Saturday, 6 June 2020

OS : I Love You (One Shot)

Ridhimma, that's her name, the very name that has driven him to the verge of insanity. Her every word, every action, every feature has been sketched into his memory where he can't erase it. His heart possessed with the thought of only her happiness. He had kept contact with her from the moment Sid introduced them to each other, he was madly and deeply in love, the only predicament being she belonged to someone else; Sid, his cousin.
The wind blew fiercely through his black Ferrari hitting his Greek god features. He no longer had self control, he didn't know what or why he is driving towards her apartment at the dead of night but he knew he could no longer imprison is unvoiced love that was awake inside of him; he had to make her understand in order to withdraw the guilt and pain he was carrying.

The kiss they shared a week back running through his mind, she didn't oblige or refuse him but rather encourage him, if it wasn't  for the sharp sound of her phone they would have gone further, he  didn't understand  why she had no regret or guilt scattered through her face when they stopped kissing. She just stood there in silence, her head lowered and her cheeks burning red, the only action she took was to open her apartment door to him, leaving him no choice but to leave.

What he heard from his cousin today had definitely shocked him; she refused to marry Sid. This should make him happy but unknown to him, his happiness no longer played a big role in his life, it was hers that mattered and he certainly wasn't going to allow her to throw away her dreams and wishes for him, he wasn't going to let her ruin her future.

The car jolted to a stop, he glanced at her apartment through his window before making his way towards the building, he took the lift that lead to her apartment. He knocked aggressively on her door, a thousand emotions battling him, his heart pounding heavily but he declined to let his senses to get the better of him.

A slight crack of her door was being opened but it stopped as her eyes landed on him making her close the door immediately  but his hands stopped it pushing the door open while she used all her strength to close it, he was too strong opening the door as he slipped inside.  She exclaimed an angry tone saying "Armaan! What are you doing?" before she could speak anymore, he pressed his body on hers pushing her back to the wall.

Her hazel almond eyes fixed on his cold blue eyes, not budging for a mere second, her heart seem to lose its control as her mind went blank staring at him. Her breathing slightly increased as her heart beat became vicious. She was lost for words as his eyes were on her.

He finally spoke, looking deep within her soul; he whispered a slight angry "What am I doing? What are you doing Ridhimma?" it was enough to break the chained eye lock making her look the other way, she began to walk to the opposite side away from him but his muscled arm stopped her, she took the other direction, but his other arm stopped her, she was locked within him leaving her no other choice but to face him.

She glanced at him angrily warning him with her eyes but he continued to cut the distance between them tormenting her. He began whispering "what do you think? You are the only person in the world that has kissed someone else beside their Fiance?", this enraged her, she tried pushing him with all her potency but this only made him come closer leaving her breathless. She was yet again lost at words, his effect playing on her again, she tried very hard to not be hypnotized by his blue eyes but her conscious was fading as his eyes took hold of hers in a passionate gaze.

He whispered gently almost pleading "Please Ridhimma, don't do this to yourself", she just gazed at him in sheer disbelief, he continued "Don't throw away your Future with Sid because of a mistake", her eyes became teary at the mention of the word, her body stiffened as the word slipped out of her lips "Mistake?" she said forlornly.

The sadden look she carried on her face at this instance had him heartbroken but he needed to do this, for her. He continued ignoring her disheartened face "Ridhimma Sid loves you very much, he will keep you happy", her heart seemed not to respond anymore as her mind uttered a thousand and one questions at her, she needed to know, she asked curiously "Why do you care so much Armaan?" this was sufficient enough for him to go firm as he slowly dragged his body of her distancing himself from her.

He just looked at her, unable to justify why, he couldn't tell her, not now, not ever, he didn't deserve her but Sid did, he slowly stepped back not moving his eyes from her, he walked back to the door turning himself and walking away from her gaze as it gave unbearable pain knowing she deserves someone else, someone better.

As he was to open the door, her hands abruptly pulled his arm making him face her, the anger twinkling in her eyes, her face carrying many expressions, she asked sternly "Why Armaan?" he remained silent not knowing what to do, his silence fuelling her anger she grabbed his collar making him stare into her eyes she asked again " Why Armaan WHY!?" seeing her in that state made him shake with fear as her eyes had now become teary, her lips trembling and her gaze very dismay, he just simply looked away unable to swallow the pain it was giving him seeing her like that.

Her grip tightened at his collar bringing his face slightly towards her, she asked painfully as a tear dropped of her hazel eyes, "W-W...Why?" ,another tear fell and his heart sank, it felt like his world was crumbling down seeing her hurt, his hand slowly reached her face, his thumb wiping away her tear, he replied gently " Because I love you" her gaze fixated itself on his again, her heart and mind in disbelief that he just said those words, she looked at him as if she was dreaming, he said those words again " I love you, Ridhimma". Her hands slowly took itself of his collar, her eyes glued on his, her body lifeless, her heart carrying varied emotions; she just stood rooted to the ground.

He continued "It is because I love you, I can't be selfish with you", she didn't understand, he neared her kissing her forehead, he spoke softly saying "I don't deserve you... Sid does .... he loves you and will always keep you happy", he slowly stepped back turning his back to her, she didn't know what to do as she saw his figure distant.

"Happy?" she yelled as he was about to step out of her apartment, he whipped his head back at her surprised; she began saying "Happy? Will I or he be happy knowing that I will be never his?" she took a step towards him, "Will I be Happy knowing I could never love him?", she took another step, "Will he be happy knowing my heart belongs to someone else?", she stood right in front of him, their eyes locked she grabbed his collar saying " Will I be happy with him knowing I love you?", he didn't know how to react, his heart was jumping in joy yet his body remained temporarily un-functional, she hugged him tightly whispering " I Love you " again and again, he finally shook of the shock, holding her tightly in his embrace, he replied " Ridhimma I don't deserve you", she withdrew from the hug looking deeply into his eyes she said confidently " What makes you think I deserve you?, we love each other and that's all that matters, nothing more, nothing less".

She looked at him smiling through her tears as he smiled widely, he came closer wiping her tears, he replied " I never again will see these tears only the reflection of our love shining through ok" she nodded happily, he came closer to her lips making her shiver at his touch as he tightened his grip on her waist.

His lips run through hers feverously causing her to shiver in desire, she let him inside of her soft pink lips, their tongues fighting in harmony, their hearts beating heavily as their bodies came even closer holding each other tightly, his lips trailed off to her bare neck, kissing, biting and chewing it ardently making her gasp in bitter pleasure, he licked the hickey (love bite) in order to ease the pain, his hands making its way underneath her thin electric blue nightie making her shiver in his arms. He made his way back to her lips kissing her ever so passionately, carrying her in his arms; he began making his way towards her bedroom.

He put her burning body on the bed while he layed on top of her kissing her at every secret place, his hands began unfasten her nightie while hers were busy unbuttoning his clothes, their bodies laid naked under a thin red fabric, both were lost in burning desire, his lips reached hers pulling and chewing it playfully, she gasped as he bit her lips avariciously, she pulled his hair forcefully, he smiled seeing her discomfort he  thought to ease her pain, he began kissing her neck and every other place he had access to, both were driven by overpowerful yearning  for each other making them zealous (passionate).

He longer could wait as the excitement was too much to handle, he kissed her hungrily as he became more aggressive, he looked profoundly at her eyes asking for permission, she smiled softly as her heart became recklessly vulnerable for him.

 He began kissing her feverously, planting extended desire at every kiss he placed on her, he entwined their hands together before gently entering her. She mouned in pain, locking her hands on his back for comfort. He began kissing her diverting her mind from the pain, their bodies were very much entangled with each other through the bright night.

 After a much heated night she laid on his arms; where she belonged.


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