janam kaa rishta.

So just say yes to you LOVE AND LIFE and then your life is full of Pyaar Kee Rangg humesha kee liyye You Never Need To Look Back And If You look Back You Always Smiled See Your Past

Now Bye Take Care

With Lots Of Love


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