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OS : Unspoken Love

The dim light of the sparkling stars shone before his eyes, while sitting in the roof, staring at the full enchanting moon, memories of her flooded his thoughts, her smile, and her eyes disturbing him from concentrating on what he was rehearsing to say to her; confess his love. The wait was tormenting him making him anxious, they both had decided to meet up as both had to tell each other something.

The sound of her faint payal caught his attention; a gash of wind crossed his face, a smile painted on his lips, his baby blue eyes searching for her in the gloomy dark. He knew who it was, he knew it was her, Ridhimma.

The sound got closer and closer, his smile grew wider, his eyes now focused on her striking features, he could trace her light hazel eyes outlined by black liner, her rosy pink lips, her dark long hair ,her fragrance, all intoxicating him. His heart seemed to rush a thousand miles, she was sending unimaginable feelings inside of him by just directing her eyes at his, as she cut the distance between them standing there looking at him blankly. Her soft voice disturbed him from being lost in her hypnotizing eyes, she merely whispered; Armaan.

This is it; now or never he consoled himself mentally, he gained up the courage to finally let her know, his unspoken love for her. The atmosphere itself contained restlessness making him more nervous, he didn't have the audacity to look at her eyes and confess, so he adjusted his eyes on the floor and softly spoke. 'Ridhimma, remember when you forced me to promise, that I shall confess to you; When I am in love, while the stars and the moon as my witness in this very roof' he said nervously, she let out a small sad sigh and replied softly ' Ha, yaad hai armaan'.  'Ridhimma, I ..I am in Love'.

A lone tear trailed of her eyes, she quickly wiped it turning her back to him with hesitation, she whispered 'Who is she?' While few tears shed much to her pain she held in her heart. The question itself brought a smile on his lips; he looked up to only see her back, the white shalwar and kameez highlighting her petite figure. As he was about to confess her name, she cut him off by stating 'Armaan... muje tumse kuch kah na hai. If I don't say it tonight; I will never be able to say it' she turned to see his baby blue eyes filled with unknown emotion, yet he smiled indicating at her to continue, she simply turned once again picking up where she left. 'Armaan, that day when I made you Promise, there was a reason for it & since now you're in love, You deserve to know'.

She went on saying 'Mere zindagi ka sab se bara sach'. As the words echoed to his mind, he whispered curiously ' Kyon sa Sach, Ridhimma?'. She replied with tears in her eyes ' Sid'. At that moment his world seemed to crumble down, his heart conveying no emotion, his eyes filled with tears and his love crippled. No words escaped his mouth, he just stared at her back blankly, his heart and mind screaming in agony yet his body seemed lifeless. Unknown to his emotions, she couldn't face him, she couldn't see those eyes doubt her. He stood there numb while she continued to justify. 'Armaan, I made you Promise to confess, because only a person who loves someone would understand what I feel for Sid'.

 He could hear the shattering of his heart; he felt nothing but bitterness rush at every corner of his body. He wanted to run, hide do anything but stand here and hear her love for someone else.  She wiped her tears and faced him with a slight smile forced oh her lips, she could see him hurt, her hand softly began placing itself on his cheeks which were slightly damped 'I am marrying him Armaan...Tomorrow.... I know you're hurt to lose your best friend but now you got your love by your side, I am sure whoever she is, she is wonderful after all she is Armaan Malik's choice'. She smiled through her tears. The damage that she caused him in the matter of seconds were unbearable but at her touch everything faded out, he had to let her go, she loves someone else, someone that she would be happy with, he had to do this for  her happiness. The fresh set of tears battling to come out of his eyes, were forcing themselves of his blue eyes, the dripping tears in her hand made her jerk her hand out of his face, she turned to walk away slowly taking few steps, she can't see him in this state not her Armaan.

Seeing her retreating figure, out of instinct he yelled 'Ridhimma don't you want to know she is?', she stopped at her tracks still not facing him, she replied gently 'I won't be able to bare the pain. It will kill me armaan. ' She run as fast as she could not waiting for his reply.  Her very words didn't make sense to him, not reading further into it as the pain of losing her overshadowed his clear thoughts.

The hours he sat there lost and confused passed like seconds, images of her and him shattered his heart, her wedding was tomorrow and she told supposedly her "Best Friend" today?. His Friend gone, his hopes shattered, his dreams broken and his love lost for forever. Before he knew the sun shone on his face, his eyes wide awake on the very roof he lost her. He decided he had to let her know before she got married, he run as fast as he could to her house.

Nearing her house, the music was loud, the house decorated beautifully, he slipped in without any particular attention from anyone as they all knew him being Ridhimma's Best friend, he run towards her room which was filled with 10 girls or so coming and going. The door was open leaving a breath taking view for Armaan, she sat in the middle of the bed, her hair pulled back in a tight bun, her body adorned by a red, heavily decorated saree, her neck covered by jewels, her hands filled with bangles, she wore the very payal he gifted her causing a smile on his face, he payed closer attention to her face, her eyes outlined by black liner and lavender eyeshadow, her lips were rosy and pink, she looked stunning  but she didn't seem happy, she looked quite sad with her eyes lowered while the girls were passing comments, she just sat there expressionless.

He knocked , making all the girls turn and make silly comments, Ridhimma looked shocked seeing him there, she just stared at him blankly, he let out a sigh and smiled at the girls and gently asked if he could speak to Ridhimma, the girls denied teasing him but all stopped when Ridhimma asked to leave them alone.

The room was silent, her eyes fixed on him, wanting him to explain. He gathered his courage and began saying "Ridhimma before you marry Sid, i have to tell you something" she just whispered "Armaan it's too late to talk". he replied                " Ridhimma please, just listen, I don't expect anything from your side but you deserve to know ,the very day I met you , it felt different, I loved you the very instance I saw you... it just took me a while to realise it, want you to know that I love you and it hurts seeing you love someone else but I want you to know that there is a man in this world who is willing to die for you and your happiness means the world to him... I need you to know that I will always be here for you no matter what and that I will never stop loving, you deserve to know this". He left before she uttered a word.

She sat there with tears in her eyes dripping, his words ringing in her ears, she just whispered armaan it's too late while crying.

He run out of there not waiting for her reaction but he needed her to know, tears threatening to come out of his eyes, he began walking towards the one place that always soothed him; the roof; the very place Armaan and Ridhimma had met.

He sat there gathering everything that had happened in the past 30 hours, just looking at the clear sky, his thoughts clouded with her image, no matter how hard he tried, her smile, her eyes haunted him. He could hear the wedding music in their house, the shouting and the excitement of the girls calling out " dulha ha gaye" could be heard. A tear dropped off his eyes knowing that the she is going to be someone else's for forever. If only he had confessed earlier, if only .....

It had become dark now, the sky was pitch black, the stars had begun twinkling, the moon shone brightly bringing slight comfort for Armaan. He began staring blankly at the sky once again her memories tormenting him, a faint sound brought him back to reality, he turned around to look what it could be, he turned at every direction to find nothing, his thoughts playing tricks on him he concluded, the sound got heavier and heavier, the wind became fierce, the sound got closer and closer, his heart began skipping beats, nervous to what the night had brought he turned slowly seeing her stand there breathing heavily, her hair out, the wind blowing on her angelic features, she was now wearing a red lehenga  that revealed her toned waist, her duppta hanging across most of her upper body, her eyes slightly moist, approaching him slowly.

He began running out breath at the site of her, shock was understatement for his reaction, he just stood there emotionless, not knowing if it was his imagination. He just stared at her as she slowly cut the distance between them. Few inches away from his body, she just gazed at him, her eyes now wet due to tears dripping of her eyes, she began saying " Khota , kamina, idiot, baddhu" while hitting him in his chest, she began to sob  and hug him tightly, she whispered " I love you" while breaking the hug to look at his blue eyes, he just replied " I love you too" with few tears in his eyes, she began hitting him again softly saying " What took you so long, waited three years for you to say that and that night I thought you were going to confess you're love for someone else, It would've killed me armaan, so sorry armaan" he just hugged her tightly, conveying all his emotions. He said " and sid?" she replied "well I told him that I loved some badhu for three years now and he understood" he smiled at her reply.  He broke the hug and captured her lips sucking it softly, putting all his love into it, the moon and the stars witnessed two lovers unite.

True love always finds its way back.

 "If you Love Someone then tell her OR him...Life is too Short to Wait For the Right Time..."- Devilseye99 

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